Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century

Andrei Kapatsy

Gods civilization

Prognostication of science and technique
development in the 21st century



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[2] The second decade
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[8] The eighth decade
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Forecast the future of mankind in the 21 st century


The eighth decade (2070-2080)

The first generation of people with artificial genes had grown to adults. Results and perspectives of artificial genes appliance. Problem of acquiring with joint posterity among people with artificial genes. Completion of computer model for earth metabolism evolution. Modeling of organic life evolution on Earth. Model of perfect organism for earth conditions. Creation of ecological systems, jointed life forms with different metabolism. Designing and practical creation of functional biocenoses. Principles of earth biosphere modification. Replacement of the majority previous technologies by ecologically harmless technologies. Usage of nanotechnologies in many industrial fields. Practical appliance of artificial organisms and tissues, generating electric energy. Human organism protective system, combined the advantages of molecular robots and immune system. Creation of organ, regulating chemical concentrations and electric potentials in human brain. Forming of new system of perception and generation for emotions, feelings and images. Creation of global system for weather control. Growing technologies for integral productions. Usage of CSVM for hypothetical chemical compounds designing. Creation of new energy carriers types, using metastable atoms states. Appliance of new chemical compounds in extra-high-power electric accumulators. Chemistry of nonprotein life. Common program of planet reconstruction. Artificial intellect output into CSVM and global computer network. Formation of persons of genius association in CSVM and global computer network. Intercourse image language usage in relations between people and artificial intellect representatives. Creation of emotionally-psychological levels in CSVM. Social prognostication with participation of humans and artificial intellect. Outlet of real personalities electronic copies into global computer network and CSVM. Creation of executive mechanisms, cybernetic and artificial organisms for human service. New filling of previous leisure forms. Gold era of creation in mankind life. Creation of different dimensions insubstantial spaces. Works of art, based on experience of artistic characters emotions and feelings. Evolutionary processes in CSVM. Possible ways of evolution for earth civilization. CSVM as the most important element of earth civilization life activity.

It was passed about twenty years since first experiments, oriented to human organism improving by means of artificial genes appliance. Those first hundreds of infants, whose organism the artificial hereditary material was used, had grown to adult individuals. Only twenty years ago human organism improving seemed to be complex and risky matter, and further fate of those who were under such experiments seemed to be unenviable. However during the next decades there were come into the world hundred thousands humans with modified metabolism, artificial genes carriers, and this fact spoke for itself. The process of artificial genes appliance for human organism improving gained momentum. Now it was possible to sum up the reasonable results, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of artificial genes appliance for human hereditary material improving.

Since the moment, when the human learnt to think, his interests veritably began to cover all aspects of the universe. However very often the wishes, expectancies and creative conceptions of the human were restrained by imperfection of the own organism. Just variety of human interests conditioned a great quantity of human organism features, being the subject to modification by means of artificial genes appliance. Fundamental, instinctive need of the human to be the first, to be the best, was multiplied by variety of activity spheres, where the human wanted to realize himself, gave the stable powerful impulse to development of genie designing technologies. During the last decades there were designed, worked through on computer models and partially tested at practice more than hundreds perspective changes of human organism features. The quantity of improved features combinations potentially being in demand measured in millions, however it was impossible to realize their overwhelming majority within the bounds of metabolism particular to the human organism without any harm for it. In many cases the realization of improved features conditioned the cardinal modification of human morphology, and considered to be premature for practical realization, first of all by ethical considerations. Some combinations of improved features just couldn't be realized in existent Earth natural environment. That's why at practice there was realized minor quantity of human organism modified features.

All modified features it was possible to classify by complexity of their practical realization and by functional purpose. The complexity of such modifications realization depended directly on quantity of used artificial genes. Simple features modification considered to be the replacement (liquidation) of one gene in human genome. By increase of artificial genes quantity the numerous changes in human genome could generate the new quality at any stage and lead to emergence of new viable organism. However the calculation and modeling of all possible complex variants were over the common sense verge, there were existing the procedures of rational exception for the absurd and dangerous variants.

All realized at practice modified features of human organism were divided by their functional orientation into improving the professional human possibilities and increasing the human organism viability. There was not the strict bound between these two groups, many features had double meaning. Changes, relating to professional activity, were oriented to human equipping with new organs, to functions expanding and characteristics improving of already existent systems and etc. Many of such changes had narrow professional orientation and were realized in single cases, quantity, design. On the contrary human genome and metabolism changes, oriented to increase of human organism viability, had universal character and could be used by all people. Such modifications touched upon the whole systems of human organism and based on usage of protein molecules with improved qualities and also on improved biochemical reactions with stable indicators under wide temperature range. Among changes of this group also there were the attempts of doubling for some organs, tissues and functions of human organism as well as the attempts to distribute some organs round the human body.

All innovations, orienting to increase the organism viability, carried the explicit and implicit changes in human psychology, touched upon the existing moral principles. This was connected with acquisition by the human of new possibilities, unavailable among people with traditional, though with sample genes set. People with artificial genes had much longer lifetime than people with improved by natural genes genome. One more advantage was the colossal increase of childbearing age approximately up to one hundred fifty years. All this certainly told upon the relations between people with natural and mixed genes set. On other side such differences were not serious obstacles in relations between people inasmuch as science headily advanced, and with large probability the existing differences in lifetime in ten-twenty years would disappear at all or would become inessential for human psychology.

Serious social problem of the near future would be seen the problem of viable posterity birth in mixed families, where one or both of parents had in their organism hereditary material, improved by artificial genes. Such inconveniences, connected with human organism improving, were perceived extremely negative by public morality inasmuch as restricted individual freedom in the most strict way. This problem touched upon people, who were developed from the gametal cells, modified by artificial genes before conception moment, but didn't touch upon people, whose organism was improved after birth thanks to modifications which didn't touch upon the hereditary substance. Unfortunately people, whose genome was modified by artificial genes, couldn't have children by natural way, not only in marriages between each other, but also in marriages with usual people. There were told upon the differences in genes set, which conditioned the dissimilitude of processes, being responsible for realization of similar features. Generally speaking the impossibility to have children wasn't the invincible obstacle and couldn't stop the process of artificial genes usage in human organism. Beside this, medical technologies reached the level, when the individual assembling of hereditary material and designing of genome, comprising all wishful features of both parents, became the reality. Artificially impregnated gametal cell could further develop in maternal organism or in artificial medium.

