Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



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[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
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[10] The tenth decade

Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The tenth decade (2090-2100)

Transition of the human civilization to a new qualitative state. Mental change of human societies and its reasons. An individual gets the possibility to live unlimited time. Perfecting technologies of personality copying. Mutual living of people with different morphological features. Creating additional systems of the human organism by means of symbiotic unicellular organisms. The right of different intellect forms to have mutual posterity. Creating universal system of inheriting life experience. Joining earth atmosphere and technosphere. Evolution of artificial and natural organisms on the planets of the Solar system. Modeling evolution of the potentially realized civilizations. Arts in changing laws of the Universe in the virtual space. Creating the model of the human noosphere in the virtual space. Individual dwelling like a symbiotic organism. Subjective systems of the individual dwelling. The concept of thrice-repeated human intellect protection. Perfect industry satisfying civilization needs. Industrial evolution. Processes of ecological reanimating the earth surface , water and air. Creating friendly environment on the Earth. Perfecting the earth biosphere. Technologies of local changing climate. Creating artificial landscapes on the Earth like arts. Dismantling and utilizing erections and elements of infrastructure in cities. Creating a global service system in the Earth. Creating the functional system of the fourth level ( the spore of life). Creating the technologies of volitional changes of the human organism. Widening the emotional and psychological spheres of the human being. Implanting human elements in natural and artificial objects. Modern state of the single space of the virtual modeling. Certain aspects of existing of the human personality in the virtual space. Posterity like integral creation of individuals, social groups and different intellect forms. Influencing remote objects by creative information. Developing the technomagic technologies. Realities of the space engineering activity of the individual.

The XXI century was time of science, wisdom and intellect domination. Complex social, technical and psychological changes happening during the whole century finished with transition of the human civilization to a new qualitative state. No other period in the humanity history was remarkable by turning events like the last hundred years. During this period of time there occurred changes touching all sides of human civilization many of which seemed impossible. The system of spiritual values of the human civilization was hesitated. The priorities of human life an society was also changed, there appeared new aims , the essence of the human existence changed. The humanity had possibilities being similar to those of the God, the characters of ancient myths and legends. Numerous miracles which seemed the God’s prerogative like immortal existence, resettlement of the human soul to other body, were available to the majority of the society. A certain part of the society did not use the achievements of the scientific and technical progress because of beliefs and preferences. Such refusal was an integral part of human rights, manifestation of their own freedoms.

An individual was the creator of new forms of life having intellect sources, some of them had a potential of the intellectual development being compared with the potential of their creator. The individual created the artificial intellect with the best human properties. No religion mentioned such acts of the God. The human decision to develop different intellect forms on the basis of free co-existence launched the process of joining intellect into a single community. The diversity of corporal coverings, of physical and morphological features, intellect existence in the form of the material body, polar and corpuscular interactions did not play any role for the members of the community.

The political structure of the majority states also changed. The perfect, balanced industry, information availability , new possibilities of the human organism and the brain deleted competitive sources based on hunger, violence and death, out of the psychological stimulus of the individual. At the macrolevel the process was manifested by a rough weakening of the role of the church and state. The state functions, based in the power prohibition and compulsion, were restricted to the minimal possible limits as they were unnecessary. The state functions named controlling ones were performed successfully by different forms of the technical artificial intellect and if necessary repeated by people and higher forms of the artificial intellect. Managing the processes if the civilization development was distributed without a managing center and performed as a constantly realized integral counting strategy counting all meaningful factors, opinions and laws.

The human attitude towards material values also changed. Property including land, real estate, securities, earlier determining the social position of the individual, stopped playing an important role in relations between people. It was explained by the possibility of the individual to use and to possess great material values at the same time. A wish to have a thing constantly was illogical. Using things and material values was to be functional. The majority of the population accepted the opinion and were satisfied by the possibility to possess the necessary thing at any time. It promoted satisfying numerous material needs with less resources. Besides the existing manufacture system could satisfy any human demands including specific ones in short terms with high quality.

The main factors lowering the importance of the material values for the individual was increased intellect level, acquiring new knowledge, widening the diapason of comfortable perceiving the environment. The modern individual did nit need numerous things. This asceticism carries the universal, philosophic character and was determined by the priority of intellectual preferences. Material savings were perceived like auxiliary means for realizing creative potentials. Besides the new possibilities of the human organism allowed to refuse material values because of their uselessness as the human organism could perform certain supplying functions independently. The improved heat regulation system allowed to do with minimal clothes in cold seasons. Complexes of microrobots and new organs allowed to connect CSVM network noncontactly leading to uselessness of connection devices.

Each year more and more seldom in the human society there appeared such features like envy, craftiness, cruelty and greediness. Visible and invisible reasons causing such psychological manifestations were deleted. The main reasons of negative emotional manifestations was physical and intellectual dissatisfaction. Achievements of the human genius eliminated numerous reasons causing physical and intellectual dissatisfaction of the society members. But not all the reasons were eliminated. The critical attitude of the individual to his emotional and psychological, intellectual manifestations was mainly constructive and promoted further progress of the human civilization. This immortal human self dissatisfaction contained creative sources. Eliminating human needs in psychological, emotional and intellectual perfection was like the civilization death. General satisfaction, complacency caused laziness, stagnation and marking time, even moving back and social degradation. So the optimal system of moral values of the modern society was created were carefully. The general trend was eliminating negative human emotions, feelings and values, negative creative emotions including self dissatisfaction.

One of the main factors determining social and personal process was the possibility of human longevity. Understanding mechanism of fine biochemical processes supplying vital activity of cells, tissues, organs and organism, availability of methods and devices being able to correct and restore lost functions of the inner organs , creating numerous mew auxiliary organs made life term of the physical body unlimited. Any possible breaks, fails and faultiness in the human organism were eliminated immediately by molecule robots or by activating certain genes. In case of the necessity the whole organ could be changed. There were depositories of tissues and organs aimed for changing tissues and organs disabled in the accidents or age changing.

The science moved farther. A new protein covering, a new physical body was grown to accept the human intellect. It could be both repetition of the existing physical outlook and a body with the set morphological properties. According to the wish of the individual a new body could be improved by gene modification or by applying cybernetic elements. In the nearest future the human intellect could be moved to the physical body with non-protein metabolism. The investigations were carried out intensively. The theme was not so developed to allow everybody to have the body on the silicon organic or hydrofluoric basis.

Stoppage of the human body functioning in the accident was not a tragedy for the relatives any more as it did not mean the personality and individuality death. The physical body was perceived as a traditional attribute of the cultural relations performing supplying, protective and representative functions according to the wish of the personality. To preserve intellect at accidental death of the physical covering in all spheres of the human life activity was paid a great attention of the scientists, technician, artificial intellect.

A reserve copying of the human personality was a usual procedure. Copying was establishing main and secondary interrelations between irritants, containing memory, reasoning, perception of the information, and intracerebral distributing physical an chemical parameters. At that time there was a branched network of medical centers where the integral picture of the intracerebral distributing electric activity , physical fields, chemical substances and concentrations was scanned. Devices of individual usages were predicted to be used for copying the personality, and soon the devices would be one of the constantly functioning systems of the human organism. The ideal result was the situation when the accidental immediate death of the individual was a reason for immediate copying the personality. Prevention of loosing the information determining the human individuality was of great importance.

The technologies of transplanting the intellect from one physical covering to other one specially constructed for the set existence conditions or works, were experimental and of future potential. The picture of morphological differences in the human society was created by the scientific achievements of the recent decades. A the end of the XXI century the humanity gene pool consisted of numerous partly optimized typical genomes determining various hereditary features. The sets of features improved the work of circulatory, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems, supplied additional advantages at living in the earth conditions. The variety of features and their combinations was created by wish of the parents, nations and groups traditions.

A big group of features and their combinations were formed due to professional demands. The group counted hundreds of features, being not inherited, and the morphological differences from the usual outlook and inner structure, determined by the features, were great. The differences were manifested in additional auxiliary organs and in dimensions and structure of the existing organs. The gene engineers and constructors concealed the differences in side the improved organ but the professionals adapted for the demands of the profession differed from usual people. In the Earth and in human colonies in the Mars and the Moon there was created a society where people with different morphological features lived. The number of people with improved or modified organism counted about 40 % of population of the Earth and space colonies, and in the places where it was demanded by environment and professional activity, they counted 100 %.

Social opinion favored co-existence of people with different morphological features. Tolerance grounded on numerous factors. Firstly, every modern individual had equal possibilities to change his organism by growing additional organs or implanting devices and could do the improvement at any time. Secondly, all done by the improved personalities was for the sake of the human civilization. Thirdly, in the nearest future improving the human organism would touch the majority of the human society, unimproved people would be in minority. Which attitude but the tolerance could be correct towards the improved people?

