Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



[1] The first decade
[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
[6] The sixth decade
[7] The seventh decade
[8] The eighth decade
[9] The ninth decade
[10] The tenth decade

Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The fourth decade (2030-2040)

The emergence of computers with power of one milliard Teraflops. Exponential increase of CSVM possibilities. Creation of CSVM level, reflecting many metabolic reactions of the human organism. Completion of a program "The human protein". Database creation for all proteins, synthesized by human organism. Researching of differences in people genome, which determined the metabolic reactions niceties. Understanding of mechanisms for human organism morphogenesis. Limit for human specific longevity. Creation of new improved functioning proteins. Ethical problems of multi species human society. Molecular robot-doctor. Perspectives of cybernetics application in human organism. Growing of human organs from germinal cells in vitro. Computer interactive simulation of the developmental process for the human embryo. Computer simulation of metabolism processes for some animals. Improving of agricultural animals and plants thanks to artificial genes application. Methods of migration prevention for artificial genes. Application of improved and artificial microorganisms. Designing of new foodstuffs types. Start-up of process for human improving as species. Secret creation of improved humans with artificial genes. Growing of improved (sample) human organs in vitro. Replacement of some genes by sample genes directly in human organism cells. Database systematization of computer models for chemical compounds. Designing of chemical compounds with predetermined qualities and molecular design. Discovery of stable hypercomplex molecules class. Functioning principles of catalytic matrixes. Molecular assembling of organic substances. Integration of chemistry and biology in common science. New theories of chemical compounds evolution. Databank creation for all known chemical reactions. Application of low-temperature chemical reactions. Replacement of big chemical productions for small one. Chemical productions displacement into World ocean. New technologies for industrial and household waste recovery. Autonomous energy resources which use the environmental resources. Understanding of mechanisms and principles for human brain work. Correction of mental human state by means of molecular robots. Input of picturesque information, omitting eyesight, into the human brain. Possibility of human brain optimization by technical means. Advent of artificial mechanical intelligence. Perfection of visualization computer systems. Reducing of world wars threat. Usage of micro robots in military science. Dismissal of many military specialists from the army for uselessness.

In this decade there was happened an event which had greatly effect for the following course of the scientific and technical progress and for the earth civilization choice of the further development trends. As a result of quantitative changes in development of the main industrial branches the computers came into existence which used the subcritical processors from the "computer" substance wherein the storage elements were the molecular switchers and quantum effects. Each such computer was with computational capability of one milliard Teraflops. So powerful machines were in demand among the military departments, scientific organizations, private research laboratories. The existent considerable demand for powerful computational systems was satisfied to a great extent during ten years. About ten thousands computers were produced and sold at world market within this time period.

The spasmodic increasing of earth science and technique possibilities was the result of the great quantity powerful computers emergence. Somehow all at once the time came near whereof the scientists of many generations dreamt, when the majority of emerged practical and theoretical tasks could be solved in real time mode. Computation possibilities, which arrested imagination, provided impetus for the accelerated development of "common sphere of virtual modeling", wherein more often and in a larger range there were made the calculations, research and design works at computer models of various complexity. Field observations and work with tangible objects more and more were substituted by the work with virtual copies and models of these objects. The fourth decade was passed just under the sign of exponential CSVM possibilities growth.

The first result of new computational capabilities practical application was the creation of CSVM level, reflecting almost all metabolic reactions of the human organism.

This level represented both ways of separate biochemical reactions and ways of features realization, beginning with their recording in definite genome places, and mechanisms of interaction of biochemical reactions and properties determining properties and functions of special cells, tissues and organs. Primarily, at the first years of making CSVM, information at this level was presented as structural chemical forms, equations and genetics' symbols. Gradually, forms of information reflection acquired more complicated character. Structural formulas were replaced with space models of spatial chemical molecules arrangement having several degrees of specification, beginning from the simplest presentation as active centers and finishing by complex models considering form of electronic casing and quantum effects. Chemical and biochemical reactions presented earlier as an equation, imaged now by interaction of space models participating in them chemical compounds which entered into the reaction in virtual space changing its properties depending on set physics-chemical parameters.

Sophisticated interactions, as transformation of information in genes' group into the definite organism characteristic, were reflected by single sublevels of CSVM. All information on different CSVM levels and sublevels was interacted in such a manner to reflect maximal near the reality the metabolic processes of human organism

It is worth noting that the CSVM level reflecting the metabolic reactions of human body was quite heterogeneous in its studying and specification of its compounds. Such a situation was caused by different degree of interest from the side of science to these or those organs, systems and human body characteristics and also due to different material and technical foundation of scientific institutions. Volume of information, describing the modeling object, also influenced the specification level. To the end of the decade this very CSVM level contained information about space arrangement of about million protein molecules and about mechanisms for performance of such quantity of the most important biochemical reactions. In the nearest future on the basis of this CSVM level creation of complete computer model of functioning human organism was awaited. By that time it had already complex structure with vertical relations indicating hierarchical relations and also horizontal ones, showing current interactions of millions of compounds. By this the greater part of them was already presented with high specification degree.

To the end of the decade the forty-years studying program of human protein molecules came to its end. For that time space structure of about one million various proteins, synthesized in human organism, and also some hundreds of protein molecules of animals and plants were studied. Mechanisms of human organism functioning, as perfected biochemical machine became fully understandable. In process of evolution the biological life possessed the ability to perform life functions and fulfill organism requirements through creation of own multiple function instrument, namely protein molecules. The greater parts of such molecules were both in human organism and in organisms of other representatives of the earth biosphere that evidently demonstrated the origin unity of life on the Earth. Many protein molecules mainly determining the non-fundamental for organism surviving functions and features had individual differences, presence of which demonstrated such evolution side as alterability. Among such individual proteins there were very interesting findings useful for future human body improvement.

Individual definitive distinctions in human body can be divided into three types. Positive features allowed an individual to arise higher the statistics average indexes and the same time the negative ones cease human life potential. Neutral individual properties which did not bring any considerable changes in organism functioning existed. Individual identifying features in living organism were finally identified by differences in protein molecules structures and by characteristics of metabolic reactions. That's why serious attention of specialists was concentrated on searching differences in protein molecules structures and metabolic reactions performing the same or similar functions. The result of specialists work was forming protein molecules database which were synthesized in human body.

Structural differences of protein molecules, both existing in the Nature and theoretically possible variants, were taken into consideration.

Database was a little bit simplified as it contained physical and chemical characteristics but not space virtual models of protein molecules. It was explained by the fact, that the role of active centre and other parts of protein molecule by performing metabolic reactions were incommensurable by their meaning. That's why in many cases information about the structure of protein molecule secondary parts could be missed without any considerable damage. Besides there was not a necessity to reflect as complex computer models all those millions of partially different proteins which were produced by mankind genes fond, by this the useful findings were only a small percent of huge number of protein molecules. Thus in practice, the most different technologies, narrowing the range of possible objects of studying up to a little quantity of really perspective protein molecules on which the specialists attention was concentrated, were realized. Decoding of structure and mechanisms for synthesis of perspective protein molecules was very important for metabolism betterment both for newborns and aged organisms.

At the same time insufficiently effective metabolic reactions, protein molecules in their unfortunate variations unsteadily performing their functions and also non-perfective genes and their groups, were studying. Scientists' attention was focused on those components of the whole life process of human organism which artificially understated human natural potential.

Gradually mechanisms of coding the inherited information in human genome as well as mechanisms of realization of this information in space and time specifying age stages in human body development became clear and understandable in the whole. Mechanisms of human organism forming were studied especially detailed. This very knowledge sphere included the inherited information specifying the development of cells, tissues and organs of human being, their spatial sizes and forms beginning with the moment of ovum fertilization and finishing by emerging the irreversible aged changes. The received knowledge promoted posing of understandable and clear tasks and aims before the science, technique and industry, and, what was the most important, accepted by mankind.

At the first time for the period of civilization existence, basing on knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology laws, the reasonable and reliable answer for the question about kind's duration of human life was received. Life term of middle statistics human being living in healthy ecological surrounding was determined as nearly one hundred fifty years. By this, duration of adult able-bodied period did not exceed ninety years that if the last third of human life was an old age period. Such peculiarity was conditioned by evolutionary laws aimed at kind continuation and its survival but not at life saving. On the level on the whole human organism it was expressed by many abnormalities in functioning of systems and organs after reproductive period.

Such news had upset many people accustomed to power of science and technique. At the same time the strongest stimulus to change the natural restrictions determining human life duration and to change with this the ways of evolution of earth civilization had appeared. Approaches existed earlier and some developments as for increasing not only life period but also life activity and human youth time had received the second breath.

The main efforts of scientists were aimed at functions regeneration of prematurely aged human organs and at metabolic processes controlling. The main principle of recovery was the immediate aging of any dangerous changes and disturbances in human organism with the help of researches of nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. In other words as soon as in human organism the first signs of aging were appearing, they were immediately identified; cause of aging changes was determined and necessary changes were made in human body such as organ transplanting, activation of definite tissues or neutralization for harmful products of genetic program or genes themselves. Such an approach was tested in practice for the last decades and characterized by stable positive results. Distant consequences of constant correcting interference into human body were not quite clear and could be checked only with time passing though possibility of negative influence was scanty.

But the proposed recovery principle suited most people as it did not contradict the logics of traditional medicine with its accustomed surgery and remedy treatment methods.

