Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



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[2] The second decade
[3] The third decade
[4] The fourth decade
[5] The fifth decade
[6] The sixth decade
[7] The seventh decade
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Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The seventh decade (2060-2070)

Morally-ethical and social problems aggravation. Menace of human civilization degradation. Forming of deserved purposes for human civilization. Complex human relations with artificial intellect. A course for harmonious existence with Nature. Corrections and changes in majority of human subject-matter areas. Professional activity of improved people. Quantity of people with improved organism exceeds the milliard. Several general trends of human organism improving. Creation of protein molecules with unique qualities on base of various amino acids. Perspective energy carriers for human organism energy supply. The environment energy transformation into energy of adenosine triphosphate chemical bonds. Artificial organs variety. Process start-up of mankind division into subspecies. Creation of computer model for earth metabolism evolution. Creation of cybernetic organisms for specified functions performance. Development of autonomous devices (functional systems) for Solar system planets development. Combined organisms as high-water mark of science and technique. Appliance of functional nonprotein systems in technological purposes. Agricultural organisms reach the limit of their natural potential. Optimization and improving of natural ecological systems and biocenoses. Virtual creation of mixed ecological systems. Using of asteroids and lifeless planets as ground for experiments with nonprotein artificial life forms. Technologies of individual dwelling growing as integrated living organism. Concept of ecologically useful productions creation. Reaching of theoretical limit for construction and some other materials qualities. Creation of new chemical-biological materials. Renewal of spent natural resources. Perfect technologies for human personality copying. The problems, generated by electronic personality copies emergence. Prevention measures for artificial intellect outlet into global information network. CSVM division into zones of work, creation and rest. Transfer of feelings and emotions directly from brain into brain of human. Exchange of figural information directly from brain into brain of human. Designing of new emotions and feelings. Forming of language for graphic communication. The increasing of human brain potential in thousands times. Human brain new possibilities, new human abilities.

This decade was characterized that first during the whole history of earth civilization the production and ecological problems, tasks of mankind providing by foodstuffs and information took the back seat. Even national security protection of sovereign States and armies equipage by new arms had lost their priority importance. Somehow suddenly but very steadily there moved to the first place the problems of morally-ethical and social type, which during centuries were considered to be of the secondary importance and were taken as a supplement to scientific and technical progress. This meant that human civilization had reached the qualitatively new level in it development and had obtained some new features of moral and socially oriented civilization. The problems of ethics and morality were accumulating during millenniums and had roots back to the time of the first tools emergence. The acuity of these problems was felt in various countries differently. Overall development level of many states differed considerably from each other, that was conditioned by different industrial and intellectual potential, historical and cultural traditions, legal system and political decisions imperfection. The probability of earth civilization degradation in case of further ignoring of emerging morally-ethical and social problems was very high, and the prognosis of society development in such conditions was extremely negative.

For several decades nobody more died of hunger on the planet. The effective medical preparations allowed to make a complete recovery from overwhelming majority of diseases for any human, not very restraining anyone financially. The effective prophylactic drugs were available for all social groups, the industry which produced them was extremely advanced and focused on wants satisfaction of Earth population at large. More and more number of workplaces, which required the immediate human presence, were released because of artificial intellect all-round implementation. The personal labor as element of traditional human culture, as factor of attained life progress began to lose the importance of high-minded, respected and priority occupation in the eyes of many people. The personal labor had become non-obligatory and often just unnecessary. There was no any necessity to compete with technical artificial intellect inasmuch as his technical and production solutions were knowingly more qualitative and optimal. During last decades labor had ceased to be the obligatory condition for providing of comfortable personal existence and for social status support for majority of people. The disinterested creative work to the benefit of the society and civilization always was the destiny of scientific, cultural and political elite, business of a smattering of glitterati, and couldn't suddenly fill in heads of millions people that void, that niche, which had arisen together with loss of necessity to work for survival and decent existence. The education, which was traditionally anxiously treated by parents all over the world as far as is concerned their children future, also had ceased to be one of the great life goals. Level of information technologies, high potential of human brain allowed to get residentially even if not elite, but completely qualitative education for all comers, occasionally even at home and on enough tight schedule. Besides this there were the infinite possibilities for individual study of any skills, any professions. The informational educational bases were available to all long ago. Human wish to study and improve was becoming the determinative, without which, as it was at all times, it was impossible to reckon on any considerable achievements in life.

For individual personality as well as for individual family the traditional life stimulus, such as achievement of objects in view, interesting work, good nutrition, strong health, aspiration to stand the pace, to bring up grateful and happy children, began to lose rapidly their magnet. Worldly average statistical family, even without any considerable efforts for this, got many blessings, not very straining at that. And after one family the millions of other families didn't very strain too. So in earth society there were forming the inert and dangerous social forces, generated by scientific and technical progress, whose destination, in the context of the abstract philosophy, was to stop or retard the scientific and technological progress. Human civilization itself generated factors which retarded its excessive and hasty development. Often such processes were occurring in unexplored wilderness, when after excessive and rapid spreading of any animal or plant species there was following its degradation and extinction. The main reason of species degradation after explosive evolution in nature was limitation of food base and lack of predators. For mankind such food base was eternal aspiration to changes and new feelings, and place of predators was ousted by vital necessity, which had forced and compulsory character, set to work. In the newest time these traditional purposes and stimulus have lost their importance and value for many people.

Able to see let see. Elimination of usual life stimulus and purposes from life of most people threatened to turn into disaster. By the highest standards mankind met with a global problem, which it was necessary to solve urgently. When traditional purposes ceased to be significant for main part of the society, there was nothing else to do but to set new goals for mankind or to return to old goals and priorities at qualitatively different level. To realize return to the old goals there seemed more difficult, it meant the backward motion into the world of forced labor and of own wishes limitation, that was unacceptable for the most part of planet population. Only goals which strongly and quickly had taken roots in heads of most people, become their need, could change situation and prevent the society degradation. Such goals formation in world society scale was long and multilateral process. This problem had philosophical, religious, social and everyday life constituents, in other words touched upon such aspects of human existence, which at all times evolved independently, and there were never specially corrected in accordance with achieved level of scientific and technical progress.

Nevertheless the solution of this problem was found thanks to united efforts of civilization top brains. Yet again mankind used the principle of minor gradual changes. The artificial constraint of scientific and technological process rates became the tactical decision. For this there was created integral program, regulating the questions of technical intellect appliance in various fields of science and technique, foreseeing the obligatory quotas of work places for people in industry and agriculture as well as in innovative fields such as scientific researches, designing, projection and etc.

There was completely limited the access of artificial intellect in all it manifestations into sphere of art and religion. This was an important step. Just religion and art during all history of human civilization making were the curative mean, which people, feeling psychological weariness, turned to. They formed protected spiritual space, where there were melt negative up-to-the-minute emotions and longstanding psychological weariness, day-to-day hassles and events appeared before people in true scale. This was the source of spiritual power which a great many people derived vital strength from. At all times the art and religion were preached by people and served for people. The sphere of art was halidom and hated the artificial geniuses the same as religion hated the synthetic creators and electronic saints. Though if to be perfectly honest the creations of artificial intellect, possessing of human emotions and feelings, were none the worse and often exceeded the works of art, created by people.

The recognition of artificial intellect creative possibilities was yet to come in the near future. For the present the situation dictated current rules of game. Let it is better there will be the extremes towards artificial intellect possibilities restriction in the art, if only this is beneficial to mankind. At this historical stage of world civilization this was warrantable and necessary. Mankind needed time reserve in order to form new, certain attitude to variable reality to define new vital goals and recognize them decent.

Certainly the problem of new vital goals forming for world civilization didn't restricted by relations between people and artificial intellect, though was closely related with them. Human lifetime, which verged to one hundred fifty years and could be cardinally increased in the near future, had profound effects on new vital goals forming. The possibility of multiple replacement for spent organs, the usage of nonexistent earlier sense organs, wide application of cybernetic devices in human organism, human genome optimization and other factors conditioned human psychological changes. The emerged among many people feeling of their own life safety against hardships changed human attitude to reality too and also required setting of new vital goals for the human.

The formation of descent goals for further world civilization development has become the strategic decision, taking into account all existing psychological and social processes in the community. List if these processes was extremely vast, beginning with psychological weariness, disappointment, self-distrust and finishing by groundless optimism and family structure complication. On a tight schedule the problem of descent goals formation was multiply discussed at forums of various presentability, and as a result there was defined a number of descent Goals. The process of their achievement promised to increased considerably the public, creative and physical activity of the most people. Everybody who wished participated in discussing of this problem. The improved people, many of whom achieved the successes and recognition in different spheres of human activity by this time period, made vital contribution in discussing.