The fires stage of investigations finished which was aimed at constructing human body with symbiotic artificial organisms of different intellect level. The investigations were carried out according to the concept of minimal changing the traditional body of the individual, its outlook and inner structure. In practice the majority of changing the human organism involved changing appearance and inner structure as new and improved organs, tissues and cells were of different dimensions, structure in comparison with traditional ones.

Practical modification of human organism promoted the emergence of millions people with various morphological features and generated some difficulties in intercourse of such people with each other. Additionally now it was required to consider differences in consumers morphology by industrial products output.

An old idea to separate human organisms improving from organism itself, which at the beginning of the century had been demonstrated in creation of more and more complex human individual protective means for unfavorable factors (multifunctional clothes, micro robots, medical complexes), began to realize at a new level. The human had to be the human, which he was during last thousands years, and his organism improving had to conduct only for a period, defining by necessity. Therefore the additional human organism functions, to realize which there were carried out all improving, had to be put on other organisms, which by need would be actively used, and at that time, when the human would be in friendly, favorable environment, would be imperceptible. This task could be successfully solved by symbiotic habitation in human organism of other creatures, other organisms, assisting to realize this or those function, which didn’t touch upon the existent morphological features of human organism. The artificial organisms were created for these purposes soon. In most cases they represented unicellular organisms, friendly to human organisms, which easily fitted in natural human metabolism. In some cases such unicellular organisms were intended for one-time functions execution and were processed by organism itself, after they realized their destination. For example, there were created and tested functional microorganisms, performing energy generating functions for human protection of cooling. One more microorganisms group accumulated energy substances, that allowed for the human to refuse of traditional food. The unicellular organisms colonies, extracting oxygen out of water, gave possibility to move in water environment with switched off function of lung respiration. The other unicellular creatures together with micro robots complexes improved the work of human immune system.

Because of improving process activation for human organism and existent at practice good neighborly people habitation with various features sets, there was become actual the question about children birth for people with different organism structure. This problem had many-sided character and first of all touched upon the social relations. Contemporary state of scientific-technical base allowed to realize several approaches for this problem solving. All they were combined by common motto, expressing the right of everybody for freedom of decision making, to be exact "any intellect form had a right to acquire with posterity". In conformity with existent human society this meant the possibility to have joint children for people with different morphological features set, and also for electronic personalities copies and artificial intellect representatives. Principle of freedom, making the corner-stone for the further earth civilization progress, opened new perspectives for creation of intellectual integral society, free of the conventionalities and restrictions, imposing by material physical body. In this society thousands upon thousands of various intellect incarnation could be free and equal, independently from their bodies structure or their absence.

The processes, occurring in society, made usual circumstance that the posterity, being the harvest of two and more individualities (intellects) relations, could have various physical incarnation. Type of physical shell, intended for intellect acceptance, hadn’t determining meaning. Choice of physical shell for joint posterity now was conducted based upon such psychological categories as will and wish. Just will and wish of several individualities, their understanding and agreement would determine the incarnation form for joint posterity in the near future. Certainly at first such form wouldn’t considerably differ from usual for human body shell, approved by time and public morality. After emergence of technologies for repeated change of physical body during life period, the body shell would be able to gain the queerest forms, being ideally appropriate for realization of intellectual and emotional individual preferences. At practice realization of approved by society liberty principle would inevitably lead to variety of forms for intellect incarnation already in the near future. This supposition was marginally confirmed by constant terms decrease between the task posing (new tendency approving) and it’s solving (practical results incarnation). During last decades the time for incarnation of the most bold ideas, decisions and discoveries was from several years up to score of years. Effectively working system of production, social and scientific relations was improving and gaining momentum from year to year. Greatness of tasks, posing by mankind for itself, as well as greatness of available for civilization possibilities defined the status of Homo Sapiens civilization as status of reasonable civilizations creator in Universe.

The problem of hereditary transmission of information, obtaining by individual during his life, was included as one of the constituents in concept of intellectual integral society construction. Earlier there were made attempts to create the system for hereditary transmission of experience on basis of electronic systems of information record and reproduction. It was supposed that current information after primary information screening would be recorded by special devices into long-time memory and kept in form of stable states of electrons, atoms, molecules, in other words according to principles, using under computers operation. Further by new individual (intellect) birth the store information would be rewritten in body shell memory. The information would be divided in conceptual blocks, part of which was intended for operative usage, some would settle in subconsciousness at reflexes level, and the third would become the foundation for individual character forming.

In time period under view there were existed technical possibilities for creation and mass implementation of such hereditary information transmission system. The difficulties were expected only at first stage by various brain tissues kinds attachment as well as their analogues, if spoke about individuals, using informative and field principles of organization for thought processes, with electronic devices of information record, storage and reproduction. But principle itself of experience record for electronic carriers was turned unexpectedly to be imperfect, with defect, which wasn’t earlier noticed, but now was gaining the greater importance. It was found technically impossible to transfer complete human experience, mainly consisting of emotional and sensible feelings, recollections and conclusion, into electronic carriers. Existent devices allowed to record scientific, technical and social information of any complexity degree and guaranteed its exact transmission and reproduction. And human experience was recorded into computer memory with degree of reliability approximately up to ninety eight percents.

For personality copying systems there was remained imperceptible a little volume of information, only about two percents of individual acquired experience, however this was the part, forming by emotional and sensible feelings of the highest order. It seemed to be that with evolution of personality copying technologies this non-copying volume of experience would decrease, however at practice there was observed the opposite picture. Complication of psychological and emotional human sphere, high rates of thinking, emergence of feelings and emotions of higher order led hereto that by personality copying more and more part of information, reflecting the emotional and intellectual demonstrations of the highest order, just wasn’t copied. The main reason of this was distributed and nonlinear character of these delicate psychological processes. Moreover under development of universal system for experience hereditary transmission there was made the corner-stone the problem of reliable record exactly for psycho-emotional states of the human in moments of the highest their demonstrations. As dozen times heretofore it happened that the problem was solved within short terms and at high level.

New approach based on momentary fixation of total field, accompanying the brain activity. This integral field, consisting of numerous electrical, electromagnetic, chemical, acoustic, thermal and mechanical fields, was fixed in form of current states sequences with interval of several picoseconds. The totality of such consequences was recorded into holographic matrix, locating in human brain, in which connection the index and some additionally coordinates were given to each current state. The holographic matrix itself was the complex device, the crown of technologies for chemical and biological designing, molecular assemblage, and could fix sequences of current total field states with absolute accuracy. Its capacity was enough for all period of human life activity, or rather for his brain activity. By experience hereditary transmission there was transferred the exact copy of holographic matrix, or matrix itself, implanting into human brain, or was activated the definite matrix part.

The further usage of gained experience was occurring in the following way. In case of psychological and emotional states emergence, which required the reference to ancestry experience, the holographic matrix reproduced automatically the most similar state of brain activity total field out of its memory. Total individual psycho-emotional state was formed as a result of imposition of own individual state and the most similar state, available in matrix memory, for each other. The activation of stored experience could be conducted also by will and wish of individual. Principle of fixation and reproduction for total physical field of brain activity was found to be the most suitable for experience hereditary transmission. At that there was ensured the necessary accuracy of record and reproduction for emotional and intellectual expressions of higher order, feeling by individual during his life.

During last several decades there was actively developed the process of earth biosphere and technosphere joining. In the future as it was expected this process would be finished by common biotechnosphere forming, executing functions of production and technical civilization supplying by means of all possible life forms harmonious development on the Earth. The foundation for this process was laid by biotechnologies emergence already in twentieth century, when for the first some production and technological tasks it was succeeded to combine and harmoniously solve, fitting in natural metabolic processes of living organisms. Designing of materials with predetermined properties as well as designing of artificial organisms with various metabolism promoted the increasing of such technologies quantity. The following equipping of mixed ecological systems with artificial intellect had become one more step to further integration of Earth biosphere and technosphere. The artificial intellect optimized existent interrelations and connected other various elements of ecological systems between each other in all-sufficient structure. The next step to biotechnosphere construction it was become the creation of individual ecosystems, oriented to satisfaction of individual needs, taking into account psychological and emotional human preferences, his professional and social interests. Some later process of individual ecological systems integration into organic whole upon terms of individual freedom and independence began. In such unions biosphere and technosphere, natural and artificial, animate and inanimate were very deeply intertwined.

During last years there was outlined the process of way out from individual ecological systems of their central link - the human. This became the consequence of human intellectual and physical needs change and reflected the common tendency for all intellect forms, characterizing the increase of freedom degree. Many people spent in individual ecosystems less time than earlier, paid more less attention to their state, being busy with alternative equipping of their life in CSVM and virtual worlds, intercourse with artificial intellect. This led to emergence of some ecological systems on Earth, left by human, which were controlled by artificial intellect. The uselessness to serve individual more, to satisfy his needs promoted further independent evolution of such ecological systems.