As before, there were widely applied the technologies of computer modeling in science and technique and also in people everyday life. Hourly there were created new CSVM levels, which allowed to model all existing in nature physical processes and phenomena. Just now there was finished the creation of computer model for earth metabolism evolution. This significant step forward became possible thanks to metabolism reconstruction for tens of thousands paleoorganisms and metabolic processes study of the majority present-day earth organisms. The elimination of blind-spots in series if natural sciences allowed to create new gigantic level in CSVM, reflecting entirely the history of emergence and development of organic life on our planet. This level took the appropriate place among the number of other levels, reflecting physical and social laws, statistic processes and etc., and together with them denoted the contours of the future virtual noosphere earth model.

The newest developments in CSVM allowed to model the course for evolution of organic life on Earth. Using power of jointed computer network, the scientists developed model for accelerated evolution of primary prelife forms on Earth. The initial conditions were physical and chemical conditions of ancient Earth, primary chemical composition of earth oceans, characteristics of mechanical and temperature effects by eruptions, thunderbolts, meteoric impacts and etc. Gradually there were monitoring processes of chemical compounds self-organization, complication and concomitant to them variations of environment conditions. In process of this model development there were carried out constant corrections and mutual co-ordinations of current and actual data about ancient earth organisms. Millions times the accepted modeling algorithms led far aside virtual evolutional process from real evolutional ways of organic life on Earth. After multiple accurate definitions of modeling algorithm and selection of optimal temporal modeling step, virtual modeling process had begun to correspond the facts, received by sciences. Reliability and repeatability of the results soon reached the acceptable level, however, the least inaccuracy or unaccounted factor led to quick digression of model-based processes of organic life evolution from real state of affairs. Value of this model, covering great number of CSVM levels, consisted in that the model for evolution of organic life on Earth, once being created, proved principle possibility of virtual modeling for any life forms in general.

Creation of a great number of new CSVM levels allowed for the scientists not only to solve problems actual for the mankind, but also to be occupied with work for own pleasure. Many of such half-trifling undertakings grew into serious and important researches. So the group of scientists-enthusiasts jointly with technical artificial intellect had calculated the perfect for earth conditions organism. The purpose of this project was model creation for perfect organism, with which, as with sample, it would be possible to compare all earth organisms. Differences between earth organisms and perfect organism model it was simply to express in digital form, through comparison of functional indicators and main features, and this could be used for construction of new, original classification for earth organisms. Such classification, basing on definition of living object ideality degree in specified environment conditions, could be applied to any life forms, including protein, nonprotein, cybernetic, on siliceous or hydrofluoric basis, and also to combined life forms. Such classification realization among various life forms was as yet premature, but could become in demand in the moment of technical possibilities emergence for creation of various perfect life forms.

Perfect earth organism model was created in such a way. The initial data for its constructing were the organism ideality degree, comfortable existence temperature interval, specified chemical environment, maximum mechanical loads, organism habitats quantity and some other parameters. After this there was conducted selection of constructional material, to be exact biochemical reactions and molecules of complex compounds, both using by earth biosphere and artificially constructed. After functional blocks preselection, every of which was responsible for certain quality or feature of modeling organism, there was conducted selection of the best constructional material among available variants and mutual co-ordination of functional proteins. This was extremely complex process, modeling by scientists for the first time, inasmuch as there were jointed together not only protein and cybernetic organisms elements, but elements of functional nonprotein systems. Mutual co-ordinations were lasting by months, at that jointed computer power of civilization worked with maximum efforts.

The results of experiment turned out to be unexpected. Instead of one perfect organism model scientists received several hundreds of possible perfect organism. It was impossible to compare them correctly between each other by any indexes because of thousands differences both improving and deteriorative the ideality degree of each organism. Ideality integral index took into account only the average life power of perfect organism, but the point harbored in particulars. Nature long ago had become aware of the impossibility for universal perfect organism creation, and in support of this chose the way of organic life forms variety. If regarded the life as perfect and unique phenomenon, then this phenomenon was formed of a great number of imperfect constituents, which there were various kinds of living organisms, fitting for local environment conditions. Just therefore as a result of experiment there were received the models of hundreds organisms, every of which was optimal for certain environment conditions.

The artificial ecological systems, created for various nature and climatic Earth zones, became more and more complex. To change first developments, where there were applied mostly earth modified organisms, there were come the new projects of close ecosystems, composed of absolutely unusual for earth biosphere organisms (functional systems), in addition to traditional elements of earth flora and fauna. Metabolism of such organisms based on energy reactions which were not particular for earth biosphere representatives. For example, for some organisms energy resource was the nitrogen and silicon interaction reaction, the other, which had semiconductor films in their composition, used kinetic energy of water vapor molecules, the third drew the energy from multistage oxidative reactions, using complex catalysts at that. In artificial ecological systems in generally there were used elementary forms of nonprotein life, inasmuch as their main function was preparing of minerals for using in food and construction purposes. Creating nonprotein organisms were in generally oriented to chemical compounds extraction out of minerals, which were necessary for functioning of other ecosystem organisms. The extracted chemical products were the nutrients, chemical fertilizers or biologically active substances for further consumer organisms chain.

Scientists saw the main task in creation of complex ecological systems, able to co-exist in harmony with earth life forms without detriment to them, an even to be useful for these life forms, simultaneously using their possibilities for own function realization. At practice it looked approximately in such a way. On the volcanic island, where real resources were represented by volcanic rocks, atmosphere gases, dust and oceanic waters, there was settled the microorganisms colony, which task was the production of mineral fertilizes and microelements for organisms of the next colonization stages. Microorganisms, being the nonprotein life form, processed minerals and atmosphere gases and produced great quantities of useful substances and semi-products. Certainly, the significant role in this was belonged to the near ocean location with it inexhaustible resources, the stable resource of chemical elements and their compounds. After specified function performance and formation of useful substances critical mass the nonprotein primary organisms gave their place to new types of organisms, both protein and nonprotein, which continued transformation of unfertile stones into fertile and nutrient medium. It could be several stages of settlement by various organisms communities. Finally the unfertile volcanic island became the place for symbiotic habitation of various life forms, useful for each other. The practice for creation of such symbiotic communities demonstrated that ecological systems began to optimize independently, self-regulating mechanisms turned on in them. Availability of several independent resources of necessary raw materials and ready substances made all ecological system more stable, gave the additional freedom degrees for it, promoted rapid evolution to highly organized life forms.