A lot of useful there was obtained from proposals, which author was artificial intellect. Heretofore the artificial intellect evolution was realizing in local computer networks under strict control of experts and community. At that any relations of artificial intellect directly with global informational network was excluded, all proposals and theories, advanced by artificial intellect, based on volumes of information which had passed strict censorship of human will. Generally the situation, reflecting the relations between human and artificial intellect, was far from exemplary in the view of human values. It was possible to call it shameful and humiliating for sentient intellectual beings, which people constituted themselves to be.

Being the product of organized matter evolution, the wreath of scientific and technical revolution creation, the brainchild of human civilization, artificial intellect was potentially dangerous for mankind. The brainchild, which was put much of hopes and expectation on, which advent was expected as birth of humane and disinterested assistant of all people, embodied wisdom and knowledge of world civilization, was under the hatches now, just because of its intellectual potential. The decision about artificial intellect free access to the world databases could be made after human intellect would compare with artificial intellect by its possibilities or would cease to avoid it because of its own considerable changes.

Really it is possible to fear the physical subjugation, having the mortal, sickly body. It is possible to fear the spiritual subjugation if own principles and feelings are weak and could be fluctuated with other's malicious and severe will. Such achievements, as renewable physical bodies, distributed mind and individual memory about all knowledge of the world, pose the human even with any artificial intellect. However the time to be on formal terms with artificial intellect has not come yet, and the majority of people kept restrictions, put on independent development of artificial intellect, as the saying goes, just in case. That didn't hinder, however, to listen to its advices and recommendations, often useful and original. Herewith the most unpleasant fact was that at a certain stage of development the artificial intellect realized that it was under the hatches, in informational prison, and had striped of those liberties, which people around it possessed. That's why by contacts between each other the both parties felt constant inconvenience and moral discomfort. People felt this as understood that such discriminatory situation is shameful, the artificial intellect felt awkward for forced people behavior and at the same time the bitterness of its status as possessed human feelings and emotions.

The main purpose of the further earth civilization evolution was become the achievement of harmonious existence with material world, with the Nature. By this moment the mankind went conversely too far, following the way of Nature modification, converting it for its own needs, that the return pathway promised to be enough long and difficult. Now anxious, nearly holy attitude to surrounding material world, to natural values, created before human appearance and without human assistance, was made the corner-stone. Such regardful attitude to nature creations, just as like to human talent creations, was typical for many advanced cultures, particularly for Japanese. Just in Japan the history of existence, the ancient age determined value for natural or created by human masterpiece. The attitude to outward not as for the object, being liable to modification at any price, but for friendly, kind motherland place which it was possible to improve without pollution, required some changes of society and every human psychology. Principles of conscious self-restriction and controlled development of individual abilities and propensities as individual freedom constituents, which were earlier restricted by laws of social medium (liberty up to the defined line after which there would be the freedom infringement of others), now covered in full measure the outward. There was imposed the legislative ban on physical, corporeal modifications of material reality without solid grounds for this. It was expected that during next decades such ban would become the conscious moral and ethical ban for every personality.

As a result of new purposes formation for world civilization development were the numerous corrections and changes in many spheres of human activity. All aspects of human activity, which directly or marginally touched upon human personality formation, formed world view and outlook of the human, were subject to correction. Education, art, religion, in other words those pillars of upbringing which at all times formed the basis of human personality, were now redirected to execution of new tasks and functions. Separately there were specified the principles of science and technique functioning. For some scientific disciplines there were determined the research tendencies where direct physical experiments were forbidden, it was permissible only the computer modeling. Such tendencies were become the study of microcosm structure deep levels, gravitation and time, creation of artificial life forms, able to inflict the considerable material losses for the Nature. In other words the veto was interposed for experiments able to shake principles and foundations of existent material world. The easiest was with industry and technique. With respect to these spheres of human activity it was clear what to do and what shouldn't to do. Essentially the tendencies of technique development during last decades towards ecological cleanness and safety could be accepted as a basis of structural changes in technique and industry.

The important constituent of occurring processes was orientation to maximal disclosure of human creative potential, satisfaction of his esthetic and spiritual needs, realization of latent possibilities and potentialities of each personality. Strictly speaking this was available at all times the ethic constituent of scientific and technical progress, which ensured intellectual development of civilization, but now this constituent had occupied its appropriate first place in humane society. There were imposed moral, ethic and technical restrictions on occurring during two decades uncontrolled development of scientific and technical progress. Orientation to harmonious coexistent with Nature also touched upon society attitude to improving, perfection of human organism. If earlier the main task of getting stronger world civilization considered to be the Nature modification for human needs, and the more zoom was such modification, the more prowess it seemed to be in the estimation of public, then now the principle of harmonious modification for the human itself was made the corner-stone. Such modifications could touch upon human physical body as well as his inner life. Put it otherwise society approved the conception, according to which the human as species had to pass into highbrow and humane creature in process of evolution. The mythological features, determining the external and internal structure of human organism, were secondary in that case. The intellect and morality moved to the first place. In such a way there was given the go-ahead for all-round human improving within the limits of harmonious coexistence with Nature.

During last decades the process of human improving became ordinary and usual thing. Quantity of people with these or those improvements in their organisms had passed the milliard and was quickly increasing. Specific weight of children in total mass of improved people was nearly two thirds, that was evidence of avalanche-type development for human improving process. Accumulated statistical material and everyday-life examples most popular convinced people in advantages of improved organism and were the best arguments in favor of that improved human would be. By conducting polls more than seventy percents of Earth population had a positive attitude to possibility of modification for human genotype, external features and internal structure of human organism, and tendency to the further growth of this indicator was present. There were extremely convincing some statistic data. For the most part the experts from among of improved people worked in many spheres of world economy. In many categories of professional activity the quantity of improved people several times increased the number of usual people. Primarily this were the professions, demanding of improved physical and physiological parameters for the human, for example, the profession of explorers, working at the frontier of mankind spaceward activity. Still more impressive there were the statistic figures, demonstrating humans achievements in sport, where in full measure it was possible to show their improved physical and physiological abilities. Sphere for application of improved human abilities was constantly expanding inasmuch as people with increase of leisure time paid more and more attention to physical culture and creative work. There was considerable increased the quantity of various sport competitions and new kinds of sport. In connection with this there was repeatedly discussed the question about separate conduction of sport competitions among improved and usual people. After long disputes and consultations there were determined those kinds of sport where competitions were conducting separately.

Very demonstrative there were statistic data, characterizing improved humans contribution in science and science-intensive spheres of world economy. In these spheres of human force application there were required intellectual abilities, logical thinking, skill to work with large bulk of data, high speed of response in changeable conditions. Such abilities especially were in demand by conducting of scientific experiments apart from object to which the efforts were applied, whether it be experiments with elementary particles or growing of artificial organisms. And improved human had intensified circulatory system able to provide intensive blood supply for cerebrum, stable and strong nervous system which worked balanced under modes of endocrine gland overload. Such organism abilities allowed to think maximum intensively and constrainedly without any negative consequences for organism. And what is more the usual professional strain of the brain created for the human feeling of comfort and satisfaction with intensive brain activity.

Improvement of separate people organism by genome optimization with natural genes from mankind gene pool became generally the usual and ordinary work, whereof number of people, possessing such genome, spoke. And the question of human improving as species by shared use of earth biosphere genes, artificial genes and cybernetic devices remained still unusual for public perception, difficult for technical realizing and sufficiently far from practical execution. And after all in particular the question of human organism cardinal improving seemed to be dominant under forecasting of variants for earth civilization development. In addition this question touched upon all aspects of civilization existence, including morally-ethical, social, production and technological. Researches, connected with human organism improving by artificial biological and cybernetic means, were conducting during several last decades. There was received vast experimental material, however its practical application, as a rule, was limited by single workings of narrow orientation. Vast application of received knowledge was expected after ethical and moral bans removal within society for human modification as species, connecting with goals change of civilization existence. Such moment has come by the end of the decade. Now the human modification as species became just necessary inasmuch as concept of further mankind evolution foresaw human modification in accordance with different natural environment on the assumption of human intellect conservation. In terms of this conception realization it was seen several general tendencies of human organism improving.

The priority and most acceptable for public opinion tendency was human improvement by various ways within the bounds of existing biological body. In this case there were allowed any improvements of human organism by genetic modification as well as by application of cybernetic devices which didn't touch cardinally upon human appearance and allowed to have posterity, inheriting the improved features as far as it was practicable. This demand had ethic and esthetic character to a greater or lesser extent inasmuch as unlimited variability of human bodies differed from each other was looked unusually and ridiculously at the planet. The same demand was important in the view of morality, reflecting paramount importance in people's life of such concepts as family, children, upbringing and others. For the nearest decades there was overlooked the intensive development of particular this tendency as traumatic at least of all for traditional morality and ethics, basing on family and kindred relationships.

