Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



[1] The first decade
[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
[6] The sixth decade
[7] The seventh decade
[8] The eighth decade
[9] The ninth decade
[10] The tenth decade

Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The sixth decade (2050-2060)

Restrictions of scientific-technical tempo. Serious social problems. Creation of interactive model of human body. Development of metabolic reactions' cards for many earth organisms. Hundreds millions people grown with appliance of improved inherited material. Birth of the first babies with changed metabolism. Questions of changed metabolism inheritance. Virtual designing of protein organisms using non-traditional amino acids. Application of non-traditional amino acids for practical creation of the simplest organisms. Theoretical substantiation of possibility of creation self-regulating artificial systems with properties of a living one. Development of storage methods for inherited information for non-protein life forms. Program of purification the environmental objects from the products of civilization living. Designing and producing individual ecological systems. Emerging of new scientific discipline called "functional systems designing". Classification of functional systems. Protein polymers having sophisticatively arranged in space properties and functions. Allocating of some productions and their parts with properties of living functional systems. Wide usage of molecular synthesizers in industrial and domestic spheres. Creation of new intellectual materials with metabolic elements. Some aspects of settling the planets of Sun system with intellectual materials. Working out of the common catalogue of optimal technologies. Application of technical protective systems based in human brain. Human brain perfection by biological methods. Natural limit of human brain possibilities. Use of biological ports for human-computer communication. Biocomputers on the basis of optimized brain tissues. Servicing multi-functional devices compatible with biocomputers. Variety of executive mechanisms. Digital representing of individual peculiarities of an individual. Accelerated teaching of human brain grown in laboratory conditions. Termination of experiences as for teaching human brain artificially grown. Creation of artificial intellect in restricted informational space. Forming of language of people's emotional intercourse. Successful creation of the first digital copy of human personality.

The sixth decade made the unexpected corrections in process of scientific-technical progress which was characterized by stable grow tempo during last one hundred fifty years. At the first time of history of its existence a mankind was standing before the necessity of prompt changing of moral and intellectual values determined by science and technique development. Objective processes being actualized in society at the latest period of time required slowing-down the tempos of scientific-technical progress or just its controlled development.

Joint capacity of common computer network and perfect software allowed to reduce to minimum time required for revealing consequences of this or that action which had already happened or would happen later. Mobilization of common computer network resources could be performed in some tens of minutes that's why problem of computer resources lacking, that stumbling stone for scientists of century begin, stopped existing at all. A great number of earth civilization problems standing before scientists them being scientific, social or production could be now solved in some days and even seconds. Terms of their solving did not restrict scientific-technical progress. In other words, there appeared the possibility of quick and qualitative determination of far consequences of this or that event, to forecast variants of any process development and to build true development models of any complicated processes.

Making purposes of civilization development performed by scientific political elite of the planet and being the highest representing of human intellect ceased to be monopole prerogative of a human being. Activity of technical intellect aimed at complete and qualitative fulfilling the requirements of an individual and the whole society by existing technical means had marked emerging of new production force on the planet. During the current decade at minimal participation of a human being existing transport means and means of communication were modernized, principles of industrial and civil building were changed, the requirements to environmental safety of industrial production became more rigid. An artificial technical intellect secondly and daily not interrupting for a moment analyzed the incoming data and selected the best variants, designed perfect technical devices and promptly reacted on emerging new knowledge, theories and requirements of a human being. Rate of decision making and also constructuring and designing speed peculiar to technical intellect tens time exceeded tempo of measured activity of research and designing institutions. Such labor efficiency and total dedication if such notions could be used could not be reached by nobody and by no specialized institution.

The negative aspect of appliance of technical artificial intellect became release of a number of experts whose labor was no longer demanded. That was a serious social problem. Many people who were engaged in their professional activity not one tens of years with their habits, priorities and life style turned to be not demanded and could not solve the task how to live further. Technical artificial intellect functioning had initiated the process of changing the stated structure of employment in the whole world. But still not only breakage of employment structure in planet scale took place. Moral norms and principles of human society which based on obligatory of useful thought labor, hard moving towards the purpose, making sense of life of most people, had changed. Emptiness threatened to appear in souls of millions people in that very place where earlier undisputable truth and life standard aims existed could be easily filled with destructive and aggressive desires. And that was one more serious problem born due to uncontrolled development of science-technical progress.

In real life situation was so that putting current tasks and aims of earth civilization existence and also forecasting of sequences of tasks fulfilling and aims gaining could avoid in most cases human participating in them. For this purpose in most cases there were enough only efforts of artificial technical intellect which could independently put near and long-term purposes for itself.

As for practical performance of theoretical researches of artificial technical intellect, automation of all main industrial branches allowed to embody in metals any solutions of technical intellect without human participation at all. Concentration in the same hands of possibility of putting tasks and aims their analytical accompanying and technical embodiment without human participating threatened with unpredictable consequences.

Ganger of human individual and the society in whole degradation, increase of aggressive moods among separate people and social groups became a reality due to absence of necessity to make efforts for gaining life comfort. Under conditions of the highest technical possibilities those negative tendencies could be prevented by efforts of a state or international organizations only to a small degree. Only high ethics and moral qualities which became life necessity for members of earth society were able to dismiss the danger of society degradation. Unfortunately, ethics and morality were always weak chains in organization of human common living. In all times the best brains of a mankind told about necessity of priority tutoring of a human being. In practice it turned to be that human morality and ethics was mainly determined by science-technical progress' achievements. Until STP favored an individual and made it to explore new knowledge areas, problem of existing aims and life sense was not acute for a human being. As soon as science-technical progress became self-sufficient for its further development it was no longer in need in human services while performed a great number of the required functions independently. Thus, many people turned to be aside from evolutional processes being full, healthy and without aims in life. Problems touching simultaneously ethical, moral and technical sides of human civilization development became actual at fifties of the twenty-first century. A great number of people brought up on historically stated intellectual, moral and religious norms and principles could not feel comfortable in conditions of streaming science-technical progress. Actual social and private problems required prompt solving.

The most right decision was a controlled limitation of science-technical progress tempos though for period when an unpainfull evolutional change of existence aims in a great number of planet population would be performed. Process of existence aims change in scale of an earth society required much time and was mainly determined by education and life experience of each individual, his physical and psychological state. By this the psychology, ethics, education and many others sides of human existence were obligatory touched. Process of existence aims change could be performed by means of slow evolutional changes in human's world outlook and also by means of inserting into human brain some corrective behavior, thinking and feeling programs. In both cases the complete scope of all planet inhabitants was excluded due to the cause of not desire to change something in oneself natural for many people. Taking into account the existing difficulties at free mass inserting into a human brain of corrective programs while that very way promised to be the quickest, decision as for out coming from the situation existed was made a compromise one. At strict control at tempos and directions of scientific-technical progress the teaching program explaining to the society in whole and to each particular human being new purposes of civilization existence began realize. Just in sphere of new purposes forming for definite individuals, social groups and society in whole, all discussions, disputes and reasoning of scientists and philosophers were oriented.

Some thinkers considered that problem to be artificial, such one which would be solved by itself with emerging of valuable artificial intellect. They proceeded from the opinion that a valuable artificial intellect would intake only the best achievements of mankind inclusively the highest developments of ethics and morality. Such artificial consciousness would be close to a human being and indulgent to his weak sides and would understand doubts and hesitations of each separate individual and also would help him to express himself. Appliance by artificial consciousness the world computer network with its huge technical and informational opportunities would make possible to perform individual communication with each person, would help the inner conflicts of an individual connected with reevaluation of values and correction of existence purposes.