Understanding of fact of human life duration as natural biological function identified by organism structure, made many people to reconsider their opinions on their own organisms as on God's creature which could be perfected artificially. Numerous scientific and public discussions on the theme if it was necessary to improve human being if this was allowed by existing technologies, had not led to common opinion. The cause for this was the fact of differences in mentality, religious beliefs, traditions, living standards and technologies level historically appeared in different countries. Earth society in general was afraid of the fact that a human being would be the same after artificial change of his organism. Even theoretical possibility of change of mentality and human world perception influenced greatly on some impressionable people. Still the progress can not be stopped by desire of some society segment. It is in strengths of a single will or big catastrophe. But nothing of the kind was broadcasted in the future of human civilization. That's why high technologies got additional development impulse and was determined by new civilization requirements. More intensively were developed the technologies aimed at betterment of genetic programs of human body and systems of his life supporting and also the technologies purposed at changing of metabolism type of human being and producing new sense organs and additional functional systems.

The base for realization of set tasks was virtual designing and further producing in practice of new functional proteins able to fit the existing human metabolism process without any considerable changes of the organism itself. Creation of new functional proteins would lead not only to great life prolongation of each individual but also to extension of limits for human kind spreading on the Earth, in Sun system and in far space. Such kind of work was carried out in many scientific institutions during the last twenty years and now all accumulated theoretical knowledge began successfully embody in material form. Tens of thousands of proteins produced by human body underwent strict checking. Existing parameter limits, in which protein molecules realized optimally their functions and also critical indices of these parameters by which protein molecules functioning was enough or fully stopped, were determined by researchers. At the same time effectiveness of protein molecules performance in really existed conditions of inside medium of human body was analyzed. Thus, some thousands of various proteins functioning not effectively were identified and the theoretical necessity of their improvement was proved in figures. Artificial protein molecules with improved properties were necessary for such improvement or in some cases it was necessary to change local parameters of human body inner medium. In both variants of interference into human organism it was needed to avoid worsening of organism functioning in general.

In general case, interference into human body metabolism was expressed in acceleration or slowing down biochemical reactions, changing of temperature rate in functional cells and concentration in them some chemical compounds. Finally, numerous changes of metabolic reactions of human body were to provide stable its functioning in unfavorable environmental conditions. Thousands of possible not great improvements had to lead in practice to new quality emerging and to create new possibilities of human body. A perfected human being, as it was awaited, would feel more comfortable in wide temperature range, to accelerate and slow down by desire his metabolism process, to neutralize effectively pathogenic organisms and toxic chemical substances, to have quicker reaction and impressive physical possibilities.

New protein molecules which were candidates for replacing ones for natural proteins of human body were developed and synthesized quickly enough. Some of them performed the required functions better and more effective, the other ones were worth than natural proteins passed the evolution selection. On this stage some difficulties appeared mainly of ethics reason which timely stopped intensive scientific researches as for betterment of human organism.

Occurrence of these difficulties has been predetermined by the law of development of quantitative changes into new quality. Small quantities of artificial protein molecules could be entered into existing human metabolism without being shown thus morphologically. However replacement of a plenty of natural protein molecules in a human body was shown with a new quality. Morphological features of a person, its general view and inner structure were changed. By replacement of more than two tens proteins these properties became visually noticeable, and by using of hundreds of artificial proteins the improved people became similar to representatives of other humanoid race. Change of some hundreds of proteins led to complete otherness of the improved individual with an ordinary one. Similar were only the most common features such as tread, sizes, skeleton structure and some others. By this, an earth society realized that the process of human being improvement was unavoidable.

There were no objections regarding the public statement that in the nearest tens of years hundreds of improved people kinds having this or that set of properties would live on the earth. Differences between them would be less considerable that the ones between the representatives of the existing races. If to all this one could add the broadcasting change of ethics and moral values, it became clear that the earth civilization was on the edge of serious ethics and psychological transformations which required tolerance and kindness from the mankind. Unfortunately neither one feature no another were never peculiar to earth civilization pretty much. That's why for further conflict-free forward moving it was necessary to work out the legislative mechanisms which would compensate lack of tolerance and kindness in large of all human activity.

That was the reason why the researches aimed at betterment of a human being as a kind were stopped. Before moving forward to multi-kind society it required time for thinking, discussions, overvaluation of the existed values system and forming common opinion, for the mankind. Ethics constituent of stopping the researches on human being improvement was burdened with one more demonstration of scientific-technical progress namely by more often application in living organism some cybernetic devices which also changed morphological features of an individual and could influence on his morals and ethics in unpredictable manner.

In short terms, nearly two years, this problem was legally regulated. The World declaration of the human rights was complemented by the human right for free choice of own appearance and inner structure and also by the right for appliance in organism the cybernetic devices and artificial organs by obligatory undamaging by human's own actions to another people. Many countries had also coordinated their domestic legislation considering new human rights with international norms. By the end of the decade there were no serious legislative and ethics obstacles on the way to further perfection of human organism. In fact, "green street" was opened for further transformation of human society into multiple kind one. In another words, human civilization has finally chosen the way of controlled and at the same time unrestrained evolution in any non-aggressive demonstration.

Also in these years in sphere of medicine and health caring there also were some considerable achievements which allowed to speak surely about the next stage of increasing human life duration. At the interface of high technologies a molecular doctor-robot able to function unrestrictedly long inside the human body was created. Such a doctor-robot was fit with power microprocessor, had big memory capacity and could independently processed the incoming real information also analyze it and give current recommendations. In cases of emergency interferences, in acute conditions or accidents, a doctor-robot could conduct itself non complicated surgery operations inside the human body.

Doctor-robot's structure was strictly functional. Inner and outer surfaces were covered with protein tissue recognizable by immune system of an organism. Special protein tissue was fit with hundreds of protein molecules performing functions of sensors and analyzers and was interfused by network of nerve endings which were connected with microprocessor. Its energetic demands a doctor-robot fulfilled with the help of energetic reactions, typical of human body. Tooling of such doctor-robot had also contained some executive mechanisms able to perform definite actions on the principles of mechanical, chemical and biochemical effect on an operated body.

Controlling and analytic functions were constantly performed at locomotion in human body together with blood circulation. A doctor-robot was freely moving in blood and lymphatic systems of human body. Thus, it recorded the data about inner medium parameters, tracked the tendencies in homeostasis changes and informed about emerging problems a big medical computer or directly a human being.

In very complicated cases, for example, when a person had a number of diseases, some doctor-robots were inserted into his organism each having narrow specialization. The main function of molecular doctor-robot was prevention of acute long-lasting diseases, intoxications, stresses and hormonal problems. By this, individual organism's peculiarities, personal preferences up to patient's profession were taken into account. A person having such diagnostician and surgeon in organism was ninety-five percent insured against death in an accident, because of heart attack, apoplexy, abrupt refusal of life important organs.

A great popularity among planet inhabitants and colossal demand on doctor-robots had led to the fact that technologies of their production gained a burst development. This field had received huge investments. Each living human being on the earth dreamed and desired to live long and with active life. A perspective to add to one's living term some tens of years by means of painless inserting into an organism a mini device fitted a great number of people. A consequence of high interest of planet population to their own health was quick development of other highly-technological spheres, particularly the robot building, molecule assembling, computer modeling, etc.

Together with current processes, society attitude towards practice of human body improvement with cybernetic devices had changed. Controlling and at the same time unrestricted evolution on which way the earth evolution stood, dictated its requirements as to human improvement. An individual of future would never be sick, physiological and metabolic reactions of its organism would ever be optimal and well-balanced. Feeling of comfort in such an individual would save in wide range of environmental conditions. The key factors defining its life ability would be energetic capability and self-sufficiency. Multilateral process of human improvement would avoidlessly concern morphological features and structure of human physical body.

What mental mechanism of a human being concern, his emotions and feelings, moral and ethical principles thus human mentality would become more balanced, stable and strong with gaining new physical opportunities. On this basis new feelings and emotions not existing earlier would favorably influence the development of the whole human society in general. This evolution process of psychological sphere of the human being was offered for considering by scientists-forecasters as the most probable. At all its centuries-long depravation, a mankind had finally acted right even if that was the first stage on the way of correction the mistakes. With growing of earth civilization welfare that expressed in solving the problems of feeding, health caring, ecology in increasing the level of intellectual development, a great number of deep reasons of social rebellions and discontent had disappeared. General level of moral stability of the society had increased. Assurance of each individual and the whole society in secured and wealthy future would lead to morality strengthening but not to destructive tendencies.

Extension of human opportunities in not far future, which is cardinal one, can not be performed only by means of changing of human biochemistry even if speaking about the replacement of carbonic base of life with another one. The necessary condition is a usage of cybernetic devices in human organism or, saying in other words, human cyborgization. Differences in values of physical parameters determining the basis of cybernetic and carbonic, as well as any other chemical form of life make tens and thousands times. Rapidity, thoroughness and reliability of cybernetic devices if value their possibilities emotionless, has made them preferable by human improvement in compare with biological tissues and organs. But before human civilization become a cybernetic one, in case such necessity will save up to that time, a continuous period of existing human representatives having different biochemical, biological and cybernetic improvements and their combinations, is unavoidable. Coming of such period in mankind's history is predetermined by human's desire to live with an interest and to do more. As a matter of fact, joint coexistence has not in itself any danger if this process will be continuous enough in time thus human's tolerance will reach gradually its maximal point. If consider this question from philosophic point of view, a mankind which was primarily divided into races and nations, was always coexistent. History of earth civilization is a history of coexistence of antagonistic social and national groups with various, in most cases opposite, views on many sides of life.