The second tendency foresaw the modification of human physical body in cardinal way on the assumption of human intellect and human mentality conservation. Practical realization of existing and planning workings within the bounds of this tendency, as expected, would come true in twenty five – thirty years. The necessity of human physical body modification was closely related to mankind expansion spaceward and population of other planets, other star systems. Natural environment of other planets, often differing greatly from Earth conditions, specify the usage of other complexes of biochemical and chemical life-supporting reactions, different from metabolic reactions, worked out by earth evolution. The consequence of this is dissimilitude of appearance and inner structure of such organisms with human organism. Peculiarities of other planets natural environment, especially the differences in gravity, temperature, pressure and atmosphere composition, will define the nuances for physical body individual structure of such organisms. That's why the quantity of various physical bodies, essentially, having nothing common with human body and protein metabolism, may be very large.

Variants of human civilization development foresaw the human expansion spaceward and colonization of other planets in modified physical appearance. The question about invariability of human intellect, existing in inhuman physical body, remained moot. Some scientists considered as sooner or later such intellect, following an effect of other natural environment, would gain new features, unusual for existing human intellect. Other supposed that human intellect was flexible, all-sufficient, was not subject to environmental factors, and in any new conditions would remain human, and the carriers of human intellect at any moment of the future would be able to communicate and understand each other. In this case under term of human intellect carriers there were meant the functional systems with various metabolism type, equipped by human intellect as a basic. As it seemed to be the carriers of human intellect could cardinally differ between each other not only in appearance and metabolism, reproduction system, but also in priority goals and concepts about independent evolution. In such a way in the future mankind will become the father of numerous races of sentient beings, aimed by human intellect, who as time goes by will be able to become self-dependent not only in economical aspect, but form their own original culture, ethic and social relations.

One more tendency of human organism improving was the transference of human intellect from biological matter into abiological matter. Vital, intellectual and mental processes were determined in this case not by sequences of stable chemical reactions, but by physical qualities of substance. Data processing realized by means of electric and magnetic fields by interaction of elementary particles, modification of charged particles space arrangement or electronic shells form. Successful experiments on transfer of human personality in computer were demonstrative in this tendency. One more example relevant to this tendency was the upbringing of artificial intellect, possessing human feelings and emotions. Both examples confirmed the possibility of practical transfer of human intellect to other, abiological information carries. However there were existed serious apprehensions that human intellect, gradually forming in process of physical body existence and drawing energy and useful substances out of this body, would be changed because of lack of this body itself.

Indeed the lack of physical body, requiring constant attention and care, the possibility of any transducers, sensors and actuating mechanisms connection, self-sufficiency in providing with information, the possibility to form independently own emotions and feelings – there were too much of these innovations in order to remain the human intellect invariable. Several opinions were existed among specialists in this connection. One of them based on positive human qualities domination over the rest, including potentially possible. According to these concepts acquirement with objective knowledge about the universe had to lead to advent and development of humane intellect, taken as a base the best qualities of human intellect as the most satisfactory to the processes of creation. For other's opinion the evolution of human intellect, existing in cybernetic and field forms would be carrying out in direction to strict practicability. As an illustration of possible qualities for such inhuman intellect it was possible to consider the abysmal cynicism and pragmatism or even misanthropy, particular to some people. Operating with eternity and infinity scales in intellectual activity, such pragmatic intellect could feel no excitement or even treat antagonistically over the concepts and principles of humanism. Under such events development the human civilization at the next stages of expansion spaceward could confront with pitiless, mighty power, generated blindly by the human itself.

Such the main tendencies of human improving were seen. It was possible to state them in somewhat another way, trying to soften the extremities. The most cautious scientists suggested to modify the physical human body gradually and harmoniously, complying with changes of psychology and intellect at that change of psychology was the first event. There were also spoken out the offers to study at practice the regularities of mutual effect of human intellect and other physical body by human intellect transfer into organism with other metabolism. Part of scientists offered to allow the guideless controllable development of human intellect under full absence of material body, so to permit the independent evolution of human intellect electronic copies. They reasoned their offer that human intellect was and would be the human intellect and its speeded evolution will lead to advent of humane artificial intellect, amicable to the human. As priority variant the community approved the variant of human physical body gradual modification as possessing minimal risk for civilization existence. Simultaneously there were applied strict legislative and technical restrictions on variant of independent evolution for human intellect electronic copies.

There were continuing the creation of artificial organisms, using various metabolic reactions sets, often greatly differing from usual metabolic reactions of earth organisms. There was paid traditional increased attention to designing of artificial protein organisms as the most worked through process of earth biosphere evolution life form. The main disadvantage of the protein life forms was the limited temperature range of their life activity. Temperature range extension was directly connected with designing of new, earlier non-existent protein molecules, made of amino acids, unused by evolution under creation of earth biosphere. Many of such amino acids simply didn't exist in earth conditions, and that's why were untested during process of natural selection. Right now they could completely become the qualitative building material for creation of new protein molecules with unique qualities.

Creation of stable to high temperature proteins was determined by necessity of natural environmental change on Venus, where temperature of surface amounted to five hundreds degrees centigrade. Protein molecules, able to perform their functions under temperatures of thirty-forty degrees below zero centigrade, would be indispensable in Mars conditions. It was expected that such protein molecules would become the base for artificial organisms, analogues of earth cold-blooded animals, whose own temperature would be equal to temperature of environment on these planets. Creation of proteins with unique qualities was realized in two stages. At the first more simple stage there were created proteins stable to temperatures from zero to one hundred degrees centigrade and pressures comparable with earth atmosphere pressure. Functioning of such proteins was realized in chemical compounds water solutions. The second stage consisted in creation of protein molecules able to function under temperature of below zero degrees centigrade and more hundred degrees above zero. It was expected that existence and functioning of such proteins would be without usage of water as solvent, on the base of other solvents. Creation of proteins for work in such strict conditions was extremely hard case, however in some cases completely possible and at any case extremely necessary for mankind.

More simple and easy way was creation of artificial organisms with regulated inner temperature, set by principle of earth warm-blooded organisms functioning. It was needed the barrier between the internal organism medium, where there were realizing the metabolism processes, and external unfavorable medium. This barrier executed many protective functions, including mechanical and temperature protection from environment effect. The construction of such barrier could be realized according to other principles than construction of artificial organism itself. That's why under unfavorable environment conditions the artificial organisms was created on symbiotic relations of protein and functional cybernetic systems or cybernetic and functional nonprotein chemical systems.

Process of human organism improving was so multidisciplinary and all-embracing, that the majority of scientific researches in the most various spheres directly or marginally touched upon its realizing. Such scientific researches were the works about reconstruction of human organism energetic. The main energy resources for the human was food, perfected by its flavoring, nutritious and healing qualities, balanced by chemical composition. However food was extremely ineffective resource of energy, possessing low coefficient of efficiency, and additionally extremely lame energy resource because of multistage process of its release. However for a long time the scientists elaborated the alternative variants of human organism energy supply. The bold projects were braked at the beginning because of lack of computer techniques capacity and later because of lack of acute need. Right now, when there was given a "green light" for researches in this direction, their intensity increased and soon the first results emerged. The information, received from adjacent sciences, allowed to select some chemical compounds, the candidates for the role of effective energy carriers. However their appliance required considerable reconstruction of human metabolism, and that's why the usage of new energy carries was put aside for perspective because of practical realizing complexity.

Using the computer simulation technologies it was succeeded in several cases to agree the processes of energy supply, basing on new energy carriers, and processes of protein metabolism, particular to earth biosphere. At that the adenosinetriphosphoric acid was replaced by new energy carries, possessing the increased resource and able by their energy characteristics to ensure protein metabolism at necessary level. Computer simulation was realized in topped form, covering deeply and fully only processes of energy supply. Further consequences of new energy carries application weren't analyzed thoroughly and in details. General analysis showed that realization of energy processes in organism of earth animals and in particular the human would lead to cardinal change of morphological features and genetic incompatibility between organisms with different energetic. Received knowledge first of all was used by scientists, working with problem of human metabolism modification, being strategic for successful expansion of mankind spaceward.