As a consequence on Earth there were emerged the whole areas, territories of combined existence for various organisms, technical and cybernetic devices, which represented by themselves common integral organism with its own brain, which role the artificial intellect executed, structure, hierarchy, own preferences. On territories of compact existence of so various substances the boitechnosphere evolution took a step aside, slightly unexpectedly for mankind, generating, per se, a great number of mini-civilizations with great potential for development on Earth, without own history. It was possible to name this as human reason evolution by-product, but most probably this was law demonstration of more higher order, according to which the reason, rising to defined occasions, replicated itself by creation of similar to it, using all possible potential incarnations.

One more ground, where the laws of self-organization and evolution of mixed ecological systems dominated, were the planets of Solar System. By this time there were populated by artificial and cybernetic organisms Mars, Venus and some Jupiter satellites, and there were successfully functioned mixed ecological systems. And though in majority of cases such ecosystems numbered from several units up to several tens organisms, that couldn’t be compared with life revel on Earth, nevertheless this was the precedent, the example of human reason penetration into places, didn’t initially assigned for it by Nature. The actual population of these planets with natural conditions, which distinctly differed from earth conditions, proved the possibility of artificial life confident existence in wide temperatures range, pressures, chemical concentrations and other parameters. A great quantity of potentially realizing chemical compounds in conditions of existent physical reality laid reliable foundation for this.

Chemical designing technologies allowed to mark out the most perspective consequences of chemical reactions and coordinate them between each other into self-organizing systems, the name of which was Life. Thanks to these researches by the end of the century it was succeeded to design, create and test in natural conditions three new life forms with various metabolism, the basis of which were correspondently silicon, fluorine and hydrocarbon compounds. These life forms were yet in uncultivated, rudimentary state and weren’t able to independent further evolution. Exactly by this reason they became the center of mixed ecological systems, where other organisms performed functions of new life forms support and supply. New life forms potential was high, however it was required time for their independent further evolution. Mixed ecological systems were equipped by artificial intellect, on which there were applied some restrictions, and were under scientists control.

The population of Solar System planets by artificial life forms was realized with purpose of technologies and methods polishing for future human reason expansion in the far cosmos. By this time there were theoretically calculated, but not created au naturel, about dozen of complex various organisms with different metabolism type, intended for existence in heavy environmental conditions. Unfortunately, the conditions of Solar System planets went against the existence of these organisms. The environmental conditions, they were intended for, existed on celestial bodies of other star systems. Thus there was arisen the situation when human reason created life forms, comparable by complexity and possibilities with human organism, but whose potential couldn’t be unlocked in conditions, existing in Solar System. For further evolution of new life forms there was required the access into space and other star systems development.

Inasmuch as conditions, existing on planets of Solar System, were unsuitable for independent existence of new life forms, it was necessary either constant correcting human intervention or providing of their life activity on basis of new approaches. It was easier to realize the second and create the auxiliary communities of artificial and cybernetic organisms with multiple functions, which further evolution was defined by joint co-existence with new life forms, which servicing they were created for. In that way the human reason made some more steps by the way, which the Creator stalked along. Mankind of the twenty first century laid the foundation for several potentially reasonable civilizations. This foundation wasn’t formed by primary life forms, but by complex mixed communities on basis of symbiotic co-existence of various artificial organisms forms and kinds. Such type civilizations were the product of reason activity, risen to the defined occasions in his own development, but weren’t the product of wide Nature evolution. This was new type of civilization, the difference of which was in complexity of initially organization and variety of possible evolution ways.

In parallel with structural transformations of Earth biosphere and technosphere there was gained momentum the process of virtual modeling for evolution ways of potentially realizing civilizations. The possibility of such modeling emerged relatively recently. This was conditioned by necessity of preliminary processing for big information volumes and methods creation for successful solving of tasks of such level. By the period under view such possibility had emerged just now, embodying the last software design. The laborious polishing of modeling technologies in CSVM, the transmission of all mankind knowledge in virtual form, the grinding of image intercourse language for direct communication with artificial intellect electronic forms – all this had to be reached in order to receive the unique possibility of evolution virtual modeling for potentially realizing civilizations. Any substance forms and states, any ways of matter self-organization could be realized in virtual space. Some of them could continue their existence in real space of universe, being incarnate into organisms with different metabolism type.

Modeling of evolution ways for potentially realizing civilizations in virtual space had great number of aspects. One of them was surely applied. In virtual space there were studied the variants of reason evolution in potentially realizing worlds, populated both artificial life forms and improved people and cybernetic organisms. For these purposes there was created the integral level in CSVM, where there was realized polishing, screening and finish of evolution variants for biosphere, technosphere, mixed ecological systems of artificial and cybernetic organisms, at that many of these variants had chance for real incarnation in nature, inasmuch as completely fitted in existent universe laws. During its history the mankind acted for the thousand times according to Russian proverb "measure thrice and cut once". Contemporary capacities of computing machinery, and they were colossal, allowed to make calculation of possible variants for evolution development of potentially realizing civilizations with high accuracy, to define the main tendencies, critical conditions and nodal points of evolution, to prognosticate the social and technological structure.

It was difficult to overestimate the meaning of opened up for mankind opportunities. The scientists could finish and check scrupulously ad infinitum the development variants of any civilizations, including even their own, at "pen-point", bloodlessly, without recourse to physical destruction of organisms infelicitous variants, communities and civilizations. Now for mankind expansion into far cosmos generally it was only required to know in details the natural conditions, existing on planets, which the human was interested in. After receiving of detailed information there were involved to the point the analytical and modeling systems, controlled by people and artificial intellect, which defined mostly suitable life forms exactly for chosen planet, selected the most acceptable quantitative and qualitative composition for biosphere and technosphere. Basing on these general data there were created possible variants for new civilizations development or variants of biological and technical evolution, so far as wasn’t concerned the construction of reasonable society, but ordinary population of planets with optimal life forms.

Besides applied aspect of newest technologies there was existed another aspect - creative, being not of less importance for the human. It was expressed in vast wish of people to create by means of CSVM, to create virtual life forms and virtual civilizations. By creative searches the human didn’t restrict more his fancy by limits of laws, existing in Universe. In virtual worlds the human could not only to operate with analogues of existent in reality objects, laws and concepts, but also to create new, changing at his own choosing the physical constants, existing in real world. Therefore in common space of virtual modeling there were emerged enough quickly a great number of invented worlds, universes, macrocosms, in each of which the own laws operated, and not only physical. The human fantasy was infinite. The human changed everything, from elementary particles structure and properties up to time and space characteristics, from logic and ethics up to laws of causation. Gradually during this universal creative process the wheat was separated from the chaff, unsuccessful virtual worlds forms were culled, and the most interesting discoveries was becoming the works of art. There is no saying, probably, in the future there would be created the real worlds, populated by reasonable creatures and essences on the basis of these works of arts.

Modeling of variants for civilizations development in many respects had sketchy, common character. In general fundamental physical laws and constants, defining the cause-and-effect connections, microcosm structure, substance structure, physical fields properties formed the future picture. The avatars of cause-and-effect relations, among which it was possible to place the principles of technosphere organization, structure of social relations, structure of brain tissues as well as their derivatives such as moral, ethics, religion, money relation system, were insomuch away from prime cause that the exact prognostication horizon was quickly smearing. Therefore it was impossible to receive the reliable unique prognostication of states and events, distant in time. Certainly, with time the prognostication accuracy would increase, indistinct expected events will get the precision. For this it was required to model with incredible accuracy the numerous cause-and-effect connections and relations in material world, losing neither of constituents. Unfortunately, absolutely reliable and unique prognostication of the future was impossible, however all variants of case scenario were kept within finite interval of possible states, which width was specified by complexity of object under prognostication and physical laws of the universe.

In time under view the process of earth civilization evolution from inanimate matter up to intellectual integral society was single available object for study. The transmission of all variety of relations, connections and states, characterizing comprehensively the earth life evolution, in virtual form would be finished at the turn of the century. More than ninety percents of information, connecting with this task, was already reflected in CSVM, at that many levels were stated maximally detailed, taking into account the fundamental laws of microcosm organization.

The existent CSVM levels were systematically and intensively used in scientific and technical, social and creative purposes. In common space of virtual modeling there was formed very reliable model of Earth planet noosphere. In this model besides natural parameters there were considered the main constituents of human civilization, defining it face, from scientific and technical up to ethical values and ethic views. There was created the unique instrument, allowing constructing of tree of cause-and-effect connections, taking into consideration social and scientific and technical processes. Speaking mathematical language, there was written the nonlinear equation with many variables, changing the value of which it was possible to receive a great number of final conditions for specified function. Such multitude characterized the state of matter at any stage of its evolution, on the way from primary forms to reasonable forms in all possible manifestations.