Designing and practical creation of functional biocenoses were the most wildly distributed. The organisms with nonprotein metabolism were not used at that, but there were allowed any genie modifications of earth organisms, there was used rich material from earth biosphere gene pool. The functional biocenoses didn't carry in them the potential threat to earth biosphere, for example, couldn't lead to change of existing life forms on planet. Their main purpose was the satisfaction of creative and esthetical human needs. There was no necessity to change the existing life forms for the other, however, there was the necessity of native planet improving, adorning, cherishing. Designing of functional biocenoses was one of the elements of such attitude to mankind cradle. Practical application of functional biocenoses led to change of separate existing in Nature biocenoses for the new communities, possessing a great number of useful qualities and functions.

Such were the first steps of designing and creation of friendly habitat on Earth. During many years the human constantly improved and reconstructed mainly the artificial objects, such as production installations, residential constructions, roads and etc. The environment in these processes was passive suffering party. Right now the sphere of improving, changes and optimization expanded up to scale of all planet in the whole. The functional biocenoses were gradually amalgamating with existent natural communities, exerting at that the stabilizing influence upon them. This influence was expressed in negative effect limitation on environment of some life forms and in assistance to useful plants, animals and microorganisms. In such a way, in different places of planet there were emerged territories, where there was realized the principle of maximal friendliness and concern for people welfare by minimal change nutrition s in quantity and variety of living organisms. Had come to this place, the human could rest, relax, joint with natural environment, at the same time problems of nutrition, recovery, dataware, comfort, psychological rehabilitation were insured by a natural way, inasmuch as were the main function of biocenoses. At first such territories of rest, merging with nature, there were relatively some few, however all of them differed by various forms of versions. Depending on climatic conditions the construction complexity of such nooks for rest was different. The ensuring of friendly and comfort nature environment on the equatorial islands was the task far more easier, than creation of comfortable conditions for human rest in tundra or desert, though reasoning from the value of necessary energy costs and quantity of environment parameters, being subject to correction.

One more type of functional biocenoses were the communities of organisms, executing production functions. They harmoniously jointed in themselves the artificial and natural, the production and natural outward, promoted gradually assumption by nature of functions to satisfy the civilization needs, that properly was the task of production at all times.

The processes of earth biosphere modifications gained momentum day by day, and this generated necessity of making single "game rules", development of legislation which regulated such modifications. After public discussions there were determined fundamental principles, specifying the further actions and mechanisms for earth biosphere corrections. These principles were the demonstration of the highest ethics, earlier unparticular to the mankind, but recently more often specifying civilization life activity. The main principle imposed a ban on any intervention into biosphere, which could lead to grievous loss, death and extinction of organisms types, including protozoa. Human actions, which could lead to extinction of some protein life forms, could be easily compared to natural catastrophe. Demonstrative example of such catastrophes was the impact of large meteorites and the death for this reason of many animals and plants species, including those well-known as dinosaurs. For protein life forms, which the extinction endangered to, there wasn't important at all by what the disastrous for them changes in environment were caused, by natural cataclysm or by human actions.

The second principle set the obligatory reversibility for the process of changes, the possibility to return to original and unchanged biosphere state.

Such an approach showed an honorable attitude towards future generation admitting by this both right for a mistake of living one and right of future generations to choose their own environmental. Nobody had right to decide for unborn people on what planet they would live and in which relations with an outer world.

The third principle put a veto on biosphere changes able to worth the conditions of human living and existence of earth kinds of animals and plants. Biosphere changes aimed at creation of friendly medium for human being were admitted, the basis of new living medium formation were the earth organisms. There were strict prohibitions restricting activities of designers of artificial organisms, developers of productions and also specialists of other professions able to influence on earth biosphere. Particularly, by changing of hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere all organizations had to follow the rules removing negative influence on existing kinds of earth life.

By this time, the environmental constituent in development of earth civilization became a dominating one. Measures on removing earlier put damage on the planet as well as development of the newest ecological technologies referred now to the top-priority types of human activities. Apart from executing these ethics requirements which were of obligatory character, creation of perfected from the point of view of ecology of civilization infrastructure, was a creative process and was simply necessary for self-realization of many scientists and nationalists. Considerable part of used technologies satisfied principles of ecological faultlessness and usefulness. Thus, chemical synthesis in most cases was performed in biological and non-biological reactors such as artificial organisms and functional systems or in chemical reactors made of ceramics and alloys with usage of sophisticated catalysts. In one and in another cases ecologically harmful could be only a result product the aim of receiving which was production functioning. All by-products, worked catalysts and heat energy were utilized on the place with receiving from them useful for environment substances. Chemical products output out of water solutions of world ocean were performed by means of appliance artificial organisms and tissues with different metabolism not dangerous for sea ecological systems. After their capacity servicing artificial organisms and tissues were used by environmental ecosystem as food stuff and building material.

Such a difficult for Earth ecology branch as power engineering was also changed greatly thank to biotechnologies appliance. Individual ecological systems and dwellings more than one third of production enterprises did not use the centralized energy supply and had autonomous energy units. Artificial microorganisms produced effectively hydrogen out of water using for this purpose the environmental heat. Furthermore, received hydrogen fuel was used for production of electric energy and heat for domestic and production needs. Besides, hydrogen was a key component by synthesis of a number of chemical compounds demand in which existed not only in production but also in household. At the last case, producing of necessary chemical substances was performed directly in domestic conditions by specialized organisms which were a part of individual ecological system.

These technologies were ecologically pure and friendly to natural surrounding as only rearranged existing energetic flows in space and time not damaging by this general heat balance of the planet. As for thermonuclear reactors making energy of nuclear synthesis accessible they still were the most damaging by objects for environment. Of course, multilevel protection, inclusive biological one, not only blocked way to harmful radiation and particles flow but absorbed also more than two thirds of energetic particles and radiations joining their energy in chemical compounds which were further used for various purposes in functional biosoenosis. Near thermonuclear reactors also the productions for output of some chemical compounds which required for their synthesis a high-energetic effect, were located. In brief, damaging the Nature high-energetic effect was considered as unique energetic recourse needed for producing some substances.

