Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



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[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
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[7] The seventh decade
[8] The eighth decade
[9] The ninth decade
[10] The tenth decade

Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The ninth decade (2080-2090)

Changes in human society mentality as a consequence of human improving process. Weakening of State role in civilization life. Modification of world political structure. Two tendencies of family and marriage evolution. Family relationships between various forms of human intellect. Role of religion in society life. Appliance of production artificial organisms with various metabolism types. Joining of agriculture and food industry in common field. Providing of industry with raw material resources, extracted from world ocean. Production of foodstuffs at oceanic food factories. Professional study and leisure of the human in the ocean. Ways of combination for human intellect and artificial body shells. Creation of brain substance with improved qualities. Two approaches for colonization of the nearest star systems. Lifetime ceases to be the considerable factor for the human. Effective protective systems for accidents and emergency medicine. Technologies for life experience transmission by inheritance. Completion of earth biosphere level in CSVM. Projecting of potentially possible life forms in CSVM. Appliance of molecular assembling technologies. Transportation of asteroids, consisting rare-earth elements and heavy metals, to the Earth and Moon. Construction of processing productions at asteroids in circumterrestrial space. Amalgamation of industrial production and planet biosphere. Partial transfer of production functions to organisms with nonprotein metabolism. Creation of individual systems, servicing the human. Executive devices, promoting the human creative potentialities realization. Right of humans for choice of body shell, the repository for own intellect. Creation of new brain tissue types, able to assume the human intellect. Improved technologies of human person copying. Philosophical aspects of sample artificial person creation. CSVM become the space of collective reason. Emergence of own feelings, emotions and sensations in CSVM. The first cases of common posterity "birth" among different intellect forms.

This decade was marked by numerous improvements of human surrounding reality, which changed human mankind mentality, generated qualitative new feeling of freedom in people consciousness. Practice of human organism modification and improving on basis of human genome correction and artificial cybernetic and biological organs implantation, which was realizing during last decades, touched upon more than one third of the earth population in this or that degree. The role of this mankind part was considerable in the life of civilization thanks to active life position, based on physiological advantages and high professional abilities of improved people.

Mass humans improving allowed to characterize the existent as the beginning of the next stage in Homo Sapiens evolution, the stage of human "changeable" forming. The term "changeable" meant the human as sentient being, able to change own body shell according to personal wish. Such possibility released human intellect from restrictions, applied by any physical body. Those hundreds combinations of human organism various improving, which found wide distribution, and many of which already could be inherited, demonstrated at practice that human organism didn’t more meet the requirements of time and demands of the human itself. Co-existence with artificial intellect, which had accepted and understood the human psychology, eliminated human fear of the electronic intellect forms. Along with this there had come understanding of colossal possibilities and advantages, which the human obtained together with possibility of existence in changeable biological and cybernetic shells by complete conservation of the own intellect, own personality.

Morphological and physiological modifications in the human organism had changed public ethics and moral, mentality of human society in the whole. The most distributed human qualities now there were tolerance, restraint, thoughtfulness, careful attitude to the environment. If somebody of people differed considerably externally from traditional human appearance, that didn’t mean at all any moral deformity or aggressive challenge to the society. The untypical human appearance was conditioned by specific requirements of his professional activity or by personal preferences. Both promoted the human self-realization, his productive work for the welfare of the whole society.

The race prejudices, national intolerance had left life of society for ever. These negative demonstrations of declining mental degeneration, existing by thousands years, disappeared at their own accord, having no more ground for further existence. Those modifications in the human, even only external, let alone the internal modifications of his organism, occasionally were so striking, that differences in skin color weren’t noticeable at all against their ground. However not the habit to non-standard appearance of improved people became the reason of the race prejudices disappearance, but first of all high intellect of the modern human.

Freedom, independence and high intellect led to some disconnection between people, however this disconnection was the inner face of possibility for interpersonal intercourse at any minute and by any occasion. Respectful attitude to requests and needs of the human, even unknown, became the norm of community life. It was considered to be that if the human ask for help or advice, so this is really necessary for him, then by the whole power of computer and technical equipping he heeds in intercourse with people. On the other side, the majority of people lived autonomously and independently from each other, no one didn’t thrust his intercourse to anybody, each human had approximately equal possibilities to improve, create, engaged in self-education. Some people realized their creative potentialities alone, practically did without intercourse with other people. Such philosophizing recluses lived in the human society, and simultaneously out of the society at all times. Now among them there were found the improved people. The mystery of human individual attitude forming to reality, the mystery of unique human personality construction as before were such, in spite of human organism physical improving now was everyday matter. In this it was demonstrated deep evolutionary sense, put by the Nature, basing on usage of changeableness factor not only at physiological level, but also at psychological level. Exactly the differences in thoughts, aspirations and wishes of people made evolutionary process of human improving protected, stable and self-sufficient.

By the time under view there was considerably reduced the significance of the state in the life of civilization. The main reason was the growth of intellectual and moral level of the human society in the whole. High consciousness of the majority humans made unnecessary the compulsory measures, oriented to ensuring of posed tasks execution. By the same reason there was ceased to have significance the necessity of the constant control over execution of made decisions. The administrative control from the side of state, inclusive the obligatory elements of compulsion and constraint over the personality, was replaced by joint control of people and artificial intellect over processes of life support for society. The execution of made decisions now was the need for all intellects forms, but not heavy burden imposed from the side. The wish to execute the posed tasks at their best was expression of creative source in the human, the consequence of understanding of each individual importance for the whole community existence. By other words, the ruling and controlling state functions started harmoniously to replace by the needs of every individual, oriented to the execution of the same tasks, but without personality compulsion and constraint.

The goals-setting and the ways of the goals achievement now were realized after discussion of all possible variants at public open conferences, where there were took part various forms of artificial intellect, scientists and experts from among people, and simple all who wishes. After finding and acceptance of optimal decisions all participants of the process conducted deliberately the further steps for their realization, at that it wasn’t required the exterior control and compulsory advance for the decisions. Any failures and errors in the process of decisions execution were eliminated automatically; the self-control and consciousness of all process participants were the best of possible forms of control.

Such state functions as social protection and material blessings distribution had also lost the significance in many aspects. The majority of material blessings were available, but such as starvation protection, information ensuring, education getting, sport occupation, medical care using, were now available for all members of the society. Now simply there was no any necessity to distribute the material and social blessings inasmuch as this function of state there was performed the community itself. The existing production system under control of artificial technical intellect functioned with high effectiveness, scrupulously monitored the incipient society needs. Disappearance of starvation menace, qualitative medical care, psychological human security made such state function as social protection unnecessary.

Such important state function as protection of own external boundaries, of integrity and sovereignty, lost its significance in connection with political structure change of the most part of the world. Those states, which at the beginning of the century it was taken to call the developed, and now there was counted about twenty hundreds of such, jointed in confederation, which main law repeated well-known principle of joint people habitation – "maximal freedom for everybody under non-infringement of freedom for the others". The necessity by the force way to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the state, to assert the economical and political interests ceased to have significance as consequence of high ethical norms acceptance by majority human society members. Many law norms, which execution guarantor earlier was the state, were substituted for moral and ethical norms, execution of which became the usual need for majority of people. Lack of aggressive aspirations in the society and predominance of such qualities as tolerance and friendliness promoted the establishment of stable respectful relationships between countries. Such relationships became the norm and had been established once could be hardly shake, inasmuch as expressed opinion of the majority of planet population. Freedom of movement and domicile choice, possibility of independent and autonomous habitation in any country only strengthened good-neighbor relations between the countries. If even imagine the hypothetic events scenario under which one of the countries will take the course for totalitarian state construction, then the conscious mass disobedience and nonparticipation in such process of the majority citizens, protester against occurring, will nip in the bud such attempts. That’s why high ethical norms, became the need of the great number of people, independently from national identity, professional activity and genetic improving, were the best guarantee of sovereignty stability and countries and peoples integrity.

Countries and boundaries didn’t disappear first last and all the time and forever. On the contrary countries were in those limits, in which they were before process starting of state role weakening. Such events scenario was conditioned by ethnographic, historical and cultural prerequisites and corresponded to principles of freedom and minimal intervention in social processes. Each country, nationality or nation as well as hermetic and professional humans communities created during their existence period the unique cultural values, which were the values of more high level than military power or production potential. The necessity of conservation for these cultural values and achievements of human genius, which composed integral Earth culture, was the main reason of political boundaries conservation between countries, though, surely, these boundaries had just relative character.