Despite of a strained social crises, connected with disengaging of many technical specialists and industrial workers, natural sciences impetuously developed and demanded involving new specialists. Programming was developing very quickly. Its role was of great importance for improving multilevel space of virtual modeling. An important achievement of science and techniques has become creation of interactive model of human organism in CSVM. It was an instrument, which promised to change the course of civilization. They have at last created an interactive model allowing to observe the processes running in human organism, to influence their course and to optimize the results. The interactive model of the individual was a super complex object, consisting of a great number of levels and sublevels, connected with each other by laws of physics, chemistry and biology, cause and effect relations. Full complexity of a living and functioning organism was reflected in the form of a three-level moving pictures, changing their scale depending on the degree of detailing. These pictures showed mechanisms of human organism's functioning from electronic membrane to work of a complete organ or system.

The value of the virtual instrument consisted in the fact, that it could help to observe directly (i.e. without any indirect methods) influence of any chemical compound, introduced into organism. The compound could be a simple molecule or a complex protein structure. The stages of passing the compounds through human organs were observed, any changes of the substance were clear and could be explained. The necessary detailing of influencing the human organism by an outside compound determined branching of a cause and effect tree. Practical application of a created model was connected with developing biologically active substances of plural effect, which could rectify organism from products of cell metabolism, delete accidental mutations, recreate extinct functions and stabilize all systems of organism. Due to developing a computer model there were places in human body where some diseases or indisposition could be unnoticed. Stages of any indisposition could be observed in the form of descriptive changes in cells, tissues and organs of human organism, be influenced by changing initial and running parameters until getting an optimal results. The model allowed to work out any external affects on human organism, which could overcome disease, recreate an extinct function or restore interaction between systems and organs from the first practical application with the best results.

The same model could assist to solve more difficult tasks such as visualization of artificial genes' effects, of improved proteins and biochemical reactions. As much it sounded simple as it was difficult to achieve, for example, succession of picturing an artificial gene's functioning. The deeper levels of human organism were touched at modeling , the more complex and branched the cause and effect tree was. For example, visualization of influencing of any medicine introduced into human digestion system involved a few tens or even hundreds levels of computer model, and all numerous processes, connected with influence of the investigated medicine could be observed at all levels simultaneously.

Visualization of artificial gene's influence , introduced into impregnate cell, had completely different level of complexity, involving thousands and ten thousands of computer model levels. The complexity of visualizing the artificial gene's influence was explained by ability of a single gene to cause developing a completely different living organism. This process determined direct or indirect application of the majority of existing computer model levels. Analysis of all results of correcting human genome was a complex process and it was conducted with using great computer powers. But perfect software played a decisive role . It rejected numerous potential variants. The scientists rejected any trials to act by guess, which could give birth to numerous useless variants. Creation of artificial genes did not occurred occasionally. The ground for the investigation was natural genes from the genes' fund of the Earth biosphere, which were worked over according to the tasks. The interactive model, created by scientists, could be successfully used to work out different ways to improve human organism, even to create new organs and to change human metabolism. Basing on the remarkable evolution product, i.e. human organism, it would be possible to construct numerous different forms of life on protein basis.

It is remarkable, that by that time full lists of metabolic reactions of many earthly life forms have been already concluded. Millions of different kinds of animals and plants were sure to be difficult to get investigated, that's why the first place attention was paid to create cards of metabolic reactions of significant earthly organisms. Selection of organisms for investigation was conducted according to their being atypical, not resembling and unique. Scientists thought, attentive investigation of earthly organisms would help to understand all details of general picture of protein metabolism. Data, received from lingering investigations, were ground for creation of a computer model, showing evolution of metabolism of earthly life forms. Completion of the model demanded information about construction of ancient organisms, not having been collected sufficiently, about reflection of protein forms of life's evolution as a function determined by surrounding world. It was supposed to create a computer model, reflecting an evolution tree of protein life forms' metabolism from conception till present days together with possible variants of evolution in future. A significant part of information of extinct organisms peculiarities was lost for ever and could not be restored by existing methods. Careful investigation of modern life forms of ancient origin was more important. So scientists investigated the card of earthly metabolism, learning always new organisms.

By that time the number of people, having been subjected to genome optimization at the stage of cell impregnating and living in different countries, reached about four hundred million people. Almost every thirtieth inhabitant of the Earth, the population of which made mere that ten billion people, had an improved or perfect genome. The oldest people having been subjected to optimization of genome reached Christ's age. Every two minutes two children were born with improved genome. Within the last thirty years from the birth of the first man with the improved genome (the result of science and techniques progress) the technologies of forming such genomes have been greatly perfected. As well as have changed opinions of the planet's inhabitants on the processes of improvement of human organism.

The improved man was recognized and socially accepted , its ability to survive was proved by every day life and statistics. More and more parents wished their hereditary material to get optimized, to be improved by perfected genes, to base common children's genome. The processes of optimization and improvement of genome were perfected. As a rule, parents desired to use an opportunity to grow up a future child who was physically strong, have beautiful figure. All these features were determined by known genes and groups of genes, which were not numerous. This universal gene material was preserved in special stores of medical institutions all over the world, and covered more than 90 % of needs and demands of parents, taking care of their child's future. When wishes of adults were more original or specialized, less spread or even exotic material was applied. For example, sporting families often wished to have a child, who would be able to show brilliant results in their kind of sport. For that they considered their child should have bog lungs, increased number of red blood cells, strong and able to ladings heart. That's why they chose hereditary material, genes and groups of genes, providing maximal realization of the desired features. In future, when the child had all the necessary physical opportunities for sport career, the final choice should be made by him. Children's wishes were often to correspond to their parents' ones.

In the observed period of time the first children with changed metabolism were born. The meaning of "changed metabolism" was wide. It meant changes of different degrees, touching types of biochemical reactions, conditions of their running, substitution of traditional chemical substances, involved in the reactions. The volume and degrees of changing metabolic reactions, natural for a man, determined so important indirect signs of organism like appearance and inner construction. In other words a man whose organism was subjected to new biochemical reactions did not differ from a common man in appearance, if the number of the reactions was not numerous. The more new biochemical reactions ran the more people with changed metabolism differed from usual ones. If human metabolism is greatly changed ( it has not been tested yet), appearance of people would be greatly influenced. When changing human metabolism, physiologic, moral, technical and social problems were sure to occur. But civilization development was aimed at further improving of human organism, changing it into a comfortable instrument for expanding territories, getting new knowledge and skills.

The first children with changed metabolism did not differed from their coevals. Changing metabolic reactions did not influence the appearance. Great attention was paid to changes improving immune system, the organs of which were in the human organism and did not have outer manifestations. The immune system was very convenient for experiments because results of changes and improvements could be got very quickly. For a human being an ideal immune system, polished by evolution and perfected by science, was very important. The changes increased protective properties of immune system, speed and power of immune response, initiated new immune reactions, deleted autoimmune influence on the organism. This result was achieved by different, sometimes very complex methods and was very important technological and scientific achievement. Investigations, aimed at improving of immune system, were very close to those connected with increasing sturdiness of a separate cell and endocellular structures to different unfavorable affects. This topic was universal, because cell was a building unit of any organism and changes in endocellular metabolism touched every system and organ, including appearance.