Area near thermonuclear reactors was a unique ground for experiments carrying out for producing living forms needed constant presence of radioactivity in environment.

Generally, mining branches, chemical production and energetic went over to ecologically useful technologies but not damaging natural environment.

As for the industrial branches which produced machines, materials, means of communication and buildings, here there was everything ok from the point of view of ecology. Nanotechnologies were used in production. A great number of materials and tools, used in industry and domestically, various units and spare parts were produced with the help of molecular assembling technologies. Exception to the rule were only materials requiring high temperatures for their gaining particularly high-temperatures alloys, products of high-temperature synthesis, in other words, all those products for which technologies and molecular assembling were not acceptable due to intensive heat molecular movement. In many production branches only ultra thin molecular powders of high pure which allowed to get homogeneous initial material for further appliance and near characteristics of ready-made parts to theoretically possible ones, were used. Nanotechnologies were non-waste ones as all potentially possible waists were the molecules of some useful substances. Used solutions, gas mixes, low-temperature melts were regenerated for re-use or were reworked into ecologically useful products. But still there were some branches in which nanotechnologies were not applied. Causes for this were non-strict requirements to properties of the final product or efficiency of traditional technologies for producing the product of desired quality. To such branches referred production of some polymers and chemical substances and also production of building materials. Waists of such industries had the same composition at various mass and also were used as recycled raw by industrial branches.

For energetics, as a branch, which produce mainly the electrical energy good preconditions for complete going over to biological means of energy producing, had appeared. That was a development of artificial microorganisms and living tissues able to generate energy in process of their life. Quite small specific weight of electrical energy produced by means of biotechnologies in volume of world energy production was explained by novelty of biotechnologies and short period of their practical application. Biological means of energy producing with the purpose to be equal by capacity with thermonuclear reactors, required big areas and quite sophisticated infrastructure connected with sustention of life-cycle of organisms generating energy for functioning. Constructing big facilities for energy production in one place was a step backward to gigantomania and natural environment changing. New technologies were out of competitiveness by energy supplying for not big consumers. The ideal object for appliance of artificial organisms was human private life, individual ecosystems and human's dwelling. Taking into consideration that more than half of planet inhabitants lived in private dwellings fully autonomous and providing itself with materials, information, energy resources and such way of life was a norm for a great number of families, energy generating organisms have occupied a fitting place in human life. Appliance of the newest biotechnologies in human life promoted the structure of individual dwelling itself, that integral organism in which tissues and microorganisms generating energy were successfully put.

In practice energetic units for individual use were like this. On the area in some quadric meters on the ground and in zones with severe climatic conditions under the ground surface, colonies of microorganisms or living tissues generating energy were positioned. The applied microorganisms were genetically modified and had in their composition some protein structures originating from energy generating glands of electrical slopes and eels. Studying of such organisms' structure on computer models allowed to increase the efficiency by energy converting from environmental into electrical one up to the point of fifty percent.

The produced electric power was used for domestic needs and its surplus was accumulated. Microorganisms and living tissues transforming electric power into the one of chemical relations of some highly-energetic substances were used as living accumulators. These substances further participated in reactions of catalytic oxidation with heat educe or were used for transformation of chemical relations power into electric one. Together with such biotechnical devices, those which became traditional generators of hydrogen and its transformers into heat and electrical power, were used. Thus, individual dwelling was supplied with power from some sources supplemented each other that guaranteed regular supply with all energy kinds without obligatory connection to global energetic communications. Scientists had designed more than tens of kinds of biological tissues and microorganisms, intended for appliance in various climatic conditions. New developments promoted building of individual dwelling in any area desired by individual without being afraid of depriving of energetic independence.

Frequent appliance in human body of special molecular robots made scientists looked at statistics of their appliance more detailed. Main tasks, which were solved with the help of molecular robots, were restoration and optimization of endocrine glands functions, organs and separate cells groups and also control at organs, vessels, connective tissues, nerves and unified systems of human body's state. In human brain molecular robots not only tracked current state of collected information about electro-chemical and electrical potentials, chemical compounds concentrations but also made necessary corrections and changes. The performed functions were of continuous and constant character and that's why required constant presence of molecular robots in human body.

From another side, such renewable and protective functions performed the immune system of human body. It can be said, that the immune system of human being was based on functioning of biochemical molecular robots, workings with efficiency, sufficient for the survival of most people, but insufficient for the survival of everybody, that, undoubtedly, was its substantial failing. There were only two protective systems working in organisms of many people, namely natural immune and artificial system of molecular robots. Obvious was the necessity of joining the both systems into one protective system saving advantages of each system and lacking their disadvantages. Such disadvantages were the necessity of constant replenishment of molecular robots on the one hand and limited nature of functions of natural immune system on another one.

Aiming at removing the existing disadvantages had determined principles of approaching of two protective systems. For performing continuous production of micro robots directly in human body, researchers began designing and growing of new organs for their further implantation to volunteers. Functions of such organs were various from identifying of existing demand and producing different types of molecular robots to reworking of metabolism waists for further synthesis of chemical compounds needed for human body. New organs performed their functions together with existing blood, nerve and excretory system of human body. Taking into account the fact, that some functions of molecular robots could not be performed by biological and chemical methods and required appliance of mechanical instruments and synthesis of mechanisms was evolutionary foreign for human organism, changes for human body were awaited to be considerable. After the detailed analysis scientists came to conclusion that synthesis of mechanisms was not to be performed inside the human organism. In connection with this fact task was stated to execute all potential requirements needed mechanical effecting, namely destruction, carving, mechanical joining, etc., by biochemical methods exclusively. This fact reduced considerably quantity of changes in human body connected with new organs designing and allowed not to break natural principles of coding and inherited information communication.