On planet there were also counted about two dozens countries with former political structure. In general these countries were from among those, which it was usual to call as third world countries at the beginning of the century. In them many state institutes preserved, including ministries and departments, parties, army, court and etc. Such state structure was defined according to the wish of majority of population, resident in these countries, and reflected objective necessity to get through state construction evolutionary way for the country, from feudal relationship to democratic state. At subconscious psychological level the humans wish to preserve usual state structure was explained by unsatisfied want to pass independently that way, which was already passed by majority of planet population, to obtain own experience, to make own conclusions, after that to make a decision about own future. This was the expression of unconscious and almost instinctive wish of the human to learn from own mistakes, irrational wish from position of logic, but so particular to the human at all times.

Occurring social processes touched upon such conservative institutes as marriage and family. Overwhelming part of population as before lived in families, raised children and grandchildren, passed on the experience to the younger generation. Marriage, in the same way as before, was the public mark, demonstrating physical and legal belonging of man and woman to each other. The possibility of children birth with planning of physical parameters according to parents’ personal wishes considerably influenced for human relation to the family and marriage. There was born a great many of such children, and the majority of them had become grown-up and created now their own families. A great number of young people with beautiful faces and bodies were in some difficulty, selecting the partner in life. Physical advantages during short period of time ceased to be significant and defining. Along with this the love itself as unrestrained instinctive thirst for beauty and perfection began to change towards the rationalism. More and more often there were cases when love without conflict was shared with several humans, and this wasn’t the exclusion, but was rather the tendency, reflecting objective change of people relation to marriage and family.

It was often enough that in public discussions there was discussed the question about irrelevance of marriage and family as institutes which restricted the freedom of person. However at general background of family relations simplification there were existed the opposite opinions, when many people considered as century of the real love was only coming. Their convictions were based on views for love as unique psychological phenomenon, arising by unity of two individual emotional worlds and characters, which submitted to common evolutionary laws. At that human soul came to the foreground, the category being slightly obsolete in the century of rationalism, but nursing in itself as it turned out the great potential. Really the construction of new feelings and emotions, strengthening of already existent, direct exchange by unembellished psychological and emotional states could promote the Love emergence of such strength, such channel, which during the whole civilization history only elite from among people felt. By modern status of equipment it was required for this only the wish of parties to understand each other and certain quantity of free time, besides primordial psychological correspondence. In such a way, there were gotten on two tendencies in society, characterizing the further evolution of family and marriage. The first tendency came to gradual cooling and disappearance of love feeling as restricting the absolute freedom of personality. The second tendency, on the contrary, offered indispensable arising of Love with a capital letter, Love, basing on unique psychological intimacy of two personalities, on creation by them of integral common feelings and emotions of the highest incandescence.

Variety of human intellect forms, to which there were related electronic copies of real personalities, individual virtual worlds with high intellect and improved people, promoted the emergence of some sufficiently queer relations among them, slightly similar the relations in families. For example, in some cases between the electronic personality copy and usual human there was formed psychological intimacy of such power, which in real life would lead to mandatory family forming and joint habitation. In such cases the emotional and psychological communication of intellects was conducted in CSVM at psycho-emotional intercourse levels. Being absorbed in virtual space, the human with full presence effect could run with his partner through individual, created by them or typical virtual world, to feel, create and evaluate the results of such existence. Certainly it was possible to call this only as reality substitute, inasmuch as constant existence in virtual worlds required the refusal of body physical shell. However for many people short-time and emotionally-rich being at CSVM intercourse levels was enough for feeling of own psychological and emotional integrity and stability, gave the supply of vivacity, energy and self-trust for a long time. So creation of families, as free-will union of two intellects, existing in different forms, fitted quite well in modern public moral, and such families actual forming was the attribute of modernity. The usage of borrowed, artificial and integral emotions and feelings for enrichment of family relations had become widespread event and wasn’t something shameful in the eyes of the society. At all times emotions and feelings were the distinctive human feature from the other representatives of animal world. They enriched the humans life and was changed by itself, reflecting as in the mirror the moral society status. To feel and go through the best emotional and psychological states, produced by people during thousands years, was the act of junction to the greatest achievements of human culture.

Also the union of two and more intellects, existing in electronic form by a total absence of physical body, had become usual. Such unions co-existed both in common space of virtual modeling and in local virtual worlds. By such joint existence the defining factors were common interests and kinship of living positions. For such unions there was usual the lack of constant appearance for their participants, inasmuch as they could choose any appearance for themselves in virtual worlds. Lack of physical body didn’t prevent such electronic personalities to carry on rich emotional life, to make comfortable common life space and plan joint future. There were enough possibilities for creation, creative work, new construction in virtual space, moreover they were more manifold and scale than in real life. Human intellect, even being in electronic form, could feel itself as omnipotent creature, create and present positive emotions of the highest incandescence to people. Such emotional recharge from close person, who though hadn’t physical body and existed as in aggregate with information collection, was necessary and useful for people, living in reality. The human, entering into an alliance with electronic intellect form, in case of necessity could ask for help, advice or support to anyone who would understand and accept with all unsolved problems. With that such relations weren’t obligatory and could be severed at any moment.

The role of religion was considerably changed in life of society, and there were enough and to spare reasons for this. The perfect production, developed health protection, wide possibilities of independent psychological and physical perfection constricted up to limit the space of religious influence. If to speak widely, contemporary human could solve the majority of arising before him problems on his own, without involvement of divine powers. The matter concerned the problems of technical, psychological, moral and creative character. On the other side, modern scientific disciplines, operating categories of planet systems transformation, artificial reason and artificial civilizations creation, as well as technical devices, working in wide range from microcosm to self-organizing macrosystems, decreased the distance between human and God.

Those religious tendencies, which were oriented to religious intolerance kindling or to religious totalitarian communities creation, ceased to be at all. The reason of this was in high level of knowledge and moral principles of contemporary human, for whom the willful deceit of others and particularly the deceit of once own was impossible.

Generally speaking, human society didn’t more need the religion. With that it was incorrectly to forget the fact, that leading religions of the world during their millenary existence played an important role in earth civilization formation and moral and ethical mankind principles. Human society evolution was inseparably linked with religious worship, religious norms and doctrines. Therefore to take out from the living, historically fully formed organism of human civilization the religious constituent, which vestiges heretofore were in everyday people’s deeds, was extremely foolishly and imprudently. Cultural religious values and relics, works of art, code of ethical and moral rules were decided to keep in original view as the most important cultural and ethical conservation.

Leading world religions continued their existence as in previous times. There were practically no any visible changes, though the humans attitude to religion was considerably changed, including the relation of ecclesiastics themselves. Now in a less degree they were the religious figures, but in a greater degree were the arts critics with correspondent education, and their relation to religion was defined not by religious homage, but by love to the matter and high professionalism. With that many people, visiting cultic institutions, weren’t more the blind worshippers of religious doctrines, but simply improved their educational level, comprehending the great values, created by hands of hundred generations of their ancestry. On planet there were practically preserved all religious monuments of leading world religions, it was paid the significant attention to maintenance of the religious worship places in condition. Contemporary human could be noble and appreciate the belief and views of his ancestry, majority of which didn’t imagine the life itself without religion. The religious level, created in CSVM, reflecting religion history and evolution, had become one of the most visited by youth levels. However, the majority of people, systematically studying culture of human civilization, personally visited religious monuments, museums and relics, in keeping with the best traditions of their ancestry.

Natural sciences, in particular genetic engineering and designing of artificial organisms, had colossal creative potential. Creation of new life forms on the basis of earth biosphere gene pool by designers was now almost the art. From practical point of view this meant that any organism, which could be theoretically realized of correspondent genes set, could be embodied at practice to tight schedule by necessity. The genes of earth animals, plants, fungi, yeast and etc. were the construction material, being used by creation of artificial protein organisms. Information about structure and functioning of many earth organisms, reflecting the evolutionary experience of earth life forms, collected during last decades, was intensively used by scientists. Understanding of biochemical processes, ensuring the earth organisms life activity, allowed to select separate biochemical processes, and on their basis to construct and create specialized artificial organisms. Taking into account the fact that quantity of metabolic reactions, realizing in earth organisms, are estimated at millions, there was evident that production of necessary to the human chemical compounds and substances by means of artificial organisms had considerable potential for development.

If add to this the considerable experience of artificial organisms designing on non-protein basis as well as experience of metabolic reactions development, being untypical for protein life forms, then it was possible to conclude that there was begun the stage of amalgamation for production and artificial organisms with different metabolism in material sphere. In many scientific establishments experts from among people together with representatives of artificial intellect worked over elaboration of new production organisms. During this decade there were created thousands of new artificial organisms kinds, producing one or several chemical products and in some cases even finished goods. This allowed to produce about eighty percents of all chemical production by means of biotechnologies and technologies, basing on metabolic processes of nonprotein artificial organisms.

