Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



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[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
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Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The fifth decade (2040-2050)

Grand opportunities of common computer network. Creation of CSVM level which reflects metabolism of human body. Technologies of human organism rejuvenation. Growing of new organs directly in human body. Development of improved replacing metabolic reactions. Results of growing the perfected people. Growing organs and tissues regenerated by artificial genes outside the human body. Producing of the first perfected micro organisms for specified environmental conditions. Understanding the application limits for biological reactions realized in the earth biosphere. Use of improved plants and animals in agriculture. Creation of the first artificial organisms on the basis of already existed ones. Perspectives of appliance of mixed ecological systems. Industrial technologies based on usage non-protein organisms. Development and production of prophylactic food stuff. Creation of chemical level in CSVM. Computer selection of potentially useful chemical compounds. Improvements of the materials with set properties. Appliance of evolutionary catalytic agents in chemistry. Appliance of molecular robots for molecular assembly of ready-made products. Autonomous reset chemical industries in world ocean. Designing and producing of complex organic compounds. Control service for producing complex organic compounds. Chemical compounds accumulating environmental energy. Production of complex molecules able to keep in themselves a charge. Technologies of producing habitable and non-habitable premises. Universal computer model of human brain. Means of increasing of human brain power in several times. Possibility of tapping of electronic devices to human brain. Reflection of human feelings and emotions in electronic form. Card-catalogue of mental and emotional human states. Computers and robots having the simplest emotions. Human brain growing out of organism.

Shortly before the middle of the twenty-first century the awaited event has happened which accelerated speed of earth civilization development.

A greater part of existing computer types each of which had its own sphere of effective application, were joint into the common computer network, which power was quite enough for solving the most complicated tasks standing before the mankind. Technologies of production the "computer substance" for the last decade were fully perfected, that allowed to increase the power of the common computer network up to the required limits operatively, quickly and practically unlimited. Existence in computer network technical artificial intellect increased additionally its computational power by means of rational use of computer resources and systematic approach to task solving. From now not the computer power restricted volumes of solving tasks but complexity of set tasks determined the size of used computer resources.

Having put on the common computer network it was a success to complete the CSVM level reflecting human organism metabolism in the whole. Having involved the colossal computative power scientists have managed to count all the nuances of interactions of proteins and other human molecules only for some years, also to study all possible schemes of inherited information realization and to define by calculative manner the limits of feasibility of biological reactions. Previous decades during which information about functions and properties of protein molecules, about intend of metabolic reactions was accumulated, had prepared the qualitative advance in understanding human body structure and functioning as a whole object. Jump in knowledge about human body structure and functioning happened in short period of time as soon as computer powers enough for calculation of complex chemical compounds interaction had appeared. CSVM level reflecting human body metabolism was developed in details. By this principles of uncertainty of quant mechanics and also the distribution of electronic densities of separate atoms being a part of complex molecules, were taken into consideration.

Nearly half a century the most important CSVM level was created. Having being produced, it became the most important instrument of knowledge of human body as a universal Cosmo event, another instrument of earlier existed. Sphere of practical appliance of the quite new instrument was wide and included projecting of improved biochemical reactions, human genome optimization by artificial genes, designing of human body organs performing new functions, etc. Besides this CSVM level made it possible to combine biological organs with cybernetic devices into one functioning system that it could be used for development of cybernetic organisms.

A number of this CSVM level constituents were not presented as demonstrative space image yet. A cause for this was the astronomic data quantity which required to be processed for their visualization. Such a situation did not practically effect on opportunities of the new instrument. Existing cause-effect, material and field relations of alive human body were taken into account in maximal volume at software development. Though virtual models of many processes of human body could not be often seen, viewed from different sides and looked inside but it was quite possible to control these processes and influence on their final result thank to good software.

By software development the inherited information coded in human genes and in reality demonstrated through a number of biochemical reactions and protein synthesis, reflected by consequence of mathematical parameters and cause-consecutive transformations of substance and energy. Such simplified model not overloaded with space images of objects and processes allowed to present the functioning human body as complex math function. The most right was a reflection of human body through the complex of regenerative chemical reactions needed definite material resources and environmental conditions. Both approaches representing math and biological points of view were in admirable proportion and as far as possible were taken into account by software designing.