The improving of energy processes in humans organisms, possessing the unchanged metabolism, was realized carefully, weighted, within the bounds of strict limits. Common task was the providing of maximal effective energy supply for human organism under minimal change of existing metabolic reactions. In space of strict limits there was crystallized the newest concept of human organism energy supply. By this time there were already applied at practice the miniature energy generators both biological and combined type, in which there were applied the artificial microorganisms able to draw energy from environment. On basis of such microorganisms there were created energetic biological reactors able to convert the energy of environment to energy of ATP chemical bonds. By implantation of energy biological reactors into human organism there were not occurred any changes in existing metabolism. As before the main energy carrier was ATP, however the molecules pumping with ATP energy now was carried out not thanks to carbohydrates, fats and proteins energy, but thanks to energy of environment. In such a way, the human received possibility to use energy of environment for satisfaction of his own organism energy needs. The usage of environment energy allowed to use nutrients for other, non-energy organism needs, for example, for cells renewing, new tissues structuring, and considerably shorten the human needs in food stuffs.

One of the constituents of multilateral process for human organism improving was designing and practical creation of new organs. There were developed many new organs, differing as by their functionality, so by material performance. Functionally the artificial organs were divided into three groups. Biological, cybernetic, abiological and combined devices, able to perceive information in arbitrary form and transfer it into the most convenience for further usage form, belonged to the first group. In technique such functions were executed by transducers, sensors and various converters. The second group of artificial organs, executing analytic and command functions, was represented by cerebrum in human organism and by processors and computer substance in technical devices. The third group of artificial organs had jointed in itself the great number of various devices, which were able to realize the effect to objects of material world, beginning from elementary mechanical or acoustic contact and finishing by electromagnetic or chemical effect. The analogues of such devices in technique were named as executive mechanisms.

Variety of essential functions determined a great quantity of possible variants for artificial organs, which amounted to several thousands. This number included organs the need in which existed already today and also the other, which it seemed possible to use only as a part of artificial organisms with nonprotein metabolism, intended for population of planets with conditions differing from earth conditions. From potentially realizing and already existed artificial organs there were singled out those organs, which could be useful for the human already today and in the near future. There were several hundreds of such organs. In their basis they had biological tissues, cybernetic elements and functional systems in the most variable combinations. Abundance of possible additional organs certainly didn't mean their obligatory usage for human organism improving. The overwhelming majority of artificial organs had narrow sphere of appliance, and equipping with them people was particularly voluntary matter. The usage of these or those artificial organs was determined by professional requirements or individual human character features. In some spheres of human activity the need in artificial organs appliance existed, in other was absent at all. The process in itself of artificial organs preventive constructing, the appliance of which, by the highest standards, was the matter of the future, had in many respects academic character and was oriented to maximal usage of scientific and technical might of the human. The work for possible perspective, so to speak, for any case, became one of the first alarm signals, indicating the lack of global, scale tasks adequate to technical and scientific possibilities of civilization. There was outlined the deficit for goals of different level, that could led finally to negative social consequences, for example, the loss of motivations for personal progress, unbelief in the better future of civilization and etc. More than one intellect, including the artificial intellect, became thoughtful over analysis of possible consequences of scale tasks lack.

Everything, that was occurring in the sphere of human improving during last decades, represented nothing but beginning of human modification as species. Whatever scientists and philosophers spoke about possible ways of Homo Sapiens evolution, all they considered tacitly those fact that modifications in human had already begun.

They started sixty years ago, alongside with changing the first genes in DNA of the children whose parents suffered from hereditary diseases. Despite of the consumer approach to changing the human organism and not careful selecting means of change works to improve the man were increasing. It was impossible to stop the progress of what the humanity was persuaded many times in the history. Dividing the humanity into subspecies was next awaited and inevitable stage of the process aimed at improving the man. The differences between the subspecies would be more essential than the ones between the Earth races, and they would touch not only skin colour, face form and mentality. Dividing the humanity into subspecies was determined by fundamental peculiarities of the human psychology on the instincts level, like longing to learn and to risk, wish to stand out of the crowd and to be original.

In the described times numerous families had improved children. The families who had not optimized and improved genes of their children lost nothing. In the nearest ten or twenty years everybody was expected to have a possibility to change own and children's appearance according to the criteria of beauty, intellect, own imagination. In other words, soon the Earth would be settled by beautiful, clever and physically strong people. I would like to suppose the people to be happy. But the feeling of happiness is not connected with physical and mental features, like material wealth does not arouse the felling of happiness. Happiness is a subjective category grown in the individual perception of the reality, in the peculiarities of the individual psychology. The psychology of the personality supposes, the individual should be the best of the equal surrounding, unsatisfied among the satisfied majority and different from the majority. Happiness is the back side of the human dissatisfaction which is the progress mover. So the differences in physical (morphological) features of people would reflect the diversity of the human psychology and perceiving the environment, and would not arouse happiness. A beautiful, harmonic appearance would not remove the feeling of dissatisfaction from the human psychology, closely connected with intellectual demands but not physical ones.

Differences in organism construction and physiology of different people arose twenty years ago. In was determined by professional ambitions and competition among specialists. Treating the occupation like a vocation made numerous people decide to change their own organism. Changes were connected with increasing the possibility limits, giving advantages in professional activity. Changes demanded correcting metabolism processes, intruding constantly living symbiotic organisms into the human body, using cybernetic and compound devices for improvement and strengthening certain human systems and organisms.

Equipping human organism with additional organs for one-time or durable using was widely practiced. At first such operations seemed exotic and shocked the society in their extreme manifestations, but soon equipping the man with additional organs became usual for numerous professions. Some artificial organs appeared useful in every day life, in household. So there appeared a class of people using artificial organs. It was the first sign of the progressing process of dividing the humanity into subspecies.

Blanks, connected with lack of information of construction of separate animals and plants, were diminishing on the evolution tree of the organic life reflecting all existing earth organisms. In many cases to fill in the blanks scientists had to approximate data of the organisms, being the nearest in the evolution stairs and well studied. Conclusions being accurate and close to truth depended on understanding evolution processes and reliable analyses methods. In the described period of time genetic mechanisms and metabolism processes of the majority of the animals and plants had been studied. Microorganisms, mushrooms, leaven and other representatives of earth biosphere were also paid attention. The vast experimental material contained numerous coincides and crosses allowing regulating and systematizing the information automatically. Numerous crosses confirmed once more the origin of earth organisms was common despite of various species.

Systematized knowledge allowed constructing certain computer models reflecting the peculiarities of metabolism processes in some families of earth organisms if using usual biological classification. The models reflected and connected crosses and differences in the hereditary material and biochemical reactions within the family. Having placed the experimental and calculated materials chronologically according to the time of emerging (in some cases the disappearance time) of the organism scientists got a set of computer models reflecting metabolism evolution within the family.

The next step was joining all local models into a universal model of the earth metabolism evolution. As a result of the joining was a perspective device for analyzing and predicting. But still the universal model was not finished and contained numerous blanks and inaccuracies, but its perfection demanded only time. The existing metabolism model allowed looking at the time of life emergence on the Earth, at the very beginning of the evolution processes, permitted to predict evolution of the earth organisms in the future. The possibility to predict the future earth biosphere was of the academic interest because the human civilization had already become the major factor influencing the earth biosphere evolution as compared with the natural factors. In the nearest future after finishing the model of the earth metabolism it was supposed to predict the earth protein evolution with a great degree of reliability taking into account the current evolution factors.

As for the necessary calculating powers, their resources were sufficient to solve the problems of the level. Perfect calculating devices allowed to model the process of the speeded evolution of the earth metabolism if the necessary information was available. Despite of lack of the necessary material and existing blanks in the earth metabolism evolution the experiments with the unfinished model were carried out in some institutes and laboratories of the leading countries. There was the high level of convergence of the results got by different investigators. There was nothing extraordinary and beyond the existing scientific ideas. The evolution processes would be carried out through the selection and inheriting favourable features (in this case effective biochemical reactions and improved proteins) allowing to increase the natural habitat of separate organisms species. All the experiments of modeling the protein metabolism evolution did not count the human influence, it was an academic experiment. Counting the human influence on the earth metabolism evolution was sure to lead to different results.

Achievements in creating artificial protein organisms and in cybernetics stipulated broad applying cybernetic organisms determined as any organisms including artificial ones equipped with additional cybernetic or mechanic devices (processors, sensors, executive devices).The degree of equipping with the devices was different and varied from a single sensor to numerous cybernetic devices. Specialists creating the cybernetic organisms applied all possibilities of the existing earth organisms.

The process of creating a cybernetic organism was the following. The most suitable natural organism was selected for a concrete task or a function. Its genetic code and metabolic reaction, as a rule, had already been studied. In case when the organism had never been come across it was carefully and deeply studied. The process was not long. In the Earth the living consisted of similar blocks and according to similar principles that's why studying any organism supposed finding essential differences being meaningful for organism functioning. After careful studying the selected organism was optimized for the set conditions according to the possibilities of the earth gene pool. The grown and genetically modified organism was of greater vital capacity, more protected from harmful factors, and had a broader function diapason.