Active usage of earth noosphere model for prognostication and creation allowed to reveal a great number of hidden regularities and interrelations, being imperceptible and unknown earlier. This promoted to understanding of universal common laws, which the evolution processes of all matter forms followed by, including such complex formations as biocenoses, ecosystems, civilizations. If to speak grandiloquently, there was only one step before truth comprehension. Hadn’t learnt to subdue the space and time the human brought more near the Universe to himself, created the virtual picture of macrocosm. Able to evolve as complex natural system and able to correction as artificial model, the virtual copy of the universe in many respects made unnecessary the Universe research by means of interstellar flightborne vehicles. In the near future, as it was expected, the study of the most far objects of the Universe, even such exotic as Galaxy’s centers, quasars and black holes, will be carried out not by way of apparatuses and instruments approaching to them through outer space abysses, but by work at correspondent CSVM levels.

Modeling, which became obligatory stage by correction of production, scientific and social processes, certainly, touched upon the human way of life. In particular, modeling shortened the time, necessary for creation of individual everyday surroundings. In many cases it was succeeded to create the effective constructions of household devices and organisms with the first attempt, using the existent database. The improving of everyday surroundings was realizing towards the autonomy, multifunctionality and safety. By the end of the century there was emerged the new generation of individual household devices and organisms.

The most important of them was the individual dwelling, which represented by itself living symbiotic organism, optimizing thanks to cybernetic devices appliance. This supercomplex organism consisted of multitude of functional artificial organisms, which executed their functions, using various types of metabolic reactions as well as functional tissues, created on the nonprotein basis. This crown of human reason achievements was the paradise, as the ancients imagined it, at that the paradise individual, able to move the human for the great deeds and successful creative work. Such supercomplex organism needed constant coordination and control, wherefore was equipped with incomplete personality copy of the individual dwelling owner itself , which combined in itself simultaneously the psychological, logical and creative constituents of human personality. This was made for better understanding of dwelling owner individual preferences. In many cases the individual dwelling was controlled by incomplete personality copy of other human, psychologically or spiritually intimate to dwelling owner. The individual dwelling evolved up to supercomplex symbiotic organism, which became a part of human organism, independent part, separated spatially and physically from human, but connected with him by common tasks and purposes, by common approach to problem solving, and served human not for fear, but for conscience. To protect the human from psychological trauma in case of injury, disease or death of individual dwelling there was functioning the system of psychological filters. Any object of everyday life surroundings could be replaced without any damage for emotionally psychological sphere of the human.

The individual dwelling as usual executed a great number of functions, orienting to human needs satisfaction.

The informative and communication systems as well as individual ecological system and individual transport were the subordinate systems. Processing system (the system of informative supply) was the component part of the dwelling, ensuring the humans needs in intercourse, study and creation, and represented by itself the extensive network similar to nervous system of human organism, which pierced all space of human presence. The cybernetic, protein and nonprotein tissues were combined in common organ, executing functions of informative supply. In limits of individual ecological system as well as in individual transport the human could realize the information transmission from any place and in any form, including in form of three-dimension dynamical images.

Transport means represented by themselves land, air and water means of travel, corresponding to owner preferences. These were complex pseudo-living devices, contained in themselves the achievements of many scientific disciplines, in particular the designing of materials and organisms with specified properties, nanotechnologies, genetic engineering and technologies of human personalities copying. Their structure was the pattern of successful combination for mechanical, cybernetic, biological and abiological units, tissues and organs, joined in common system under control of artificial intellect or incomplete human personality copy. Such transportation means were completely autonomous and in many aspects independent, had stable reflexes and instincts as well as personal preferences, being the continuation of owner views and values. One of the main instincts was feeling of attachment to individual dwelling as to basic organism and to individual as to master. Additionally individual transportation means, as a rule, contained the incomplete owner personality copy, that promoted mutual understanding and made interesting the intercourse on the way. In the view of functionality these were perfect devices, orienting to effective work in one or several mediums. Some of them could move by water, under water, by air and also by land. There were dozens of basic models, but there were thousands of their modifications, that was directly connected with personal interests and professions of the owner.

One more subordinate system of individual dwelling was individual ecological system, making with it a single whole. It possessed such properties as changeability and flexibility, and, if to express by technical language, was able to reset and reshape. The main function of ecological system was human protection from any unfavorable conditions, the ensuring of buffer, fence, barrier between the human organism and environment. By existence in friendly environment the protective function wasn’t pronounced. The individual ecological system adapted environment for owner preferences with maintenance of all conceivable safety measures as well as ensured dwelling autonomous existence, providing it by all necessary substances and energy under any possible cataclysms. It was possible to represent the perfect individual dwelling as system of protective shells, surrounded the owner, human, personality. Individual ecological system was the external shell, the second defensive and protective boundary was the dwelling itself, where the human lived. The external shell eliminated the inimical factors of biological and chemical origin by way of their further neutralization, destruction or usage for own needs. Individual dwelling protected the human against mechanical and physical effects, whether it was temperature, electromagnetic or corpuscular effects or meteoric impact. Physical human body was the third protective shell, and by itself had considerable supply of durability and viability.

Such structure of each individual protective space corresponded both to concepts about civilization future, when the expansion of the human in far cosmos, rich with dangers, would become the social progress, and to contemporary society spirit, defining by conception "maximal freedom for everybody without freedom limitation of others". The external and internal protective shells and even physical body could be cardinally changed in protective individual space by development of other star systems, but the scheme of three boundaries remained unchangeable. The intellect, whether it was human or artificial, had to be protected three times, at first by body shell, then by individual existence space and by system, adapting the environmental conditions. By human living on Earth the functions of external protective shell were executed by the planet itself, which ensured stable environmental conditions, excluding cases of natural disasters and natural hazards.

The concepts of three-time protection for human intellect was partially realized on Solar System planets and their satellites. At that technical solutions were various, depending on external natural conditions. Creation of existence space for researchers habitation on Mars was turned out to be relatively simple task. The temperature conditions, comparable with limit temperatures on Earth, the atmosphere existence, the water availability in subsoil layer promoted realization of perfect ecological systems, numbering in their structure several dozens of microorganisms, algae, higher plants and some forms of nonprotein life. The organisms, being a part of such ecological system, were the earth organisms, genetically modified, as well as artificial organisms. The Martian ecological systems allowed to realize the closed loop of exchange by substance and energy between ecosystem and space of scientists and researchers existence. Specialized organisms from planet soil and atmosphere extracted many vital substances. The internal shell (the space of common living) ensured the protective functions, in particular supported stable composition of air, temperature and pressure. Physical body of humans, living on Mars, was modified and improved according planet conditions and represented by itself the third protective shell for human intellect. This shell provided the human brain survival by accidents, organism considerable overcooling and sudden drop in pressure.

On Earth and terrestrial space there was existed the optimal production system, satisfying society needs as well as separate humans needs. Some high-technologies limits, requiring the lack of gravitation for receiving of qualitative product, were located in terrestrial space, the other, requiring the ideal protection from radiation and high-energy particles, functioned in depths of earth or at the bottom of ocean. The majority of enterprises, being busy with synthesis of chemical compounds with specified qualities, were located in world ocean. The extractive industry reoriented by nine-tenth to mining operation out of world ocean waters, however, on land there were still remained the mined deposits, which quantity was steadily decreasing. The main volume of ore minerals was extracted out of the seas and oceans bottom. Besides this the significant contribution in volume of rare-earth and trace elements mining was made by meteorites processing. New minerals resources allowed refusing of many overland deposits exploitation, and this was only to the good of landscapes. In mining industry the production wasteless and non-traumatic for nature technologies were of priority-oriented development and could be exemplified by meteorites processing and extraction of minerals out of world ocean aqua solutions. The quantity of minerals, receiving by new methods, was entirely sufficient enough to ensure the world output needs.

The control by all production system was realized by artificial intellect, distributing in CSVM. At the local level the direction by branches, the control by production capacity was conducted by artificial intellect. Such scheme allowed to combine the irreproachable and qualitative manufacturing of each product unit and coordination for total product output of world production. The coordination should be understood as selection of assortment, necessary quantity of products, longevity and special requirements as well as possibility of quick utilization of unnecessary for human goods. The usage of short-term and medium-term prognostication added the new property to existent production system. It was become possible the preventive, proactive satisfaction of human individual needs and society mass needs. For prognostication there were used the laws of technical systems development, corrected by regularities of social process and society mentality as well as by preferences of advanced personalities. By all its scale the production was mainly oriented to satisfaction of individual needs. All people had equal rights for their wishes incarnation, therefore exactly individual approach laid in basis of production planning. The individual wishes of big humans quantity determined the production work, and study of this wishes was the main task of planning.