One-side orientation of math approach by which psychological effecting on human organism was not taken into consideration at all, allowed scientists to concentrate their efforts on tasks of optimization the biochemical reactions and conditions of their realization in space of physical human body.

Taking into consideration that physiology in the process of natural evolution was the first and the psychology was correspondently the second one, the math approach only allowed to improve maximal human body being without psychological compound. For this very period of time such an approach was quite acceptable for improvement of theoretical designing and solving of many practical tasks.

The next stage of CSVM level building that mapped human body metabolism was presenting of all components as demonstrative space images having the specification up to electronic cases of separate atoms. Mankind was in need of reliable computer modeling demonstrating far consequences of human body improvement. Practical embodiment of developments improving human body, such as artificial genes, optimized biochemical reactions and new proteins, was possible exclusively in space of alive human body. Besides, for getting practical results it required from some up to some tens of years. That's why the detailing of further development of CSVM level reflecting human organism metabolism was of great value. Producing of interactive model of human body with demonstrative space image of all life-securing processes would promote terms reducing required for conducting experiments in nature. A number of self-sufficient parts of such interactive model were already developed and used by scientists for solving of local problems. They were presented by many CSVM sublevels. But the unified interactive model considering the interaction of human body, inclusively the dependability of morphological features from appliance of new metabolic reactions, had not been created yet and at its development millions of scientists were working having possibilities of the unified computer network.

Mass usage of CSVM by genetics, medical and other specialists had led to practical results. Understanding of human body metabolism and possibility of metabolic reactions optimization in virtual space accelerated the gerontology science which was dealing with problems of human body rejuvenation. Studying of human organism aging made possible to complete the complex of age changes, presented in slowing-down, stop and non-coordination of performed metabolic reactions and also in changing the parameters of internal body medium. For the first time in gerontology history all age changes were systematized and presented as cause-consequence relations after that it became clear which processes determining human aging were the key ones.

Soon the answer for the question "What should be done?" was given. The answers, rather, were some as for proposed variants of human body rejuvenation. All of them provided complex approach to the question of human body rejuvenation. But influencing means on these or those organs, tissues and cells of human body and order of such influencing were seen differently to many scientists. In other words, gerontologists and specialists of other sciences did not come to the same conclusion by development of rejuvenation technology. But life did not stand on the same place and at any moment in the world there were tens of thousands of old people rich enough and ready to give everything they have only for opportunity to live longer and to test any rejuvenation technologies on themselves.

First hundreds of patients were treated as soon as these technologies were adopted safe. The result was seen at once. Some months of intensive treatment and old people were twenty-thirty years younger. Further deeper rejuvenation required much time for receiving visible results as it determined by natural processes of growing of new cells in human organism, awaken renewed in implanted in course of remedial procedures. Rejuvenation of the first thousands of patients had led to positive results. Besides, the fact that by rejuvenation of human body the individual approach to proceeding remedial procedures became clear. The rejuvenation technologies joint on strict scientific base the previous intuitive approaches in metabolic reactions corrections, basing on experience of folk medicine.

Experiments on growing new organs and tissues out of embryo cells inside of the human organism were carried out as a technology of rejuvenating the human organism. The initial material for growing the necessary organs and tissues were sleeping embryo cells existing in the human organism, the cells having stopped to develop at the period or forming the human embryo. As if they were specially left by the evolution for further application, the sleeping embryo cells were able to develop any organ by wakening and growing in accordance with the given program.

The programs of developing the awaken embryo cells were determined by realizing blocks of hereditary information and could be aimed at growing necessary human organs and tissues. The existing knowledge level recommended the way of influencing the genes of the embryo cell in order its development created the necessary organ. Such influence was successfully carried out of the human organism in laboratories and there was statistics of implanting the grown artificial organs instead of damaged ones.