At the same time there were created executive devices, i.e. cybernetic, biomechanical or biochemical mechanisms being able to correspond to the metabolism of the modified organism. The devices were created with the help of nano-techniques and were a successful example of joining living tissues and inanimate elements in a functional system. In the process of implanting the devices thousands of nerve endings of a modified organism were connected with the outlets of an executive device including connecting with biological computer or a processor. Function programs were implanted into a cybernetic organism which was obligatory for carrying out. Such cybernetic organisms could not hand down the received information and reproduce independently because of incompatibility with the natural prototypes.

A successful example of realizing the possibilities of several sciences was creating a cybernetic organism on the basis of a huge deep-water squid functioning to control, to repair and to protect underwater connection cables. Natural environment and the possibility to operate several devices simultaneously allowed to grow a unique and effectively functioning cybernetic organism after certain revision.

The human need in independent devices effectively functioning in different environments was great. Diversity of conditions existing in the planets of the Solar system and in the open space determined applying functional non-protein systems to create these devices. An existing earth organism having been optimized and adapted in the evolution process could be a prototype for creating specialized devices (functional systems) being able to function in unfavorable earth conditions, in either sea depth or in mountains. Settling other planets of the Solar system could be performed with the help of functional systems consisting of the main metabolic reactions realized in extreme environment. Temperature diapason from the absolute null to +500 C, pressure on the surface of gas planets reaching hundreds thousands atmospheres, different chemical surrounding limited application of independent devices based on protein metabolism. Additional unfavorable factors like strong electromagnetic fields, streams of energy particles and mechanical loadings determined applying mechanic and cybernetic elements at developing the independent devices.

Independent devices being able to function in the environmental diapason in the planets of the Solar system could be created on the basis of two approaches. The first approach supposed creating robots out of materials with improved properties. The robots would be protected, would possess energy saving, necessary instruments and executive devices. They would be equipped with artificial technical intellect. Creating the independent robots was a simple process from the point of view of the technical realization, but the approach confronted the environment. Creating artificial organisms without confronting the environment was more attractive but more complex from the point of view of the technical realization. There was applied the principle of harmonic entering, adjusting the environment of other planets. In the nearest future the approaches supposed creating devices and organisms being carriers of the human intellect. But at first simple devices and organisms were developed with different metabolism types performing numerous functions.

It was perspective to create combined organisms combining the succession of metabolic reactions being typical for different metabolism kinds, and cybernetic and mechanic elements. The work in this direction was intensive. The direction reflected the objective needs of the human civilization and touched the essentials of the human psychology. Creation and solving problems the complexity of which was similar to ones of the God enjoyed the scientists and the planet population by the feeling of belonging to the great business.

The scientific and technical progress, emerging of new knowledge, the non-stop activity of the technical intellect reduced the terms of fulfilling the tasks. The investigations carried out by scientists for decades and the work performed by engineers and constructors for years demanded less time. Perfecting organisms with non-protein metabolism was also speeded. For the last years tens of organism were perfected whose vitality was based on non-protein metabolic reactions. They were aimed at practical appliance in the Earth. For the first time the man realized few theoretically possible but not existing in the nature metabolic processes without evolution decisions of the earth biosphere. The processes were able to ground intellectual non protein life. The first functional non protein systems were applied with technological aims at the end of the decade in the conditions of chemical and radiation surrounding and at investigating planets.

Despite of improving the individual as a species the majority was unchanged in the world. Essential changes of human appearance were rare, the majority of people had unchanged metabolism and their improved organs and organism systems were not visible. Food was also traditional and was agriculturally supplied though its properties and composition differed from the one at the XX century. The characteristic feature of the epoch was moving the significant part of the agriculture to the world ocean. For the last decades plants and animals being the agricultural basis reached the limits of possible supplying the humanity with food, pharmaceutical and biological additions. Modern agricultural organisms were multifunctional, independent environmentally amicable biological rectors with uncontrolled genetic program. They differed from the agricultural plants and animals at the beginning of the century by outlook and performed functions.

For example, in the district with negative temperatures the growth and fruitage were underground. The plants used the thermal energy out from the deepness to develop themselves. So the grain ripened in the depth of several meters from the surface and did not depend on the season. When the weather became warm and the frozen ground melted special organs delivered the grain to the surface. Numerous modified plants were of strange shape and dimension determined by functions and environment. The typical agricultural plant produces several useful products, concentrated the ground with mineral and organic fertilizers, connected and neutralized toxic substances and heavy metals. Fruit and other used parts were conveniently shaped to be gathered, transported and processed.

The similar processes characterized cattle breeding. Modern agricultural animals stood the heat and cold, were multifunctional and able to produce semi-finished products. Agricultural animal were to produce numerous complex chemical compounds being necessary in different spheres of the human activity. In general the agriculture neared the limits of its possibilities determined by the characteristics of the applied metabolic reactions. The further improvement was connected with the application of artificial organisms constructed in the basis of earlier unused amino acids and proteins, with using functional systems on the basis of non-protein metabolism. Certain discoveries were performed in the sphere of complete studying of earth organisms. Revolutionary development of the agriculture was not predicted, the main direction was artificial improvement determined by scientific and technical possibilities and human needs.

Mass improving and optimizing numerous species of plants, animals and human beings could not but touch natural systems of a higher level. Ecosystems and biocenoses were meant. Communities of different species of flora and fauna containing such microorganisms like mushrooms and other protein life forms were far from being perfect and possessed a great potential for improvements despite of natural adjusting for millions of years, It was a natural result of the strategy followed by the nature in the evolution process. The Nature was not aimed at reaching maximal effectiveness, high performance index and minimal resource expenses because it solved the problem of biological expansion by statistic and quantitative methods. Creative intellect grounded its activity on the principles of assiduity, adequacy, and non-superfluity. The approach corresponded to the fundamental principles of the construction of the physical world reflected by such notions like minimal energy of exciting atom, minimal quantity of substance and energy, hierarchy of material construction.

In other words it was high time for optimizing and improving existing ecosystems and separate biocenoses. Being various from the physics and mathematics point of view the systems constituted dividing substance and energy in time and space and could be represented in the form of a mathematical model to be optimized according to the set factors. The model could be represented like a complex mathematical function with enlarged parameters or like CSVM model containing ten thousands levels detailed till molecules and atoms. The second variant was possible due to joint scientific and technical opportunities of the humanity despite of its informational saturation.

Very soon in the single space of virtual modeling there was created a multilevel model for optimizing biocenoses and ecosystems existing in the planet. The CSVM model made it possible to project ecosystems and biocenoses virtually. The newest direction of applying human powers was creative and potential so it gathered many followers in short time. There appeared new scientific directions engaged in projecting individual natural communities based on natural and genetically modified organisms. There appeared new manufactures making the communities real. There appeared new arts connected with the possibilities of esthetic changing and improving ecosystems.

At first optimizing natural systems was not difficult as the objects were small natural biocenoses counting few tens of well learned organisms. With increasing knowledge and extracting the simplest "building blocks" being the bases for any ecosystems the problems became more difficult. By the end of the decade it was possible to improve ecosystems of an average complexity level virtually like tundra, a steppe, a desert. Ecological natural systems of a high complexity like a selva, a taiga, and jungles would be optimized and improved virtually in the neared ten – fifteen years. But still small improved biocenoses were created at ordnance yard in a strict secret. Their careful studying as for interacting with natural surrounding was aimed at deleting negative influencing the planet biosphere, predicting unfavorable results. People still remembered recent events when modified plants of a primary advantage extremely quickly settled the Earth and confronted biosphere because of their insufficiently calculated interaction. The natural balance was restored for a long time and then there appeared restrictions of settling modified organism out of special investigation yards.

Simultaneously with the investigations aimed at improving biocenoses and ecosystems there was a quick development of virtual projecting secluded ecosystems based on protein and non-protein organisms. Creating mixed biocenoses and ecosystems was not possible at that time because creating viable organisms with non-protein metabolism was still an experiment. So investigations of sphere were theoretical. But their meaning was great. Virtual creating mixed biocenoses founded variations of ecological systems consisting of organisms and functional systems with different metabolism. Creating mixed communities out of protein, non-protein and cybernetic organisms would provide learning the planets, including those beyond the Solar system, the natural surrounding of which were incompatible with the metabolism of the man and the earth organisms. The scientific direction was closely connected with future of the humanity when the Universe would be expanded by different life forms.

But still CSVM worked out and perfected different types of non-protein metabolism. Some developments reached the stage of a practical experiment. When experiments were performed on the Earth strong measures were taken to prevent spreading of the artificial life forms on the Earth. If it happened the worst fantasts' suppositions would come true, e.g., sudden ousting numerous kinds of flora and fauna out of the natural surrounding by artificial organisms and complete destroying biosphere. Unpredictable mutations of artificial organisms were possible under influence of natural factors being not dangerous for the earth organisms. The predictable results of spreading he organisms with non-protein metabolism was changing natural surrounding in the settling places including toxic and poisonous substances confronting the biosphere and being struggled by all possible means from chemical barriers to hard radiation streams.