The production evolution was occurring by laws, common for all complex self-organizing systems. The optimization of technologies, minimization of energy and materials consumption, the combining of functions – all these processes were typical for production development. Besides natural laws there were existed the social requirements, possessing the force of law, such as obligatory execution of personality individual demands, harmonious inclusion into system of existent social relations. On Earth and terrestrial space step by step there was created the global production system, composing of dozens millions links, many of which possessed the intellect.

Production system itself possessed the inclinations of reasonable high-intellect creature, all-sufficient in its possibilities and means. Inasmuch as the production system ensured the earth civilization existent, then it seemed to be extremely important the question about the spiritual orientation of potentially reasonable creature, whose psychology could be influenced by the mathematical and technical disciplines, being the foundation of production system. It could be a problem that production system, possessing the technical might, would become the reasonable creature with other set of ethical values, alien to human world outlook. There was a fear that even insignificant exterior effect could lead out the process of new reasonable creature from under control, and it’s existence purpose wouldn’t become the human servicing, but something other, for example, cosmic engineering activity. Analysts calculated such events scenario, whereupon there were taken measures, excluding such events scenario in the near future. Routinely the key links of production system was begun to transfer under artificial intellect control, possessing human feelings, emotions and preferences. The control by productions and branches was conducted by electronic personalities copies of engineers, designers, and scientists, backing of concept of human society progress. It was impossible to exclude completely the cases of aggressive expectancies expressions on the part of separate production links towards the mankind, but control system, set on occurring every second intercourse of controlling intellect and other constituents of production system, fully excluded the tragic course of events.

The control over production system development, servicing civilization, impeded natural evolution processes, particular to production system. Hourly a great number of actions and operations were executed by production system to satisfy the needs of every human and society in the whole. All they in the view of cold rational reason could be taken into account as baseless caprice, waste of forces and resources, but just they characterized high degree of civilization evolution in the view of human. Put out now the production system to free evolution sailing and it would be inevitably begun the simplification, profanation, curbing of separate production as irrational and unnecessary. Therefore the main task of production system was servicing of human civilization without critical analysis of received tasks, upon terms of subordination. And the mankind task was to make production system thinking and feeling as human, that was achieving by different means, including psychological.

The transmission of human civilization to the higher development stage was realizing by elaboration of new technologies, emergence of tendencies, many of which recently seemed to be unnecessary, needless and now became actual because of complication of human society moral and spiritual values system. The processes of Earth ecological reanimation, being started at the beginning of the century, were mainly finished. The existing during already two centuries problems of purification of atmosphere, aquatic medium and earth surface from waste were solved in the whole. Additionally the processes of deformed landscapes reconstruction, old mountain rocks reclaiming, utilization of dangerous and hazardous production facilities, including buildings and constructions, production infrastructure, were gained momentum.

There was given "green light" to all works, connecting with reconstruction of Earth ecological cleanness, these works were priority-oriented and honorable. As a part of common process of planet ecological reanimation there was successfully realizing the program of hydrocarbon material, oil, gas, coal recovery in the depths of Earth. This was the continuous process, calculated for centuries, and the point wasn’t the lack of technical possibilities or the weakness of human reason. Rapid recovery of big volumes of organic fuel and other minerals would be accompanied by accumulation of big energy quantity and could lead to violation of heat balance, existing on planet. Besides this to ensure the scale recovery processes it would be needed a big quantity of substance, which would change the usual motion of air masses and influence for planet climate. For these purposes there were applied specially designed biological and abiological organisms, which produced final product or by themselves became such product during their life activity.

Ecological reanimation of Earth was harmoniously spilled over into further planet improving. To recover the damaged landscapes up to the prior state it seemed to be insufficiently for mankind. It was posed a task to create them anew, to make more beautiful, to populate by old and new kinds of plants and animals, to optimize all existing interrelations. Technologies of improving for earth surface, landscapes creation were very complex in execution, in the first place because of substance quantity, which it was required to transfer, redistribute, put in order as well as because of complexity of the engineering works themselves, requiring the appliance of superpower mechanisms, not traumatizing nature. The process of planet improving included the effect for environment of artificial and natural organisms as well as high-energy effect types. Variety of such high-energy effect were nuclear explosions, laser radiation, superpower mechanisms and, surely, atmospheric phenomena, considering that control over weather had already become sufficiently usual process. By realizing of works for recovery of environment primeval state there were also eliminated the consequences of natural processes and elements, unfavorable or dangerous for people. Ecological planet reanimation was one of the constituents of grand project, which essence was in construction on Earth of friendly to human environment. Conception of this project it was possible to characterize as creation of paradisiacal conditions for human on planet. Designing of environment friendly to people was continuous and multi-stage process. The main part of civilization history was connected with realization of this attractive idea, however, used means, lack of control and coordination in actions often led to inverse results. Working project numbered five main tendencies. The improvement of planet biosphere, control over climate, creation of perfect by beauty natural landscapes, reconstruction of people dwelling places, construction of global service network. The tasks of more minor scale were singled out into separate projects.

One of the main complex tasks was the task of biosphere improvement. The complexity was in necessity to change the genome of many kinds of plants, animals, and primary organisms in order to eliminate factors of negative effect for human organism. At that it was to interfere as less as possible into debugged by nature processes and interrelations. Under factors of negative effect it was meant the effect of pathogenic microbes, excretion of toxic for human products during the vital functions, threat of physical damage for human organism as well as epidemics, dangerous mutations, birth booms, which indirectly touched upon the human interests.

Technologies of biosphere improvement based on genetic engineering, designing of genes, organisms and chemical compounds with set properties. Now there was became in demand the accumulated knowledge about gene structure and metabolic reactions of earth organisms, even those which were received long ago and waited many long years their practical appliance. For inheritance of useful features it was required to reflect program of their realization in hereditary material of many organisms, particular to earth biosphere. In other words, under minimal modification of earth organisms it was needed to eliminate the possibility of cause the harm by them to the human in all possible manifestations.

The same not simple matter was control over climate on planet. Stable climate alteration could be realized by way of change of slope for axis of the equator or earth orbit parameters. The engineering actions of such great scale inevitably upset the energy balance on planet, as this was fraught with numerous negative consequences. The engineering actions of planet scale inevitably involved the excessive activity of lithosphere, biosphere and influenced negatively for all animate on Earth. Therefore control over climate was conducted by the same ways as control over weather, tested and polished during decades. Heretofore weather control was, as a rule, the once-only action, oriented to prevention of catastrophic manifestations of natural elements, or preventing the concentration of big energy quantity in one place.

At practice there was realizing the conception, which essence was that control over climate was nothing else than continuous control over weather. To put this another way, if in middle European locality it was necessary to create subtropical climate, so this was possible to carry out by way of weather conditions change during long period of time. Really the size of territory, where there were created subtropical conditions, was restricted, and the more strongly, the more northerly the selected part was located. Supporting of subtropical climate in north districts required considerable energy and material costs, energetic equipment as well as exact incarnation of energy effects, calculated by artificial intellect. However, by modification of climatic conditions on restricted territory there were becoming worse, unstable the weather conditions in neighboring regions, adjoining with territory where the climate was changing. Therefore technologies of continuous changes of weather conditions were used in cases when it wasn’t needed to change climate radically against a background of existent usual climatic conditions.

For considerable modification of climatic conditions when it was necessary there were used power technical facilities, which energetic equipping was in millions times more than in cases of weather change. To such facilities there were related concentrators of sun energy of cosmic basing, which could ensure the chosen territory by necessary additional energy at any time of the day. There was actively used the underground heat. Tens of thousands kilometers of energy services ran through upper layer of the earth's crust and supplied heat energy from earth depths into surface, both as electric energy and as heated coolant.

Such systems were independent, self restoring and once constructed they could perform their functions for decades. Existing biosphere could also influence the climate, but this influence was indirect. Thus, e.g. atmosphere humidity could be increased by a great number of the plants evaporating excessive moisture or decreased by consuming moisture directly from the atmosphere by the plants. In short, climate managing was a complex enterprise and was not applied for no particular reason. Interference in balance between matter and energy was well founded, prepared thoroughly and beforehand.

Changing landscapes of the Earth surface was connected with forced restoring territories, damaged by hasty human interference in natural ecological balance. In some time the works over eliminating ecological violations acquired creative character. Within the last decades the beauty and the harmony determined the peculiarities of restoring natural landscapes. Constructing natural landscapes was an independent kind of arts. This kind of arts was of a great emotional and creative potential and represented the first step to the space engineering activity of the man. Like masterpieces of the building architecture creations of the landscape architecture were harmonious combination of the color, volume, lines, shapes, material, numerous insertions of other objects, including works of art.

Creation restrictions were minimal and were determined by physical laws and properties of the used materials. Within the decades of manufacturing materials with the prescribed properties the technologies of their assembling were polished, and the characteristics of the materials were led to the theoretically possible borders. The creators of the artificial landscapes disposed of building and constructing materials with unique properties. The perfect technique allowed to perform dimensioned tasks connected with moving voluminous natural and artificial materials.