Molecule robots developed for influencing cells of the human organism were successfully applied to activate the embryo cells. They helped not only to activate the embryo cells but also to control and correct the stages of growing the necessary organs and tissues. To perform controlling and correcting functions the necessary amount of specialized molecule robots were implanted in the human organism. Joint by general chain and controlled by medical computer they provided realizing the set program of developing the embryo cell. The process of growing a new organ was influenced according to the principle of minimal effect. Molecule robots corrected performing the program in case of dangerous deviation and did not pay attention to the deviations being within the limits of norm. Correcting was performed by chemical or physical influence on intracellular elements and intracellular environment. The influence was necessary when realizing the hereditary information was unstable and a correcting action was needed for the development program to follow the plan. Correcting act could be represented by activating or oppressing a certain group of genes or a gene performed by transporting chemical compounds to the necessary place. Or by oppressing a certain biochemical reaction in the intracellular environment. There were many other variants of corrective action. In the process of embryo cell developing natural biochemical managing mechanisms were primary as they were the most acceptable for the organism.

Understanding metabolism processes in the human organism caused developing improved replacing reactions. The works were carried out for the last twenty years, but successes and achievements were inappreciable and touched mainly plants and animals. Solve the main problem meant realizing improved replacing biochemical reaction in the human organism without damaging existing metabolism and without harmful results, but it was not successful But now instead of intuition approach there appeared modern methods based on technologies of computer modeling and perfect software. The new methods of developing replacing biochemical reactions were grounded on analyzing all possible variants of interaction of several chemical compounds within changeable parameters of inner environment. In case when it was necessary to replace a single metabolic reaction the scientists developed a new biochemical reaction producing chemical compounds for the next metabolic processors. The preference was given to the replacing reactions to realize which the recourses of the inner organism environment were sufficient (intracellular recourses). By the end of the decade several such metabolic reaction were developed and tested on volunteers. In was also discovered that in organisms of numerous people the similar functions were realized with different metabolic reactions, i.e. the evolution confirmed the possibility of using different metabolic reactions for the same aims. So the improving of metabolic reactions was a natural process of the human organism.

There were difficulties with developing successive metabolic reactions consisting of four sections. The main task was a harmonic entering the existing metabolism without damaging the human organism. In practice it was not carried out without damages, the notion itself could not be referred to the received results. Several simultaneous improved metabolic reactions were harmful for the human organism as they did not correspond the existing metabolism without changing parameters of the intracellular environment. It caused numerous violations of realizing other intracellular reactions there was other approach to the problem. Realizing long successions of improved biochemical reactions being able to give the human organism new possibilities was limited by the structure of the human organism and its metabolism.

The theory claimed to provide functioning of similar organisms it was necessary to use different successions of the metabolic reactions being able to satisfy certain energetic, material and information needs of the organism. In other words it was possible to calculate several metabolic reactions being able to support vital activity of the protein organisms , but the organisms would greatly differ from the human ones. So it seemed natural to use basic earthly amino acids to create new protein organisms but it reduced the number of analyzed variants.

Using all existing amino acids (which are more numerous than those used in the Earthly biosphere) at projecting and creating protein organisms would increase the number of possible metabolic reactions. It was a future problem to project organisms with using complex chemical compounds including natural amino acids . Advanced software was necessary allowing to get true results when working with a computer model which reflected using voluntary chemical compounds to improve the human metabolism. There appeared moral questions connected with creating and realizing protein of forms having never existed in the Earth. Social objections were numerous, from fear for own life to rejection because of religious beliefs and political motives.

Alongside with discussing creation of new forms of protein life practical improving people was concluded. Thousands of infant given improved genes in the last decade grew up and turned into teenagers of twelve-thirteen years old. Constant controlling their physical, psychological and intellectual development created a great material for analyses and statistical conclusions. Conclusions and recommendations done after processing collected data by specialists of different sciences were positive. Using sample gene for improving people was expedient and perspective. The human being with sample genes surpassed an average individual in psychological and physical aspects. The improved man had excellent health, was of high intellectual abilities, strength and endurance. His emotional world was brighter and more colorful than of a usual man. In every day life the man was more patient and kinder towards surrounding people.