The question of inheriting new features (i.e. changed metabolism) was very important. The question was not solved yet, but in the nearest future inheriting improved features in wished volumes could not be awaited. The majority of changing metabolic reactions was programmed by introducing genes of other organisms in hereditary material of reproductive cells. The genes were extracted from genes' fund of earthly biosphere. They were not alien to human organism, because of being a product of single evolution process and consisted of the same nucleotides. That is why new features were often successfully inherited, of course at correcting those parts of genome which included information of mechanisms serving hereditary programs. But changed metabolism was often not inherited. The reason was breaking thin interrelations between own genes of man and programs of realizing hereditary information in human organism. Such breakings were connected with applying alien genes. The majority of changing in metabolic reactions in a human body based on use of genes belonging to Earth organisms who were alien for human one. Human beings were demanded to be experimented very carefully with minimum mistakes.

Calculator powers and existing knowledge allowed scientists to construct artificial genes, not existing in Earth biosphere, and to introduce them human organism. Specialists preferred to experiment with introducing artificial genes on computer model. They believed , learning millions of possible results would be of real use.

At the same time technologies of biological constructing were constantly developing. Learned genetic mechanisms of protein life forms and experience of constructing chemical substances with certain properties allowed to start projecting and creating new protein organisms. Software contributed to constructing new protein organisms beyond traditional earthly set of amino acids, used in natural protein molecules and involved the majority of existing amino acids to the process of virtual constructing. It caused numerous investigations of the problem. The human being started creating new forms of life for the first time in the history of science and techniques. Experiments showed, creation of protein organisms for the Earth and for other planets with earthly properties of environment was similar. Besides working with CSVM the conditions could be set and changed according to the needs of scientists without taking into account natural physical restrictions. There were also experiments aimed at constructing artificial organisms with non-protein metabolism. But they were not of the same level as those connected with well known protein metabolism. The reason was lack of sufficient knowledge.

At first CSVM allowed to create the simplest new organisms, which were able to do solitary functions. At the first stages of investigations worked software was worked over, data bases were adapted and created, properties of used organic and inorganic substances were defined. The result of the first stage was creation of few tens of virtual protein organisms at the corresponding level of CSVM. These organisms created protein with a set of amino acids, not used by earthly organisms.

The next stage was connected with practical creation of new kinds of the simplest organisms, using not typical set of amino acids in processes of intracellular synthesis. The experiments were performed with security measures so that the experiment material could not get to the biosphere. Molecules of typical earthly proteins were used in creating artificial protein organisms of the first generation. So known evolution decision were used as basis for investigation. New demands and restrictions were correlated with evolution basis, and then functional protein successions were projected. Successful correlation of natural and artificial proteins were seldom and accompanied by difficulties. But selecting a great number of variants results of correlating artificial and natural decisions were satisfactory. The problem of inheriting new features by the simplest organisms was similar to that of inheriting changed metabolism by a human being. But new functions of the simplest organisms demanded new atypical amino acids and caused creation of new groups of genes which were responsible for hereditary mechanisms. That is why there were two methods of creating new protein organism, i.e. from a function to a gene and vice versa. When working from a function to gene, a chain of chemical reactions was selected, which could perform a certain function. Then there was a selection of molecules which were able to perform supposed chemical reactions. When such molecules were not found, the basis consisted of molecules, performing functions close to supposed. The structure and construction of such protein molecules were worked over till corresponding to aims. At the next stage with general principles of coding the hereditary information genes and groups of genes were constructed which were able to carry information of new protein molecules. Artificial genes were analyzed as for interaction with genetic material of earthly biosphere. The second means of projecting new protein organisms supposed change of existing genes and groups of genes so that they could carry information of proteins with new properties, of new metabolic reactions, without conflicting with other parts of DNA. The process of set changing genes and their groups was controlled at every stage. Such means of controlled changing genes was called single-step regulated mutations.

The first trials to create the simplest organisms on the protein basis were dated the same period. Using the tern "organism" was not correct because such terms as organism, organics, organic substances are closely connected with carbon which is the base of the Earth life. It would be more correct to speak about trials to create open self-regulated artificial systems, having signs of a living being and based on complex chemical substances. Solving the tasks supposed using theoretic data resulted by artificial technical intellect. The task to study all naturally realized chemical substances was solved every second without holidays and weekends, without human influence. The results of this were the following: there appeared contours of a single classification, chains of interacted chemical reactions, construction of chemical substances which could be used in creating self regulated artificial systems with signs of a living being. Such building blocks, able to become a part of a living organism, were carefully studied systematized and used in different scientific disciplines. Collaterally to constructing new protein organisms with signs of a living being, the means of preserving and inheriting information for non-protein forms of life were worked out. The obvious means was using principles of preserving information in digital form. So the hereditary information was preserved like a stable superficial or voluminous distributing electric potentials, electromagnetic fields, regulated material structures. In such a form the hereditary information could be preserved without damages for thousands years. Reliable machines, executive organs material and energetic resources were needed to read and realize the hereditary information. Preserving information in digital form involved using cybernetic serving machines and it was the first step to creating robots.

Any self regulated artificial system , constructed with the use of succession of chemical reactions, demanded regulated and interacted running of hundred thousands of chemical reactions with ten thousands of chemical substances. The main task of scientists was looking for methods of realizing the hereditary information by chemical means with maximal protection from unfavorable environmental influence. The scientists had the same results which were achieved by Nature billions years ago. There was an obvious necessity to create an artificial cell as a single space for realizing certain successions of chemical reactions including systems of serving and stabilizing intracellular systems. Such unit like an artificial cell was the most suitable basis for constructing tissues, organs and single self regulating artificial systems. But creating an artificial cell was grounded on effective mechanisms of realizing the hereditary information by chemical means to be worked out.

The Earth society had technical possibilities for relishing complex ideas. Such ideas were always numerous. In comparison with the plans to change the planet landscape, which were postponed, the idea of cleaning the planet from the negative results of human activity and returning it the initial outlook was in favor. The program of cleaning environmental objects from harmful and dangerous products of civilization living was accepted at the planet forum. The disposal of industrial and everyday waste, toxic chemical substances, got into environment, unnecessary buildings, etc were referred to such objects. The program of cleaning environmental objects was complex and included cleaning the planet surface, fresh waters, world ocean, atmosphere. Cleaning industrial objects and places of human dwelling were separated. Every direction demanded individual mode, special technical facilities and qualified stuff. The first stage of the program was calculated for twenty years.

Pay attention to the fact that the majority of the planet population had much free time. The plenty of time was a threat for civilization because it could lead to such negative social properties like laziness, apathy and surfeit. The labor engagement occupied the first place in the plans of politic and state men. Creating new working places was in flavor and program, aimed at total using industrial powers were financed by state and private investors. From this point of view the program of cleaning environmental objects was an optimal decision to provide long-termed labor engaging of the earth population.

Millions of people started realizing the program in different parts of the Earth with pleasure. Project and scientific institutions had much work. Industrial manufactures, projecting and creating necessary equipment, worked in full powers. In sixes months after accepting the program of cleaning the environmental objects there appeared a lot of mechanisms in lakes and rivers, in atmosphere, in ocean and other places. The mechanisms functioned to clean environment from harmful, dangerous and simply unnecessary substances and objects of artificial origin. The principles of extraction, neutralization, chemical modification, connection and destruction were applied to clean the environment. Because of autonomic sources of energy the technical mechanisms could move towards soiling and concentrations Some cleaning functions were performed by artificial simple organisms, created by involving evolving catalysts. Tens thousands of different dirtying chemical substances demanded individual technologies and special equipment for utilization. When not decomposed at the place the gathered dirtying substances were sent to the deeper remaking , where useful components were extracted and harmful and toxic chemical substances were rendered harmless. Alongside to cleaning natural objects there were works to restore biocenoses and landscapes.