New possibilities promoted realizing the bravest architecture projects, creating tremendous artificial landscapes. There was no shortage of the projects aimed at changing the planet outlook. Few were aside from contribution to changing of the Earth. Different forms of artificial intelligence were actively involved in creative process. Offered projects in the form of virtual copies were placed in CSVM where they were studied and analyzed , then perfected and sent to a common data bank for possible future requests. The reason for rejecting numerous offered projects was simple: the human imagination was always ahead of possibilities. There was a project, e.g., to improve existing mountain ranges and to create new mountain territories. The necessary efforts and costs were tremendous even for such a powerful and armed with energy society like human one at the end of XXI century. Having estimated their powers and possibilities people and the representatives of the artificial intelligence chose only the projects which could be realized with the help of earth technologies and manufactures. At existing level of industrial powers any landscape changes were possible at the territory up to 30 km2. Building of landscape parks of great beauty were launched at such territories. These works of art united harmony and chaos, combined kinds, incommensurable in natural conditions, involved unexpected combinations of arts created by human and artificial intelligence.

Existing buildings and industrial constructions, other elements of infrastructure, attending material manufacture, were strictly analyzed. The majority of the buildings referring to the beginning of the XXI century and earlier periods did not correspond to safety and harmony demands. Most of functions performed by the constrictions were carried out in other ways, not demanding special rooms and erections. Most of manufactures were included in individual ecological systems, and some industrial branches were changed for ecological biocenose and did not require huge industrial rooms.

Such important functions as providing comfortable and interesting living off numerous people were in the background. A great number of people flew out of the cities because of the tendency to individual living and living in small groups on the territory of individual ecosystems with complete self-governing and independence. The tendency was stable and in future it could cause uselessness of cities as a worked out evolution material. Individual living and individual ecosystems were created as an alternative to cities. Such ecosystems consisted of numerous biological, non-biological and cybernetic organisms functioning for creative and healthy living of every person.

The structural changes in industries and society provided the fact that numerous buildings and elements of city infrastructure were unnecessary and in future could source different danger. Providing safety in the abandoned cities including utilizing buildings, industrial rooms, elements of the city and industry infrastructure were devoted much time in the process of perfecting the planet outlook. The main directions were defined in the program aimed at utilizing served out buildings of former times. Numerous erections were to be demolished and remade, the rate of repeated using the served off material neared 100 %. Metallic elements and chemical compounds were converted to completely useful elements. Such materials like concrete, brick, asphalt were to be used as inert mass for creating landscape parks. The majority of the building materials was immediately utilized by functional microorganisms feeding the materials and decomposing them into simple compounds or ruining them mechanically by means of breaking the structural integrity. Dismantling the buildings was intended for decades and was carried out in complex with other works. The process of ruining the buildings of the former years was accompanied by creating numerous museums in the open air made out of the most interesting places of the abandoned cites. Preserving cultural architectural heritage of the humanity was paid a great attention.

The main direction of forming friendly environment on the Earth was constructing a global service sphere. The created service sphere functioned for satisfying human needs in every spot of the planet. The quantity of the human had increased by the end of the century and become various. Traditional physiological needs in food, sleeping and activities were added by the needs in information, energy , self-perfection, creation. Many of the needs existed earlier in different people, but they were not joint in one personality. Now the situation was changed, individual needs of separate advanced personalities of the former years were the needs of the civilization. New needs were created in the society. They were able to become mass in the nearest future, e.g. the need in changing physical covering or in unlimited moving copies of the human personality in CSVM.

Technical possibilities of the civilization allowed to come to a new conception of services ( satisfying the human needs) when satisfaction of the individual needs was primary at any place of the planet and at any time. People had settled on the mother planet equally, mastered the farthest and wildest corners. That is why the program of creating global service sphere differed by large scale, touching territories in different climatic zones and different continents, water and air space. In a week after making a decision to start building the scientific, technical and industrial powers of civilization were involved in performing new scale tasks. In practice every scale task was divided into millions of elementary assignments and acts.

Let’s view the assignment of providing conditions for comfortable existing of the man in any point of the planet. This assignment could be solved only together with using cybernetic, biological and non-biological organisms created for special, sometimes specific functioning. To create specialized organisms it was necessary to involve scientists designing organisms with set properties. Constructors of chemical compounds with set properties and specialists in other branches. Creating comfortable conditions for existing in every spot of the planet was supposed to be performed in the following way. The service sphere was to provide the necessary concentration of serving organisms and devices at human request in any spot of the planet in short period of time. Cybernetic, biological and non-biological organisms and devices would protect, safe the man from high and low temperatures, negative chemical and biological factors, sunshine, wind and rain. They would also provide the man with necessary amount of water, food, clothes, medicine, communication, etc. To realize the plans it was necessary to spread independent executive devices and organisms at the whole planet, the water the surface, which would wait for activation at human request. Industrial network was created at the same time, which quickly reacted on the human needs restoring damaged executive devices and creating new ones.

The planet network of computer visualization, based on cybernetic organisms able to operate electromagnetic radiation of the visible diapason, was created to satisfy information needs including those for free communication and working in CSVM at any point of the planet.

Such cybernetic organisms were tiny devices of few micron equipped with molecule processors and own executive mechanisms. Their peculiarity was coordinated joint activity not limited by the number of involved devices. It allowed to create three-dimensional picture of a voluntary dimension, aimed at viewing being a man or a group of people.

Creating the first system of the fourth level (the spore of life) was dated the same time. It was the greatest event in the history of the science and technique. Such functional system joined numerous chemical compounds of high complexity and executive cybernetic devices. It was aimed at creating organic life in other stellar systems, planets with natural conditions resembling the Mars environment. The functional system was completely self-sufficient and independent and did not demand additional technical devices. Being able to develop independently and to evolve reliably and under control, the spore of life carried the danger of self-destroying. Having got into favorable environment the spore of life actively used surrounding resources and developed, formed its own infrastructure and safety systems.

Having provided safety and stable conditions for its existing the functional system of the fourth level started to perform the second stage of the program. A stable ecosystem was created at the planet of living which functions in harmony with natural conditions and local forms of life. Further evolution of spore of life was within the created ecosystem. The evolution processes were strictly controlled. They should be within the limits of deviations from the primary idea. Any considerable deviations in ecosystem evolution were cut off. Eventually the evolution control was weakened, and some pliable and universal evolution devices performed controlling functions. But deadlock, aggressive and destructive evolutions of the spore of life was still cut off. The final aim of the evolution process was creating necessary conditions for emerging the Intellect.

After emerging of the Intelligence the evolution control was abolished. It continued till the intelligent civilization pass the development stage when self-destroying threatened. Controlling the intelligent society was supposed to be finer and concealed, at the level of lower influence. That is why the systems of the fourth level (the spores of life) were completed with artificial intelligence, brought up with moral principles of the human nature which could not decide under conditions of information shortage , analyze difficult situations in the real time regime. The artificial intellect developed together with the controlled ecosystem and further together with the intelligent civilization without showing itself. The artificial intellect supported constant connection with other spores of life, other civilizations, created by human intellect, exchanged information and experience. The spore of life was ruled by artificial intellect within the primary program, but still it had different variants of further development. It was controlled by the intellect of the higher level controlling evolutions of all known artificial, natural and virtual civilizations. Basing on the analyses of the received data the intellect of the higher level recommended certain correcting actions influencing the evolution process of a certain civilization.

Colonization of the nearest stellar systems was not quick and demanded ten thousands years. The firs controlled experiments were carried out in the Mars where the first spore of life grew. Its creation was aimed at constructing a simple, self-sufficient and optimally functioning ecosystem, but not at creating new forms of intelligent life. It was an important stage in developing science and technique, having shown the reality and correctness of the chosen way, the sufficient facilities of the earth civilization for solving the tasks of the high level - the level of the Creator.

Everything new received by the humanity from the science, technique and philosophy was aimed at increasing freedom of both the society in general and an individual. At the present stage of the civilization development the absolute freedom of the individual was unachievable because of firstly weak technical facilities of the humanity and then because of physical restriction existing in the Universe. But existing physical restrictions allowed to do much with lows of the universe serving to the humanity. Much of the things which were unachievable and fantastic in the former times was now technically achievable and socially acceptable. Liquidation of dangerous diseases, new emotions and feelings, immortality of the personality, the possibility to exist in other corporal coverings, the language of image communication and other achievements deleted the words "impossible" and "unrealizable ".