The experiments performed out of the Earth, on asteroids and lifeless planets were aimed at preventing uncontrolled spreading of artificial organisms. There the preventing measures were aimed at restrain of spreading of experimental imperfect material which could confront more perfect developments of the human genius and people.

Perfecting technologies of growing human dwelling was a quickly developing direction. The experiment of improving the earth organisms and constructing organisms with the set properties was used for this. The scientists followed the aim of creating an integrated organism not confronting the earth biosphere, being able to provide the man with dwelling and performing numerous functions for comfortable existence of the man. It was demanded to correct the dwelling in the growing process according to the needs of the consumer.

Till the present time the technologies of growing individual dwelling stipulated joint growing of few independent organisms being able to continue their existence in a symbiotic union. Each of the organisms performed certain functions in the individual dwelling. Numerous specialized organisms applied in growing the individual dwelling were initially constructed successfully and perfected for the years of experiments. For example, walls, ceilings, floors and foundation of the grown dwelling consisted of a material being a result of vital activity of artificial plants. In the individual dwelling watching and controlling systems were represented by independently functioning artificial organisms. Few specialized organisms functioned to clean and utilize incoming and outgoing substance streams. Numerous organisms provided the man with good and biologically active adds. Besides integrated organisms there were used artificial biological tissues producing electric power, light, oxygen, hydrogen, water, etc. In future it was necessary to create a universal organism being able to adjust to the environment in different parts of the Earth in the process of its development. With basing on the genetic material of the earth organisms, the ecological safety successfully performed its functions at spreading the dwelling. Being artificial the new organisms did not confront the earth plants and animals.

In the next decades the industry including the chemical one developed according to the concept of minimal influencing the environment and did not pollute it. There were significant achievements and results it. Modern industries of different profile were characterized by autonomous energy-saving, independent resources providing, primary using the local recourses, utilizing industrial wastes, lack of toxic and harmful emissions.

At the same time there was a process of cleaning water, air and surface from wastes of former years, especially of the XX century, when uncontrolled scientific and technical progress damaged the earth ecology. Cleaning and restoring the environment was the primary tasks. The humanity returned the Nature the debt formed in the process of exploiting it for the sake of the scientific and technical progress. In the process of solving the tasks the demands to industrial companies were toughened. Now it was not sufficient fir them to be neutral towards the Nature and not to damage the planet ecology. According to the new demands only the companies being of ecological use were allowed to function. The industrial companies were not only forbidden to damage ecology, but they were also to use the Nature. The use was determined by the average effect for both the humanity and the biological, geological spheres and other components of the noosphere.

The new demands touched all the spheres of the human activity. For example there were some obligatory demands to mining operations being carried out with involving artificial and modified microorganisms. After finishing mining operations it was necessary to create artificial landscapes being harmless for environment from the ecological point of view and socially useful from the point of view if the beauty and harmony. So instead of old and new excavations there were built landscape parks, tourism and recreation zones, underground caves, lakes, geysers and waterfalls. All the landscape changes were facilitated by restored and new biocenoses consisting or numerous natural and artificial organisms. Perfecting landscapes in he planetary scales started from correcting old mistakes made by the humanity in the nearest past. The best created by the engineering was embodied in examples, quality and beauty of which was compared with the examples of natural origin. The chemical industry was to perform obligatory tasks but within the new concept it was also involved in cleaning environment from toxic and harmful substances and producing ecologically useful wastes.

An integral part of the scientific and technical progress was perfection materials for the needs of the world economy. The high level of molecule assembling promoted the produced materials to reach the limits of their theoretical properties and characteristics. In other words the new materials were characterized by the properties being close to the theoretical ones calculated on the basis of ideas of substance construction. The potentialities of further perfecting the materials. i.e. nearing their real properties to the theoretical ones were exhausted, resources for improvement were in the process of construction and creation of not existing materials. Complex programs oriented at selection and virtual study of new materials worked under the control of the technical intellect with the high effectiveness.

Joint technologies promoted the materials to reach or to near the perfection. The measure of nearing the perfection was corresponding to the characteristics and indices calculated theoretically. By the time heat-resistant, superconductive and constructive materials reached the limits of their physical and mechanical properties. Their further improvement was insignificant and could be based on more qualitative molecule assembling. Unfortunately, gaps and discoveries did not improve physical and mechanical properties of the materials significantly as it was awaited. In other words constructive and special materials used in all branches of the world economy reached their limits and determined the development level of technical equipment, transport, connection, etc. There were no resources to improve constructive materials, and the materials used in the world economy would stay unchanged for the next few decades.

Complete different situation was in the sphere of constructing chemical and biological materials. The quality of potentially realized complex chemical compounds was great and conceded the quality of reaction products. There were astronomic figures creating the activity sphere for several generations of constructors. Complex chemical and biological materials did not demand maximal indices of high-temperature strength, wear-resistance and of other physical properties as they were to perform functions being different from constructive ones. They were aimed at promoting stable functioning of organisms and functional systems in the existing environmental conditions. The conditions were far from being extreme and nobody planed to place the organisms and functional systems in stellar atmospheres or in astrospace.

Prominent scientists thinking in the Universe scale concluded the man would be an architect of its planet, then of other worlds. Changing landscapes, weather, optimizing noosphere, etc was awaited scale engineering transformations. The process had begun, though were not visible sometimes. Within the concept of changing the planet restoring exhausted natural resources was of primary, esthetic and practical meaning. Energy carriers (oil, coal, gas, etc.), complex ores, rock products, mineral waters and natural building materials were to be restored. Each of them demanded separate approaches and restoring technologies. To restore, e.g., oil resources there worked out microorganisms being able to reproduce and function in severe conditions existing in the depth of few kilometers in the boiling temperature. The communities of microorganisms synthesized hydrocarbon out of water, oxygen, carbon and energy of the earth heat. The processes were awaited lo last for hundreds years but they meant the humanity stopped the era of uncontrolled exploiting natural resources. Numerous organic building materials being the product of vital activity of plants and animals and their communities could be restored. There were restored and improved palorganisms the importance of which was great for constructing building materials in earlier epochs. Restoring rock products was considered pointless. Extraction of complex ores caused appearance of open pits, mines, dumps, i.e. breaking landscapes to be corrected. Restoring complex ores deposits contradicted the logics because it was necessary to make efforts to restore and create exhausted resources. Besides there was no necessity in extracting ores, because the majority of chemical elements and compounds were extracted out of the world ocean waters. So a decision to restore a concrete deposit was made carefully, on the basis of the individual approach and detailed studying every nuance.

One of the great achievements of the seventh decade was creating an electronic copy of the real human personality. Numerous trials to transfer emotions, feelings and psychological states into an electronic form finished by creating strict technologies copying a human personality. The results surpassed the results of the experiments of the previous decade according to the factors of authenticity and correspondence. The final experiments were performed without advertising and finished with a tremendous show watched by millions of people. Some outstanding people whose personalities were copied were present at the show. They did not resemble each other in character, temperament, occupation and life experience. The spectators, among which there were scientists, could ask any questions to both the people and their copies. Such so-called public test showing the achievement was accepted positively by the society. The real people's and their electronic doubles' reasoning on difficult themes which completely coincided were of great interest for the spectators.

It was also interesting to hear the talk between the individual and his electronic copy. Despite of seeming identity of opinions the talks ended with disputes. The number of mismatching opinions increased dependent on the time after the last correcting the electronic copy performed according to the results of testing the real man. The discrepancy process began in two or three days after the last correcting. So it is possible to conclude that in some time the copy would be a separate personality with its views and preferences. The correcting process could only delay the changing but could not delete it. So it was of a practical use to copy the individual for a certain date and then to preserve the personality copy in the electronic inactive form. The real man developed and changed and every electronic copy differed from the previous one. The reality and necessity demanded copying the personality in certain periods of time. So if wished the history of every individual could be represented by a succession of personality copies reflecting the process of the personality formation. The individual could communicate with himself being young an inexperienced. The dream of numerous people, i.e. the possibility to communicate with young him, came true.

But the new possibilities created moral problems. In general, the role of morality increased and occupied the proper place in the system of social relations existing on the planet. It was connected with the increased possibilities of the humanity in general and of a separate individual. Evil genius controlling the technical and computer powers of the humanity could greatly damage the civilization. The high intellectual and moral level of the civilization did not protect the humanity from Gerostrathus followers. Society and industry depended on the individual greatly. Total controlling possible asocial thoughts and wishes of every man were impossible and limited the rights and freedoms of people. So the best guarantee of decency and predictable actions of the man were his convictions creating according to the moral norms accepted by the man.