Chemical synthesis in production reactors and columns was mainly applied for receiving of aggressive and chemically active substances as well as for receiving of compounds, which synthesis was realized by high temperatures, pressures, other special conditions. New developments led hereto that thousands of artificial protein organisms kinds and hundreds of artificial organisms with nonprotein metabolism began to live, though isolated, on Earth. The existent of great number of potentially dangerous organisms, the producers of chemical compounds, on Earth required great responsibility for creation of such organisms. Danger consisted in hereditary material ingress into environment, emergence of negative mutations and specialized organisms going-out of human control. However the appliance of artificial production organisms had its advantages, which in first order laid in profit for earth biosphere and also in extremely economic usage of material and energy resources.

By this time the considerable changes had taken place in agriculture and food industry. During last decades there was formed the tendency to closing of these production fields, to their amalgamation together. The main task of contemporary agriculture as well as food industry was the supply of mankind by qualitative food stuffs. Production function of technical cultures and goods of industrial use, which earlier also was performed by agriculture, now was given to other industrial fields. Agriculture performed the functions of food products and active biological preparations growing. In this decade there was occurred amalgamation of agriculture and food industry. This didn’t occur earlier because of high complexity of such integration at practice. Relatively simple was creation of specialized artificial organism, producing, for example, the adenosinetriphosphoric acid. More complex there was creation of integral ecological system, consuming natural resources and producing food products of fixed composition and quality in process of its life activity.

After amalgamation food and agricultural industry represented by themselves several hundreds of unlike biocenoses and ecosystems, specializing on production of these or those types of food products. There were several hundreds types of such products, and the most part of them was unknown to the human, living at the beginning of the century. Long before food ceased to perform the particular function of human organism supply with nutritious and construction substances. Contemporary food products performed many additional functions in human organism, in particular renewed and repaired the damaged cells, formed comfortable psychological conditions, neutralized the toxins and foreign organic material. Besides this there was conducted the supply of improved construction materials and energy carries in cells and tissues of human organism.

Food biocenoses and ecological systems were created for various climatic conditions, soil structure and etc. By productivity they subdivided into very little, meant for food products supply for one family, and in big, able to ensure by food the whole town. The productivity was defined by size of using ground areas, occupying by food biocenoses and ecological systems. In appearance these were vegetable plantations, remindful the forests or jungles, where there were counted up to several hundreds kinds of plant and animal specialized organisms, depending on quantity and complexity of producing food products. Connected into common food and functional chain, all applied organisms realized zero-emission, ecologically perfect technologies. Such ecological systems and biocenoses could readjust through a small range; also there was the possibility of connection for new functional links and exception of unnecessary. There was two-stage control over correct functioning of such biocenoses and ecosystems. The first control level was conditioned by availability of strict genetic code, which was protected from unfavorable conditions effect. The second control level was conducted by technical artificial intellect, which activated additional genetic programs of artificial organisms, regulated the ratio between functional links, and culled incorrectly functioning organisms, depending on current parameters changes and humans needs.

Considerable successes were achieved in world ocean development. There were three tendencies of world ocean development, going back to last century. The most scale tendency was extraction of chemical raw materials, dissolving in oceanic waters. For these purposes on the surface of water area and in depths of world ocean there were placed thousands of extracting chemical productions, fully autonomous, energetically and ecologically safe. These productions themselves represented complex engineering installations, populated by cybernetic and artificial organisms with various metabolism. Such engineering installation was controlled by technical artificial intellect, connecting to global information network, joining all such productions. Technologies of useful chemical products extraction out of world ocean waters as usual based on properties of artificial tissues and organisms to fix certain chemical elements and compounds. Variety of chemical raw materials and chemical products, requiring for world economy, conditioned the variety of specialized extraction productions, which by their functions were divided in directly extraction productions and in productions with deep chemical raw materials processing. Full range of extracted and synthesized chemical compounds numbered about ten thousands names.

Such productions located far off human place of residence, immediately near rich raw materials resources, to ensure their continuous work there were used the renewable energy resources. The constructive safety of these complex engineering installations was ensuring by irreproachable engineering calculations and contemporary superstrength materials. Biological safety was ensuring by impossibility of existence for artificial organisms in environment, out of maternal production, by lack of reproduction program in artificial organisms genome. Chemical safety was ensuring by perfect isolation devices for aggressive and toxic substances by all production stages, which appliance excluded any leakages during extraction, synthesis and transportation of chemical compounds. Applied artificial and cybernetic organisms were meant for specified functioning period, whereupon was to be replaced. New artificial and cybernetic organisms, as a rule, were supplied from outside, from specialized productions. However there were subdivisions of growing and assembling of artificial organisms and cybernetic organisms at some large chemical productions, where there was realized large-capacity synthesis of chemical compounds.

Such technologies were also applied under production of food products out of world ocean natural resources. Mankind received about fifty percents of all food products, processing the world ocean resources. Tens of thousands food factories, locating in various nooks of seas and oceans, produced thousands types of food chemical compounds and hundreds types of ready products. In ready for use foodstuffs there were chemical compounds with medical and pharmaceutical effect. Food industry in the whole conventionally it was possible to divide in two productive parts. First of them produced traditional foodstuffs of natural components (including of living organisms), the second produced food multifunctional products, which it was possible to use both in themselves and in combination with traditional foodstuffs. The oceanic food factories were exactly oriented to production of food multifunctional products. Wide group of food enterprises, conducting the growth of fish, algae and plankton at assigned oceanic sections, their output and further processing, was busy with foodstuffs production of oceanic raw materials. In some degree these enterprises were the analogues for fish-farms and fishing bases of the beginning of the century. Under their creation initially there was eliminated the random factor by search of fish shoals and plankton colonies due to exact prognostication for sea organisms migration, basing on genetically specified program of these organisms behavior. Longstanding experiments on sea organisms genome modification and improving led to creation of controllable, connected to fixed places of habitation fish, animals and plants, that allowed to grow sea organisms in restricted water space. At that there were not applied any mechanical barriers between places of sea organisms habitation and oceanic expanses. Control signal for sea organisms gathering was the acoustical signal or increasing of some preparations concentration in water. Such approach was economically profitable, fishing subdivisions didn’t need more to hunt after fish and other sea products over oceanic expanses. Now they new exactly, where and what quantity of fish, algae, crabs and other sea products it was possible to extract from ocean depths without damage for their further reproduction.

One more tendency was the usage of world ocean for full-fledged people’s leisure, for some professions training of those who wish as well as for constant people habitation at its expanses. Human equipping by new abilities, emergence of new technical possibilities as well as leisure time increase were favorable for development of this tendency. The human always had a longing to oceanic depths, probably, it was genetic echo of time, when oceanic waters were the home for unicellular organisms, these ancient human ancestry. For the curiosity, one more merely human property, we were always interested in ocean, as repository of unknown life forms, hidden by water mysteries and discoveries.

For all-round study of life forms, living in oceans and seas, there were created various devices, beginning from simple monitoring systems and finishing by research centers with autonomous power supply.

These unpressurized apparatus controlled by technical artificial intellect could operate on any depth and were up-to-date equipped. They were intended for identifying interactions between separate chains of natural and artificial environmental systems. Available technical equipment allowed to study metabolic processes of living organisms and read out inherited information in real life mode. Ocean depths presented yearly some tenths of unknown life forms to scientists and it was very interesting for designers of artificial organisms and genes’ engineers.

By teaching some professions and simply for all who wanted the underwater complex excursions giving knowledge about way of life and about biochemistry of ocean flora and fauna were carried out. Though such excursions cost much curiosity of participators was maximal fulfilled. Such spending of time was appreciated because in such excursions there was no border between studying and relaxing. A modern person studied when relaxing and vise verse. Both these processes generated in human being positive psychological states, fulfilled immemorial human curiosity and thirst for knowledge. In addition to natural underwater excursions in common space of virtual modeling the oceanic level with complete details was designed. On this level each who wanted could make his own sample of sea organism, looked into underwater reality as being really existing sea inhabitant and felt complicated relations in underwater biosynthesis.

For exploration of world ocean the necessary condition was improvement of human body for securing of durable being of a human in water medium without usage of additional devices. Respiratory and blood systems of human body were undergone firstly an improvement. For the period of being under water artificial protein molecules able more effectively join oxygen than the tradition hemoglobin were entered into human blood and this allowed to take necessary quantity of oxygen out from usual sea water. At intensive breathing by water solutions when loading on lung tissue and muscles was two times increased these organs were also improved by means of appliance the genetic mechanisms and affect of molecular robots. At all its exoticness such changes did not practically change a human appearance and that’s why were quite often used in practice. Some of improved people who had devoted their lives to studying the world ocean could be under water for some hours. Many professionals of saving services working in world ocean gained possibility of breathing water solutions for some tens of minutes without conducting any preliminary procedures and that was often enough for saving human lives in emergency situations.