At the same period of time the experiments on growing out the individual germinal cells of integral organs which became a result of many-years cooperation of physicians, geneticians, chemists and pharmaceutics, were finished. It was known long ago that germinal cells, which presented in all tissues of human body, as specially prepared by Nature, had unique properties. Special cells of various types which would be put in basis of the renewed tissues and organs could be grown out of any germinal cell. Such theoretical possibility for its practical embodiment required an overcoming of considerable difficulties. For realization of genetic program which is contained in germinal cell DNA, evolution has worked complex biochemical mechanisms. This program was always realized as part of the whole living organism in natural conditions. The task of singling out from millions of interacted metabolic reactions of thousand and tens of thousands reactions, identifying definite case of growing tissues and organs, then their realization out of organism and by this not to loose in quality, was very difficult. Still this task was successfully solved. For its solving new biotechnologies with the help of which tens of thousands kinds of special protein molecules and thousands of other chemical compounds were performed, have to be created. By this the priority was given to synthesis of chemical compounds peculiar to human body.

One more problem which was the basis of rejuvenation technologies for human body was the problem of purposeful awakening of germinal cells being in human organism. The desired result was seen in producing new tissues and organs directly in human body for changing the damaged or failing in work ones. Processes of producing new organs and processes of utilization of the old ones were performed in human body without any surgeon interference, with the help of metabolic reactions and methods of genes' engineering.

The significant achievement in sphere of human body modeling became a development of computer model which reflected the process of development of human embryo. This model enveloped the period from the moment of confluence of two gametes up to the birth of healthy baby and imaged step-by-step consequence of genetic program development put in zygote and also mechanisms of its realization. The model was made without any specification and contained information about interactions and co-influence of main constituents of the process, presented as cause-effect chains "gene - protein - property" and "gene - protein - reaction". More detailed information, for example, about space structure of protein molecules and peculiarities of biochemical reactions was missing.

Such simplification allowed to underline the main thing leaving the secondary ones without paying attention and thus favored the forming of interactive model imaging the process of human embryo development. Simplification of computer model by saving its authenticity favored its statement as a sophisticated mathematics function. Set sequence of nucleotides as set of initial parameters, preset individual properties and peculiarities of the model of formed human body that was the main task of modeling. Changing of initial parameters led to organizing virtual human body with changed properties. Such model was useful and necessary instrument for studying mechanisms of realization of genetic information. As quantity of decoded human genomes has reached the number of one hundred thousand, material for perfection of computer model was in full quantity. Actually, at model designing scientists took as initial data the decoded human genomes that gave opportunity to compare final results of computer modeling with real set of properties. Model work in interactive mode at which the individual features of human genome were converted in visible features, provided good opportunity for studying causes of consecutive interrelations, correlations and more complicated relations in human body.

Besides database of decoded human genomes there was more valuable information, namely decoded sequences of nucleotides in fertilized ovum and in cells of embryos of various development stages out of which twins would be born. Its value was preconditioned by the fact, that organism of twins in its development followed the same genetic program and any data recordering the state of interrupted program in one of the twins, was the unique material collected by small portions all over the world, allowed to adjust accurately the computer model by means of duplication of well-known processes for inherited information realization. Process of development of living baby out of zygote, by definite initial and final parameters could follow the only way. Repetition of this way in interactive model was the fact of understanding the correctness of our vision for mechanisms and working principles of human genome.

On the same model possible variants of human body development by means of using various natural nucleotides' consequences were worked. The results of modeling proved the fact, that replacement of considerable number of genomes in zygote by another ones having bigger life strength was theoretically possible and was to lead to the birth of more lifeable organism. Parallel the critical limits of human genome parameters were identified by which a virtual newborn was not able to live. This work was conducted with the purpose of specifying the earlier existed knowledge about living limits of people with defective genes.

Together with studying of human genome mystery scientists studied in details all processes of vital activity and safety typical for various kinds of earth fauna. Researchers dealing with metabolism of rare and agricultural animals that was organisms with outstanding features, constantly enriched the knowledge bank with new information. In course of researching works hundreds of local computer models representing separate metabolic processes in some animals, fishes and insects' kinds were developed. Studying of metabolism peculiarities in animals was of great practical value for human body improvement as it was very attractive for an individual to possess some abilities and opportunities typical of animals. On the long way of evolution of protein life form, accustoming to changing conditions of living, had developed a great number of original mechanisms of survival. Representatives of the earth biosphere primarily having the only one genetic code, gained in process of evolution the individual distinctive features which helped them to take natural niches thank to narrow specialization. By this the genetic code itself hadn't changed or otherwise the basis of all earth life remained unchanged. Hundreds of thousands of specialized biochemical reactions and millions of various proteins which were a result of evolutionary selection and adaptability were realized on the common basis of universal genetic code.

Existence of universal genetic code eased greatly scientists' task. It could be surely said, that human body improvement up to definite limits could be performed on the basis of genetic material of the earth organisms without artificial genes being used. Evolutional findings, allowing a living on the Earth to occupy all natural niches, were simply the optimal combinations of protein molecules and biochemical reactions. Their mass studying made possible to collect the necessary parameters and conduct a deep analysis aimed at identification of evolutional appropriateness of the biological life on the Earth. The analysis had led to interesting results. The first one was the fact that the number of animal organisms' kinds which could be realized on the basis of universal genetic code was great enough and exceeded greatly the number of kinds existing on the planet. Variety of organisms is determined by combinations of environmental natural conditions and by natural mutations. The important conclusion was the understanding of the fact that on the basis of human genome any evolutional findings realized by other organisms thus an individual could be improved by means of appliance of natural genes, proteins and biochemical reactions typical of other earth organisms could be duplicated. The third conclusion was about the statement that there was a firm relation between natural conditions of the Erath and existing genetic code. The consequence of this was a necessity of changing a genetic human code by colonization of other planets with other natural conditions with another chemical composition.

In process of the analysis the initial set of genes which in course of evolution had born the existing variety of living forms on the Erath was distinguished. This analytic finding made it possible to build in the nearest future the interactive computer model representing the process of evolution of protein life on our planet.

The first valuable artificial genes developed for betterment of agricultural plants and animals have appeared at the same period of time. They were not the artificial analogues of natural genes at the producing of which scientists were working by development of the technologies of gene's engineering at the beginning of the twenty-first century. They were quite new genes for earth biosphere which had no analogues in genotype of earthy animals and plants. The unicity of these biochemical constructions having in them new genetic programs for existing organisms was in the fact that they not only identified new properties but also blended with existing metabolic processes and genetic mechanisms.

The difficulties by combination of artificial and natural genes for their overcoming required more than three decades of hard work of different specialists. As a result, scientists have finally implanted the first artificial gene into the living cell DNA and grew a viable organism with new features. By this the by-biochemical reactions and protein interactions were lacking.

More significant event, from the practical point of view, was creation of artificial genes for betterment of agricultural plants, namely allowing them to perform the process of photosynthesis using infra-red or heat beaming. Mass appliance of improved agricultural plants broadened sphere of their amplification up to zones with temperature of some degrees above zero centigrade and shortened terms of growing thank to continuous process of photosynthesis. The improved plants were able to grow and fruit in absolute darkness using energy of heat beaming of environment up to the temperature of some degreed above zero centigrade. Further expansion of temperature range in field of low temperatures required non-existing in nature metabolic reactions, chemical compounds and organic solvents instead of water.

Several kinds of artificial genes for perfecting agricultural animals were developed and produced. Appliance of such artificial genes intensified one useful feature earlier typical of living organism. For example, for animals being producers of food products, strengthening of existing immune system was undesirable. For this purpose the artificial genes hardening immune systems of animals were designed. In practice, the improved animal had not any diseases, was not a bearer of pathogen microbes and viruses and did not accumulate in its organism hard metals and toxic compounds. Such animals were antecessors of producers of individual food stuff for perfected individuals of future.

Practical use of artificial genes required development of reliable protective systems obstructing the migration of these genes from inherited material of improved organisms in genomes of other animals and plants. A number of means for this purpose were developed. The main one was the mean of quick destruction of artificial genes out of the improved organism. Artificial genes being complex chemical compounds were designed in such a way to perform calculative functions in narrow range of physical and chemical parameters. Such parameters existed inside the non-damaged cells, healthy tissues and organs. Artificial genes could realize their programs directly in conditions of inner-cell medium. Any parameters deviation from optimal conditions of inner-cell medium inclusively artificial genes outlet into the environment automatically led to destruction of it in components which did not bear any inherited information and harmless from the point of view of mutagenic activity. Thus, possibility of saving of oneness and activity of artificial genes was excluded fully by the smallest deviation of medium parameters from optimal conditions. Genetic artificial material long before the moment when it neared to genetic natural material of another organism stopped being such and transformed into the set of chemical compounds.

Another mean obstructing transition of artificial genes from one organism to another was their complicated structure. Artificial genes which were actually parts of DNA molecule, except natural alternate elements, namely rest of phosphoric acid and desoxiribose contained additional chemical compounds in big quantities. Such compounds performed functions of controlling system obstructing reading out the inherited information by foreign to definite organism mechanisms. In practice it meant that if artificial gene entered somehow into foreign one and even took place in DNA molecule of another organism the inherited and working information recorded in artificial gene could not be read out and realize. Processing of information from DNA molecule carried out by complex molecules at their first contact with controlling systems of artificial genes would be interrupted and they become an inert chemical compound not bearing the inherited information. The disadvantage of this mean was the necessity of use of complex artificial molecules together with artificial ones, processing information from DNA molecules.

Use of artificial genes for improvement of animals and plants was complex and multiple-aspects process. The case was easier with improvement of microorganisms by means of artificial genes input in their genetic apparatus. Thank to their simpler structure comparing with live and vegetable organisms and prompt result visible some hours later after experiment begin; microorganisms were optimal objects for development of genetic theories. A great number of artificial genes were added to microorganisms just for scientific purposes. But microorganisms making up part of earth biosphere and performing many useful functions in industry and agriculture of the planet were the key objects for improvement.