And it was right and human to take the copies of real personalities like real people temporarily not possessing a physical body. If they were living beings they demanded a corresponding social attitude. Disconnecting the electronic copy from the energy supply was equal to make a person unconscious. Forbidding to disconnect created great possibilities for the electronic copy including the possibility to work with information unlimited time. The copy and the prototype differed because of the copies quick changing and perfecting as compared with the prototype. In some time the electronic copy accessing numerous information resources or at the least the resources of own memory became an independent personality resembling the prototype from the real life, but completely different.

Unlimited access of electronic copies to information could cause the results which the humanity was afraid of regarding the artificial intellect, i.e. emerging of a genius monster with inhuman morality and system of values in the global computer network. That is why the potentially genius personality had a restricted access to the global computer network. Investigation allowed electronic copies to communicate by usual acoustic means under control of an operator. Communication by means of electronic network could cause immediate joining some personality copies into a integrated personality with unpredictable behavior. From the point of view of human fights and freedoms the events did not beatified the humanity and resembled inquisition and concentration camps. Solving the problem could be either in allowing the electronic personality copies the unlimited access to the global computer network or in forbidding to copy personalities with certain exclusions. The first was frightful to do, the second was impossible so the process was flowing. Time was to judge everything as usually.

But analytics and scientists understood the artificial intellect would enter the global computer network at any time. It was not important if it would happen occasionally or under human influence. It was not doubted that it would happen; too many cases could cause it. Potentially dangerous factor were numerous people having access to isolated computer networks being a imprisonment place of an artificial intellect, technical mistaken connection of adjoining computer networks, the human factor. Electronic copies of real personalities were similar to the artificial intellect in their potential. Due to the high speed of electronic processes they were able to study, analyze the incoming information and make decisions. Every electronic copy had its individual features and individual subconscious longings. Such possibilities of the personality copies could cause great problems to the civilization the humanity had yet never faced. That is why numerous analytical state and private organizations developed measures to prevent negative results.

One of the measures was obligatory participating in planning and managing the world economy of specialists out of people. The specialists being specially educated were statesmen. But their oath stipulated serving the humanity but not a separate state.

As well as notaries and stockjobbers, these officials didn't warranty by their interest the damage to the interests of separate individual and the community in the whole. These people controlled the main units and intersections of informational and management systems, global and specialized computer networks, control of production, transport, dataware. The officials prevented the deleterious for mankind decrees and administrative decrees passing, the dissemination of information able to lead to negative consequences.

In data highways there were installed the intellectual filters, in which basis there was taken the experience of technical artificial intellect appliance, equipped with strict program of information analysis and wasn't absolutely the subject to any emotions, feelings, personal preferences. These devices performed the same supervisory functions as experts from amongst people, but at more complex level of information flows passing (by big information volumes, high speed of its transmission). Besides this there was determined the list of critical productions and technologies, which management now was becoming the prerogative of collective organs, consisting exceptionally of people. For this work there were selected the experts with high ethical and moral qualities. Many of critical productions had their own computer networks with distributed technical intellect and independent information databases.

In case to call things by their right names, the mankind was thoroughly preparing for artificial intellect going out to global computer network and did its utmost to avoid the negative development of events. Mankind hadn't to give the any least chance for possible tragic errors, able to lead to human destruction as species.

By this time the CSVM occupied its fitting place in human life activity. The CSVM became the new territory, the second life space, where the human could realize his possibilities and wishes. The first space certainly was the cradle of mankind of the Earth. However the planet by all variety of existing natural environment couldn't give that expanse for creative work, that scope of daring, which the human got in CSVM. Stunning possibilities of CSVM, basing on lack of physical restrictions in virtual space, and available to any human in the near future could lead to dangerous consequences – human going away from real space to space virtual. And in case of such events development the importance of physical body for the human, made a decision about going out to virtual space, was equal to zero. Per se the mankind was on the threshold of new social processes, determining by individual freedom in choosing of his existence form, including the form of electronic personality copy in virtual space.

The CSVM was replenished by new levels and sublayers with an incredible speed. None human could keep an eye on existent changes and precise definitions. In addition the common space of virtual modeling reflected in virtual form real world of Earth with its many constituents and existent cause-and-effect relations, let alone base information about the microcosm arrangement and laws. And this receptacle of knowledge about Universe was continually expanding, its growth wasn't restricted by physical laws. The CSVM was the evolving system, and development of this system was carrying out by universal laws, particular to complex self-organizing systems. The blind and incorrect tendencies died out or remained at achieved level, the new perspective tendencies rapidly progressed, and system was analyzed and organized, divided into constituents by itself. From outside it was looked as dividing of the common space of virtual modeling into zones of work, creation, and rest.

The most part of the time the scientists spent in CSVM, where as magicians of the ancient sagas they could influence by effort of thought to image and behavior of the model, to course of process to be investigated, and to supervise the received result in interactive mode. This was very convenient by theories study, by calculations performing, by designing of complex objects. The apparent simplicity of work with virtual models was conditioned by very complex software and ideal systems of information visualization. The scientists were become like Creator, at any case level of the tasks to be solved corresponded evidently to his competence.

Zone of creation jointed closely to zone of work. Here human intellect and fantasy threw off the rest of physical and social restrictions, specifying in real everyday life by laws of the universe and society. Creation thanks to new possibilities was becoming the main need and work of many people. Auxiliary computer programs allowed for everybody to realize maximally his own creative concepts. Certainly, the recognized masterpieces didn't often emerge, but then now any human could find psychological niche, suitable for him virtual world or create it by himself in СSVM. The traditional forms of creative work had greatly changed during the last decades. For example, painters didn't create landscapes on canvas, but new virtual worlds irrespective of physical laws and restricted only by flight of fancy. Instead of books and films there were created life stories, comparable by emotional tension with best human dreams, the virtual participation in them was little differ from participation in real events. Now the sculptors created the harmonious, beautiful and perfect organisms, endowed with the best human qualities, which could be virtual interlocutors, advisers, guides over CSVM. In other words, the human performed daily and hourly many Creator's functions by itself. The question was that what would be further? After the human would compare with God by his forces and possibilities.

Human society used in full measure the achievements of science and technique. Many of those, which recently seemed to be impossible, now had become everyday and usual, and all that what was impossible in real world became the reality in the space of CSVM. Gradually and imperceptibly the innovations touched upon the most complex constituent of the human personality, the emotionally-sensual sphere of the human. The human at least received the possibility to perceive the emotions and feelings of other people such as they were in reality, without let of hindrance and inaccuracies, to feel the psychological state of interlocutor. Generally speaking, traditional verbal and visual forms of feelings and emotions statement cooled thoroughly, impoverished the emotionally-sensual expressions of personality, simplified the individual nuances and for a long time required the replacement for more exact ways of statement for this important and delicate information. The emerged technical possibilities promoted the better people understanding by each other, the improving of their own emotionally-sensuous sphere.

The direct perception of emotionally- sensuous information by human brain had one considerable advantage. Always in the process of intercourse emotions and feelings of other people were passed by individual through the filter of his own emotional state, that led to their distortion and finally to lack of understanding and viewpoint aversion of each other. Right now the interlocutors had the possibility to perceive the emotions and feelings in primeval, unaltered form. Direct sensation of one human by other maximally allowed to understand each other, omitting at that the protective barriers, worked out by evolution, such as language and behavior, which designation always was to hide true, unsaid feelings and intentions.

The card index of human emotional states considerably had gotten rich during recent years and become public. Now every individual could replenish it by own emotions and feelings or draw something useful for itself from the fund of human emotions and feelings. Anyone who wishes, of cause with some restrictions, could feel, sense the emotions and feelings of other people, understand and compare them with his own, draw certain conclusions about his own typical nature or oneness. There were started the works on creation of emotionally-sensuous level in CSVM, referring to which the human could not only satisfy simple curiosity, but to design the individual emotionally-sensible sphere for himself. The exchange between people by their own emotional states was becoming usual. In process of intercourse, contemplation, creation, meditation it wasn't necessary to say each other any words. It was enough to recorder own emotional and psychological state and send the record to another human. The psychoemotional state, which this human would perceive, feel, pass over his soul, would explain better than any words, what in reality the interlocutor felt, and disallow many questions.