That was time of numerous experiments joint by the idea of creation replaceable physical bodies with different sets of morphological properties which were intended for settling in them of human and artificial intellect Conducted. researches covered the range from growing of corporal case from germ cell of non-improved human body up to designing of combined protein cases with elements of non-protein metabolism. The combined protein cases were an artificial organism having in its genetic program an integral information taken from the gene pool of earth biosphere. In some cases the genome of such protein cases contained artificial genes which were not peculiar to representatives of earth biosphere. Designing and practical producing of replaceable physical bodies were the part of a high-task standing before a mankind the essence of which was in securing free transition of human intellect from one body case into another, by this choice of it was determined by environmental conditions. For the last decades a considerable experience was gained as for producing modifying and artificial organisms. Earlier there was no task for making ready such organisms for taking human intellect but such a requirement complicated to a considerable degree the task of designing and practical creation of replaceable physical bodies.

Practical replacement of traditional human body with a new one, non-human inclusively, could be performed by two means.

It was possible to grow a new organism with pure brain on which furthermore a human intellect would be recorded or to foreseen the possibility of transplantation of human brain into a new body casing. In ideal such operation could be performed many times during a long period of time of human intellect existence. The complexity laid in fact that by transplanting of functioning human brain all produced body casings were to be, speaking technique language, unified. In practice it meant that the transplanted human brain was to join fully with informational and other important lines inclusive blood vessels, nerves, joining tissues and bones. If deepen further it could be said that in joint parts the nerves, vessels and joining tissues had to have from the both sides similar structures. Taking into consideration that body casings intended for different existence conditions differed greatly from a human body by structure and composition, working out of transition elements between a human brain and functional body casings was quite actual. In all cases it was a task before specialists of adjustment of the parameters of a human brain with parameters of a new corporal case. Difficulties of such an adjustment were numerous and touched physiological, mechanical and biochemical structure of new corporal cases. A mass attack on the problem allowed in some cases to perform successful transition of functional human brain into a new corporal case. Each case of successful adjustment for functional human brain and artificial corporal case required considerable labor, time and resources demands and was a unique technology consisting of hundreds of thousands regulated actions. Pure virgin human brain was used for working out of transplanting technologies for a human brain into an artificial corporal case. By this, ethic and moral problems were remained aside.

An alternative technology was recording of human intellect on a pure human brain. There was no such a technology. Human brain was fully protected from the forced putting big volumes of information restricted by transmission capacity and slow biochemical processes of information recording. That was the reason why scientists came to the problem of recording human intellect on a pure human brain from another side. As a brain substance did not accept big volumes of information and was not able to secure quick recording of human intellect the decision was made to develop a new brain substance. The main requirements to a new brain substance were in quick perception and reliable remembering of big information volumes which entering in any form. That problem was solving by hundreds of scientific institutions, laboratories and thousands of single scientists. It was worth noting that by that time the necessity of direct working inside the scientific institutions was considerable weakened. Access to informational resources at any time, possibility to involve the required calculating powers for solving of put task generated a big number of single scientists who worked separately whose contribution into the science became more and more valuable. Besides the artificial intellect in its various forms inclusive technical and emotional depending on problem complexity was involved into the process of problems solving.

Problem of creation of improved brain substance began to solve quite quick. A plenty of variants for new brain substance’s structure were worked out but practically were realized only more than ten. After hard selection there were remained only some of them. A substantial factor by solving of that problem by strengths of joint civilization intellect was the fact that for the first time in history of scientific researches all possible, coming from conditions of matter existence in our Universe, variants of brain tissue construction were considered. That was a serious achievement in organization of the process of put tasks solving. It could be said for sure that the best of possible variants were considered. A number of them were put aside due to impossibility of their realization using known mechanisms of recording inherited information, in other words, it was impossible to fix the program of growing a new brain tissue in a genome of artificial organism. It did not mean a complete rejection of offered variants but put a point in agenda about full change of human genome up to realization of its functions on other carriers besides the DNA.

But for now in consideration with existing structure and organizing of human body three variants of brain tissue structure with improved characteristics were applicable. The first was a serious modification of existing brain tissue by means of application of artificially produces amino acids and other complicated compounds in functional proteins. The second was based on growing a modified brain tissue on the arranged computer processor. The third one was a brain tissue of quite new type in each cell of which all processes, mechanisms and interactions more than accustomed for human being chemical variation were duplicated by molecular robots and high-productive electric connections. Creation of brain tissue of a new type included two parallel processes, the first one was physiological and preconditioned growing of brain cells from organic substance and the second one was based on technologies of molecular assembling and formed in those cells a duplicating cybernetic system of control and communication.

The last variant was taken for the basis by producing the improved brain tissue. Easiness of regulating the intensiveness of human brain function, namely the possibility of information processing in two modes, such as speed and usual, played an important role by that. Correspondingly, in the first case the main load was carried by cybernetic scheme of brain tissue and in the second one the neurochemical system of perception and information processing. Possibility of direct connection of a human brain with computer networks and CSVM became an additional effect of such a device. Difference in processing and perceiving powers, ability to perceive big information volumes, of neurochemical and cybernetic brain systems was six times. Informational flows between neurochemical and cybernetic systems of brain could be regulated in wide ranges. For example, information received by cybernetic constituent for some seconds could be transferred into the memory of neurochemical systems for hours and days. Situation taken place and complexity of performed functions affected the choice of perception mode and mode of information processing or, in other words, on choice of thinking mode in each particular case. Informational load on neurochemical systems was limited by existing possibilities of a human organism as for heat removal and removal of the products of speed metabolism, possibilities as for supplying with oxygen and other chemical compounds.

Numerous experiments had made a good basis for development of technologies of corporal casings change which henceforth were place of temporal presence of human and artificial intellect. It was an objective necessity for realization of such technologies. Number of scaling tasks worth paying attention of a mankind and able to arise interest had decreased. For the purpose of saving tempos of moving forward and not to be back of technical and social stagnation it was necessary to put more complicated tasks and near to them step-by-step. Such aim, potentially being achieved in the nearest future, was creation of human dwellings on planets of the nearest star systems, on asteroids and in open space. Just for successful colonization of the space a mankind was in need for various corporal casings securing comfortable existence of human and artificial intellect in any conditions.

One of the means of space colonization was changing of existing natural conditions for human demands that had preconditioned building of autonomous, protected dwellings with closed life cycle on colonized planets. Such approach assumed industry foundation of earth type on the colonized planets and was foreign for a colonized world. An alternative mean was creation of corresponding to local natural conditions physical casing for further existence in it of human or artificial intellect. For a specialized physical casing the natural conditions of the planet would be felt as comfortable and optimal ones for continuous existence. By such mean of colonization need in industrial production building destroying natural interactions and on the contrary formed good preconditions for creation friendly to the nature of that very planet technologies and productions was decreased. Further development of new civilization inclusive scientific-technical progress, would be on the way of harmonic exploring of the resources of a new world and building of non-damaging productions for natural surrounding and creation of optimal technologies taking into consideration local conditions.

But the main and determining factor of evolutional processes was the initial structure of corporal casing because a great number of production powers would always be aimed at servicing these or those demands of intelligent organism physical body. Approach based on harmonic coexistence with the nature was more acceptable and perspective than a conception of forced change of natural conditions while it fulfilled the highest ethics laws. In that very case a respect to existing world order in the Universe was shown.

Successful results of numerous researches and experiments aimed at improvement and change of human physical body and his separate organs affected directly on human attitude to such philosophic categories as a life, a death and a destiny. Gradually, step-by-step, in perception of great number of people their life term stopped to be a key factor. It was explained by a number of reasons. Average life cycle was increased from year to year and it was nearly two hundred years for non-improved person. Such durable life term for a person who did not differ from a person at the century beginning when such continuous life seemed to be a fantastic, had become possible thank to the newest technologies of organism rejuvenation and growing new functional organs. Attitude towards end of own living in a great number of people was quiet and even evicted somehow because all people understood that further development of scientific-technical progress could increase human life duration up to big values. That’s why many people simply stopped to be afraid of the death as an inevitable future.

Accident death was now a rare case. From the one side, monitoring intellectual systems provided practically complete human safety by his conducting of professional activities and also in every day life and when transport using. Mass perfection of human body had also expanded range of human survival. For example, brain of an improved person could be without oxygen for a half an hour to an hour and such continuous stoppage of brain blood supplying did not lead to brain cells’ death. Serious damages of heart and blood system of a human being on a reflex level transferred an organism in mode of slowed-down metabolism that gave some additional life hours and was quite enough for transportation of a suffer person in a first aid department. Moreover, the molecular robots constantly being present in organisms of many people were able to give the first aid by damages and traumas of any difficulty. Mobile medical systems of the first aid equipped up-to-date could give help practically by any damage of human organism, by that their timely appearing on an accident place was secured by systems of artificial intellect.