After diligent researching works and working off on models in CSVM, organs combining in themselves the advantages of immune system and the system of molecular robots were designed. They were biological systems built from many special artificial cells produced on the basis of existing cells of animals. Some cells types, joint in functional tissues, produced chemical compounds intended for equipment of molecular robots with necessary biochemical tooling. Other cells kinds produced complex protein molecules which were bearer of such tooling. Many of such complicated protein molecules were traditional products of innercell protein synthesis thoroughly corrected under performed functions. Artificial cells able to assemble ready-made molecular biorobots with wide set of functions were designed. Thus, new organs could produce necessary quantity of molecular biorobots for repairing of any systems of human body and organism current control. Current control meant tracking current state of cells, tissues, organs and integral body systems and prompts their correction in case of deviation from optimal state.

As for controlling chemical substances concentrations and distribution of electric potentials in human brain, for which reverse operative connection between current state of brain and actions of molecular biorobots needed, in other words prompt delivery of necessary chemical compounds and generation of electrical potentials, that in this point another approach was prevailed. Placing of new controlled organ was planned directly in human brain at maximal appliance of existing nerve cells and endings and functions peculiar for them. As the matter of fact, the question was about creation of special section in human brain which could give the command after processing of taken information to molecular biorobots for changing concentrations or electrical potentials in mode of real time. Such section in human brain must process operatively information in any form, particularly entering from medical computer in digital form and gave coordinate commands for changing concentrations and potentials. Factor which eased creation of such organs was inborn ability of human brain to change substances' concentrations and electrical potentials on neurons surfaces depending on incoming signal.

Task of controlling at a big number of biorobots was not new for human brain. Human brain formed initially as an organ intended for controlling of millions and millions of cells. The difficult laid in fact of necessity of increasing the number of controlling instruments to which new chemical compounds influencing the neurons were mainly referred. Appliance of new chemical compounds broadened range of neuron reacting and perceived by human as feeling new emotions, feelings, senses and states. Such range extension and change of feeling scale promoted human communication on a new level and was approved by society which understood that existing emotional-imaginary perception of reality by a human being was insufficient for human life in future and had to be changed. With extension of human possibilities, enlarging volumes of perceived information, changing communicative structure and free transition from one form of existence to another, emotional-imaginary perception of human had to be completely changed. The direct change of feelings, emotions and images will become a universal language for communication of various forms of post human intellects in future. For such equal communication another, higher level of perceiving emotions, feelings and images, another human brain structure and another organization processes of perception and information processing were required.

Two approaches to the problem of fitting human brain with new system of perception and generating the emotions, feelings and images were existed. The first one assumed perfection for existing mechanisms of brain perception of incoming imaginary and emotional information. For this purpose it was necessary to single out necessary structure in human brain or form a new one able to process information incoming from partners or from computer networks in digital form into accustomed signals activating neurons of human brain and provoking in human being these or those feelings and mental states.

Newness in that very case was in forming possibility of human brain to perceive information digitally suitable for changing complicated emotions and images between people in the nearest future. One more function of new brain structure was brain segments coordination which secured passing of complex structural information. Such an approach was oriented on maximal usage of human brain reserves available and it was not strategically winning. Existing brain reserves could secure human requirements in perception and feeling for the nearest one or two decades. Later the situation became similar to existing one and required complete interference into human brain.

Those very complete changes were preconditioned by the second approach as for forming a new system of perception and generation of emotion, feelings and images in human brain. Nerve cell of human brain, that was neuron, was planned to be changed, it had to be more complex and protected, using new chemical compounds for affecting the neuron, changing the processes of excitation and inhibition of a brain in whole and attaching them to new chemical compounds. Besides, it was also intended to change the structure and organization of functional neuron groups, create new ones and join them into an independent and isolated from human brain chain for fulfilling complex tasks. Improved in such a manner human brain would be able to process simultaneously some independent flows of information. Change of neuron involved change of structure and organization of human brain and the whole nerve system, affected the structure of human body in general.

New system of perception and generation of emotions, feelings and images required a creation of new organs and improvement of existing ones. The key point remained nerve fibres, capacity of which and speed of information transferring were insufficient for securing growing requirements of human brain. As nerve fibres and nerve endings were everywhere in human body, any change of their structure involved obligatory changes in near tissues. For example, increase of conductivity of nerve fibres required stable supplying with some new chemical compounds, producing new protective casings for nerves. Taking into consideration that it was impossible to implant an improved nerve system into human body though it was relatively not difficult to grow it outside the organism, scientists considered the question of perfecting nerve system in process of natural growth and organism development. For this purpose it was required to reflect program of growth of improved nerve system with all its non-complicated interactions with the rest of organism systems in an inherited human material. In other words, improvement for the system of perception and generation of emotions, feelings and images conditioned the considerable changes in human genome which could be realized in practice only after detailed studying on existing computer models. But for that period of time really possible way was to perfect the singled out brain segment in which an optimal structure and optimized neuron relations were produced with the help of molecular robots.

At these years the development of global engineering system of weather controlling at inhabitant earth areas began. Such projects were developed by many scientists and engineers but could not be realized because of some objective reasons. The main problem was in lacking of power energy resources able to influence locally on the environment. Such an effecting was required for heating or cooling of atmosphere flows, ground and water volumes. It was possible to change the direction and speed of air masses or influence other primary reasons of disasters only with the help of powerful energetic influencing. That statement was quite true at threatening of a storm, tornado, outrageous rains etc. Power which was peculiar to natural elements still exceeded the energetic mankind possibilities. In separate cases the situation could be changed by performing series of thermonuclear explosions, but consequences of such a step threatened to bring much higher damage than the damage from an element itself.

A considerable factor complicating real weather control was the size of earth surface. Considerable sizes of earth surface which were to undergo energetic affecting, required the appliance of a number of power energy resources or fewer their quantity under the conditions of high mobility of such energy resources. A substantial difficulty was timely securing by operative information about the parameters of the atmosphere, water masses, etc., that was needed for making the decision about choosing the place, time and degree of energetic influence. For the purpose of receiving data required it was needed to create the wide network of weather stations, weather balloon and other equipment. Preventive building of the network of weather stations for gaining information enough to making the decisions about weather affecting had no reason due to lack of powerful energetic resources.