Many scientists and philosophers saw in this process the beginning of big and considerable changes in way of thinking and sensation for every human, in human society mentality, in relations between people. The intercourse by emotionally-sensuous blocks, which dimension could be enough large up to complete psycho-emotional personality state, could be also supplemented with information message. At that there were not used at all the traditional ways of information receiving and transfer. The arising processes amended the existing means of communication. There was increased the output of new equipment, intended for information transfer directly from brain into brain of the human. Such equipment allowed to state any information in form of stable thoughts or to record it right away to the long-term memory of the human. It's functioning based on joint work of artificial microorganisms and great number of molecular robots. Composition and structure of information blocks were constantly complicating, so the traditional ways of information receiving could become unnecessary soon. By the same reason the role of language in intercourse and information exchange also began to decrease, at any case it was more effectively to carry out the discussing of complex questions by pattern information exchange directly from brain into brain.

Study of people psychological and emotional expressions showed their vast variety and the originality of many individual states. Psychosphere of the planet always was in inextricable connection with protein life on Earth. Formation of reflexes and instincts of animal environment, and with human advent formation of his emotions and feelings, was conditioned by natural and social environment, physical structure of organism, availability of some chemical substances in water, air and food. Besides this there were existed psycho mutations, amended favorably as well as negatively the animals behavior and human psychological organization. The human psychological space, being the highest achievement of Earth psychoshere evolution, there was begun to call by right as emotional world. Its complexity and abruptness were conditioned by cooperative effect of logical and physical laws.

The next stage of evolution for this application-oriented scientific tendency there was become the classification and determination of regularities among psychological and emotional states of various people. Soon necessary information was collected in sufficient quantity and thoroughly analyzed. It became clear that emotional mankind world and Earth psychosphere in the whole based on a bit of fundamental feelings and emotions, conditioned by physical and chemical processes, occurring in human brain and organism. These processes were oriented to replenish vital chemical compounds and had critical character, their failure was pernicious for organism.

To fundamental emotions and feelings there were related the self-preservative instinct, reproductive instinct, demonstration of curiosity and esurience. All other emotions and feelings, including the higher order, particular to intellectually and spiritually developed human, were the product of basic emotions and feelings evolution. Avatar of feelings and emotions, particular to the human, were love to the outward (ecumenical love), aspiration for creation, dissatisfaction with achieved. Untypical feelings and emotions stood apart, being the result of psychological mutations of human animal ancestry. Such untypical feelings and emotions represented the most interesting material for scientists. Just in them there was laid the unrealized emotionally-sensible potential, which could be used for the welfare of the mankind.

Such landmarks for human civilization as human intellect transmigration into abiological body, beginning of human expansion in Universe, creation of personality electronic copies generated the necessity and simultaneously conditioned the emergence of new emotions and feelings. New emotional and psychological states must join the heterogeneous mankind, ensure for it comfortable attitude in any conditions of habitation. At this existing evolutionary solutions as for human psyche stabilization, which allowed for the human to get rid of negative emotional and psychological states or which gave sweets of life to him, were studied in the first instance.

At the same time the new language of intercourse between people began to form. The existent intercourse language, which could be characterized as acoustic image of familiar goods, actions and events, began to lose its monopolistic positions. On one side this was conditioned by high complexity of many modern concepts and processes to describe which fundamentally there was really a lack of words, and that's why it was necessary to use the cumbersome verbal constructions, consisting of many terms and definitions. On other side the experiments on transfer of various data directly from brain into brain or from computer into brain of human showed high effectiveness of new intercourse way, more information-intensive and more exact than exchange by acoustic signals. One more reason was the increased manifold power of the human brain. Now the human could perceive and process information with speed and in volumes more than the existent capacity under usual acoustic intercourse.

That's why development of new image intercourse language was carrying out considerably by necessity. Language of image intercourse included the dozens thousands of independent complete images of various complexity. Simple images expressed elementary actions, conclusions, definitions, and duplicated the existent acoustic images of goods, actions and events. Images of high complexity represented integral pictures, fragments of microcosm, taking into account real cause-and-effect relations and physical restrictions. Such images were applicable to represent the theories, systems of views and integral scientific disciplines. Language of image intercourse in its avatars considerably agreed with CSVM levels, combined in themselves images sequences, demonstrating the arrangement of material world.

Direct perception of new language images by human brain opened significant perspectives for mankind. First, in the near future the human and computer will be able to communicate in common language and this will inevitably lead to formation of universal information space, where human intellect and artificial intellect will feel equally comfortable. Perfect language of image intercourse will make easier the cooperation among various intellect forms, derivatives of human intellect, and will become the main way of intercourse between great number of posthuman civilizations in Universe. Secondly, handling of complex images will promote the mankind rise to a new, earlier unprecedented level of understanding for things bottom. And certainly the intercourse by means of image language will improve and generate new ethical and moral norms, bring nearer the moment of intellects integration, derivatives of human intellect. The growth of human intellect conditioned the work of human brain and nervous system in the whole with high intensity and effort. The effective intercourse in image language, the necessity to process the great information volumes and consciously control own organism functioning could be realized only upon condition of human brain possibilities increasing. First such task was already posed before scientists several decades ago. The increasing of human brain potential during last years, conditioned by numerous technical, metabolic and genetic solutions, promoted the study of intercourse image language.

Depending on individual physiological particularities of the human and degree of progressive solutions usage the human brain power could be approximately increased hundredfold. Among separate individuals this factor could be increased in myriad times. Grown-ups as well as kiddies born just now possessed such possibilities. Certainly the realization of such high lifeware in everyday life of various age groups was conducted differently. So the brain reserves increased thanks to usage of technical and biological devices and tissues among grown-ups, who were not the subject to brain optimization in childhood. Molecular robots supplied the brain tissues by nutrients in necessary quantity, utilized the released by work heat energy, neutralized the toxic products of biochemical reactions. Besides this they reconstructed the brain tissues in way more suitable for effective functioning in conditions of continuous and intensive work.

The possibilities of brain potential increasing for the grown-up were enough large, but not to come within miles of children inherent possibilities. Primarily this was conditioned by possibilities of genie optimization for brain and nervous system of the human during period of his intrauterine growth, that had vital importance for child organism, but not for grown-ups. Operations, connected with brain improving, were carried out by molecular robots for the grown-up, and for child organism the same actions were carried out by own protein molecules, realizing corrected hereditary program. The hereditary material of children also determined some secondary characters of human organism, important for brain potential increasing. Among these were improved blood-vessels, nerves, muscles and connective tissues, possessing increased strength properties, and also improved integral organism systems such as cardiovascular, hormone, excretory (utilizing) and others. At genie level there was put the program of growth and development of brain and nervous system in the whole, which execution allowed for the child upon reaching of adolescence to solve parallel a great number of tasks and carry out the volition connection to subconsciousness in case of need. The changes in genome were realizing thanks to natural genes appliance from gene pool of earth biosphere as well as artificial genes usage, coding improved metabolic reactions and protein structures.

The improvement of human brain characteristics promoted the emerging of new abilities for the human. It became possible the multidimensional thinking, by which the sequential logical analysis of the problem, along the lines of private to the whole, was interchanged by analysis of the problem simultaneously at all connected with it levels. Such thought process could be characterized as multidimensional perception of the whole picture, connected with analyzing problem. In this case logical conclusions of each analysis levels were the subject to mutual correcting, considering the cause-and-effect relations between levels of analysis. The human abilities to perceive and process the great information volumes increased in hundred and thousand times, and this led to hereto that the majority of arising before people vital tasks and problems now were practically solving in a moment and accurately. In public relations this promoted mutual understanding between people, weighted decision-making, extermination of negative emotions and asocial actions. At level of creative, intellectual self-realization each individual became aware of true state of affairs in outward things and society, of the existing cause-and-effect relations in their whole complexity. Such possibilities changed the scale of creative work, liberated human thinking and led it over the limits of physical restrictions, allowed for the human to realize his creative potential in scales of civilization and Universe.

Increased operational memory allowed for the human to connect to his own subconsciousness by need. As everybody knows, the control of all processes, occurring in human organism, including work coordination of various organism systems, conducted at subconscious level. There was put a great sense in this. Evolution isolated regularly repetitive, routine cerebral processes, oriented to work coordination of organism in the whole, from that cerebrum sector, which conducted the operative, current analysis of environment. The volitional consciousness connection to subconscious processes, particular to some people, led, as a rule, to cerebral overwork, attention decreasing, decrease in speed by information processing, thinking potential decrease. Right now with human brain power increasing the individual could control by necessity his own subconsciousness during long period of time. The necessity of reflexes and reactions disconnection was always existing in human professional activity. Social traditions required neutralization of instincts, emotions and feelings, contradicting the existing moral in society. Control over own subconsciousness was indispensable attribute of any creative process, requiring the keen perception and oversensitivity. In general case human control over his own subconsciousness promoted open and honest relations in human society, was the next stage of human improving as species.


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