Increased population of the planet as a result of the birth of improved people was awaited to lead to diminish such manifestations of aggressiveness like criminality, terrorism, religious and military confrontations, in the society. The sciences' conclusion was unanimous – the improved man was bound to exist. After such recommendations, signed by the scientists with world reputation the process of improving organisms of future infants acquired the popular character. In the second part of the fifth decade annually millions of infants with improved or sample genes were born. Besides improved genes determined like standard the future infants possessed the individuality features inherited from the parents.

Approximately at the same time secret experiments on growing improved people for special operations were carried out by secret agencies of some states for years were concluded. The experiments were also successful but the results were estimated according to formal logic, but no according to moral aspects. The number of improved people having survived in limited experiments and reached adult age was restricted . The age of the oldest one did not exceed twenty years old. Numerous secret experiments proved the possibility to create a man with perverted morality, deprived of feelings and emotions, but possessing phenomenal physical and psychological features. In other words it was real to create an ideal machine for crimes (or special operations as it was presented to the society) based on the human organism. But it was impossible to keep a secret these monstrous and dangerous developments for a long time. Results of such investigations became socially known and it caused numerous acts of indignation, argues and disputes. Finally there appeared legal mechanisms regulating means, aims and methods of growing improved people worldwide. But it was not meant complete finishing of experiments, military laboratories increased secrecy.

Practical application of single artificial gene determining feature being initially characteristic for the individual was successful. But simultaneous application of several artificial genes, practical realizing features being unusual for the human organism hindered natural, evolutionary balanced metabolism. It was not easy to realize scientists' ideas of improving the human being or to create a new protein organism. But it wasn't meant that creating artificial genes for improvement of the individual was hopeless.

Numerous developments of scientists being impossible to realize in the integral organism could be used at growing separate organs and tissues out of the human organism with further implanting to patients. The notion patient lost its hospital meaning, and referred to the people wishing to improve their organism according to medical recommendations and professional needs or own desire.

Technologies of rejuvenating the human organism were added by the developments based on using single artificial genes for growing improved organs and tissues out of the human organism. It appeared more difficult to grow organs with several improvements out of the human organism, e.g., organs with high mechanical solidity, resistance to high temperatures, unreceptiveness of radiation and toxins. Connected improved features were determined not by a single artificial gene but a group of genes and in the process of realization touched the processes of development and growth of the grown integral organ. But still there existed a problem of further compatibility of the improved organs with the integral organism. The greater number of features was to be improved at the same time the greater changes were performed over the organ or the organism and the greater it differed from its natural prototype.

Quickly solving the problems scientists developed means of growing improved human organs out of embryo cells and impregnated ones, modified by artificial genes. Some improved organs were represented in several different variants. Their differing from natural organs and from each other was from the one hand in features and functions and from the other hand in unequal number of metabolic reactions and protein molecule being not characteristic for the human organism. Implanting improved organs into a human organism had positive moments. But besides compatibility problems being successfully solved there was one significant defect. Application of organs improved by artificial genes caused changing inner and outer features of the individual. Functioning of the improved organs and tissues implanted in the human organism was controlled by medical molecule robots.

In pharmacy, chemical and food industry artificial microorganisms with specialized features were successfully applied. Positive experience of their application made numerous researchers develop perfect protein organisms adjusted for the environment. The same usual microorganisms were chosen as objects for perfection. Despite of the huge scientific power of the humanity creation of a perfect highly organized organism was hypothetical at the current stage of development. It demanded huge practical experience of creating more and more complex artificial organisms, experience of successive moving from the simplest artificial organisms to the organisms with high organization and special computer recourses.

Creating perfect beings is the Creator's prerogative. And it was possible to come up with him only after durative stages of approximating the perfection. Existing possibilities of the earthly science were restricted by creating perfect artificial microorganisms. To create complex artificial organisms high level of technologies was demanded. The Nature demanded hundreds millions of years to achieve such level of biotechnologies. The humanity demanded few more decades to come up with the Nature. But the individual was not aimed at higher levels: not only to come up with the Nature but to surpass it. It was necessary to create perfect artificial organisms being able to exist in any environment. The notion "perfect" meant that such organisms would be better and their further improvement was impossible in the environment.