Scientific researches in microbiology led to appearing first some and then hundreds of microorganisms kinds perfected by natural genes. There was practically no activity in which they did not play a considerable role. For example, in agriculture the improved microorganisms regenerated fertility of soil optimizing their structure and chemical composition, stored moisture and microelements in form which is suitable for appliance by higher plants, destructed pathogenic micro flora, extracted fertilizers out of environment and independently produced the organic ones. Many kinds of improved soil microorganisms were used for performing environmental programs. Their function was the accelerated decomposition of organic and non-organic compounds inclusive toxins, pesticides, carbonyl, nitrogen, etc, on safe components. Big variety of soils and natural conditions existing on the earth required big variety of microorganisms designed for improvement of various types of soils and forming optimal chemical surrounding by growing of useful plants.

Great quantity of tasks, solved by means of improved and artificial microorganisms usage, required creation of new and new their species. For example, energy intensive and cost-based technologies for mining operations could be successfully replaced by biotechnologies based on specialized microorganisms application. Such microorganisms were created. Combined into vast colonies, they extracted successfully metallic oxides and salts directly from pulverized ore as well as mineralized underground waters, liquid factory waste and sea water. Extracting factories processed mineral raw materials as microorganisms, performed their functions on accumulation of mineral resources inside them, were. In other words there was happened the significant technological hitch for ideal technologies of mining operations. Now mining operations process was realized by the less cost-based method, by processing of renewable nature resources, with minimal human part and without ecological consequences for natural environment.

Creation of specialized microorganisms for the purpose of ecological purification for earlier polluted parts of the planet was perspective and intensively developing tendency. For years of uncontrolled scientific and technological process mankind paid by numerous waste deposits, used mines and open-casts piles, intoxicated reservoirs and polluted soil. The scales of technogenic pollutions were so vast that for their complete liquidation it was required to modify the world economy structure up to specialized branches creation, if view the solving of the environment pollution problem by traditional methods. However the same problem could be solved by means of specialized microorganisms which destroyed accumulated chemical compounds into safety for environment components.

More perspective way of technogenic pollutions liquidation was selective elution of harmful and hazardous chemical substances from the accumulation places by means of artificial microorganisms. After such biological extraction concentrated chemical compounds were used as valuable secondary raw material. Inasmuch as industrial and domestic dumps contained the great number of different chemical substances, then for effective processing of their contents there were required full microorganisms communities, numbering hundreds of different germs species. The disposal sites, populated by different species of improved and artificial microorganisms, in point of fact, were mixed biocenoses, wherein natural and artificial microorganisms neighbored. It was yet possible to qualify them as chemical-biological reactors, wherein chemical and metabolic reactions took place simultaneously. Chemical compounds variety, contained in disposal sites, as well as possibility of uncontrolled chemical reactions realization increased the occurrence probability for new microorganisms species and strains, which could be hazardous for people. Therefore under designing of artificial microorganisms for the waste neutralization the special attention was given to protection of artificial hereditary material against spontaneous distribution and time limitation for special microorganisms existence.

To this effect it was applied the principle, borrowed from Nature, according to which the duration of cell existence and functioning was determined by fixed quantity of cell divisions. Biotechnologists, carrying out microorganisms inoculation in disposal sites, could calculate with mathematical exactness their necessary quantity for execution of assigned task in neutralization of harmful and hazardous chemical substances and when this work would be executed. In its turn genie engineers designed and grew necessary community of microorganisms with programmed survival. After assigned task execution all used microorganisms died, and genetic material was broken down to safety components in the moment of carrier organism death.

The researches, aimed to new foodstuffs creation, was intensively developing. At the same time special attention was given to foodstuffs creation with additional positive qualities as well as products of individual purposes type. And if the second tendency was still the point of the near future, then new foodstuffs with additional qualities could considerably effect for medicine and pharmaceutics already today. The new concept of human invigoration and treatment by means of foodstuffs with additional qualities had being gained popularity all over the world.

Really it is required several times per day for the human to feed organism with nutrients for vital process support. For organism prophylaxis and invigoration, for metabolic processes support at optimal level it was also necessary for the human to consume the certain chemical compounds. In either case human organism needed chemical compounds intake for vital processes support up to the mark. It was arisen on its own conclusion about the necessity to consolidate chemical compounds of different assignment together into pleasant and usual foodstuffs form, able to supply simultaneously the nutrients and medical preparations for human organism. Much of medical preparations surely had prophylactic purpose and prevented the great number of diseases and organism ageing.

By all its naturalness (initially the great number of food substance had prophylactic and medicinal properties) and apparent simplicity this concept touched upon the evolution of many scientific trends. In order to combine together food and medicines, at the same time kept the flavor of new product and useful properties of its components, it was possible to go towards the medicines isolation from human taste sensors for food intake period. This variant of foods use with imperceptible for consumption medicinal additives wasn't innovation and varied little from traditional separate food and medicines intake. More natural and perspective was method when food was cooked from products of natural origin, which included additional prophylactic and medical substances besides traditional proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For that it was required to create genetically modified plant and animal organisms, producing such prophylactic and medical substances. At the same time it was to be remembered that the main task was manufacturing of food products but not designing of biological reactors for pharmaceutics preparations manufacturing. Traditional human nutrition based on consumption of various food products, moreover the list of necessary prophylactic substances and drugs for the human in different life periods was quite considerable. Therefore to accomplish a task it was required to design and create more than hundred species of genetically modified, including by artificial genes, plant and animal organisms able to meet the demand of society in new food products. Creation of complex organisms with artificial genes in such quantity, at that able to reproduce, was the problem, being beyond the scope of existing technologies possibilities. Therefore many theoretical elaborations as for joint biological synthesis of nutritious, energy, medicinal and biologically active substances, as well as artificial genes designing, which programmed such synthesis, mainly were in the form of computer models at this stage of technologies development.

But there were practically realized some brilliant theoretical projects for biologically active preparations, producing by genetically modified plant organisms. For this plants genome was modified by natural genes of traditional producers of biologically active preparations such as ginseng, magnolia-vine, golden root and others.

The achievements in many branches of science and technique created prerequisites for human practical improving. At general background of universal organisms usage, modified by artificial genes, the questions of human improving seemed just the matters of time. Strictly speaking the process of human organism improving was realizing as early as several decades. The first steps in this direction there were operations on defective genes correction, carrying out under hereditary diseases treatment. Just on this experimental material there were polished the methods of selective effect for certain genes directly in living cells of the human organism. The change, depression and activation of separate genes and genes groups were among such methods of effect. Received knowledge were later used in technologies of human lifetime increasing by blood glands functions renewal as well as for functions renewal of other vital organs directly in human organism. The cumulative information was also used under technologies development for organs controllable growth out of human organism.

All previous attempts of human improving were directed to improving of concrete individual organism. In the fourth decade there were appeared technical potentialities for human improving as species with following inheritance of improved features. New technologies based on complete study of mechanisms for genetic information realization and inheritance. The genes mass replacement both in human gametal cells and in fertilized ovum had become technically practicable. Such replacement was possible either for separate genes or for the whole groups of genes. If speak simplistically, the technologies for human genome improving based on simple replacement of standard nature genes for the other. Long before the used genes extracted from storage for practical application, their behavior in processes of hereditary information realization and the expected result of application were simulated at corresponding levels of CSVM. By all entanglements, accompanying mass genes replacement, the probability of positive result under considerable human genes modification was high and reached up to ninety percents.

Beginning of practical human improving as species was opening stunning perspectives for new generation. It became possible to collect together the best of mankind gene pool, selected by evolution within millions years and scattered among races, nationalities and individuals, and endowed with this valuable gift every newborn. Naturally, selecting appropriate sample features, parents of the future child realized their own wishes and preferences. In the view of the earth civilization further evolution of mankind gene pool must be qualitatively improved within the nearest decades. Even without appliance of artificial genes there would be the age increase, health promotion, increase of human intellectual and physical potential. There were some apprehensions concerning the similarity of improved humans, but they dissipated soon after serious social researches conducting. The differences in criteria conception of beauty, health, intellect, moral qualities will inevitably lead to coming into being of dissimilar individuals. The elimination of previously existent ethical and technical difficulties in the way of human improving as species at the end of the fourth decade led to coming into being of several thousands infants with improved and in number of cases with sample gene pattern. And this became the beginning of the process for human improving as species. And if official apparent part of experiments on human genome, including the improved infant birth, was carried out with society approval and carried creative features, then practice of secrete human genome improving with by no means good intentions gained momentum.

State as over-social structure, acting in many respects not in conformity with the morality laws, but according to primitive laws of jungles, in the name of special services proceeded to growth of improved substances, soldiers, highly tailored professionals. And this process was conducting in many countries of the world, majority of which it was customary to name the developed. In these countries there were created the absolute biological machines for special operations on basis of human organism in security-guarded laboratories and scientific centers. Now they had the aspect of inoffensive infants who in the near future would turn into ruthless and devoid of doubts professionals of special services. It is evident that preferences under selection of qualities and features for improved soldiers were somewhat different than under qualities and features selection, conducting by parents for their own children. The official science didn't use yet for human improving the artificial genes partially for apprehensions to receive the dreadful result and thereby to stop as a whole the progressive process of human improving, partially of ethical motives. In spite of the fact that under artificial genes test, including suitable for human organism improving, there were received hopeful results, practically there were no specialists who called to test they on themselves and their children.