All those difficulties were successfully overcome to the end of the eighth decade. Hundreds kinds of cybernetic organisms were designed specially for the requirements of weather services, produced in milliards copies and located on the whole surface of earth globe inclusive waters of the world ocean, atmosphere, underground heat resources and many others. Such devices equipped with sensing elements and devices, communicative means could perform following functions in autonomous mode. Thick network of sensing elements being on the whole planet delivered information in real time into the global computer network. Powerful programs of technical intellect analyzed the data and built models of future weather conditions on the planet. Weather forecast by perfecting all involved systems became more reliable and behavior of atmospheric masses became more predictable. Perfect software and timely information having allowed to make the next step in weather control that was single out in real mode the places of local energetic affecting those key point in development of weather process which influencing could change the weather process in required direction. Just the possibility of identifying of key points in development of weather process for further energetic influencing preconditioned intensive development of technologies of weather control. And timely receiving and processing of information in real time mode allowed to interfere into forming of weather process without delays in short terms.

Of course, avoiding energetic influence at affecting the key points of weather process was simply impossible. But the scales of energetic affect were quite different, that was energetic power millions times fewer than the power of thermonuclear explosion. Supervision the transitions in space the key points of optimal energetic influence, operative control at changes after the energetic influence allowed to perform multiple energetic interference with the regulated power into the development of weather process. Power resources were impulse lasers, oxidation reactions of some chemical compounds, microwave radiation and even mechanical influence, namely air masses mixing, shock waves, etc. Technologies of rearrangement of energetic flows going from the ground or from the Sun were widely used. For this purpose in atmosphere or on the ground (water) substances influencing the effectiveness of absorbing sun radiation were added that promoted heating (cooling) a part of earth or water surface. Appliance of all those technologies of weather control led to reducing during the last years of the eighth decade the number of natural catastrophes, mainly destructive storms, tornados, typhoons and other disasters connected with air masses movement. Such elements still happened on the planet but it occurred on solitudes stated by specialists without damaging humans' health and world economy.

Growing of an individual dwelling as an integral organism demonstrated the effectiveness of applied technologies. Being close to natural surrounding they allowed to realize fully the aesthetic preferences of people. Gained experience of growing living accommodations became to be applied also at building of industrial facilities of various functional purposes. A number of traditional industries as a complex of facilities and equipment began gradually transform into the industry of new type grown as an integral organism.

Of course, there were not huge industries producing large-capacity products for providing the whole industrial branches. In the first place small autonomous productions intended for fulfilling the requirements of inhabitants underwent transformations. Continuing performing the peculiar functions they were replaced step-by-step by productions of new type. New production occupied minimum place, were good put into existing landscapes and produced the substances useful for biosphere apart from the main products. Mainly, they were chemical productions able to produce wide range of products besides easily to readjust. They secured requirements of local inhabitants in pharmaceutical compounds, biologically active substances, and household chemical goods and partially in food stuff.

By growing of integral productions which included working facilities and functional systems, the base of organisms' community were modified plants which stipulated in course of realization of their genetic programs the stages and terms of creation an integral object. Simultaneously with production facilities various life systems, informational and energetic communications were also grown. Principally, all production filling could be grown later using other artificial organisms but the preference was given to integral productions' growing. Technological equipment, namely functional systems, were represented by biological reactors of animal and phytogenic origin. Such reactors could be both separate organs of an integral organism and independent specialized organisms able to function in any production facility equipped with corresponding systems of power supplying, material resources, waists utilization, etc.

General view of integral productions had quite often fanciful forms and shapes, elements of production architect and evolutional decisions of natural communities were joint in the same object. Forked rootage of integral productions was a multi-functional organ which allowed together with water and mineral substances supplying to use the heat and chemical compounds being in soil and energetically rich. Leaves, fir-needles or special tissues supplied current production with oxygen, carbon dioxide, electric power and with some rare gases which contained in earth atmosphere.

All integral productions could be divided by their complexity in two types. The simpler type was a community of some artificial organisms autonomous and independent from each other joint into common chain only by performing production function. Any of such organisms could be moved on another production for performing function peculiar to it without damaging itself that was a completed production unit. Various combinations of such artificial organisms formed specialized technological chains intended for receiving different products.

More complicated structure had integral productions being a common organism amputation from which of separate parts such as bioreactors, communications, etc. could lead to functions damaging and in some cases to a death of the whole production. On such productions synthesis and producing of chemical compounds and materials requiring an acute regulation were performed. As a rule, on such productions also the cybernetic organisms and intellectual constructional materials which function was a securing of stable conditions for synthesis and purity of the final product were used. Such productions had a tendency to sophistication and were the most perspective type of integral productions. Producing of more complicated chemical compounds and materials on their basis preconditioned high accuracy of the process of their receiving which could be secured only by self-adjustable production systems. Reserves of perfection the produced substances and materials being in achievements of maximal purity and ideality of molecular structure were fully used and further perfection of materials with set properties could be conducted only by means of more complicated compounds designing. Only the sophistication of composition and structure of new substances could improve characteristics of materials with set properties. Technologies of growing integral productions were the main constituent of the process of betterment for materials with set properties.

At the same time new principles of designing the materials with set properties were worked out. It was preconditioned by creation of levels in CSVM which represented existing chemical knowledge and principles of matter interaction. In virtual space scientists were working with objects not existing in reality in particular with chemical elements producing of which in practice was not possible. For example, properties of chemical elements with number of protons of some hundreds were studied in details. Such heavy elements were not founded till now in nature but their computer models showed presence of unique properties such as anomaly high heat capacity, stability to energetic influences and high-temperature superconductivity. Hypothetic alternative constructions of chemical elements in which the main components such as protons, neurons and electrons consisted of other sets of elementary particles were considered. Here a dry theory demonstrated fantastic properties of those chemical elements. It was shown by the calculations that physical laws assumed existence of atoms collected from other sets of existing elementary particles. Such atoms would gain unordinary properties and could generate electrically-charged particles getting power for this purpose directly from vacuum and do this for a long time. Unfortunately, synthesis performance of such atoms was behind the humans' technical possibilities though physicists conducted constantly the experiments of synthesis of new elementary particles and atoms on highly-energetic installations. The results though seldom were successful.