So huge tasks demanded solving numerous technical, organizational and moral problems. The quantity of acts to be done by the humanity were autonomous, even universal. In order creation of perfect organisms to be a usual thing it was necessary to develop and create building blocks for constructing artificial organisms. At first it was necessary to classify all possible chemical reactions realized in the material environment. The number of reactions counted millions. Then it was necessary to single out reaction chains causing one and the same result in certain environment ( getting a certain chemical compound).

In future it was necessary to determine all possible variants of joining the reaction chains into a harmonic succession, so-called billets for projecting organisms with different types of metabolism. The harmonic successions of chemical reactions would ground functioning of organs and tissues which in their turn would provide vital activity of the whole artificial organism by joining each other. In future the harmonic successions would be classified and analyzed for referring to a certain metabolism type. Received big blocks of metabolic reactions would be optimized and improved and then used as assembling units for constructing perfect artificial organisms. This is the simplified stages of nearing the humanity to the Creator's possibilities, to perfection.

Planned works as for classifying all potential chemical reactions provided realizing insignificant spaces in huge building of classification engaged in biochemical reactions of the earthly atmosphere. With its variations the earthly life realized itself in a narrow diapason of chemical concentrations, temperatures and pressures. Un case when the parameters exceeded the dead point the evolution chose hinders between the inner environment of the organism and unfavorable surrounding environment. But it is necessary to remember that under warm fur, fat layers, skin and scales different metabolic reactions are realized in close conditions. There are limiting parameters of the environment, beyond which the biological life based on complex of earthly metabolic reactions was impossible, and environmental diapason, the parameter correspond to, is very restricted.

An important condition for supporting vital activity based on the earthly biochemistry was stability of the chemical compound in the environment. Decreasing oxygen , e.g., lead to ineffective metabolic reactions and finally to decreasing vital activity of protein organisms. Increasing its concentration in the inner organism environment leads to numerous violations of molecule mechanisms of vital activity and to quicker ageing of the organism. Increased temperature destroys complex protein molecules, decrease temperature stops vital functions. Increasing pressure changes concentration of numerous gases and other chemical compounds in the inner environment of the organism and deviates metabolic reactions. Decreased atmosphere pressure below the lower deadline destroys cellular structures demanding certain intracellular pressure for normal functioning.

In all times scientists interested in those forms of protein life which existed in severe and inaccessible places of the planet having adjusted to extreme environment. The reason for the interest was human curiosity. The last decades studying of exotic and unique life forms was aimed at searching successions for metabolic reactions developed by the evolution and which could be used for improving the human organism. The works finished with creating full cards of metabolic reactions of exotic, unique and rare forms of protein life. The received results were curious and useful. Numerous life forms realized their own metabolic reactions. Using those reactions was reasoned by environmental differences. Not in every case metabolic reactions used by certain earthly organisms were performed with protein molecules being usual for other forms of protein life. Unfortunately scientists did not find proofs of life forms with non-protein metabolism existing in the Earth. The evolution realized the protein life form based on using a limited amount of amino acids being the most suitable for the Earth. If the Nature tried to realize other metabolism types they were not successful and without continuation.

The accumulated information was intensively used in creating improved agricultural plants and animals. Since the beginning of the century the agriculture had changed. It was still aimed at supplying the humanity with food, industrial products, medical and pharmaceutical means. But the aim was realized by active using of improved plants and animals with sample genes and with the best species features. There were also used transgenetic organisms having accumulated the best features of plants and animals.

In the same environment productivity of the improved agricultural plants increased in five-ten times as compared with traditional plants and animals cultivated at the beginning of the century. The steadiness of the agricultural plants against different vermin types increased and there was no necessity in herbicides and pesticides. Agricultural animals had also increased steadiness against deceases and chemical substances. The products reached maximal indices. There was the golden time in the agriculture. Despite of climate and weather conditions the farmers harvested good crops using improved and optimized plant in the agriculture. It was possible to grow all existing useful plants in the one and the same ground. In deserts northern apples and mushrooms grew, near the Polar circle trangenetic plant bore dates and bananas alongside with cloudberries and cowberries. Using improved and transgenetic organisms there was solved the problem of supplying plot owners with food, clothes and other necessary things being necessary in big quantities and maximal variety. So the human being realized his desire for independence and autonomy.