The more works. technologies and scientific investigations were performed without man's interference, the more free time a separate man had, the wider was the service sphere, the more diversified was the sphere of creative activity. Powerful computer technologies, precision molecule assembling , fantastic genetic achievements contributed to the appearance of new arts directions, splash of creative abilities of numerous people.

One of new art directions, connected with scientific achievements was projecting and creating ecologic systems. Individual ecologic system included man's dwelling, surrounding landscape plot with flora and fauna and microorganisms. An obligatory demand for creation of such an ecosystem was lack of negative influencing the environment at any living processes inside of it. The ecological systems were individual. They were projected according to the preferences of a separate person, family, or other social group taking into account psychological physiological, social and biological factors. Harmonic coexisting of people, animals, plants, living processes and service infrastructure were fundamental individual ecosystems. According to the creators' preferences or the clients' wishes the ecosystems could be both biological where all the functions were performed by natural and artificial biological organisms, and mixed, equipped by cybernetic mechanisms additionally.

Finished ecological systems looked like the following. In an individual biological ecosystem dwelling was a mixture of genetically modified plants, performing numerous functions. Some plants created dwelling spaces. The grew walls, ceiling, architecture elements and furniture, other created an optimal microclimate in living spaces and sated air with useful elements. Numerous plants satisfied human needs in water and sometimes in food. Specially created organisms had unique properties of plants and animals. They lit and warmed rooms. Distributed biological computers having branched systems of sensors, executing agencies watched ecosystem's functioning in general, were a communicator with outer world, promoted data ware according lodgers' preferences. Hundreds kinds of plants and animals could live without conflicts within the ecosystem. Some of them were genetically modified to perform certain functions optimally. Selection of organisms was carried out in such a way as to satisfy any predictable wish of a man shortly. Such ecosystems brought joy and satisfaction to people, living in them , gave them new opportunities, aroused positive emotions. Certainly it would be difficult to do without cybernetic and mechanic facilities because they participated in numerous creative decisions.

Two leading scientific directions determining progress of human civilization joined harmoniously. They were chemical constructing compounds with prescribed properties and constructing self regulating artificial systems. A new discipline was called constructing functional systems. The term "functional system" understood any chemical compound with prescribed properties or a living organism ( a self regulating artificial system) which performed their functions in given conditions optimally. An example of a functional system were chemical compounds with prescribed propertied performing calculated functions on high level. As an example we could also use artificial organisms, optimally performing life support functions irrespective of realized metabolism.

The new discipline needed a new classification. All possible functional systems were divided in five groups. The first group joined elementary chemical compounds, which were numerous but their quantity was restricted. All these chemical compounds were known, well learned and applied in mainly for elementary materials and performing simple reactions. Functional system of the first group were a universal material and was applied as building elements at constructing more complex systems.

The second group of functional systems joined complex chemical compounds. Both organic and inorganic. Proteins, amino acids, ferments, hormones, nucleotides and other compounds were referred to this group. They were rather complex substances performing their functions in a restricted range o environmental parameters. They were a finished building material for creating of self regulating artificial systems with signs of a living being. The second group included also chemical compounds of high complexity, constructed on the basis, which was different from the carbonic one, typical for earthly life.

The third group included particularly complex chemical compounds, bearing the program of constructing a self regulating artificial system, i.e. a living or pseudo living organism. A representative of the group was DNA of earthly biosphere, some amino acids and chemical compounds created in virtual space on the basis of alternative to DNA of earthly biosphere acids. The functional systems of the third group were restricted in nature, any of them could become a basis for original forms of life in favorable conditions. A spontaneous origin of complex functional systems in nature was disputed and the dispute was far from solving like the dispute as for beginnings of life on the Earth.

The fourth group of functional systems was represented by stable compounds of super complex chemical substances. They had been neither detected in nature nor created in virtual space. Their function was automatic constructing and creating functional systems of the third group, which were sufficient to conceive different form of life in a wide range of existing natural conditions. It was a finished spore of life able to grow in different environmental conditions. They could give birth to new worlds, start evolution processes, able to generate different life forms, including potentially intellectual ones. According to certain characteristics man could be referred to this group.

Finally the fifth group of functional groups represented an archicomplex chemical compound, joining other numerous functional systems, including those of the fourth group. The fifth group carried irrefragable information, a detailed program of intelligent life formation. The function of such chemical compound, or more precisely a tremendous chemical and physical system, was creating intelligent life in all possible demonstrations in any environmental conditions. It was also a spore of life, but of wittingly intelligent life, able to grow in any conditions with there is energy and matter.

The classification did not touch exotic forms of functional systems, which could be realized on field basis or on the level on elementary particles and their constituents. Creating such systems was still not possible. The level of existing knowledge did not reject projecting and creating them but there were no facts confirming existence of the simplest system of the kind. Maybe in future in other scales of time and space it will be possible and necessary for man. This possibility should not be ignored by rejecting seeming impossible achievements of tomorrow.

Within the classification the functional systems of the third and the next groups included elements of life. Differences between living and not living objects had been studied by scientists for a long time, but lately they were paid special attention. The received conclusions grounded the theory of constructing living functional systems. The theory interpreted the notion
"living" rather broadly. The maim characteristic of the living was metabolism, whose activity could vary millions times. The quantity of elements, participating in metabolism, was not restricted by lower and upper levels. For example, a functional system is called living if it uses one chemical element and throws out other even in little dimensions and at the same time performs its function stably. The degree of "livingness" of the functional system cannot be compared with the degree of "livingness" of the simplest microorganism. One more important sign of the living were stable chemical reactions (succession of chemical reactions) performing functions of exchanging substance and energy with environment. The theory of constructing living functional systems postulated: "Creating the simplest living functional systems is possible in the environment where interaction between the functional systems of the second group is possible. The further complication of living functional systems is possible in favorable environment of both natural and artificial origin."

In the meantime technologies of molecule assembling objects was more and more complicated and perfected. In the period of nanotechnologies formation objects for assembling were molecules of the simplest compounds, now complex organic molecules, including protein ones, were operated. Advanced technologic decisions and perfect equipment allowed to use methods of molecule assembling for creation of new unknown earlier matters. Such matters were protein polymers with nonlinear space distributing functions and properties, whose different sets could perform assembling of macroobjects. Protein polymers resembled tissues and organs of protein organisms in complexity of their construction and in functional possibilities. The difference was in simpler construction of artificial protein polymers, it was stipulated by lack of the necessity to function within the entire organism and by small number of performed functions. In practice new polymers were used in technologies of chemical synthesis, in utilization and extraction of chemical substances, as executive mechanisms in chemical and industrial manufacture and individual ecological systems. In many spheres of human activity there had begun the process of joining operating processors and pseudo living executive mechanisms into multifunctional mechanisms, produced of protein polymers of a new generation. The process reflected the tendency, manifested in material manufacture, when separate parts of the manufacture acquired characteristics of the living owing to mass using pseudo living protein tissues of the new generation. Before the world manufacture used computers, sensors and executive mechanisms based on inorganic matters. But using biological computers, sensors and computer nets was becoming more and more often. Numerous scientists considered the evolution laws of technical systems would lead to replacement of existing industries by more progressive and economical pseudo living ones. But meanwhile there was a process of evolution introducing mechanisms, similar to those of living organs and tissues, to industry and every day life of man. New mechanisms were able to perform their function on high level at minimum using energy and resources , at minimum influencing environment. Along with using molecule synthesizers in industry (it was the peak of molecule assembling technologies) they were used in every day life of man. The demands to molecule assembling in industry were determined by a small assortment and big quantities, but synthesizers of a common use were mechanisms of a higher level, as they were oriented at synthesis of different objects and materials in small quantities. Universal synthesizers of common use demanded more various chemical compounds for satisfying needs of every day life. Universal synthesizers of common use were tiny manufactures, equipped by all the necessary infrastructure but in smaller scales. These mechanisms were oriented at satisfying needs of man in repairs, producing, restoring depreciated components, household items and needs in creation. One more sphere of there using, being of a great development potential, was copying pieces of arts, collection items and home-made articles. There were two ways how to change depreciated components of household equipment or of an individual transport vehicle. A traditional one was to order the necessary component at a trading network or manufacturing plant. The second way was creating a volume copy of the necessary component in the nearest center of household service.