At the same time researches, not burdened by morals requirements, applied in secrete scientific laboratories received results without any restrictions, executing the order for creation of specialized human organism with hypertrophied possibilities. In those world countries, where the modified by artificial genes human organism was created under seal of secrecy, summarily there were realized about hundred of such attempts during the decade. Not all attempts of modified human organism growth were unsuccessful. By the end of the decade in the world there were about two dozens of children, whose metabolic reactions differed from the ordinary human and were programmed by artificial genes. Necessary qualities, which human organism, improved by artificial genes, must be possessed from the viewpoint of military and special services, were the increased stability to effect of high radiation, toxic substances, biological weapons as well as the ability to function with considerable physical damage.

Strictly saying, the possession of such features was desirable for any human in everyday life, especially for experts of many dangerous professions, as increased the individual viability. The main obstacle for human organism improving process intensification by means of artificial genes appliance was inevitable modification of human appearance and internal constitution.

Human attitude to reality was initially conservative, usual circumference seemed to be optimal condition and revolutionary changes premature and unnecessary to him. There is a great sense in this, orienting to keep the achievements on the way of evolution. Attitude of the whole community to reality is doubly conservative. Hence there is the constant contradiction between existing science possibilities and attitude of the community to their practical realization. Eventually many of offered by scientists variants is carrying out but time-lagged in dozens years. This process is objective and specified by rate of changes for ethical and moral views of the whole community.

In the whole the human improving by natural genes was conceived favorably by the community, though in many respects this tolerance based on invariability of appearance and internal constitution of human organism. Artificial genes application for human improving must be inevitably led to modification of human appearance and internal constitution, that was unusual and unacceptable yet in view of traditional morality and ethics. That was the main reason for suspension of human genome improving process by artificial genes.

By all it incompatibility with ethical and moral norms of community the secrete practice of human improving also had the positive aspect, laid in receiving of new knowledge, which it was impossible to receive by other ways. Scientists, who realized secrete experiments on human genome modification by means of artificial genes application and carried out the growth of improved humans in practice, were expected by condemnation and indignation, and received by them knowledge inspired respect of professionals.

Generally speaking there was starting a new stage in civilization development, during which the existing human society would be transformed in society, combining various biological carriers of human intellect. Those thousands infants who inherited maximal possibilities and improved (sometimes even sample) genome from civilization, received also the possibility to live at lot more saturated energetic level, that predetermined higher level of thinking and creative work and following modification of ethics and morality. Even without preventive intervention into organism their age was forecasted in 120-150 years with duration of active able-to-work phase about hundred years. Duration of life time and constant being in society of similar to them will promote the individual personal increase up to state of wisdom, that is in itself the sufficient condition to avoid the tragic mistakes and unforeseen dangers in process of human society evolution.

The range of possible human organism modifications was wide from existent organs improving up to growth of new one, from correction of some metabolic reactions up to creation of practically undying organism, based on non-protein metabolism. The most serious attention was paid to the questions of organism improving for already living people taking into account the differences in age, individual organism peculiar properties, habits and professional requirements. Growing of improved human by means of artificial genes insertion in gametal cells DNA was the matter which required vast knowledge and relative simple technologies, inasmuch as under such approach the overwhelming part of the work was executed by natural mechanisms peculiar to the human. But the improving of formed human organism, consisting of billions and billions differentiated cells, was the matter of more higher orders. The technologies for regeneration of worn organs lost functions directly in living organism, basing on preparations purpose-oriented supply for genes work normalization simultaneously in great number of cells, could regenerate cells activity and breathed a new life into aging organs. It didn't seem possible to add new functions or cardinally change the existing functions. The differentiated cell lost forever that flexibility and adaptability which were peculiar to it at early stages of development. In other words to change it specialization in functioning organism and began to realize new functions the differentiated cell wasn't able as distinct from available in every organism embryonic cells.

That's why the physicians and gerontologists practiced the other approach. There was grown the new organ from taken of the grown man embryonic cell out of organism, which then was transplanted to the patient, replacing the defective one or organ which had lost its functions. At first stage of new organ growing process the genetic material of the embryonic cell was improved by sample genes adding and non-optimum genes removal. The further growing of the entire organ was carrying out according to polished during decades technologies. Such approach allowed to replace the separate organs in grown man organism, which lost their functions, with improved organs able to conduct efficiently the imposed for them tasks. Replacement of one or several weak units in complex hierarchic relations of human organism with more strong, optimally functioning units caused the permanent normalizing effect in the whole organism. The rest of human organism organs and systems improved and partially recovered their functions as comparing with emerged leader.

By grown man organism improving in practice it became sufficiently often possible to recover the functions of worn organs and tissues without their replacement. Sometimes it was enough massive effect for specialized cells of one type, performing the narrow functions, for example producing any hormone, enzyme, etc. By such effect there was realized the replacement of natural genes responsible for concrete hormone, enzyme or other substance synthesis with sample genes at that simultaneously in all specialized cells. Such operations were realized with the help of purposeful supply means of new generation. At the same time sample genes were supplied directly to the DNA part, containing the defective genes that required replacement. To provide health-care institutions with means of purposeful supply, including individual orders, the whole industry, represented by hundreds of specialized enterprises, worked to produce them.

In the time period under review vast database of chemical compounds computer models had already existed. Quantity of such models verged towards ten millions, and though this was a drop in the ocean comparing with quantity of possible chemical substances compounds, the most significant components of protein life and earth technologies mainly was already represented by computer models. Database included, but should not be limited to approximately two millions of computer protein compounds models, represented by separate level in CSVM. Computer models of chemical compounds were created according to common standards and represented space distribution of substance and atoms and molecules energy, stated at most exactly on the assumption of physical laws. Common standards of chemical compounds description as individual space distribution of substance and energy, determining the substance chemical qualities, allowed to narrow down the calculation of chemical reactions products to solution of mathematical equations. Solution of equation system, whose complexity and quantity were set by number of atoms in initial chemical compounds, was resulting distribution of substance and energy in space, representing nothing else but mathematical description of new chemical compound. Based on common standards, computer programs in automatic mode waking or sleeping analyzed possible combinations of available computer models, created models of new chemical compounds, systemized them by various features and criteria and informed chemical experts about the most interesting finds.

In further the systemized chemical compounds, more properly their computer models, were under scrupulous investigation, there were defined more exactly their space structure and dependence of qualities on physical-chemical environmental parameters. In case of interest demonstration to new chemical compound and after more accurate definition of this compound qualities at computer model there was developing the technological process of it receiving in material substantial form. After actual receiving of new compound the further researches were conducted on wildlife objects with purpose to exclude adverse effect to biosphere of planet. Annually there were created millions of new chemical compounds, that's why the questions of biological safety had become more actual and required more then ever scrupulous complete researches of all new chemical compounds.

Thanks to database intensive usage it was a success in raising of designing technologies for chemical compounds with tailor-made properties to the new level. Firstly, there was conducted molecules systematization by their qualities in chemical compounds database, that allowed not to design blindly new, but to take as a basis already available and approved chemical compounds. Secondly, new software allowed to calculate by chemical compounds predetermined qualities the spare distribution of substance and design molecule energy. Thereby the design problem was taking mathematical form. It was required to inscribe in already calculated materially-energetic shell of unknown molecule the molecule itself with unknown structure and composition, which would be the generator of such materially-energetic shell. Such approach was universal both for inorganic compounds molecules design and for protein molecules design. Single difference was in increased terms, needed for calculation of protein molecules computer models, as compared with design of relatively simple inorganic molecules.

Intensive development of virtual design technologies for substances with predetermined qualities revived the idea of molecular design. Hereunder term it was understood the final development of designing molecule spare structure up to state, maximally insuring the predetermined qualities. Under such development there were considered the laws of microcosm uncertainty, quantum effects and other physical effects. Moreover equal materially-energetic shell could be created by different chemical compounds molecules, and vice versa, a great number of materially-energetic shells could be realized by spare changes in parts arrangement of complex molecule with many degrees of freedom. All these details were considered by molecular design experts, who elaborated the chemical compound molecule up to the best possible fit with predetermined qualities. It was possible to say that by means of software there was realized the enlarged preselection of molecules-pretenders, and further perfection of designed molecule was conducted by molecular designers on basis of calculation, experience and intuition.

Early or late the design of chemical compounds with predetermined qualities should to be concluded with creation of models for all potentially realizable chemical compounds. At that way scientists were waited by wonderful discoveries and many of them were discovered in the forth decade. In particular, there were revised fully formed views on molecules with supercomplex structure as for unstable short-living chemical compounds. Also there was changed the conception about protein life as form of organization of matter, optimal for existing Earth natural environment. Theoretical calculations showed that there was vast class of supercomplex molecules with unique stability, protected splendidly from energetic effects thank to high energy storage qualities. Thank to their qualities uniqueness they were the best candidates for multi-stage synthesis processes realizing or in other words they were a good base for artificial life forms design. Moreover they could be used for recoding and storage of large amounts of information, including storage and transfer of hereditary information. Potentially possible forms of artificial life, based on new supercomplex molecules class, could use as energy source not only energy of substance chemical bonds, but an energy of physical fields and radiation.

The technologies for molecular assembling of substance with predetermined qualities were continuing to improve. This found expression in emergence of specialized technologies set, focused on producing of construction, building, everyday and special materials ample quantity. The expansion of sphere for appliance of materials with improved qualities was rapid and by the end of the decade the overwhelming majority of main units and accessories for industry, transport and life was manufacturing by molecular assembling method. The tendencies of the further material perfection, which were applied in technique and technologies, were the usage of superpure chemical compounds with ideal crystal structure, the usage of complex alloys and compositional mixtures. A matter of the near future was the manufacturing of structured materials with separated functions - the peculiar pseudo living analogues of biological tissues and organs, able to become the base for materials of new generation.