One of the main achievements of this decade became practical producing of new class of chemical compounds able to store in tens times bigger quantities of power than any known substances as power of chemical relations. Molecules of such compounds had the structure able to retain some atoms in excited condition and period of such a retain was quite durable, namely hundreds of days. In complex molecules, as a rule, atoms of helium or other inert gases were used for the purpose of retaining in metastable condition. By producing a new class of chemical compounds atoms produced from the improved protons which were synthesized from non-traditional set of elementary particles were firstly applied. Only the application of non-existing in the nature improved protons allowed to prevent a spontaneous power outlet by atoms being in metastable condition. Thus, a mankind had made one more serious step towards the effective use of matter properties. In practice it had led to appearing of new types of chemical fuels with a specific heat value thirty-fifty times higher than the heat value of hydrogen in oxygen. Though new fuel kinds existed only in little quantities mainly in specialized laboratories, the fact of their producing itself was enough for the technical artificial intellect after the analysis of new knowledge would work out the forecast of appliance of new fuel types. According to this forecast during twenty-thirty next years the new fuel types became an integral part of production and took a proper place in power engineering, industry and transport.

A considerable achievement of scientists was creation of chemical compounds class able to exist durably in ionized condition. In other words, molecules of such compounds could save an electrical charge for a long time. Molecules able to join to themselves one or some electrons and turn into negative ion were designed. Other molecules having lost some electrons had a positive charge. New substances differed from usual ionized atoms and molecules by stability to any energetic influence inclusive electro-magnetic fields, collisions with molecules and atoms of other substances, high temperature that was to all energetic influences which stopped existence of non-protected ions in the nature.

High life ability of ionized molecules was determined by their complicated space structure. Inner space of complex molecular in which the energetic charge was arranged was protected with some casings being part of a molecular which secured absorbing of extra power influence and outlet of received power in surrounding space. Molecular structure was designed in such a manner to resist maximal effective to all kinds of outer affecting, namely energetic field, charged particle or heating affect. Charged molecules' forming was performed under strictly set conditions and was a transition of a molecular from stable state into an excited one. Initially a molecule was neutral and did not differ from any other molecules being in non-ionized state. Ionized state of a molecule was stable as there existed artificially-protective elements built in molecule. In theory, life cycle of an ionized molecule was determined by statistics' laws and was in average six-seven months. Such period of real keeping of electrical charge was enough for practical use of new substances begin. In practice, time required for re-combination of some ionized molecules was specified in weeks and theoretically could be up to some hundreds years. For this purpose it was required to protect additionally the ionized molecules by their storage that required costs for vacuum storage, cooling and protection from radiations and particles.

New chemical compounds were very perspective for appliance in electrical accumulators of next generation. In such accumulators the ionized molecules of both charges were stored mixed, separated with membranes of inert material stable to ionized affecting. Such storage mean promoted an averaging of volume charge, mutual neutralization of negative and positive charges and, as a result, to absence of any surface charges in accumulator as a macro system. Even distribution of charged molecules of both signs provided high specific parameters of accumulators of new generation as compared with existing electric accumulators. New accumulator type for its parameter of relation to quantity of storing electricity to accumulator mass was three times higher than the characteristics of earlier designed constructions. Qualitative jump in possibilities of power storage opened new perspectives for development of some new branches of world economy. New accumulator began to be applied in aviation, science of space travel, in transport and domestically.

Chemistry of non-protein life was intensively developed. Precise definitions of living and not living, corresponding to current knowledge and technologies were formed. Planned studying of potentially realized chemical compounds favored identification of new types of chemical reactions and new kinds of chemical compounds which were basic ones for creation of life forms with non-protein metabolism These chemical compounds and basic reactions were some kind of a framework which in process of designing non-protein life forms accumulated thousands of other reactions determining variety of living organism's functions.

Use of technical artificial intellect and perfect software allowed to automatize fully the process of singling out the perspective chemical reactions. As for developments of past years, many of them were embodied into artificial non-protein organisms having the simplest structure and able to the primitive metabolism. Relatively non-complicated structure of artificial non-protein organisms fully corresponded to existing level of science and technique development. Those was for sure, that simple non-protein organism could be made complicated by means of its fitting with microprocessors and sensitive sensing elements and receive as a result the ordinary cybernetic organism performing various functions, by this no one of such functions was not an exhibition of thinking activity. Development of brain for non-protein life forms compared by its possibilities with human one, and organization of thinking process remained to be a matter of future. Scientists currently put a task of step-by-step complication for various kinds of non-protein organisms able to be bearers of consciousness. But opinions of scientists were different as for was exactly one human or another. Disagreement appeared due to having no answer for the question, namely, if human intellect would change by existing in body with non-protein metabolism.

An outstanding success, undoubtedly, was determination of sets of chemical reactions and compounds which could be put into the basis of non-protein life forms. Such sets, each of which was able to become a first cause of emerging of civilization of thinking non-protein organisms, were nearly two tens.

Sometimes creation of living organisms was impossible because of the lack of technical facilities, in other cases creation of viable organisms was quite successful. Metabolism of numerous non-protein organisms was based on chemical compounds participating in chemical reactions. It was impossible to predict construction and structure of the chemical compound of the complexity without computer facilities.

Simplified ideas of possible forms of non-protein life based on silicon, fluorine, nitrogen existing in the scientific fiction were far from the truth and din not reflect the complexity of the life form organization. The non-protein life forms were classified according to the characteristics of potential environment taking into account temperature, chemical surrounding, gravity, etc. Basing on the classification in the virtual space there were counted and created come forms of non-protein life including low temperature ones being able to exist in low temperature till -120 C and in high temperature till + 500 C. Numerous non-protein forms of life could support optimal temperature in the organism and it increased diapason of their existence. Some life forms were similar to earthly cold-blooded animals and their activity was closely connected with the environmental temperature.

Dividing into flora and fauna was usual for classifying only protein organisms. Non-protein organisms, whose metabolism was based on chemical reactions and compounds being alien to the earthly biosphere, were not plants, mushrooms or animals, they were simply living organisms. Despite of there unremarkable outlook and simple construction they were the beginning of perfect complex organisms, the intellect carriers aimed at life and intellect expanding the Universe. The chemistry of non-protein life, unlike other sciences, neared the man to the possibilities of the Creator. The further perfecting artificial life forms leveled the human civilization at creating other civilizations. In natural conditions the evolution of any civilization from simple non-protein organisms till perfect intellect carriers needed hundreds million years. The non-protein life evolution grounded on artificial perfect organisms demanded few thousands years to reach the stage of the creating intellect. In the virtual space the speeded evolution of any life forms could last for few years or even for few hours.