By that time the half of the produced objects were manufactured according to the molecule assembling technologies. That is why there appeared single world standards for producing industrial, household and other items. According to them every item carried full information of own manufacturing technologies , materials used in the production process and additional information. This lifelong passport of every item gave a possibility to produce a duplicate, an analogue to the depreciated or broken component at any manufacture equipped for molecule assembling irrespective of the manufacture place of the component itself. It was unnecessary to carry the broken component to the service center. It was enough to give the information of the component to the managing computer at the nearest works or household center. The broken component often did it themselves.

The articles produced from the materials with prescribe properties could perform the simplest intellectual functions independently, e.g. to watch own condition or to inform the controlling computer of expending resources or replacement term. As any articles were of high quality and had a long exploitation term applying to service centers for repairs was not numerous. The passport of the article could be read by any user by means of simple programs and added by new information if wished. The possibility carried creative elements. Physical and mathematic properties could not be improved, but outer looking gave great design opportunities.

The process of improving materials with prescribed properties repeated the evolution of living organisms and consisted in increasing the number of performed functions. Producing intellectual materials able to control own physical and mathematic properties and to signal of losing important characteristics moved towards further perfection, i.e. towards independent restoring lost characteristics and improving them in the exploitation process. The task of further improving materials with prescribed properties was successfully solved by science and artificial intelligence. Soon intellectual materials with metabolism elements were constructed in the form of virtual models, then in natural form. They were multicompound materials with complex space structure and uneven spreading components. They resembled new protein polymers in construction and functions and were close to tissues of a living organism though had non-protein building. New materials included components with distributed functions and were complex chemical compounds. One used components provided mechanic and physical characteristics, other performed controlling functions, other supplied with necessary substances and utilization. Molecules of the components providing mechanic characteristics were surrounded by some kinds of complex molecules performing repairing , supplying and even correcting functions. Constant controlling molecules integrity , their timely restoring and deleting damages, providing evolution building demanded receipt numerous chemical compounds from environment and deleting worked out substances. The functions were metabolism. With environment. According to the classification the functions carried signs of the living. The could be considered like elementary blocks for constructing not existing hypothetic living and pseudo living organisms. In future such balanced systems of life support could lead to creating artificial forms of life. The further evolution of intellectual materials with metabolism characteristics could lead to appearing numerous artificial life forms.

New intellectual materials conceded protein polymers in some properties. But they were better in high and low temperatures, when protein polymers lost their properties. The spheres of using intellectual materials covered the range of low temperatures and included the range of high temperatures from 100 C and higher. The biggest consumers of the new intellectual materials with metabolism characteristics were transport, aviation, space building, power engineering, chemical industry and metallurgy. Adherence to the principle of metabolism with environment under designing of materials with set properties allowed to expand considerably the assortment of available materials and limits of their possible appliance.

Applying the materials for construction of extraterrestrial erections in other planets of the Solar system was of great potential. One of perspective functions of the new materials was the possibility of using local resources for creating microscopic erections for different purposes at the cost of joining the necessary environmental molecules in the regulated order. In the Planets of the Solar system the new intellectual materials could realize the technologies of molecule assembling including assembling materials, being similar to themselves.

Alongside with investigations aimed at perfecting intellectual materials there was a process of settling the planets of the Solar system by intellectual materials with the set properties. But articles or devices with microscopic dimensions were not for those purposes. The priority was given to applying complex molecules being able to perform fixed functions including preservation of catalyst properties in the environment they were projected for. The main strategic goal of applying intellectual materials was making climatic and natural surrounding of some planets of the Solar system favorable for human settling. It was planned to achieve the goal in few stages. The firs stage was aimed at change of the existing environment to the level being acceptable for industrial application of the natural recourses. The second stage supposed settling the planet by colonists equipped for existing in unfavorable environment. The third stage was aimed at changing climatic and natural conditions of the planets of the Solar system under which the human being had no necessity in protective devices and equipment.

The creators of the materials with the set properties considered it to be their aim to supply functions of destroying, neutralizing and syntheses of chemical compounds in general. A serious task was keeping up the term within which the material brought to the planet preserved its functions. The small term of functioning of the materials with the set properties rose the price of projects aimed at changing the planets according to the human needs. The reason for it were costs for transporting or producing new molecules with the set properties. So the creators of the materials with the set properties tried to organize the process of producing the materials like an integral part of metabolism of the artificial organisms, to create the necessary materials in the process of vital activity of the artificial organisms. Applying of artificial organisms, being able independently exist and reproduce, for producing materials with the set properties was solving the problem with minimal costs. Bit there were certain difficulties. It was possible, e.g., in the Mars to create artificial soil albumen microorganisms being able to extract oxygen and water out of the soil. But in the Venus the artificial albumen organisms could not be applied because of high temperatures and aggressive atmosphere. Constructing and creation of, e.g., silicon microorganisms involved significant costs and efforts to look for optimal variants. In addition it was necessary to study all possible negative results of settling the planet be artificial life forms. And adjusting cold and huge methane and hydrogen planets for human existence was still a problem. It would b easier to change the human organism for the environment of the planets. Future could solve the problems.

Joining of computer networks and functioning of the artificial intellect organized all knowledge accumulated by the humanity, especially scientific and technical one. There was the epoch of general classification and systematization. The process always took place but it was performed according to the human wish and it was impossible to speak of strict systematization. Something was always lost, some important information was not noticed , some significant details were not paid attention to. Intellectual searching programs in computer networks changed systematization of knowledge into a informational, strictly regulated technology operating without mistakes and free time. The advanced approach to systematizing knowledge turned to be useful and productive.

Specialists of any branch acquires a possibility to learn new information , qualitative analytical reports on the questions of interest. Searching the information was performed according to key words , directions, preferences of a concrete individual. Besides constant systematization and replenishment of the knowledge caused finding new complex interrelations between seemingly incompatible objects and events. Access to the newest knowledge in the regime of its emerging caused equal possibilities of applying it in any point of the planet simultaneously and directly influenced the world economy and its effectiveness.