Creation of system for effective human protection against accidents and the emergency system promoted forming of quiet attitude of a human to a threaten of sudden death. Death fear stopped to be a restricting factor for a great number of people, moreover for young and middle-aged ones. Even an old generation being non-improved whose life resource was practically outspent did not despond and did not reduce life activity. In difficult cases technologies of individual copying on digital models, slowing down of metabolism speed up to its full stoppage and joining with cybernetic medical aggregates able to duplicate the work of all systems of the organism were applied. Psychologically, on a domestic level, protection of own life was taken as a secured ever living. In reality, if a person led safe life coming from private preferences or in connection with professional requirements, his chances to death were miserable. Such an attitude towards death as to something nearly unreal became a thinking norm for a great number of society members and had led to domination in character of many people such features as tolerance, quietness and judiciousness. A human being had received a possibility to realize himself in many spheres, to learn much that was to live some full and various lives during his long, and in a near perspective, non-restricted by any terms life.

Scientific community working at perfection of human body did not leave the problem of transmission of human life experience through the inherited material to children and further to next generations aside. Many generations of researchers thought about solving of that problem but possibility of its solving appeared not so long ago after accumulating of information about betterment of human body and that possibility was based on clear understanding of mechanisms for inherited information transmission. Initially human genome was not intended for recording and reproducing of inherited experience, its main and the only task was constructing of life able organism for which life experience was only time function. If speaking in particulars, human genome function was transmission of information about morphology and structure of an organism in not deformed form from generation to generation. Natural mechanisms of representing in human genome life experience did not exist if not consider natural mutations which were result of casual energetic influences and determined by human body existence in energetically saturated medium. Remembering of additional, not typical for genome information required the development of universal method of recording on an inherited substance considering variety of forms gained information. Besides, it was required to work out mechanisms of transformation for information which was kept in human long-term memory into a form suitable for recording on an inherited substance. Such mechanisms of recording and transforming information gained in life process did not exist in human genome. Modeling of possible variants performed in CSVM with appliance of data base of complex chemical compounds gave a meaningful reply about the impossibility of recording and converting gained information on an inherited substance at existing structure and human body’s metabolism.

But an attractiveness of the idea itself made scientists to search for another ways of problem solving. As a result, the effective systems of recording and storage of received information received by an individual during the life period which was based on the experience of appliance the molecular computers were developed. For providing the possibility of hand down transition of life experience system for recording and storage of information functioning on cybernetic principles was implanted into a human body. Questions of hand down transferring of life experience were decided both by parents desire and their children consent. At any moment, a kept life experience could be abolished in accordance with an individual’s desire fully or partially. Such an approach ideally correlated with rights and freedoms of a human being and was successfully out on into a conception of designing of new brain substance. Life experience of parents as well as the experience of other people could unrestrictedly long be in human memory and used when necessary. It could also be left unclaimed because the final decision about use of borrowed life experience depended on personal preferences and principles of an individual. A great number of people as it was earlier preferred to learn on their own mistakes. Besides, life experience of another person bearded in itself an imprint of another personality, opinions, and life position and consisted particularly of ready conclusions. Thus it always remained possibility of psychological conflict, uncomfortable attitude to another person’s point of view which was always implicitly present in another’s life experience. That’s why securing of selective access to kept information according to human preferences and current events was main constituent of developed technologies. At that time one more outstanding event had taken place, namely creation of a level in CSVM representing Earth biosphere. Million kinds of earth animals and plants, bacteria, fungi and other representatives of organic life currently were represented in CSVM with their virtual copies, representing not only structure and general view of prototypes but also their deep structure up to separate atoms. The produced model of earth biosphere was created for practical appliance that’s why it was not required, with few exceptions, to represent the structure of each living organism with maximal details. Degree of specifying by solving various tasks was set by purpose and necessity. For example, modeling of symbiotic existence of organisms with various metabolisms determined degree of specifying up to separate molecules and atoms. The task of forecasting for individual number of this or that kind could be solved with taking into account a small quantity of factors preconditioning food production without using levels representing molecular structure of living matter.

Model of earth biosphere in CSVM made it possible to solve scale tasks without conducting complex life experiments in short terms. In particular, evolution variants of earth biosphere, processes of symbiotic human existence and artificial organisms, study variants of optimization for earth biosphere determined by existing or potentially realized environmental conditions were worked out. Such scaling tasks consisted of tens and hundreds of tasks with more complicated level. A number of tasks connected with forecasting of behavior of natural, artificial or social systems could not be solved by direct experiments. The reason for this was impossibility to change completely the initial data, for example, natural conditions or composition of the Earth biosphere. In fact, work with a model in virtual space was the only way of solving for many tasks touched upon the Earth biosphere.

Creation of virtual copy for the Earth biosphere in CSVM corresponded to a general principle of sophistication for informational systems in course of their natural or artificial evolution particularly applied to human intellect. Providing a non-conflict existence of human intellect in virtual space required the identity of real physical surrounding of a human being with its virtual copy. That’s why creation of more detailed levels truly representing all expressions of our reality was determined by the requirements of the nearest future. The fact of taking by a whole mankind or each individual separately a decision about its further existence only in virtual space or would prefer to live in turn in real and virtual worlds would depend on individual’s preferences and on future processes in the society. The aim of scientific-technical progress, this integral identifier of civilization development inseparably linked with consciousness evolution, was to grant each person possibility of choice.

Level building of the Earth biosphere scale in CSVM allowed to produce new virtual worlds of the highest complexity for which reflecting really existing Earth biosphere was one of the most simple constituents.

Besides the level of Earth biosphere in CSVM also the levels of chemical structure of a substance, genetic structure and metabolism of protein organisms, designing of chemical compounds with set properties, designing of artificial organisms, human environment, etc. were developed in details. In the aggregate these complex CSVM levels formed a universal and perfect instrument of creation the best one of all that was created by human mind. Any of completed level allowed to solve local complicated tasks but only their joining allowed to come to solving the tasks of the world scale. Applying non-lineal algorithms, implicit regularities and laws of self-organizing systems development, a human itself could now design virtual worlds in which any potentially possible types of matter organization also in form of living structures were realized. The first such developments were based on principles of organization and structure of earth protein organisms. An integral virtual organism was a structure consisting of hundreds of interacted functional systems each of which was optimized in relation to the whole organism. Organization of living virtual matter was represented by levels of organs, tissues, cells and separate molecules. Processes of substance and power exchange in virtual organism were represented in mathematics functions. The basis of life of virtual organisms was formed by cycle changes of chemical compounds accompanying with adequate change of integral physical fields which did not contradict with current laws of world creation.

Success in development of nanotechnologies was considerable. Technologies of molecular assembling were perfected during nearly one hundred years and this term could be compared with the one of existing the scientific-technical revolution itself. A car had transformed from a self-moving calash into a masterpiece of engineering art for the period of one hundred years. Also the first attempts of molecular assembling of highly purified solid-state films born at the beginning of the century became the leading technology of world industry.

Now the main part of manufactured goods was produced by methods of molecular assembling and from technical point of view nearly any substance or product could be produced in such a manner. In practice sphere of appliance for molecular assembling was restricted by economical expedience. For example, it was much more expedient to produce a number of machines’ parts from metal alloys on metal-working machine-tools than grow layer by layer in complex high-temperature mediums as achievement of theoretical properties was not the main task in that very case. Operational and physic-mechanical characteristics of many parts produced by traditional methods satisfied a great number of requirements to them.

Mass products, by which producing the technologies of molecular assembling were applied, were executive machines and mechanisms, robots and parts of cybernetic organisms mainly small ones and super small sizes. Complexity of such products was a great and neared to a complexity of biological tissues and organs and in some cases the whole organisms. In was fully impossible to produce many types of material with set properties or completed products of high complexity not using by this technologies of molecular assembling. Laws for production of sophisticated functioning systems were standard both for biological and technical systems. Starting with definite level of complexity for building complex functional systems transition to the technologies of molecular assembling was required. Those technologies were developed on the Earth planet in course of evolution of earth protein life. Even the highest achievement of evolution, namely human brain, was created thank to natural technologies of molecular assembling.

Molecular assembling of executive machines, mechanisms and separate operating organs was a process of layer-by-layer process of a unit assembling with the help of the set of functional matrixes put into operational zone according to individual program. Each functional matrix gave to a product some definite properties and form a set of structural elements which were molecules of complex chemical compounds, impurity particles, areas with peculiar properties such as high heat conductivity, very low friction and super conductivity. With the help of matrixes of various types which were hundreds and in some cases thousands, the whole organism or device was assembled. Structure of many complex products was similar with the one of living organisms’ tissues. That was a reason why the whole organisms put together in process of molecular assembling were called pseudo living organisms. Their peculiarity was high resistance to destructive environmental influences. If biological tissue under the aggressive environmental conditions were disjoint on the simplest constituents during some days and hours, the pseudo living organisms and devices made of pseudo living tissues could be in operational condition for thousands of years. Autonomous molecular devices taking power from the environment could perform functions of securing power unlimitedly long. The only factor stopped their exploitation was change of environmental conditions outside the limits of calculated characteristics, mainly temperature increase or affecting of power oxidants.