Successfully recommended catalytic matrixes themselves were traditionally applied in technologies of molecular assembling. Irrespective of whether there was conducted the gaseous, liquid-phase or alloy extraction of chemical compounds molecules, the technologies of catalytic matrixes had similarity on all occasions. Structure and composition of collected material were set by structure and type of catalytic matrix. Space structure of collected substance was set by sequence of appliance and work time of different catalytic matrixes. At any time there were supplied necessary components into assembling zone and removed substances, survived their usefulness.

In general molecular assembling was conducted in the following way. In a certain medium, containing necessary for assembling components and with optimal physical parameters, there was placed the catalytic matrix (matrixes), able to move by predetermined trajectory over assembling surface. The assembling surface was the first layer of the future material, deposited on inert support by any known method and with optimal structure for further atoms and molecules joining. The heart of the technologies was in that catalytic matrix, coming nearer to the assembling surface in the presence of necessary components nearby (atoms, ions, molecules) extracted necessary component out of actuating medium and joined it to strictly defined place in the layer of collecting material. So, moving over assembling surface by predetermined trajectory, the catalytic matrix realized layer-by-layer assembling of material with predetermined composition. In case when the next substance layer had distinct chemical composition or structure from collected substance layer, there was used other, corresponding to new requirements catalytic matrix for its assembling. Replacement of one catalytic matrix for the other was realized by its dead true registration with datum points of assembling surface.

Such technologies were universal and had good prospects for wide appliance. By theoretical method of molecular assembling it was possible to assemble substance of any complexity including substance, repeating living tissue structure. However such technologies couldn't be applied for molecular assembling of biological living tissues inasmuch as living tissues structure unit was the cell - formation which couldn't be characterized only by spare arrangement of substance molecules and atoms. At any rate this seemed to be impossible under existing level of knowledge and technologies.

At practice many elementary acts of molecules and atoms joining to assembling surface couldn't be realized properly. The reason was in impossibility to provide exclusive interaction of molecules and atoms because of various hindrances presence, that reflected upon the quality of collected substance with predetermined qualities. The majority of such hindrances were eliminated by technological process debugging. However some of them had fundamental character and were the result of uncertainty principle. As a consequence there always was probability of energies imbalance by chemical reaction realizing. That was expressed in sudden atom or molecule loss or acquisition of some energy quantity in reaction local universe. As a rule such quantity of energy was enough for emergence of failures in the process of substance molecular assembling. At macrolevel such failures were become apparent by quality spread of separate atoms and molecules as compared with theoretical data.

Also in chemistry of organic synthesis in more large scales there was applied molecular assembling of organic substances, realizing at catalytic matrixes. In general new technologies were applied to receive chemical compounds of improved purity, utilizable as raw materials for the further synthesis. In restrained terms, for example by synthesis of polymers with predetermined qualities, special attention was paid to forming of polymers chains of definite structure and to strictly definite arrangement of complex molecules into volumetric substances. In such a way there were manufactured the commercial quantity of high quality catalysts and enzymes. The usage of changeable catalyst matrixes allowed in the same workspace, at the same equipment to conduct serial assembling of various organic compounds under minimal consumption of energetic and material resources. Especially efficiently molecular assembling technologies worked by production of organic compounds with simple structure.

In a short space of time on the basis of molecular assembling technologies there was organized commercialization of amino acids with improved purity, which were applied in food industry, pharmaceutics, agriculture and many other fields. Assimilating of amino acids molecular assembling, including those which were not a part of the earth organisms, gave the impulse to development and perfection of other latest technologies. Individual foodstuffs designing, new proteins creation for human organism improving, complex chemical compounds creation able to become the base for artificial life, intended for Solar System and deep space planets development were among them. In increasing frequency the problems, which mankind posed for itself and which traditionally were solved in limits of separate scientific disciplines, required the partnership of great number of sciences, joined in common instrument, for their solving. Especially if spoken about problems which were focused on creation of substance with predetermined qualities. Historical fission of substance into living and nonliving stipulated the rise and separate existence of two fundamental scientists - chemistry and biology. Rapid development of genetics, using equally effective knowledge of both disciplines, showed that chemistry and biology learnt common process of nonliving matter evolution to intelligent matter, at that each of sciences occupied its own niche in cognitive process. The possibility of virtual design for complex chemical compounds with predetermined qualities finally erased the distinction between biological objects (big organic molecules) and chemistry objects (molecules with different degree of complexity). There was finished the process of chemistry biologization, the science of more high level, learning principles and ways of substance evolution, armed with bold theories and latest tools, had arisen in place of two previous sciences.

One of the existing bold theories insisted that into any region of space, where there was a stable circulation of substance and energy, it could be inscribed the sequence of chemical reactions which formed their own cycle of substance and energy exchange. Certainly there were known physical restrictions, which were determined by minimal quantities, concentrations, energies and distances. These restrictions didn't change main points, but only defined the limits for this theory application.

Another theory allowed the possibility of sequences creation for chemical reactions able to launch evolution process of surrounding substance to more complex matter organization forms in environment, characterizing by set of some initial parameters. Main consequence of this theory was principal possibility of artificial life and reason creation. One more main consequence was the conclusion about variety of life forms in the Cosmos. In practice it meant that on some celestial bodies of Solar System it was possible to launch stable chemical reactions sequences which didn't require further human intervention. In the near future with their help it would be possible to change natural environment on some planets, for example the atmosphere composition, mineralogical composition of superficial rock, environment temperature, and in distant prospect it was possible to expect germination of new life forms and independent evolution processes.

New theories hastened the creation of database for all chemical reactions, realized experimentally or calculated theoretically at that point of time. Special attention was paid to chemical-physical environment parameters by which reactions under review were proceeding in optimal way. Chemical reactions classification by conditions of their optimal proceeding and potential physical mediums classification by possibility for realizing of one or another reactions in them allowed to simplify the designing of stable chemical reactions sequences. Using classifiers it was possible to advance from specified parameters of environment to possible chemical reactions.

Calculations, which were conducted at real material (there were specified natural environment of Venus), led to revelation of some stable chemical reactions sequences able to change the planet climate enough quickly. Under one of scenario there were delivered complex chemical compounds to the planet surface, which were able under high temperatures and pressures to fix the atmosphere carbon dioxide with chemical elements, contained in superficial rocks. In addition these complex chemical compounds could replicate during long time period, using surrounding chemical elements and chemical reactions products for these. Thereby the process of atmosphere carbon dioxide fixing was obtaining long-term self-supporting character. According to the second scenario there was disseminated inorganic substance in planet atmosphere, promoting to formation of carbonic fibers unlimited growth from carbonic gas with their fall-out to the surface of Venus. Practical realizing of any variant allowed to decrease the greenhouse effect due to atmosphere carbon gas fixing and decrease temperature of planet surface. In the context of last theoretical concepts there were calculated some low-temperature chemical reactions, which according to previous theories couldn't be realized in principle. Specialized chemical compounds became resource of missing energy in cases, when chemical reaction was theoretically considered unrealizable because of chemical bonds low energy in reacting compounds molecules. Such compounds accumulated environment low-grade energy and kept it in the form of high-energy chemical bonds. The supply of this energy could be spent for realizing of chemical compounds synthesis under low temperatures.

New possibilities gave rise to new chemical technologies, allowing to synthesize many substances under more low temperatures than in case of traditional technologies appliance. It is true that process of synthesis had become discontinuous as included phase of low-grade energy accumulation and its transfer into energy of high energy chemical bonds as well as phase of further purposeful usage. Lower temperature range, by which at present it was possible to realize many reactions of synthesis, had sunk up to sixty degrees centigrade below zero, it is true that at the same time the output of useful product was little. Nevertheless chemical synthesis realizing under low temperatures led to look otherwise at traditional cold climatic zones and high-mountains. Nutrients synthesis, realizing under low temperatures, could lead to realization of many fantastic plans, starting from creation of agricultural industry in the most severe places of the Earth and finishing by complex biocenose designing for Mars and some Jupiter's satellites settlement.

Creation of new technologies, basing on optimal chemical reactions, promoted the closure of big chemical productions. To ensure necessary quantity of chemical products output there were creating small environmentally safe productions, brought nearer to consumer and producing at once several kinds of chemical production.

Requirements to such industries of such type were the strictest. They were to be all-sufficient in sense of providing energy and raw-materials and also not to be harmful for environment and as being waste products of main-line production produce only useful or neutral chemical compounds. Plenty of chemical products of mass demand could be produced of resources available in any place around the planet. Efforts of engineers and technicians were aimed at development and foundation of small chemical production lines of various specializations. Creation of such productions had fully solved the problem of chemical and heat pollution of environment.

Some chemical products were produced on the base of the most complicated chemical compounds, production of which was very difficult task itself. In such cases the key factor by choosing the area for small chemical production was the nearness to the producer of raw resources. Many of big chemical productions were located close to natural raw resources that led to ecological damage for that very area. In order to eliminate the treat of environmental pollution in places of resources extraction it was required to find out another source. World ocean with its inexhaustible and renewable supplies of raw was quite right for such role. Presence of practically all chemical elements in waters of the world ocean made possible to produce in theory the synthesis of any chemical compound. By that time the technologies of selective extraction of chemical compounds out of water solutions which were the important element by chemical products production were considerably developed.