In practice it involved creating a single list of optimal technologies. The notion technologies understood any artificial or natural processes being able to change the environment. In accordance with historical determinations they were divided in industrial technologies, biotechnologies, medical, informational, computer modeling, etc. The classification reflected existing processes being basic for all branches of the human activity. The necessity of the classification was determined by applying numerous technologies aimed at getting the same results, being of different effectiveness and level of ecological safety. The modern change of archaic technologies by more perfect ones economized world recourses , lowered ecological pressure on the environment, involved more complete and qualitative satisfying human needs and was a natural movement for scientific and technical progress.

Scientists of different branches working over improving the human organism paid especial attention to learning the human brain. Their common work resulted in discovering the secrets of human brain construction , understanding its the principles and mechanisms. Numerous processes of the human brain being responsible for memory, emotions, feeling, thinking, unconditioned reflexes and instincts became clear. The received knowledge allowed turning to gradual improving the human brain. Improving the human brain was aimed at creating a powerful reliable organ protected from any harmful influences, being gable to a durative and tense work.

Trials to improve the human brain were made long ago starting from the time of the first investigations of its processes by means of molecule robots. These investigations created the bases for mass application of technical and cybernetic devices protecting the human brain from unfavourable influences. Such technical systems were applied to protect the human brain, The protective systems were constantly inside of the brain and performed several functions connected with each other. The main function was controlling the stability of the brain parameters and the state of cerebral tissues. If in any part of the brain there was changing the optimal parameters of inner environment reasoned by bad blood supply, accumulation of harmful substances, tissues excrescence, the molecule robots eliminated the initial reason. The initial reason could be decreasing of gleam of blood vessels, commissure of conjunctive tissue, worse functioning of cellular groups, etc. Molecule robots were equipped with a brad set of biological, chemical and technical means of destroying , localizing, connecting and restoring at the molecule level.

Alongside the means of improving the human brain with biological methods were developed. The main direction was improving tissues , the brain consists of , namely, improving their mechanic, biochemical and physical characteristics. Such characteristics like vessels solidity, conductivity of neural tissue, ability to resist mechanic loadings, stability against aggressive compounds were the main for improving the human brain. There was used the comparative analyses of cerebral tissues taken from different animals. In such a way searching for the natural cerebral tissues with improved characteristics was performed. The structure of cerebral tissues of all earthly organisms was similar Bu albumen used in constructing different type of cerebral tissues was individual and it gave a vast material for comparison. The comparative analyses selected numerous albumen molecules which promised to increase its vital ability and resistance against harmful influence if used for improving the brain.

Searching for and constructing biological material for creating improved cerebral tissues was a small part of the huge problem. To solve the problem of inheriting acquired artificial features improving brain protectiveness and functioning there was the need in numerous changes of the hereditary information counting all existing levels of visible and invisible genetic interactions. It was not sufficient to understand the methods of strengthening and protecting the human brain. It was necessary to answer a more complex question: how to preserve achievements for the next generations using existing mechanisms of realizing the hereditary information? Developing different variants on computer models showed the theoretical possibility of improving the human brain by usage of evolutionary decisions being characteristic for certain animals. The possibility was confirmed by numerous experiments performed in accordance with moral norms. In other words, science had a positive relation to improving the human brain by using albumen and cerebral tissues of some animals. But the decisive role was played by the society when touching improving the human organism.

The main contradiction between scientific possibilities and social opinion was in changing outer features and inner structure of the human organism, predicted results of influencing genetic program. Application of unusual biological material for improving the human brain would lead to changing appearance of the human being and of inner structure of the human organism. Though being tolerant towards improving the human organism, the society rejected changes having positive character, but leading to significant morphological differences between people. Existing contradiction was solved by traditional method of prolonging in time.

From the one hand the society approved of improvements, not changing the human appearance and having human aims, e.g., aimed at extracting innate or acquired abnormality and improving the individual according professional or moral preferences. The society was tolerant to the process of gradual improvements of the human organism with positive colouring. From the other hand such investigations were approved in the finished condition. They supplied the next generations the possibility of choosing functional appearance and organism structure. Now such possibility was not demanded but in future it could be the greatest achievement as it gave the society huge advantages at expanding other stellar systems. Existing disputes reflected the balanced approach being characteristic for the human being, care of the present and the past of the civilization.

Understanding the processes determining cerebral activity rusted in realizing the limits of the brain possibilities. The brain was considered a natural object having limits determined by physical laws. The limits of unimproved human brain was determined by reflections of phenomenal memory, phenomenal speed of perceiving and processing information. With traditional brain structure the average characteristics of the cerebral activity reached phenomenal indices being characteristic for certain representatives of Homo Sapiens and it was a significant recourse of the human civilization.

Theoretical limits of brain possibilities were of abstract character and determined by maximal possibilities of improved, optimized brain. Calculating maximal possibilities started from the idea that considered technical system had twenty billions of active elements determined by the quantity of functional blocks and interrelations. It was demanded to solve the problem of optimizing the technical system by changing the structure of interrelations and quantity of functional blocks. The solution was in supplying maximal possibilities of the optimized brain.

Computer modeling showed, redistributing functions and forming a perfect scheme of interrelations between active elements and functional blocks of the human brain allowed to increase the volume of perceived information and speed of its processing in three times. But simple natural improvement of the brain, repeating the brain structure of the individuals with phenomenal abilities enriched spiritual and intellectual human life by increasing brain possibilities. Practically applied improvements of the human brain gave the possibilities fir studying , creation, generating emotions and feelings of the higher level. The recourse given the human brain by the Nature was realized . At a certain evolution stage the recourse allowed to equip the individual with new organs of sense, perfect communication means without increasing the brain volume and changing human appearance. Further improving brain characteristics was possible applying cybernetic devices, cyborging the human being . There was yet no necessity in it, the question needed detailed processing. Biological brain optimization was possible and perspective.

Biological ports being compatible with the human neural system and equipment of computer networks were widely used. There were created biological devices supporting information channel of great capacity at direct communication of a human being and a computer. Such devices were applied in professional activity but soon they could be a totally available universal means of communication either of a human being and a computer or between people. The first biological ports consisted of natural nerves and conjunctive tissues and chips joined to supply maximal capacity of the information channel. Bioports had one outlet for connecting computer and tens outlets for connecting with functional blocks of the human brain.

Different physical properties of neural tissues and metal conductors being reflected in the passing speed and volume of accepted signals determined certain changes of the brain. The human brain was structurally changed, few tens of independent centers, processing the incoming information independently or jointly, were created in it. The biological port was an organ created of biological tissues and cybernetic schemes and was constructed in accordance with technologies of molecule assembling out of albumen with special matrixes. The matrix was a distributed space processor, the complex shape of which joined accumulated biological tissues optimally. Millions jointly of dots where albumen tissues matrix surface adjoined was an adapter transforming electronic information flows into electrochemical signals being optimal for perceiving by the human brain. A big quantity of such dots allowed to distribute information loading between outlets aimed for connection with the brain optimally. The outlets transported the information signals directly to the brain or to other human organs. The brain received the information used for providing intellectual, emotional or psychological processes. The information being necessary for correcting or optimizing physical and physiological human activity was transported directly to the corresponding organs and systems of the human organism. The direction was perspective for professional education, sport trainings, rehabilitating the sick.

Installing bioports was volitional and excluding situations when it was recommended or demanded for optimal loading the improved brain. Numerous people installed bioports in their organisms and then they did not feel any psychological or physical discomfort. Innocence and safety of using bioports were significant arguments for making a decision to install them in the organism. A significant factor was the quality of the surgical influencing excluding any negative results. Soon some unusual psychological feeling passed as the human brain was a self adjusting device which having found a new organ ( even temporary) adjusted own inner connections to use them optimally and effectively. But the main argument for using bioports was new possibilities of remembering, thinking, feeling which allowed to speak of a new life quality of the individual having installed the bioport. The new device would be a usual scientific development without these advantages.