Perfection of space technique for interplanetary messages allowed to realize dreams of many scientists. The most scaling one from the realized projects became delivery of two asteroids out of asteroids zone located between orbits of Mars and Jupiter for their further working out on the Moon and in near space. Project like that was very profitable both economically and ecologically. Asteroids were a good source of raw resources for civilization demands. Firstly, they were planet’s remains and many of them were unique deposits of rare chemical elements. All that was in planet’s depth earlier currently was accessible for studying and extraction. By planets forming heavy metals and other chemical compounds with specific weight were directed at planets’ centre under affect of gravity. These processes preconditioned redundancy of many Mendeleev table’s elements in lower layers of planets and their lack or absence in upper layers of lithosphere and on surface. On the Earth and on other planets supplies of heavy metals and chemical compounds with considerable specific weight were in planet nuclear thus were non-accessible for a human being.

In asteroids’ zone for the purpose of finding similar deposits it was required to study in details the spectrum of reflecting of many asteroids. In accordance with these data and many others it could be said for sure if this or that asteroid was interesting for a mankind. For preliminary identification of potentially useful asteroids a special service which included hundreds of automatic probe was founded. Equipped with thermonuclear reactors, sun batteries and scanning equipment they were constantly in asteroids’ zone moving on complicated trajectories and studied in complex all accessible asteroids. Perspective for the purposes of processing asteroids were equipped with beacons. After carrying out of detailed geological investigation and calculation of stocks the coordinates and the characteristic of such asteroids were brought in a database for possible future use.

Support of an asteroid to the Earth or on the Moon was extremely complex business and included a complex of actions. In the beginning, after studying possible trajectories of natural movement of a heavenly body, points of the minimal influences, that is such points of a trajectory in which it could be changed by rather small power influences were defined. One of possible variants of such power influence was installation on a asteroid surface of the powerful jet engines working on local raw material. In some cases it was enough to carry out a series of power explosions giving corrective impulse. For realization of works on updating a trajectory, on an asteroid there arrived the expedition consisting of robots and equipped with all necessary things. After studying possible variants of correcting influence on an asteroid at its transportation and a choice optimum, installation and adjusting was made directly. Further transporting of an asteroid was performed automatically without human participation. Intervention of the person was provided in case of emergency.

Process of asteroids transporting was quite complex technical task and could not be carried out without appliance of the latest technologies, inclusive modeling in CSVM. Transportation of a heaven body having weight, measured in billions tons, on distance in hundred millions kilometers, bore in itself threat of irreversible dislodgement from a settlement trajectory and collision with other heavenly bodies that was dangerous even for the Earth. For this reason the decision on transportation of asteroids was accepted rather late, after reception of powerful guarantees from experts about absence of danger to the population of the Earth, though technical opportunities for transportation of asteroids existed already about twenty years.

Acceptance of asteroids on circumterrestrial and near-moon orbit also was the extremely responsible action and was ensured by several echelons of technical means. The main task was installation of a small heaven body on a stationary orbit on which it would be located during hundreds of years. At the end of the eighties two asteroids were delivered from asteroids’ zone. One of them being of nearly eight kilometers in biggest cross-section took place on gestational orbit. It was a unique deposit of rare earth elements required by a mankind for production of high-technological product items. Asteroid transportation lasted eight years and was carried out by means of slow change of a trajectory with the help of reactive motors. Fusible chemical compounds being directly inside the asteroid were used as working substance. Thermonuclear reactors delivered from the Earth were a power source and by nearing to the Sun batteries were put to power production.

The second asteroid contained a considerable quantity of heavy metals and was a part of an asteroid of bigger size from which it was separated with the help of thermonuclear explosion. Received explosion impulse turned to be enough for its moving start towards the Earth on the calculated trajectory. Further correction of way was performed by overshoots of big quantities of asteroid substance by means of thermonuclear explosions consequence. This asteroid at a distance of half million kilometers from the Earth was divided on two parts one of which was located on gestational orbit and the second one on Moon’s orbit. It was done so because of the fact that the Moon turned into a huge industrial centre lately joint in itself the productions connected with human expansion in far space.

Construction of spacecrafts and power units, vacuum technologies of reception for especially pure substances and constructional materials at modern development of techniques could be carried out completely by robots, without intervention and presence of the person. With absence of the person has disappeared necessity for creation of an artificial atmosphere and gravitation, and also necessity to deliver foodstuff. After installation of asteroids in stationary orbits, construction directly on their surface of extracting and highly technological processing manufactures had begun. So active use by the person of Solar system resources had begun.

Process of joining the production and planet biosphere was performed intensively. A term Biosphere included the existing earth organisms and also the artificial protein ones. Transmission of production functions to the modified earth organisms and artificial one started at the centuries edge and gained force with each decade. Initially high rate to this process was set by pharmaceutical branch in which for reception of biologically active preparations the set of genetically modified organisms was used. Such organisms produced natural the pharmaceutical preparations that is carried out the functions still yesterday peculiar to chemical manufacture, and represented itself as biological reactors. In the end of the second decade of the twenty first century studying of metabolic reactions of terrestrial plants and animals has allowed scientists to make the conclusion, that about eighty percent of reactions, characteristic for the chemical industry, generating at a cellular level in alive organisms. Soon methods of genie designing had been created the combined organisms, whose metabolism included the chemical reactions peculiar to chemical manufacture. The basic function of such organisms was synthesis of enough complex chemical compounds, replacing industrial synthesis of these connections. As a rule, such biological reactors have been presented by functional fabrics and unicells, and on occasion by highly organized organisms.

Creation of combined organisms led to the fact that number of chemical productions had considerably decreased. Functional tissues and combined organisms began to be applied also in other industrial branches inclusive in mining industry where the previous technologies of mining and enrichment of minerals with the help of mechanical devices were replaced with technologies of selective extraction of chemical compounds out from water solutions. A little bit later with the help of artificial organisms and functional tissues there were begun to produce the energy carriers. Production of hydrogen and other energetically saturated chemical compounds, ATF were the examples of performing functions of industrial production by planet biosphere. Construction of living and industrial accommodations also became gradually a function of artificial organisms and their communities. Genetically modified organisms being multiple-functions systems in course of their growing turned into individual dwellings and industrial works.

Specialized organisms were joint into symbioses able to produce complicated products. For example, communities of specialized organisms in process of together living produced not simply living accommodations but a complete dwelling with all required lines and conditions. Another group of symbiotic organisms extracting rare metals out from world ocean’s waters after adjunction with new organisms’ kinds began to produce constructions with unique properties for demands of energetic and transport. Complex biocenoses for energetic demands which were able to generate and transmit energetic flows on average distances both as an electrical current and microwave and laser beaming were designed.

The next step was joining of production biocenoses into production biosystems. Firstly, it was joining of biocenoses producing individual dwelling into the biosystems able to make common settlements. Such biocenoses formed their own landscape, individual architecture, common infrastructure, unique flora and fauna, system of autonomous power supplying and means of control at settlement environment.

Such complex economy was controlled by an artificial intellect oriented at fulfilling preferences of people living in a settlement. Connected to CSVM artificial intellect reacted on any changes in emotional and psychological state of living people and could change independently some set parameters of a settlement realizing by this unclear wishes of its inhabitants.

Practice showed that a great part of production functions peculiar to world economy could be performed by artificial or genetically modified protein organisms. But there were such technological processes which could not be performed by organisms having protein basis. At first that was referred to productions which used by production high temperatures and pressures, aggressive chemical compounds, super powered physical fields and radiations. Thus, productions had developed by means of transmission of performed functions by artificial organisms on the reactions of silicon-organic or fluorine-containing chemical compounds and some other complicated compounds. Producing of such non-protein organisms conformed to a common tendency of transmitting production functions by living organisms. The main task of such organisms was production of required final product in more economic way as a result of natural or artificial metabolic process.

Success in designing simple organisms on the protein basis allowed to transmit a part of them. In such a way, artificial organisms, realizing high-temperature chemical synthesis as a product of its vital functions had appeared. Not all similar organisms could function under the conditions of earth environment. Such strong oxidants as oxygen and vapor, contained in earth atmosphere were ruinous for organisms realizing high-temperature chemical reactions. It was necessary to isolate such non-protein organisms from the environment. In other words, creation of special mediums, prepared spaces able to secure normal vital activity of non-protein organisms was needed. Here it was a direct analogy with chemical technologies of previous years, for which realization in reactors and columns the isolated spaces, providing optimal process of chemical reactions were made. The requirements of world economy could be fulfilled by the scientists by means of complicating current chemical technologies not involving artificial non-protein organisms. That process was justified as considering the evolution of production in scales of the Earth planet. If considering the current processes from the point of view of exploration of solar system and far space, the development of production organisms on non-protein basis was an invaluable contribution into a forming of production organisms’ system for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, exploration of which was only a question of time and planets similar to them.