Engineering opportunities of civilization were quite big. Mankind was in the position to construct in short terms chemical productions able to function both on water surface and in its column up to big depths. Correspondently speaking, such productions began to be built in several countries at once. Energetic demands of such productions, as it was supposed, would be paid off owing to environmental and sun energy and also to energy of hydrogen combustion. Scientists and technicians had carried out the selection of technological processes and chemical reactions which suits for realization in conditions of the world ocean. Some tens of acceptable for these conditions of technical processes were developed quickly enough and the first experimental chemical products were got. The detailed analysis of all aspects of chemical products production in waters of the world ocean allowed to distinguish one important advantage. For performing chemical reactions requiring big pressures it was only to sink the whole production into the needed depth and not to use additional energy on producing and maintenance of required pressure with the help of technical facilities. In such a manner it was possible to regulate the operation pressure in wide range from some units up to many hundreds atmospheres. Such possibility gifted by the Nature and used by the human being promised a considerable economical effect.

At the time when scientists and engineers were detailed working out all aspects of mass transferring of chemical productions in the world ocean already operating technologies of extraction of chemical elements and their compounds out of sea water had achieved perfection. It was not the point of complex extraction of chemical raw materials out of sea water but it was a point of extraction for definite chemical elements out of it. Such task was solved both by means of special chemical compounds selectively joining the definite chemical elements and by appliance of artificial microorganisms and algae selectively accumulating in themselves the chemical elements and compounds. As for the volume of extraction of some chemical elements the new technologies were on the first place in the world among other ones. Tendency for extraction of more variety of chemical elements out of sea water was distinctly observed. That very tendency was accompanied by mass transfer of chemical enterprises into the world ocean.

Perfection of technologies for selective extraction of chemical compounds out of sea water gave the development impulse to the technologies of deep purification of liquid domestic and production wastes. The theoretical basis in both cases was just the same and practically the same was also the applied equipment. Per se those were two sides of one and the same process. But in case of liquid wastes purifying it was required to solve more complicated tasks and that fact was connected with bigger variety of their chemical composition.

Sequences of chemical reactions were developed and chemical compounds able to work in stringent terms were designed for the purpose of extraction the useful chemical products out of liquid wastes. For extraction of useful chemical products out of liquid wastes the chemical reactions sequences were developed, the chemical compounds able to work in hard conditions were designed. Parallel the tasks of utilization of corresponding substances were solving. For this purpose various chemical reactions, in some cases oriented on molecules joining, in other cases oriented on their destruction or oxidation, were used. If full utilization of all components being in liquid wastes was foreseen in that very case they were finally decomposed by sequent chemical reactions on simple constituents.

Genetically changed the simplest organisms and also specially developed microorganisms played an important role in utilization technologies. Artificial microorganisms could simultaneously utilize some various chemical compounds. Thousands of domestic and industrial dumps all over the world were full of artificial and modified microorganisms produced for the purpose of sterilization of the definite group of chemical compounds. Months later a part of wastes turned into simple and not dangerous for human being substances. After new inspection and defining the structure and composition of changed wastes the new microorganisms' cultures were used for further sterilization. In difficult cases by radioactive and heavy toxic pollutions the molecular robots were used. These mechanisms had executive organs possessing catalytic or sorption selective effect. After performing their task the molecular robots could be easily gathered for further utilization or be destructed by natural conditions.

Fundamental peculiar thing about human being was always unconscious or instinctive and then conscious attempt to personal freedom and independence. This essential feature of human psychology in course of earth civilization evolution influenced greatly on science and technique development. Correspondently, the achievements of science and technique were firstly oriented on satisfaction of this very human requirement. Products of science-technical progress gave each person separately or the whole society the opportunity to gain definite material, informational and energetic independence.

In considering period of time the satisfaction of human requirements became the main task of scientific-technical progress. Private capital did not stand aside from this process but invested huge sums of money in these or those branches of science and industry which developed the technology of autonomous and independent existence of separate individuals and social groups. One of the main spheres of investing was creation of autonomous energetic sources able to use the environmental energy. By this, the achievements in fields of chemical designing, gene's engineering and technologies of molecular assembling were actively used.

Effective practical appliance of complicated molecules and artificial microorganisms with set properties promoted the development of new types of autonomous energetic facilities of various power rating. As an external energy source these units could use the environmental heat, energy of substance chemical relations and also the energy of physical fields. Specially produced chemical compounds allowed stable performance of about two tens of energy-accumulating reactions by which the low-potential heat environmental energy, various radiations of low intensiveness were absorbed and also the energy of environmental chemical relations was used. The individual energetic unit which was completed with working substance (it could be a colony of specially grown microorganisms or the ordered space of molecules with set properties) was intended for definite operation conditions. Possibility of individual selection of special chemical compounds favored the realization of optimal, from the point of view of economics and ecology, energetic transformations of natural resources into the form, suitable for further usage. Let's consider some examples of successful transformation for natural energetic resources into electric one in places of human living.

Farming economies gained energetic independence after creation of perfected reactors, transforming the energy of chemical relations of any organic substances into the energy of chemical relations of methane and hydrogen. Further transformation of combustible gases into electrical or heat energy was performed as required.

Used reactors were closed tanks full of colonies of artificial and genetically modified microorganisms. In reactors of such type it was possible to overwork any organic substance. For supplying the electric energy to sea farming economies it was used the difference of air and water temperatures, concentrations drop of chemical compounds in water and in energetic unit and also the transformation of sea biomass into the combustible gases. Particularly effective were the energetic units in which physical effective technical achievements, artificial chemical compounds and microorganisms were parallel used. Energetic units produced pure electrical energy surplus of which was used for producing hydrogen and other energy-accumulating compounds in store.

To the end of the decade new understanding of the principles for working mechanisms of the human brain had come. Missing information was received after the analysis of data gathered by molecular robots by studying the human brain. Milliards of indexes showing different parameters of the human brain, their interactions, dependability of external impacts were put into one inconsistent model explaining the organization and mechanisms of work of the human brain. In many scientific institutions of the world more than hundreds of computer models with this or that accuracy degree and reflecting the functioning of different parts of the human brain were developed and constructed. Developing of these local models and their joining into universal human brain model required some more years of tense work. Still absence of common human brain model was compensated by availability of local models which allowed to solve successfully a number of practical tasks.

New knowledge gave a way to a plenty of possible practical appendices, beginning from the extension of human creative abilities and finishing with designing of new emotions and feelings. The most fantastic things became quite theoretically possible for now. In real life, as usual, it required time and self-restrain for gradual acquaintance to new opportunities and their adaptation. Computer analysis discovered much new and earlier unknown in human brain functioning. It became clear, that the huge reserves were in the human brain and in what way they could be disclosed and used in every day life. Openness for the most people became the fact of individuality of emotional sphere structure of each person, its peculiarity and originality. Biochemical and physical processes occurring in the human brain which predetermined kindness, geniality, aggressiveness, egoism, love and other feelings and emotions peculiar to an individual became clear and understandable. Human being became more understandable for another human beings and this comprehension had come through the understanding of unique complexity of human personality.

Tweaking of thinking and feeling processes to the close person, interlocutor and friend, that promised to raise the relations between people, between a man and a woman on higher level, became a reality. Scientists had analyzed big quantity of experimental data. Various psychological conditions of the human being determining the belonging of people to the same race, nation, social group and family were studied and classified. Correction between human inborn bents and preferences and artificial restrictions, imposed by social morality, laws and own principles became possible.

Correction of human mental condition with the help of molecular robots became real. Human mental state underwent correction by means of changing the concentration of some chemical substances and also by regulation of electric and electro chemical potentials in definite parts of the human brain. In the strict sense, such interfering in human mental sphere was undesirable having in itself dependence elements, essential for people of weak will. Some resemblance of processes, correcting human mental state with effect of drugs and alcohol required judicial and administrative regulation of all possible cases of interference into human mental sphere. In most countries of the world the legislation permitted using molecular robots for correction of human mentality only by medical prescriptions. As a rule, there were cases of psychological rehabilitation after strong emotional experience and mental overwork peculiar to sensitive people and representatives of some rare professions. Also there were cases of acute conditions of mental diseases of sick people.

Obligatory precautionary measures were the restrictions introduced into the program of molecular robots activities and into the program of central medical computers, which determined the verge of limited correction of individual mental condition. Because of curiosity or for the purpose of self-treatment nobody of the Earth inhabitants could independently own wishing to perform the correction of his mental state in desired direction. Any interference in mental-emotional human's sphere was performed in medical institutions under doctor's supervision.

However, in some cases the obligatory strict rules could be eased somehow. For people with strong will regulation, busy with mentally hard work, the self correction of own psychological condition was admitted in case of appeared necessity. In another cases, when it touched upon safety of mentally sick people, such correction began automatically, in accordance with the program put in molecular robots, as soon as current status of the human being became dangerous for his mind, health or arise danger for those around. Apart of above mentioned cases, interference into human mentality without his knowledge was performed by molecular robots programmed for normalization of destructive mental and emotional conditions of individuals with asocial behavior. For this purpose court decision was obligatory required. Sparing corrective programs were applied also for every day activity of politicians, businessmen, sportsmen and other categories of professionals who improvidently treat their health and were under frequent mental overloads. Such programs were short-term ones and were realized in human organism according to recommendations of medical computers or people-specialists.

Besides the correction of human mental conditions with the help of molecular robots it became possible to put information into human brain in figurative view, bypassing vision as a sense organ responsible for visual perception of surrounding world. It was quite known, that by putting of some chemical substances into the human brain and also by irritation by electrical sight at that very moment was not enabled. Such reflections often appearing by taking drugs reflected information accumulated by the person in the process of living. One more example of forming colored images directly in human brain are usual night dreams by which the visual channel of information incoming is also fully blocked. Considerable part of life experience of different people is just the same or very similar. It is the result of upbringing, education and professional activity in the same sphere of human communication. It could be surely stated that memory of different people keeps a plenty of the same images, which could be used as elementary images for making more complicated images, phenomenon and processes.