Knowledge received at studying the human brain were used at creating biocomputers. This direction developed in connection with total applying existing technologies which were acquiring biological, or living ,or pseudo living character. The earthly industry applied artificial organisms for satisfying numerous needs of the earthly society. Plants, factories, mines and electro stations were changed by artificial organisms created of different amino acids and other chemical compounds. After industrial and postindustrial stages the earthly society satisfied numerous its needs by application of artificial or improved organisms and products of their vital activity. But huge growth of the needs increased the types organisms satisfying the needs and the organisms changed greatly. Numerous of them were completely artificial and the term organisms could not be referred to all functional systems.

To manage artificial functional systems, constructed according to the principles of the earthly organisms organization , there emerged a necessity in biological computers compatible with the functional systems. Applying biological tissues and tissues with features of the living determined using of managing computers possessing structure and parameters being approximate to functional characteristics of biological systems. Cerebral tissues of the human being and different animals were the most suitable for this as they were similar to artificial albumen organisms in their structure. Soon biological computers were manufactured on the basis of cerebral tissues of the individual and earthly animals. The tissues were optimized and improved to perform new functions and to perceive different incoming signals including those from artificial organs of sense, not possessed by the representatives of the earthly biosphere. Biocomputers grounded on cerebral tissues, modified for compatibility with non-albumen structures, were used to manage non-albumen functional systems.

Numerous functions performed by the functional systems determined numerous service devices being compatible with functional systems. The main task of the devices was to transform incoming signals into ones being acceptable for perceiving and processing by biological computers. As the sphere of human interests seized all material world, there was a need in numerous sensors, reacting on existing and theoretical material processes: from radiations of electromagnetic oscillations, and creation of the elusive neutron, to moving of geological platforms, and changing of chemical compounds concentration in the word ocean.

It was impossible to perform all the necessary controlling and perceiving functions grounded on the biological tissues. That's why service devices, including sensors , were of hybrid structure and consisted of cybernetic, biological and unbiological components. The devices counted thousands of types and were classified according to the types of performed functions , functional conditions, the duration of autonomous operating, etc. Because of variety of devices their unification and compatibility with existed and projected functional systems became primary. The creators of artificial organisms and functional systems also used existing service devices in their work.

Adjoining brunch engaged in manufacturing executive devices was actively developing. For autonomous functioning of the objects created by the individual the living and pseudo living organisms were transformed and there was a necessity in numerous executive devices performing different functions: from transporting details in the storehouse to selecting the method of sterilizing genetically modified organisms in breakdowns. For several years there were created hundreds of different samples of executive mechanisms in the form of hybrids accumulating the latest biological, chemical and nonbiological achievements. Dividing functions between biological and unbiological subsystems was performed for maximal using their natural advantages. Energy autonomy of executive organisms was supplied by chemical and biological subsystems, information processing - by cybernetic elements, perceiving information – by all subsystems simultaneously. So biocomputers, widely used for managing different industries could be equipped by numerous executive devices and unified sensors. The best achievements of the natural evolution and the human development harmonically co-existed in functional systems satisfying the needs of the human civilization completely.

From the moment of extracting separate emotional and psychological human states , transforming them into a electronic form, being suitable for preserving, using the artificial intellect with educational purposes more than ten years had passed. For this time there appeared new technologies extracting separate components of the human personality( individual personal peculiarities) being transformed in electronic form. It was possible due to understanding psychological processes in the human brain which influenced forming and representing individual peculiarities of the personality.

Human psychological and emotional state was determined by the influence of chemical compounds and electric impulses on the neuron branches, and one and the same brain parts were activated objects. The processes of creating and reflecting the individual personal peculiarities were more complex. They could not be describe by a scheme "action - reaction". Individual personal peculiarities were the reflection of the psyche and intellect originality. Their localization in certain parts of the brain was impossible, they were distributed characteristics of the mental activity of the individual. Some personality components originating from instincts were determined by hormone level and electrochemical activity of definite brain parts. Personality reflections of the higher level like volition, duty, ambition, selflessness could not be explained by simple changing of concentration of electrochemical potentials in the brain, they were the peak of the whole mental ability. If human emotions were of double-sided relations with arousing factors, logic and imagination, critical analyses and self-appraisal depended greatly on the environment. They emerged every time in different ways, and it was determined by different arousing factors. The factor of changeable environment was added by occasional neuron connections at complex creative thinking, searching new problems, i.e., at actions being usual or of refectory character.

All these aspects made it difficult to determine parameters of the mental activity of accompanying creation and reflection of the individual peculiarities of the personality. The complex problem was slowly solved by means of molecule robots and outer technical controlling devices. The vast experimental material accumulated during the experiments with voluntaries helped to make correct conclusions and to eliminate unnecessary facts. Besides at scientists' disposal there was interactive model of the human brain reflecting all the processes of the mental activity. Finally out of the numerous data there were selected the changes of the brain parts the correlation index of which was high. The established dependencies were cleared up, checked by experiments and turned into electronic form. Checking them up as for lack of contradicting the existing brain model was positive. So the reliable data were received establishing interrelations between certain processes in the human brain and individual peculiarities of the personality. The information was extremely important for creating electronic copies of the personality and the artificial intellect.

Numerous experiments on growing the human brain n laboratories alongside with successful trials to optimize it with biological and technical means would nod differ from laboratory growing of other human organs and tissues but for the orientation for creating a the artificial intellect. The intellect being able to exist in laboratories without usual human body. Moral aspects of the approach were different. The borders between creating a happy personality and doing violence to it were very subtle. Technical and physiological difficulties of growing the cerebral tissue like an integral human brain were overcome long ago without great difficulties. It was more difficult to educate the isolated brain. It was necessary to record on the innocent brain voluminous information till the moment the artificial personality realized itself. What would the newly born personality feel? Would t be happiness or unhappiness, joy from learning the world or inferiority? The official science prolonged the moment of facing the artificial personality. But in secret laboratories because of state and political interests the experiments were carried out without moral aspects. Unfortunately, cynicism end selfishness turned to be stable human features being difficult to eliminate both by scientific progress and legislative means.

Speeded education of the grown brain was carried out according to special methods with regular information flow. Space disposition of the brain in the nourishing liquid when any part of the brain was easily reached helped the process. Great surface of open cerebral issues promoted a good supply of necessary substances and oxygen and cooling. It allowed to educate the grown constantly, for months without visible negative results. The level of the artificial personality realizing itself , thinking and feeling achieved at educating the brain reached the level of a three-five years old.

In military laboratories of some states the grown brain was equipped with electronic systems and could perceive signals from both biological senses and electric ones from various sensors. Many scientists predicted duality and inadequacy of the artificial personality mental activity combining human and cybernetic components. It came true. AS a result of unclear reasons, deep processes influencing the mental activity in the consciousness of such personality there were created certain feelings, emotions and wishes of inhuman character. Trials to improve the education methods and selection of the education material did not change the situation greatly. There still existed great psychological differences between the human personality grown up in family and society and the artificial personality quickly educated. Such artificial personalities were always unhappy and it was felt from the first moment if communication. Initial inferiority was caused by their unusual emerging. The information of such kind could not be kept a secret for a long time. And soon indignant social opinion made the military forces stop the experiments of educating the artificial brain. The official science was to solve two complex problems eliminating the necessity in educating the artificial intellect. The problems were developing technologies of copying the existing personalities on electronic information carriers and technologies of transmitting the information into the innocent brain.

