Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



[1] The first decade
[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
[6] The sixth decade
[7] The seventh decade
[8] The eighth decade
[9] The ninth decade
[10] The tenth decade

Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century



The main idea of this very book is that science's development must be controlled. And it must be done considering the fundamental principles of ethics and conceiving distinctly the final aim. It is impossible to let without control neither for a drumbeat the evolution of scientific knowledge, the process of these knowledge incarnation in outward things, the effect of scientific and technical achievements on social processes. There are more than enough examples in the newest history of human civilization when scientific and technical progress blighted the mankind. Perfect nuclear, chemical and biological weapon, being from the view of abstract science the masterpiece and crown of high technologies, have transferred today into real force able to change the map of the world and influence upon fates of millions inhabitants of the Earth.

Prima facie the scientific and technical progress seemed to be providential, self-sufficient and self-adapting process, not requiring intervention from the outside, like evolution processes in economics, which are to be regulated by demand and supply. However in reality everything is much complicated. In the whole it cardinally depends on numerous of subjective factors such as human will, financing conditions, legislative benefits and restrictions, current political and economical interests and many others.

Contemporary science is oriented to needs satisfaction of limited range of highly developed countries, transnational corporations and well-off private persons at that these needs satisfaction realizes very often contrary to the interests of the rest humanity. Per se contemporary achievements of science and technique is used to ensure economical and political interests of separate people's groups (redistribution of markets, sphere expansion of economical influence, changes of political map of the world). At the same time the problems of starvation, poverty, diseases, improper education and upbringing, which touch upon the considerable part of our planet population, remain unsolved. All international funds and organizations, being busy with solving of these complex problems in the world scale, cover the necessities of human society unlikely for one percent. The main way of solving for abovementioned as well as many other problems, to be exact planned development of science and technique, planned usage of scientific and technical achievements are practically idle. At that time when people die of starvation in developing countries, in highly developed countries huge financial assets are spent for elaborations of more and more new means for people destruction. Today scientific and technical progress is not oriented to help for needy inhabitants of the planet, but vice versa oriented to destruction of big humans groups and even the whole states.

Development of science and technique depends abundantly on human factor and this generates additional dangers for earth civilization. To eliminate the menace of such dangers the scientific and technical progress has to be controlled in the strictest way and to be the subject to reasonable management. The example of strict control over separate scientific and research programs can be the state control over state programs of new weapon types creation. The effectiveness of such control bases on fear of official to be punished. But state control over executing of scientific programs, don't directly touch upon the national security, was never notable for effectiveness. Because of officials indifference the state control over scientific and technical progress, composed besides important for national security tendencies also of numerous “unpromising” and “uninteresting” tendencies, always will be ineffective.

In many private scientific-research establishments the weighted, reasonable approach is realizing as for solving of posed tasks and prima facie exactly these structures are able to realize planning and control over development of science and technique in world scale. However, the majority of such organizations were of narrow orientation in their activity, they were of lack of scale, complex and integral vision of problems under investigation, possibilities to affect on-the-fly the elaborations connecting with own researches, moreover they never had financial assets in sufficiency.

The time has come for development of common program for scientific researches, creation of common Center of science control. Only private initiative, based on priority of common to all mankind values, not posing for itself the political purposes, working systematically for common Purpose, reasonably combining methods of material and moral stimulation, financially independent, will be able to coordinate evolution of science and technique in the interests of mankind in the whole.

Coordination of scientific-research works in the world scale and creation of common program for scientific researches will be equal to the task of only association of contemporary sages, intellectuals, possessing the unsullied reputation in scientific, political, business and religious circles of the world. Today time is the time of money relations predominance, therefore investment of money in common program of scientific researches must be oriented to receiving of rational profit, at that main argument, forming in the eyes of world public the image of new organization, will be public profit distribution for humanitarian purposes.

Believe that already in this decade the private Center of science control will be established and begin coordination and financing of scientific researches and technical developments, orienting to necessities satisfaction of mankind in the whole.
May 2003 y.


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