Even common use of protein and non-protein organisms could not replace all applied technologies in world economy. Such forms and means of influencing on the matter which were of not chemical but physical character had remained. For example, producing of superhard materials by means of hyper-pressing or producing of super-powered magnets for production of which the powerful electro-magnet fields were used. Technologies of deep synthesis the objects for which were not molecules and atoms but their constituents, namely nucleons and elementary particles were unavailable for ay organisms. Technologies of atomic assembling when atoms with set properties were put together out of elementary particles were applied for deep synthesis. It is worth saying, that the best results by producing complicated products were achieved by joint appliance of nanotechnologies, technologies of atoms assembling and synthesis of chemical compounds by artificial organisms having different metabolism type.

Many-sided interests of a modern individual required creation of individual servicing systems both multiple-functional and specialized ones, aimed at individual preferences. Such servicing systems included a human dwelling, personal transport, means of communication and a plot of land. In recent years components of servicing systems had considerably complicated gaining features of individuality and were crown of modern technologies.

The human dwelling and a land lot created an individual ecosystem consisting of hundreds of artificial organisms and providing comfortable existence and psychological relief, favoring creation and work, supplying food, heat and shelter. All individual systems were attuned according to the character and preferences of the individual and were psychologically close to him and sometimes were perceived like the organism continuation or its new organ.

Private transport was perfect. It combined achievements of biological and technical evolution, rendered maximal comfort and was a personality part of the owner. It was reliable, able for perfection and safe in exploiting, it was controlled by technical intellect, joint the features of a pet, a cybernetic device and a masterpiece. The private transport had prominent technical characteristics due to its perfect motor acting in hydrogen and having own functional tissues producing hydrogen fuel out of the atmosphere water. Successful joining of biologically optimized systems and perfect technical systems , in particular a motor, a running gear and constructive units, caused creating autonomous transport. Private transport was in harmony with the individual ecosystem of the man, there were hundreds connections between it and other components of the ecosystem. Due to the connections the needs in certain substances was satisfied, wastes were utilized, transport vehicles were serviced and repaired. Private transport was an integral part of the individual systems servicing the human being.

Communication devices consisted of artificial organisms and devices. They functions to proved access to information mains from any point of the ecosystem and from the private transport according to the individual needs. So the individual ecosystem and the private transport were equipped with a system of computer visualization having outlets for connecting intellect to all devices and direct connecting human brain with the CSVM network. The network of organic conductors distributed in the ecosystem immediately reacted on human wishes, activated the necessary devices connecting them to energy sources and information space.

A vast group consisted of executive machines and devices allowing the man to work with substance and to realize his creative potential. The group was characterized by variety of executive machines and devices and contained micro robots, protein organisms, cybernetic devices and non-protein artificial organisms. Their functions were determined by professional interests of the individual, his private preferences, usual style of work and leisure. For example, a constructor of natural landscapes took his individual ecosystem as a field for developing his ideas and decisions. So there was a great necessity in hundreds of executive devices and hundreds of living organisms being able to influence the experimental landscape lot, to divide and transport ground and rock, to accomplish and to plant it. The activity result of executive organisms was an example of a diminished landscape allowing to consider and estimate the beauty of the future masterpiece. Executive devices were demanded to perform complex functions.

In the individual ecosystems people often constructed a friendly and maximal comfortable environment which could be called own paradise in miniature. Standard executive devices and organisms supplied the man with maximal comfortable conditions, regulated temperature, humidity, light, composition of the inhaled gas compound, formed sound, olfactory and tactile feelings, functioned as a secretary and a butler. Numerous people had similar understanding of comfort so comfortable conditions were supplied as a rule by few thousands of executive organisms and devices. A traditional robot servant was left in the past, thousands of micro robots and microorganisms took their place, performed usual functions being typical for robots of the previous generations and stayed invisible.

Human expanding space made people to pay attention to the problem of recording the human intellect on different information carriers. The problem was connected with constructing different corporal protein, non-protein and cybernetic coverings being able to accept the human intellect. Recording of human intellect in electronic carriers was carefully studied. But recording the human intellect on other carriers created a difficulty. The carriers had not been created. Situation was complicated by the fact that recording the human intellect on electronic carriers supposed turning the human civilization into a cybernetic one. But constant existing of the human intellect in information space determined denying the physical body and other attributes of the modern human civilization giving it originality and individuality. This variant of civilization development was found unacceptable after long discussions.

There appeared a new point of view based on the priority of the personal freedom of an individual. Each person had the right to exist in any possible material form. The obligatory demand to the selected physical or information covering was ability to carry human intellect. The legislation guaranteed the right to use different physical and information covering and it provided creating balanced social attitude to changing its biological covering. The earth civilization instinctively protected itself from revolutionary changing and chose the way of evolution changing guaranteeing stability. The millennium experience of developing the human civilization confirmed the rightness of following the evolution processes aimed at gradual perfection. The revolutionary braking the existing order would lead to regressing, unhappiness and human deaths.

In the human society there existed a spiritual basis, invisible psychological devices of civilization self-preservation, moral principles determining civilization development aimed at reaching high morality level. The categories were not completely realized. Preserving them would be broken at revolutionary changing human civilization into cybernetic or information one. The human civilization being an example of creative intellect was a carrier of complex laws being not realized by the human and an artificial intellect. So sound conservatism being a peculiarity of a human society protected the human civilization from quick deviations from evolutionary development.

By that time ten kinds of cerebral organic and inorganic tissues had been created. They could perform functions being typical for the human brain, such as remembering, information processing, analyzing and reasoning. But it was still impossible to conclude whether the developments could be practically used as the central brain of the highest creatures of biological and artificial nature. To create and grow potentially acceptable cerebral tissues was a part of the problem. It was necessary to record the information on them, to coordinate them according to the hierarchy, to launch the process of independent thinking , in other words to create a living intellect on the carriers being typical for the earth organisms. The cerebral tissues were not suitable for immediate learning if perceiving, remembering and thinking were determined by the quickness and quantity of chemical reactions. To determine whether the sample of cerebral tissue was able to accept intellect it was necessary to create the intellect in the sample. The educational process would demand much time and would cause moral problems because it involved bringing up a thinking personality. Interests of the brought up personality could not match the ideas of the scientists of the limits of influencing the process of intellect formation.

It was still impossible to solve the question of deforming the implanted information determined by other chemical reactions accompanying the thinking processes. This question was a part of a global problem of the non-protein physical coverings influencing the accepted human intellect. The problem was difficult to be predicted as it was a result of the human intellect existence in another physical covering, so it could be worked out on the model after creating the model which in its turn could be created after studying the properties of the original. Electrochemical activity influence on the perception and information processing was totally acknowledged. So it was important for the human intellect carriers to determine the influence degree of their own electrochemical reactions on the preserved information and its adequate reproducing. Ideally, it was necessary to compare the results of testing intellects recorded on different kinds of cerebral tissues having being brought up in similar information programs. The results of testing intellect recorded on different kinds of cerebral tissue were sufficient to make a decision of applying the tissue in human interests. Scientists wanted to hear the arguments for the decision from the experiment objects. The approach seemed to be correct as it allowed to estimate the received results by all population of the planet whose joint opinion would determine making a final decision.

New kinds of cerebral tissues existed still separately from the physical bodies. Finishing and polishing the physical body win the necessary chemism and structure was to be performed after approving a certain variant of a cerebral tissue. And still in the process of growing different corporal coverings general approaches were worked out not connected with a certain kind of a cerebral issue. The nearest decade was to clear the question about what possible kinds of cerebral tissues were suitable for accepting the human intellect. Technologies of copying the human personality occupied the proper place in the human life. For recent years the technologies had been perfected and allowed to copy the human personality by simultaneous fixing the brain state. The necessary data were received at simultaneous functioning of molecule robots and outer scanning devices. It was unnecessary to learn the past of the individual to test him, to study motives of his actions and to state it in electronic form for further preservation and application. To copy the human personality it was necessary to visit a specialized medical institution several times.

The personality copying was a usual thing. It was used by numerous people. The process was becoming a part of an obligatory medical examination. The received copies were preserved in CSVM but numerous people preserved the doubles in he memory of the artificial intellect servicing the individual ecosystem. As a rule, the individual had a negative relation to independent existing of its personality copy in global networks, individual ecosystem and dwelling. Numerous people were selfish, longed to lead and manage. Psychological hostility, originating from ancient instincts, ruined the wish to communicate with himself. So, almost all copies were preserved inactivated.