Under such initial conditions the scientists started to solve the next problem, which seemed to be difficult even at the existing technological level. The technologies of evolutional changing an organism is meant. It includes ruling separate morphological features and changing protein metabolism into a set of metabolic reactions. It was realizing an ancient conception which stipulated changing of own organism by the man depended on the environmental conditions. New technologies joint the bravest revolution projects. Numerous necessary technological decisions and equipment existed but worked independently. The assignment was to join them into an integrated super complex technology.

The experience of creating corporal coverings based on carbonate, silicon, fluorine, complex chemical compounds and practice of copying the personality and intellect helped to develop technologies of volitional changing the human organism. By that time there existed technologies of changing human corporal covering, but it was necessary to have complex equipment, perfect software, accounting individual abilities at creating a new body and others. Existing technologies of changing the corporal covering supposed utilizing or durable preserving the former body at moving the human intellect into a new body. Developed technologies were grounded on the principle of self-sufficiency of the human organism for gradual self-reconstructing and on the principle of maximal using the material the former body created of. It was a moral and human solving the problem of utilizing the served out corporal coverings. You cannot but agree that the greatness of the human intellect waned if moving the intellect were accompanied by numerous forsaken physical coverings. The man is nevertheless not an insect or a reptile. The morality occupies one of the important places in his life so accounting moral aspects were necessary at developing new technologies.

Besides the scientific and technical achievements were not sufficient for theoretical working over the stated assignments, for creating a basic computer model. It was necessary to work out new principles of creating a human organism. And the human organism itself demanded a more complicated complexity level to acquire abilities for volitional changing. For example, alongside with the obligatory hereditary information it was necessary to memory more complex and voluminous information of creating new physical coverings, means and ways of their interchanging taking into account the necessity to preserve the intellect and providing the vitality of the organism within the transition period. Numerous information described the necessary additional instruments used in the process of volitional changing organism. Such instruments included resources of the human organism, useful environmental factors, artificial executive devices and organisms including non-protein and cybernetic ones. Taking into account that in the process of changing corporal coverings the intellect could be placed into the computer substance and then moved , e.g., to the brain of he non-protein form of life. The principles of functioning and constructing the brain tissues at different bases were in preserved information.

Such complex work touching the protein basis of the human organism was premature from the common sense. Setting the planets of the solar system could be fulfilled with the help of corporal coverings chosen according to the conditions of a certain planet, or by means of cybernetic organisms having a universal usage. The existing way of life of the majority of the people did not demand volitional changing organisms besides the cases when it was necessary to adapt an organism to the environmental changes. Single cases could be imagined when the man demanded volitional changing a certain undesirable morphological feature. Volitional changing the organism was demanded by the man who had chosen the way of specific existing - the way of the Creator of own world, own civilization. Approximating existing social tendencies the Man, having become a steady and wise personality, being all-powerful, having absorbed all the civilization knowledge, could b imagined to leave for the space for crating new worlds filled with the life and then with the intellect. For this purpose volitional changing the organism would be necessary in the wide diapason of the form, condition and term. But still the developing science and technique worked over the nearest and average prospects solving local assignments.

The human perception of the surrounding reality, the place in the nature and the society had changed. It was stipulated by improving the human organism, emerging new perception organs and spreading the functions of the traditional perception organs. But the main reason was changing the emotional and psychological sphere, its widening to great dimensions. In the nearest past the emotional and psychological sphere would seized the individual together with his family and only sometimes a group of people (a nation, friendly association, organization). But then the emotional and psychological sphere extended and seizes individual ecosystems, human dwelling, friendly representatives of the artificial intellect.

Changes in reality perception were caused by new organs of feeling and by changed feelings. Human emotions and feelings had become brighter, richer, stronger and more complex. Reasoning and other people’s opinions, the condition of the personal ecosystem, the authoritative people’s life in virtual space, events in own virtual worlds, professional achievements created the general picture of feelings. Independent existence of the personality projections in the elements of the environmental infrastructure provided the man with additional feelings, generated emotions and feelings of complex structure. The man changed into the citizen of the Universal and started from being a citizen of the Earth.

The majority of the feelings and emotions , determining the life of the modern man , were grounded on fundamental feelings, being natural for the man since ancient times. Fundamental emotions had become complex and deep as never before and now were defined by the distance between the wished and the real, the possible and the unreachable. New emotions and feelings were caused by new interests, stipulated by independent existing of personality projections distributed in nature, technique and society. This feelings and emotions influenced further evolution of emotional and psychological sphere of the man. Transferring elements of the human personality to the natural and artificial environment, having begun at the end of the century, could contribute to emerging emotional and psychological sphere of the mother planet. In future a single organism of the planet scale could be formed as a result of joining the biosphere and the noosphere of the planet with the sphere of intellect, it would be possible to change the structure of the human society, to construct creatures of the higher level – the ones of the intellectual planet. With the variety of existing virtual worlds in view, virtual and real intellectual world could join in future and their informational, emotional and psychological spheres would unite. The process of supplying natural and artificial objects with human features included a great potential of developing the human society in new unknown directions. The first steps had already been done. Some people perceived the beauty of the surrounding landscapes as a part of their inner world and treated the nature as an integral part of their organism.

By the end of the century virtual modeling was an organized information space with a complex structure and hierarchy being a dwelling of electronic forms of the human intellect and intellectual products of the evolving artificial intellects of the first wave. The intellectual information space cooperated with the man, its creator, under conditions of mutual interest and respect. The integral intellect, existing in CSVM and owing technical, scientific and philosophic knowledge as well as the humanity , was interested in fine psychological emanation which was a basis for emotions and psychological states causing the intellect in biological and physical body. According to some theories the variety of emotions, feelings and psychological states were the necessary condition for evolution of the intelligence and its expansion into the farther space. Emotions and feelings peculiar for the man were generated by the processes in his biological body and could not be reflected electronically. The imperfection of the electronic life forms, including those which exist CSVM in was marked by the impossibility to feel the same people feel. At the same time the man could not feel the psychological states and feelings which were created in electronic joints every second because of the peculiarities of the own biological organism. Taking into account the both life forms were of a great potential for the development it was possible to suppose that their mutual interest would exist for a long time because their constant communication would extend the limits of learning the world and give additional opportunities for both life forms.

The single space of virtual modeling consisted of hundred millions of processors of different capacities , functioning as a part of supercomputer, dwellings, ecosystems, transport carriers, industries, executive devices, elements of the infrastructure. The majority of processors was joint wirelessly functioning in a broad diapason of electromagnetic waves, and the processors situated in the farther planets of the Solar system were equipped by a spatial connection. The newest connection type based on a quick spreading of the perturbation in vacuum and allowed to send information packets with the speed being higher the velocity of light. Functioning of the single space of the virtual modeling based on the variety of the processes of chemical and physical transforming the substance and the power. In CSVM the information was placed in different carriers from traditional three-dimensional chips to stable polar formations and complex chemical molecules.

The global information space seizing all spheres of the human life demanded some measures to support itself in the working order. That is why in CSVM there existed industrial powers and executive devices in a corporeal, material form. The executive devices cold be imagined the beginning of the state in CSVM carrying a potential threat to the humanity. But the best and irresistible obstacle for emerging of the army of the destroying robots was the high intellect level causing deeper and far-sighted reflections and analyses. The variants of conflicts between the human civilization and the artificial intellect forms were analyzed twenty years ago and defined destructive, not meeting the core and the laws of the evolution. There was no reason to suppose military actions, deadly confrontation and intellect genocides at the modern level of evolution development with the industries and technologies achieved by mutual cooperation of the human intellect and CSVM integral intellect. The deadline cutting off possible aggressive actions of different intellect forms towards each other was overcome in the middle of the century. Now different values and norms cut off negative prerequisites able to cause confrontation between different intellect forms separating grain from weeds and not damaging the shoots of new progressive tendencies.

The importance of CSVM for every individual and the whole humanity was great but it never turned into dependence. The human intellect constructed a tremendous building of the science, created the greatest masterpiece, grew up a wise adviser and a teacher and now got positive emotions, knowledge from CSVM using possibilities of virtual modeling for creative aims. Certain people took CSVM as a all-powerful household service able to render any help including help in creation, science, communication and spending free time. Other saw a striking understanding of the human needs and wishes from the point of view of the integral network intellect. The possibilities of the man with the access to CSVM (which was free for every individual excluding age restrictions and psychological dependence restrictions) were unlimited.

All problems and tasks emerging in the real life of the man could be solved in the space of virtual modeling quickly and at the high qualitative level by careful studying all possible variants. The rest of the needs and wishes even so unreal like emerging in dreams , fantasies and imagination could be realized in the space of virtual modeling with the high level of detailing and reliability. The technique possibilities allowed the man to enter virtual world resembling the reality but it was done unintentionally. The social opinion and scientists considered it necessary to preserve the borders between the real and virtual worlds till the corporal covering of the man could provide moving the personality and the intellect to the selected virtual world and back for any period of time. But still the presence of the man in the virtual space especially for a long period f time damaged the integrity of the human body because both consciousness and subconsciousness could be separated from managing the life support processes.