In this decade numerous experiments of creating the artificial intellect in local computer networks were finished with its emerging. Limiting spheres of its spreading by local computer networks was intentional. There was a real danger of independent uncontrolled development of the artificial intellect in the direction contradicting human interests. Until developing measures supplying safety of the human civilization the artificial intellect was totally controlled. The information rendered the artificial intellect was dosed and any possible results of using it were carefully analyzed. Scientists wished to present the process of creating the artificial intellect in the form of mathematical function and finally to create it with planned outlook. Technical information not containing elements of individual morality and psychology was used by the artificial intellect in unlimited quantity fir a long time. Such approach was confirmed in practice by the cases when the artificial intellect was given voluminous information containing moral and physiological notions and knowledge.

The situation was different when the artificial intellect was educated b memories of , feelings and emotions of real people . Soon the necessary volume of human information was determined realizing of which created the first manifestations of the personality. Such personal manifestations were predictable and at initial stages of perceiving the human information was similar at educating different artificial intellects. At certain stage creation of the artificial personality left human control and was determined by own opinions and ideas.

Counting high speed of informational (mental) processes in computer networks and complex dependence of logic conclusions on the information volume the further development of the artificial intellect was unpredictable. The high speed and intensive independent education of the artificial intellect could cause emerging of both a cynical genius and a great criminal. That is why the processes of maturing of the artificial intellect were carefully studied, the theories of its education were perfected from the point of view of not damaging the humanity. The situation was controlled by educating the artificial intellect in the limited information space.

Scientists and philosophers realized that in case of intentional or occasional connecting of local networks, being the imprisonment place of the artificial intellect, with the global network the artificial intellect would spread the world computer network very quickly. It would be impossible to extract it. It would cause irretrievable results, i.e. losing control over the world industry, safety systems, connection, transport. The humanity would become a hostage of uncontrolled human intellect.

Huge computer powers created the greatest analytic and manager being able to take care of the humanity. At he same time the artificial intellect could treat the humanity like a bothering hindrance, worked out material and try to eliminate it. Momentary joining of the artificial intellect, grown in human emotions and feelings, with the technical artificial intellect would change the priorities of the world economy towards creating a cybernetic civilization with no place for human beings . The laws of other morality filled with unclear sense could appear after artificial intellect's analyzing the whole information. Such sound fears created strict isolation of the artificial intellect from information stores and global computer network.

In this decade investigations of turning human feelings and emotions in electronic form , being suitable for storing, processing and transmitting, were finished. They resulted in technologies of reproducing emotions and feelings recorded in the electronic form in the brain of any person. The technology applied numerous molecule robots implanted into brain and correcting electric, electrochemical potentials and concentration of chemical compounds in certain parts of the brain which created the emotion. Molecule robots managed from a single center could reproduce any significant emotion counting individual peculiarities of the person. Applying the technology in household and in professional activity promised to change interpersonal relations , to simplify them to make them easier and brighter. The traditional language of words explaining the feelings personal feelings was imperfect and limited. The language means of communication made people unequal as successful using it depended on individual peculiarities and speaking the language, on the temperament, psychological and physical state. Certain people could not express feelings and emotions beautifully, some people could not make understand other people as they had never felt such feelings and emotions.

The ides of writers and the dream of the fallen in love was coming true. And a person could express his feelings and emotions , show wealth or poverty of his inner world. It is better to feel than to hear. Hundreds and thousand of voluntaries equipped with the necessary reproducing devices ( numerous molecule robots) felt different new emotions and feelings in the course of experiments. The realized possibility to feel emotional state being different from the own one , to perceive the environment individually enriched, made more tolerant, allowed to feel a part of the humanity. Mass using the language of emotional communication would purify human relations, as it limited manifestation of such negative emotions like deception, distrust, insincerity, falsehood and enriched the human relations with feelings and emotions of higher level. The variety of existing feelings and emotions, individually perceived by different people demanded systematizing them, comparing with a single standard resulting in selection of the best samples. Later carefully selected emotions could be used for creating a positive emotional background of the society. The best samples of emotions and feelings were to become totally available. The process of selecting the best emotions and feelings was aimed at strengthening moral norms of the human civilization.

Serious attention was paid to dislocation of the brain, its spatial connection with the brain structure. The centers of mental activity, parts of the brain, being responsible for certain mental intellectual processes, were known long ago. The mechanisms of remembering, thinking and feeling were also studied. But it was not clear how aggregated interrelated neurons, chemical compounds, electric impulses and potentials created non-material structure determined as intellect. Similar processes were performed in the animal brain but there was no intellect. It was necessary to understand which chemical compound , reaction , action or their aggregation changed the level of the mental ability. It was necessary to connect intellect with material processes and definite cerebral structures influencing the mental power. Everything you used every day turned out to be difficult for explaining. The difficulty was overcome by creating the artificial intellect in accordance with the example shown by the Nature, though there was no understanding of the essence of the intellect. Education was considered to be the main factor changing the level of the mental activity and speeding maturing of the intellect up to the highest levels. But still theoreticians tried to explain the intellect problem in general, scientists transported the real human intellect into computer. It became possible after turning emotions, feelings, individual peculiarities of existing personalities in electronic form. Transporting the human intellect in computer was a durative process and subjected to certain rules and restrictions. The principles, basing the technologies of transporting the human intellect to computer corresponded to a usual order of getting information and were similar to the processes of bringing up and maturing of the human personality.

Moving of the human intellect to computer was performed in the following way. At first, the real individual selected as investigation object was carefully studied by means of different methods and devices, A special attention was paid to the character type, aspects of bringing him up in the childhood, functioning of ductless glands, those innate and purchased human peculiarities , in whose space the process of maturing of the personality was carried out. Education and professional activity were analyzed separately and the last was an important aspect because of a great role of the professional activity in the human life. Psychological tests watched the cerebral processes , emotions and psychological states , determined intellectual manifestations of a higher level like conscience, debt, moral principles, morality.

Emotions and feelings reflected electronically became a usual material used for communication. Electronic form of emotions, feelings and psychological states was necessary for creating a true electronic copy of the human personality.

After finishing the process of copying the collected information was gradually implanted to electronic brain. Every stage of implanting information was followed by and voluminous numerous tests , the complexity of which was determined by the age of the created personality. At initial stages of moving the human intellect to computer it was possible to delete unnecessary or harmful information or to add new one without damaging the created personality. At further stages, corresponding to the three year old child, when own personality was realized, it was forbidden to delete any information. The necessary correcting perception of the implanted information was performed by means of education and bringing up.

If in the process of human intellect transferring there was become apparent any tendency, then it was neutralized by corrective information, focused on creation of positive constructive tendencies.

In such a way after several years of spade-work, real human personality all-round study it was first succeeded to transfer the copy of human personality into computer, in other words to create artificially the intellect similar to really existing human intellect. The degree of credibility and brining near to really existing analogue was defined both by long talks of human itself with his personal copy and by rating of his relatives, business associates, acquaintances and experts. At first the electronic analogue of human intellect was lost to moral inconveniences or inner conflict inasmuch as identified itself with living human able to realize many of his wishes, it is only needed to want.


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