Knowledge of metabolic reaction of protein organisms was systematized and presented as a data base of succession of metabolic reactions. The successions of metabolic reactions were divided into groups being responsible for performing certain functions . In such a way there were singled out millions of shorn and long successions of metabolic reactions being able to supply stable functioning. In one cases the necessary functions were supplied by single metabolic reactions, in other cases their realization was a result of numerous coordinated metabolic reactions. The successions of metabolic reactions of the earthly biosphere were selected for millions of years of the evolution process and optimally corresponded to the environment . Such successions of metabolic reactions polished by the Nature could be used in projecting of new life forms for settling planets, where environment was similar to the Earth. There were no obstacles for creating such organisms. Transgenetic and artificial organisms were created for a long time and showed themselves well.

Created trangenetic and artificial organisms could be divided into two different groups. The first group included the organisms being able to grow, develop and perform useful functions but disable for independent production. To reproduce (replicate) them the methods of genetic engineering were necessary, which helped to create the primary cell developing the whole organism.

The second group joined organisms created by the human being and being able for independent reproduction. It was the peak of human genius and technical arts. Those plants and animals, never existing on the Earth, were constructed on the basis of genetic material of the earthly biosphere and numerous successions of metabolic reactions. These perfect organisms could independently exist and be perfected within the natural evolution process without human influence.

For environmental enhancement there were used artificial organisms performing functions which were not characteristic for the representatives of the earthly biosphere. The organisms with such functions did not have time to appear in the evolution process. As for million years on the Earth there were no chemical compound of artificial origin being able to form and select metabolic reactions. From the biochemical point of view effective environmental enhancement could be carried out by existing earthly organisms whose metabolic reactions were to be changed. Creating artificial organisms consuming chemical compounds being harmful from the human point of view and vitally important for supplying metabolic reactions of those organisms would allow to solve ecological problems with minimal recourses.

Experiments on creating organisms with changed metabolism were carried out for few decades and numerous theoretical developments were successfully realized. It referred to microorganisms, leavens, mushrooms and other simple organisms. The degree of changing metabolism of the basic organism was different for solving practical problems, Organisms with minimal changing were mainly used (one succession of metabolic reactions) to perform limited functions. But even minimal changing of metabolism involved the necessity of counting new biochemical reactions and proteins in the hereditary material and developing artificial genes and implanting them in DNA of the basic organism.

An important scientific achievement was creating organism with changed metabolism being able to reproduce independently. It was a necessary condition for the simplest organisms. Growing a sheep with changed metabolism, whose fur would be fire resistant, cold be performed out of a cell collected in the laboratory by methods of the genetic engineering. The methods could create millions of sheep. But creating a billion army of artificial organisms being able to find and process insecticide spread in different dumps of the world was impossible. It was necessary to involve natural mechanisms of inheriting and reproducing. The most important tasks of the biochemistry and genetics was developing of the effective mechanisms for inheriting artificial features (new metabolic reactions and new proteins) and their harmonic joining with existing natural mechanisms. And scientists achieved a certain progress in this direction.

Step by step moving from simple laboratory experiments to complex virtual projecting scientists started to create complex organisms with changed metabolism at the last years of the current decade. The first serious success was creating of artificial organism being able to process and neutralize several kinds of toxic chemical compounds in the districts of old industrial dumps. The basis for the new organism was the organism of a warm whose genome was modified by artificial genes, coding certain metabolic reactions, neutralizing toxic substances. Such artificial organism possessed mechanisms of self reproduction. It reproduced by gemmation, needed stable using substances being toxic for other earthly life forms. Besides decreasing toxic substances in the environment and hence lack of them in food allowance of the artificial organism caused its death.