In order to put imaginary information into human brain, bypassing vision organs, it is necessary to activate that very brain part of individual in which the elementary images are kept and activate the mechanisms of their consequent remembering. Of course, picturesque memory of each person is strictly individual that's why the individual approach for consequent activation of images kept in it is necessary. But there are two factors which could ease the work of elementary images activation. Firstly, at all its complexity the similar images are kept by human brain in the same places and their remembering is performed in the same manner. Secondly, such perfected object as human brain could be self-taught for new manner of putting picturesque information using by this own opportunities for searching the required elementary images, their normalizing and rerecording. In general case, the human brain had to further perform that very thing it was intended for, namely, to accumulate and analyze new information.

Such researches which were carried out in many scientific centers of the world, laid the foundation for language of picturesque communication of a person and a computer, a communication language with the Common Space of Virtual Modeling. Development of unique language of imaginary notions, the perfected mean of communication of any sense form perceiving the surrounding world as an individual, began.

Parallel technologies of information input into human being through nerve endings, existed in organism or artificially produced, were under development. A number of technical problems of information transforming into the form usual for brain perception were already solved. Their difficulty was determined by principle differences between low speed of transition the informational signals in nerve fibers in human body and the speed of going these signals through in computer network. It was not a success to join directly the brain and the computer. Special converters, transforming electronic information into the sequence of nerve impulses, were used. Such devices had already been developing for a long time. At the considered period of time they were compact electronic converters having one or some leads for connection to nerve fibers. Results of such devices appliance were successful but unfortunately their further development was restricted by physiological possibilities of human brain. Tight constraint as for volume and speed of perceived by human brain information existed. The cause of it was organization of human brain which was not primarily intended for receiving electronic information and in the process of evolution gained properties to transform all entering signals in form of chemical interactions. To perceive and work through electronic information some considerable changes in human brain, concerning not only its structure but also functioning principles, were needed. It appeared the necessity to improve and optimize human brain which was determined by a number of objective factors to which we referred constantly enlarging information volumes, awaiting appearing of artificial intellect with which people were equally communicate, development of planet-whole CSVM, that universal life and art space requiring from a human being more higher level of perception and working out of information. Human brain optimization could be performed by technical and biological means. An optimal result could be achieved by means of appliance of both natural and engineering sciences.

Meanwhile because of late understanding of devices and mechanisms of human brain, optimization by biological means, namely growing of improved brain tissues, new types of neurons and nerve endings with better conductivity of signals, etc., was put aside for later period of time until the required technologies would appear. Variant of quick human brain optimization was technical means based on appliance of micro processors with intellectual software which had joint together with a great number of nerve endings of human body. A disadvantage of technical means was a complexity of micro processes implantation into a human brain. Parallel the adapted data basis oriented on easy perception of big quantities of information by human brain was created. Also the very sensitive scanners and reviewering radiating units fixing or determining signals in nerve endings and neurons were developed. The main tasks of human brain optimization were creation of complex of biological and technical improvements of brain structure and change of principles and mechanisms of its functioning.

The end of the fourth decade became famous due to emerging of technical artificial intellect. The notion "technical" showed, firstly, the sphere of practical application of an artificial intellect. Technical intellect could not but represent itself in sphere of social relations, psychology, morals and ethics that was where strict physical laws of universe were exposed to emotions, feelings and desires. Not knowing human passions, being not restricted by requirements of public morality and ethics, technical artificial intellect was guided by strict rules and laws of exact sciences. Fussiness of human relations in which very often was impossible to identify cause and consequence was primarily alien to it. Directness of formal logics and strict following to existing physical laws had identified sphere of technical intellect appliance. That sphere included production control, scientific researches and computerized projecting.

Scientific researches had become a very complicated task for a long time ago. Very often a human being could not interpret uniquely the received experimental data. Step-by-step dipping into the structure of micro world and extension of human interests sphere up to the scales of the Universe in whole, made scientists to look for latent regularities and correlations in milliards and milliards of gained results which differed very often from one another only by the last numbers after coma. It was impossible for a human being to take a great number of data and carry out their analysis not missing by this some latent regularities. Computer programs performing such tasks had one considerate disadvantage. They were themselves a product of human intellect and that's why could not notice in a great variety of numbers and regularities of a new knowledge due to unknowness of such knowledge to the designers of such programs. And only technical artificial intellect was able to analyze unlimited data number constantly comparing the emerging regularities with multiple-sided picture of universe and the latest hypothesis and theories many of which were not represented electronically or digitally yet. More over for explanation of the notices differences and regularities it was able to propose its own new theories and hypothesis according to logics laws and by connecting to corresponding CSVM level to carry out its own experiments in virtual space for the purpose of confirmation of those theories and hypothesis. Works of computerized projecting were easier than scientific researches and were performed on the principle of finding the best result coming from material, technological and scientific base of human civilization. Those works were conducted on the separate CSVM level which had joint a great number of various computer models.

The common space of virtual modeling was developed very quickly. There were a great number of levels representing these or those sciences, knowledge fields, separate phenomenon and processes, inclusive social levels representing different sides of human society life. Tens of thousands of computer models having different degree of specification and depth of processing being with one another in cause-and-effect relations were gathered in CSVM. All computer models being in CSVM were developed according to common standards approved nearly twenty years ago that made of levels to be compatible with each other. The most developed levels were ones which represented metabolism and human body structure and also the levels allowing to construct chemical compounds with set properties. The less developed were levels modeling social and personal relations in human society.

Due to mass appliance in science, education and in technologies' production of preliminary modeling of the final results with appliance of multi-level CSVM, production of perfect systems of computer visualization as a mean of visual observing at modeling processes was of great value. Developed at the beginning of the century, those systems were constantly improved and reached impressive characteristics. Industry produced some standard systems of space computer visualization having different parameters. For individual users computer produced huge image in space of volume up to thirty cubic meters that gave possibility to a user to dip inside the modeling process. Besides there was a possibility of interactive affecting the space image in course of task solving. Professional systems of computer visualization could produce a space image on the areas of some hundreds quadric meters at image height up to five meters. Such sophisticated systems allowed to be simultaneously in work space to some tens of individuals by these noises connected with transmission of people inside the working space were corrected automatically. Systems like these were used mainly by scientists and politicians at conducting meetings and disputes. The most complicated systems of space visualization were used in cinematography and entertainment industry. They produced space image on the area of some thousands of quadric meters and allowed the presence of some hundreds of people inside the working space without destructing of showed image. These very systems were pre-images of individual spaces and personal future worlds.

Technical achievements of the latest decades had made world wars inexpedient and inefficient. It firstly concerned the participation in military actions of equal in technical sense opponents. At the same time local military conflicts in the basis of which were national intolerance or religious disagreements took place from time to time. Conflicts like these were not dangerous for earth civilization due to its local character. Threat of new world war became more and more illusive with each coming year. The reason for that was producing of effective weapon kinds based of appliance of big quantities of micro robots. Mini robots being available in both sides performed defense functions much more effective than attach ones. From that simple fact there was made a conclusion of great importance. Each of the party being in war which used new weapons types was able to defense effectively but could not attack in such a manner. Micro robots emerging in military field had become the factor of world war restraint.

Let's consider on practical example how the appliance of micro robots in military operations promoted in greater degree the effective defense than the attack. Let's consider the case when one of the parties intends to destroy tank bridging of an opponent. For this purpose the opponent could be attacked by micro bodies that are shells, bombs, rackets or field or corpuscular energetic influence. Existing means of protection and tracking made possible to detect timely such attacks and counteract them. The effectiveness of defense actions by this is much higher than the actions of attackers. The defensive party has always more opportunities as for influencing on micro bodies, high-energetic fields and particles flows. The cause of this is that the defensive stationary units have much more power recourses and more variety of means of physical affecting on relatively not big attacking objects. That's why by other equal parameters, value of power influence on an area or volume unit of the destroying object in most cases several times higher in defensive party. Laser attack of the same power on a tank and on rocket glider can lead to partial damage of outer equipment of a tank in first case and to a complete destroy of the rocket glider in the second one.

From this example we see that in military single combat the oversized objects protected with appliance of the latest military technologies win.

Of course, their sizes have their own due limits determined by conditions of designing, economic and military expedience. One more important factor playing the game of defensive party was the fact that the most attacking acts at their tail are performed in air or water sphere (flight of shells, rockets, bombs and torpedo trajectory). Securing of functioning and control in movement phase of such attacking objects was a difficult task and required usage of complex electronic and mechanical devices. Therewith, disablement of such complex devices when attacking macro bodies movement was easier task which can be solved by means of the only one physical affection such as a stroke, heating and electro-magnetic impulse.

Appliance of micro robots in military sphere seemed to increase chances of attacking party as it allowed earlier to near secretly to detection and protection means and in pudding-time to disable them by a number of means. But in practice such robots turned to be very attackable. By their detection of not powerful energetic influence was quite enough for full disablement. Moreover, vulnerability of micro robots favored the development of new protective weapon kinds based on creation and supporting in surrounding local space the physical fields of definite intensiveness which availability made functioning of attacking micro robots impossible. In this case energetic influence on a square (volume) of an attacking object was more intensive. From the other side using of robots from the defensive side could be very effective, particularly by producing mobile obstacles on the way of attacking objects in air and water medium. In general case, appliance in military activities of micro robots decrease a danger of the world war and also big military conflicts, of course, under the condition of comparable weaponization level of sides being in conflict.

With micro robots appearing military forces were not in need for a number of military professions any more. It was non-effective to use in military activities foot soldiers, skytroopers, and sailors as a human being was very attackable from the side of micro robots. Only those military experts who were securely protected by stationary technical means could participate in military activities. In such a way the hiring process in armies for many military experts in many countries began.


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