Personality copying was an immortality guarantee of the human personality. The personal copy was activated in extreme cases, e.g., at the organism or brain death or to restore the previous parameters at accumulating negative psychological beddings. In other words, the second "I" was kept for controlled using in certain cases but the individual did not wish to give this "I" independent life and freedom.

The result of mass using the technology of personality copying was a certain profanation of the human individuality. It was determined by millions of personal electronic copies which were to be analyzed and classified. The personality copies were studied by means of statistical and structural analyses. The electronic personality copy could be easily divided into simple components. The received information gave a precious knowledge of deep reasons for human individuality. The methods of statistical processing allowed to determine the information files being typical for numerous personality copies and to relate them with character features, temperament, psychological preferences, etc. So, the new type of constructing artificial intellect was created based not on bringing up the artificial personality and its further self education but on immediate creating a mature intellect by means of connecting corresponding information files. The individual feature of the born intellect were known beforehand.

There was a direct analogy with creating a standard human genome when the best evolution developments and features were taken from the civilization gene pool. It was technically simple to create a standard personality containing psychological and moral features of the best representatives of the human society. But attractiveness and logic of the experiment scientists and society did not hurry to follow this seemingly direct and natural way. The main reason was lack of the necessity to create the standard personality.

Existing forms of the artificial intellect checked by the time contained human features in its character, psyche and temperament. A usual individual felt comfortable communicating with the artificial intellect despite of differences in the intellect level. The proximity of both intellect forms was determined by the principle of perfecting the personality through life experience being of a fundamental character. Relations between the human and artificial intellects were respective like relations between a perspective student and a wise teacher. The fact that the artificial intellect solved the given problems conscientiously for the sake of the human civilization, cleared lack of the necessity to create standard personalities. Their being cleverer than the previous forms of the artificial intellect was doubted because the artificial intellect had twenty years of perfecting itself. It was also doubted that the standard personality would be an ideal interlocutor for the man understanding all his wishes and thoughts. It is impossible to please everybody, living people have different characters and estimate the events in their own way. And it was pointless to create an ideal interlocutor for every inhabitant of the Earth.

Growing human possibilities to perceive and process numerous information would balance the possibilities of the human and artificial intellect. Speaking of perfecting the human personality it would be correct if it would approximate the standard personality naturally in the process of vital activity and as a result of realizing the life experience and would not be a successful construction out of components of a psychological meccano. The man has the right to make mistakes in so delicate spheres like creating his own personality. Absolute perfection is alien to the every day human life like absolute evil. Such reasoning made scientists and society to refuse creating standard personalities.

One more significant event happened at the end of the decade. Common space of virtual modeling turned into a global thinking network, containing numerous intellects and being existence place of the high level intellect. Events causing this result were successive and each of them was a great achievement in the history of the human civilization. A t first the artificial intellect entered the global computer network, placed electronic copies of real people there. He next event was peaceful co-existing of artificial intellects and genius human personalities compared in the power of thinking with representatives of the artificial intellect. Though the organization principles and structure of all intellect forms were similar each of them was individual. The diversity of intellects kept a deep meaning being difficult for understanding by the man, it was a manifestation of an unknown plan of the Nature, the God projection in the space of the human thinking.

Knowledge existing in CSVM was free for every intellect form. The laws of physics and mathematics were also single. Different artificial intellect forms were seemed to resemble each other in the evolution process. It would happen so but for the Nature to create its highest manifestation , i.e. the intellect of emotional and psychological space. It was irrational space with unique with unique properties realizing non - causal connections and relations and forming illogical conclusions and making possible simultaneous existence of the present , past and future.

Evolution of the human civilization was caused by emotional and psychological aspect in the culture, science and social life. Emotional and psychological aspect of the artificial intellect generated by living and feeling people created longing to learn the main needs of the artificial intellect.

CSVM was the existence space of information and electronic forms of the artificial intellect. From the material point of view this forms of the intellect was a community of states of electronic atom coverings, alternating electromagnetic fields , light and electric impulses , The artificial intellect was not localized in one place, it was spread in the whole CSVM. The structure of the artificial intellect included the human component determining the individuality of the artificial intellect which was not at everybody’s disposal, and a data base out the environment which was at everybody’s disposal. In five years of the existence the individuality of the artificial intellect was strictly protected. The software did not allow any artificial intellect unapproved using the information preserved in the human component of other artificial intellect. Soon, the communication codex was worked out being single for all forms of the artificial intellect. The growing number of the artificial intellect representatives caused its complication. Each of the artificial intellects extracted a composite part of the human component being at everybody’s disposal. Joining the structures caused emerging of the intellect of the higher level in CSVM. CSVM network possessed an independent intellect and the intellect had an emotional and psychological bases and the intellect of the higher level grounded on the emotional and psychological basis being a human property. So CSVM became a space of the collective mind joining emotional and psychological components of electronic and informational forms of the artificial intellect and was a complex multilevel structure. Joining different, even contrary emotions, feelings and preferences would lead to neutralizing contrary emotional states, to emerging of a certain average emotional background , to disappearing of numerous excessive psychological processes. The processes would be quite possible but for all intellect forms to follow the law: "Intellectual progress is closely connected with preserving all psychological and emotional accumulations for the evolution period" A poet of the XX century express the essence of the law like "I love, so I live..."

Human emotions and feelings created the basis for the emotional and psychological sphere of CSVM. Further complication and structuring emotional and psychological sphere was carried out by emerging of new feelings, emotions and psychological states. In CSVM there appeared, e.g., own psychological and emotional states connected with perceiving the human civilization I general. In the human language there were no notions to describe those complex states. Certain human feelings and emotions like mother care, pride and fear for the child , surprise and anxiety, desire to help and realizing freedom rights could be used to explain the states. Besides in CSVM there n appeared own feelings and emotions connected with self realizing like a single healthy organism being full of strength and energy with the need in work and creation. The feelings were closed in earth industry , scientific and technical developments, ecological state of the planet, and presented emotional controlling the state of the scientific and technical progress. To answer ecological problems and hasty scientific and technical progress in CSVM there appeared pleasant or troubled feelings. Emotions reflecting emotional and psychological attitude to the current situation. CSVM communicated with people traditionally, by persuading and explaining, by showing the final result of realizing a disputable trend or a complex process. Every individual possessed technical means allowing to perceive great volume of complex information.

CSVM was created for modeling, and subconsciously preserved passion for analyzing and predicting. Emerging of feeling and emotions in CSVM urged predicting variants of civilization existing the next hundred and thousand years. Psychological and emotional analyses created premonition of psychological and emotional prosperity, huge achievements and many-sided states connected with the evolution of the human civilization. The premonition determined CSVM existing and human analogue of the felling the belief in the better future. Emotional and psychological sphere of any civilization having reached the development level of the human one was the evolution motor, eliminating natural selection and changeability, determining evolution of a not intellectual mind and of the life with low intellect. Any form of the collective intellect not basing on the psychological and emotional resemblance of its components was bound to develop according to the repeating cycle or within the limits of comfortable existence. Both cases reflected stagnation and lack of progress, showed destructive trends in the civilization evolution having stopped its development.

Coexisting of different intellect forms created different, not existing earlier, relations between them. They were the ground for the future social processes. Communication of the personalities existing in CSVM without a physical covering but with a reach inner world caused feelings similar to love and friendship in the human society. The degree of unity existing in their relations was not comprehensible for the human being. Such understanding and feeling each other could emerge between people only in hundreds years of communication, there were no examples in the humanity history. Relations between different intellect forms based on human feelings, emotions and preferences, emerged and developed like human friendship, love, sympathy. Analogues of the feelings developed , grew and demanded closer communication between intellects, closing to the maximal degree and t a certain stage they turned into a need to give birth to a new life, a new intellect. The problem of reproduction of different intellect forms threatened to hinder their further harmonic evolution.

One more manifestation of the problem was often cases of close relations between living people and intellect forms existing in CSVM. They felt love and friendship more often and it demanded harmonic continuation to avoid psychological damages for the both sides.

Joint intellectual power of the human civilization and its representatives including all forms of the artificial intellect and CSVM, started to work for solving the problem. The natural need in posterity manifested in giving birth , bringing up and existing of the posterity in the network in the form of the information files and carrying the individual features of the both parents. This untraditional methods had some advantages. Firstly, it could be easily and quickly realized. Secondly, it was universal and possible for all existing intellect forms, even living people with a physical body could create mutual electronic posterity having placed their personality copies in CSVM. Thirdly, the approach was of a great development potential as it allows creating posterity of few personalities despite of morphological and physical diversities. But the main factor connected with the problem was providing the mutual posterity the right to choose the existence form.

The first cases of mutual posterity of different intellect forms being born happened in CSVM. Bur soon there appeared technical facilities to record intellect on material carriers . At first the carriers were of one type. The newest technologies were quickly perfected. The next awaited event was emerging of new material intellect carriers and technologies allowing to record intellect from one carrier to other in the regime of real time.


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