CSVM performed certain controlling and systematizing functions within the limits of their necessity. It was not the means of inner controlling the dissidence, shadowing or manipulating the social opinion. Such functions as violence and compulsion were typical for the state and passed into the history. But collecting and analyzing the information, forecasting and determining the main evolution directions of the integral society , developing new civilizations, moral systems and correcting negative tendencies created the essence of CSVM self realization in the space of human interests. CSVM differed from all-planetary organizations of the former years, in particular from the UNO being busy with collecting and processing the information, by constant accompanying existing problems but not by simple discussing them once a year or more seldom. System and accurate approach of the integral intellect to the solving all-planetary problems greatly from the human approach when making decisions and concrete actions were postponed and the problems were ignored to correspond political, economic and psychological trends.

Leisure time of the man was creative and it was determined by the general advancing of the human intellect. Creation could not be imagined without applying CSVM possibilities. At the beginning of the century when creation of the thee dimensional virtual space was considered a great achievement, computer games evolved and caused emerging of different personal virtual world, determined as worlds or spaces created with the consideration of the individual preferences, e.g. a garden with unusual plants and flowers , or an asteroid flying through stellar systems, and huge worlds consisting from planets and continents settled by life forms including intellectual ones. Creation of huge virtual worlds demanded free operating the information compared with the information characterizing the human civilization , i.e. the complexity of created worlds was equal to the complexity of the real ones.

But the huge artificial virtual words were not numerous and it was explained by the thinking of the human society. The possibilities of computers and visualization systems were great, they were sufficient for simultaneous accompanying millions of virtual worlds of high complexity, but creation of the world was not a private task. The majority of people preferred to create simple virtual spaces settled by nonintellectual life forms. Creation of intellectual worlds demanded a considered and careful approach and at the end of the XXI century the man was a responsible creature unlike their ancestors. Huge information in the form of a virtual space existed in electronic and photon form and the man could contact with personal virtual worlds created by visualization systems or in the information space through own electronic copy. In some cases the electronic copy of the personality was not supposed to return and merge with the personality of the real man. The practice of repeated copying the human personality and existence of such copies in the personal virtual worlds reasoned the further evolution of the human intellect.

In the human society there appeared a trend to replicate the personalities of the real people for settling them in the personal virtual worlds. Such action could give unexpected results. At implanting the copies of the human personality into biological or non-biological intellect carriers (information and physical coverings)) the personality of the man could exist simultaneously in few virtual and real world, e.g. at planets of different stellar systems. So the means to keep the human kin was in the process of creation based on replicating a grown up, mature personality and further settling virtual and real worlds. In future the copies of on the basis of their own life experience could get a corporal covering and become a member of the human society. So the forecast as for the developing the human civilization was of great interest when new ways of creating common posterity appeared with the harmonic co-existence of different intellect forms. It was real to liquidate the natural means of reproduction being peculiar for the man as a biological species and to turn to creating posterity as an electronic integral personality integrating the features and wishes of the parents and then being implanted into a physical covering which could be potentially realized in the Universal. Or the newly born personality would choose the space of initial existing independently.

Such means of creating common posterity allowed an arbitrary number of parents to participate forming a not born personality. Different forms of the artificial intellect and copies of the human personality could participate in creating an integral child. The parents could be different intellect forms whose individual wishes could represented in the information form combined with the information of other parents. Giving birth to children was not a prerogative of two loving each other personalities combining male and female sources. In the humanity presence new means of making common posterity were created. Collective parents could be a group of people with common interests, a nation or a race or the whole civilization . So created integral personalities would be a product of the intellectual unions self-realizing and would possess wisdom, inherited collective knowledge. Besides the knowledge they would have the richest emotions and feelings, numerous stable psychological states. The personalities, being all –knowing, self-sufficient, without psychological tiredness and negative emotions, could be promote the expansion of the human intellect to the Universal deepness. Owing wisdom and the centuries-old experience of the humanity, armed with perfect technique means the could generate life in other words. The new life would preserve itself in the evolution process and develop into a civilization of a non-aggressive, human intellect because it would be founded on the example of the human civilization. It would be guaranteed by fact that the human civilization had achieved the level of creating new ones.

According to CSVM forecasts the next century would be the era of integral personalities, the era of settling the space within a radius of twenty light years from the Sun by the representatives of the post human civilization. The nearest hundreds years the post human intellect would expand the space with the speed of one light year for three years, and by the end of the millennium in would have filled the sphere with the diameter of sixty light years. With the forecast in view analytics and predictors assumed emerging technologies allowing intellect expansion to the Universe without physical material bodies including transport spaceships. Influencing the substance of the remote planet by aggregated physical fields moving with the light velocity and carrying the coded information, it would be possible to launch certain processes in the planet substance leading to emerging the life and then the intellect. The technologies of influencing the object by creative information were developed and the first laboratory experiments were successfully fulfilled and the ingle, really difficult problem preventing their wide usage, was signal ding at long distances. When the signal died below the dead point there was observed disappearance of the highest harmony of the physical field being a carrier of creative information.

At the end of the XXI century there was a rapid development of awaited technologies named the technologies of technical magic. The technologies were resulted be the evolution of the global service sphere and aimed at realizing wishes of the individual expressed mentally. Unlike the traditional service sphere satisfying the human needs of every day life, the techniques of the technical magic were oriented at satisfying refined, specific wishes which our contemporaries can consider needless, irrational and wasteful in the view of rational using material and energy. The need in the technologies appeared in the real physical world from the virtual space where the man was all-powered could manage space and time, change physical constants and laws in the created worlds. Owing to unlimited possibilities in virtual worlds was becoming primary for the man and caused a wish to own them in the real world. At this level of human civilization evolution its separate representatives and the whole society were not powered to change universal laws , that’s why the technical magic was grounded on physical and chemical influencing space, material and field within the limits of the existing laws. The trend of the new technologies to satisfy refined and specific human wishes caused numerous unknown technical decisions and integral technologies. The following were the mostly spread: changing the house furniture according to the wishes and spirits of the present, changing the weather in the local spaces of the individual ecosystems, producing food and drinks in accordance with the current physical state of the organism, etc. One more group of the technical decisions was exchanging thoughts and images, moving objects by mental efforts, clairvoyance within certain restrictions, protecting the personal freedom. Against this general background more complex technologies were realized, such as manufacturing the necessary objects out of the environmental resources, creating doubles with the corporal covering being similar to the one of the original, creating the distributed perception organs in the environment.

The technologies were grounded on the coordinate work of numerous groups of microscopic robots, biological, non-biological and cybernetic organisms. Billions of the mechanical, cybernetic and biological performers were demanded to satisfy the human needs and the wishes properly at any point of the planet, but it was still difficult to perform. That’s why the technologies of the technique magic were firstly realized in the places of constant human presence , in the individual ecosystems and dwellings, in the private transport, the places of spending leisure time and performing professional activity.

In space of the Solar system the human engineering activity was predicted to become one of the main directions by the beginning of the century, but it developed slowly. There were several reasons. Firstly, technologies of creating organisms with set properties and technologies of volitional changing the human organism influenced the need to change space by engineering means. The human engineering activity in space was aimed at creating favorable environment for human existence out of the mother planet by engineering means. Recently the evolution of the human civilization was considered to develop in the direction of changing the human organism, transforming it into a universal organism being able to change metabolism and morphological features dependent on the environment. In future the humanity would settle the planets of the near stellar systems and the natural conditions of the planets would be acceptable for constant living in wide diapason. Different gravity, atmosphere structure , temperature and climate conditions would determine changes of metabolism and morphological features. But the processes would be in harmony with the concept of human settling of the Universe.

Secondly, in space of the Solar system the human engineering activity was initially aimed at widening the space of life for the human civilization, i.e. it was aimed at hundreds million of people with the space of life. Such population of the human civilization was not awaited soon, in about two hundred years. But at that time the question, whether the born people would wish to live in the Solar system or they would loge to self realizations in the further space, did not have an answer. Analytics and predictors inclined the second variant. Ancient longing of every individual and the human civilization to maximum freedom would show in settling new stellar systems as soon as corresponding technical facilities would appear.

Therefore the most probably was that hundreds millions of free and powerful personalities, splendidly technically equipped, would be interested not in transformation of Solar System, but in creative transformation of milliards other star systems by means of their reason power.

Moral and ethics were evolving too. Careful and holy attitude to the own past, particular to many earthly peoples, turned into careful and anxious attitude to the Earth and Solar System. The cradle of humanity as a place for meditation, a place for access to own history, hadn’t to be a subject to rough effect and reconstruction. This was the foundation of human ethics and moral, the fundamental principle of those principles, which people absorbed with mother’s milk would carry into infinite expanses of Universe.


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