The next stage of the evolution of the artificial organisms was their co-existence with earthly ones in ecosystems. The ecosystems created independently as a result of planed or occasional entering of artificial organisms in environment settled by earthly organisms. Studying such objects was of a great interest like experimental material for future projecting of artificial biocenoses and ecosystems. Neighboring numerous earthly organisms in general ecosystems influenced the artificial organisms greatly. Such aspects as eating artificial organisms by earthly ones, cases of symbiotic co-existence of the both organisms types, influencing of the vital activity products of earthly organisms on the metabolism and hereditary material of artificial life forms , etc. demanded careful studying. All collected information was analyzed and systematized. Scientists and world society interested greatly in evolution processes of ecosystems with mixed life forms, natural and artificial ones. Co-existing of earthly and not numerous artificial organisms created for solving special problems in natural environment was corrected by the individual and represented the first stage of the evolution of the mixed ecosystems.

Global problem to be solved in the nearest future was creating of the artificial ecosystems for settling planets with different natural environment and chemical structure. It meant to settle the planets of the Solar system and other stellar systems by organisms communities possessing different metabolism types. So durative traveling of such artificial ecosystems on the planets could result in changing of natural environment of the planets and emerging of an intellectual being in the process of uncontrolled evolution of the artificial organisms communities. Spreading of ecosystems of the mixed type and their further evolution under human control was predicted to be the basis for human expanding of the Universe. Such approach was considered to be the most rational and natural as it was maximally approximate to the natural evolution processes.

Creating perfect mixed ecosystems were of great interest for the human society from the point of view to use them in chemistry, pharmacy and agriculture. Future using of mixed ecosystems in numerous industry branches could lead to changing of numerous existing technologies. In the industrial ecosystem the industrial functions would be performed by organisms with different metabolisms. Alongside with usual biotechnologies there was expected appearing of technologies based on effective applying successions of metabolic reactions of non-protein life-forms. Numerous industrial branches needed organisms being able to process and change mineral and artificial inorganic raw material, to extract minerals and utilize dangerous wastes. Existing biotechnologies were not able to satisfy various needs of the earthly industry. It explained existence of numerous huge metallurgic and chemical enterprises, being industrial monsters, filling industrial niche independent from biotechnologies. Now there appeared the alternative technologies and devices being able to eject huge enterprises out of the planet industry for ever.

Creating of mixed ecosystems influenced to existence goals of the humanity in general and of the individual, to the level of intellect development and psychological state of the human being. Effective and stable supplying the humanity with necessary material and information recourses, easier and easier satisfying of emerging needs provided increasing of free time in the life of the majority of people. It was necessary for the human to fill such forced free time by something in order not to degrade as a personality. Only creation in all its manifestations could fill free time without damaging psychological state of the individual and the society, the time being usually wasted. New arts like creating of personal and individual ecosystems promised to give a new level to disposition and morality of every individual.

Food production for individuals continued intensively to develop. Historically numerous people consumed similar set of products despite of individual needs of the organism. The organism was considered to choose the necessary components. It happened so in the majority of the cases. But in case of diseases, emotional loading, acclimatizing, etc. individual selection of nutrients was demanded. General simplified approach to nourishing did not correspond to the modern views as for the necessity of balanced and optimal supplying the human organism with the necessary products. Medical specialists were convinced that choosing food allowance it was necessary to count individual peculiarities and current state of the human organism. There were no trifles in nourishing questions.

Food and pharmaceutical branches quickly reacted the recommendations of scientists and developed preventing products. The products could not be referred to food as they partially functioned as medicine. But they could not be named medicine in the full sense as they were aimed at preventing, at improving the state of the human organism including the methods of balanced supplying with protein, fat and carbohydrate. New food counted numerous types and was assigned for different groups of the population. Recommending the usage of preventing products it was necessary to count peculiarities of metabolism and individual features of the human being, his nationality, occupation, age, sex, season, etc.

Theoretical basis for developing and creating of products new class was the following statement: in different period of the live the individual should consume food being different in chemical structure. The new approach to nourishing caused the emergence of hundreds of new products in addition to existing ones manufactured by food industry. Many scientific institutions worked for the developing of food industry. Development of new food products demanded genetic engineers and constructors of chemical compounds to create hundred kinds of transgenetic and artificial plants and animals being able to produce the components being necessary for the food industry. Pharmacy transmitted the majority of its functions to the manufacturers of food. Now different biologically active substances, ferments, hormones became a part of food products and were produced by natural syntheses inside of the transgenetic organisms.


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