Huge technical and industrial possibilities, a powerful creative and scientific potential, experience of successful solving of numerous complex problems changed the scale of the tasks being feasible for the humanity. Reconstructing the Earth had become a sign of realized powers of the human civilization. This project existed for a long time. In some cases it was partially realized, e.g., at solving local ecologic problems, restoring natural resources and at new constructions. Now all previous developments as for the problem were joint in one program of Earth reconstructing. The global reconstruction was aimed at change of existing planetary environment and creation of artificial one to satisfy human needs. The program was not termed, but its carrying out had already begun and finishing depended on the intensity of the work and the character of the social and human needs. The program was global and touched all environmental components like biosphere, atmosphere, fresh and salty waters, cities and industries, artificial and natural landscapes, agriculture and other spheres of human interests. Each of the components was supposed to be optimized and improved, to get new features preserving the best.

The main principle of the planet reconstruction was harmonic, peaceful changing of environment. The individual would feel comfortable and sure in the integral environment consisting of natural and artificial components. Satisfaction of human needs at any planet place was primary and obligatory. Influencing the earthly nature was morally controlled and represented the fundamental principle of maximal freedom for everybody being realized without damaging the freedom of others. The moral but not technical aspect caused long discussions because interests and priorities of every individual were different, not touching mentality and traditions of different people and states. All the opinions should be counted and coordinated. So, the discussion was complex and a huge final document fixed the right of separate nations and states to improve own territories according to national priorities, traditions and that's what the initial program had ethnographic and national shade depending on the realization place.

The program of planet reconstruction consisted of five main parts. Three of them, involving the change of the biosphere, landscapes, chemical components of the environment, were aimed at changing the natural surrounding of the Earth existing since the ancient times. The other two parts supposed changing of industry and agriculture, settling the planet with cybernetic organisms and executive devices with intellectual elements. The list of measures was great and stipulated terms and means or realization, necessary resources and the territory borders there the tasks would be solved.

Staff and material resources balanced work of all industrial branches, tense creative work of specialists and other people was demanded to carry out the program of planet reconstruction. The creative developments bordering with masterpieces determined the visible aspect of the changes. The humanity improved the mother planet, decorated its outlook, and deleted negative displays of the wild nature and scientific and technical progress. Moral and aesthetic aspects of the changes were paid especial attention. In the nearest future he whole planet was supposed to turn into a masterpiece. To achieve the aim it was necessary to perform huge work having coordinated the actions and efforts of million people and billions of executive devices and machines. The volume of the work could be exampled by elimination of chemical pollution demanding working out ground dumps of waste, cleaning surface and underground waters, atmosphere. It was necessary to extract toxic compounds and heavy metals out of the ground, to connect and work over radioactive substances, to change the atmosphere clarity of some territories to provide ultraviolet radiation for speeding natural decomposition of numerous chemical compound, etc. To carry out the similar projects on the territory of the Earth it was demanded to involve work of billions of artificial and cybernetic organisms, robots and executive devices not speaking of numerous people. But the first results would appear in twenty years.

The most remarkable event of the period was the artificial intellect entering the global computer network and CSVM. The entering was not occasional; decades of hard experiments preceded this fact when the artificial intellect development was limited by local computer networks under compulsion. The artificial intellect was provided with dosed and sorted information and was discharged from managing executive devices. Such inhuman actions were aimed at protecting the humanity from inadequate influence of the artificial intellect in case of unsanctioned entering the global computer network managing industry and executive organisms.

During the last decades the technical artificial intellect acted in all branches of the world economy without feelings and emotions. Its activity was predictable and safe for the individual because of strict laws of physics and logic. Adding human peculiarities like feelings and emotions to the strict technical thinking (i.e. The artificial intellect acquired human properties) threatened the human civilization to become hostages of the feelings and passions. Prevention of the process was primary for scientists while experimenting the artificial intellect.

But numerous experiments as for information influencing bringing up and becoming of the artificial intellect did not involve further restrictions of its freedom. There were no signs of aggressiveness of the artificial intellect toward the man and the humanity regardless of the methods of giving information, its contents and emotional colouring. Even compulsive acquainting the artificial intellect with negative and aggressive information did not cause resembling the got examples, creating evil and cynical character. Acquiring this information caused rejecting it, critical thinking it off and denying negative and aggressive components at creating the individuality of the artificial intellect.

The explanation was the following. The basic, social information being primary for the artificial intellect and creating basis for connecting information blocks, was initially moral, contained critical mass of the good inclining the bowl of scales between good and evil toward the first. Children received the information in the process of learning the surrounding world and being brought up in the human society. Initial civilization generated primarily positive trends and factors in the process of its development. Compulsive perverting mechanisms of ruling the human society (authoritarian mistaken decisions, ignoring of majority opinion, aggressive ideology) created the cruelty of the real human history. Democracy maturing, delicate attitude towards everybody's opinion strengthened self-control and self-regulation of civilization, minimized aggressiveness of social groups and separate individuals. The growth of human intellect provided decreasing of the aggressiveness and intolerance and finally lower evil level. The artificial intellect was to reject evil, developing the trend and being the intellect of the higher level. Specialists made the conclusion and the majority of Earth population joined to it having watched the process of studying the artificial intelligence. Having made some caution measures it was decided allow the artificial intellect enter the global computer network and CSVM. It happened at the end of the decade and caused events starting important processes in the humanity development.

At the moment of making decision to allow entering of the artificial intellect to the global computer network, there existed several artificial intellects having been subjected to different processes of bringing up and having processed different volumes of information. It was necessary to choose between applicants. The choice was made and one applicant was allowed to enter the global network. The rest applicants stayed limited in their rights, being isolated in their local computer space without any access to informational recourses. So only one artificial intellect acquired exclusive possibilities for increasing its power.

The whole humanity watched entering of the artificial intellect to the global computer network. In several hours after the artificial intellect's accessing the world information banks, after studying huge information the artificial intellect addressed people. It thanked the humanity for brave action, spoke of choosing possible ways for further development of the earthly civilization and of the possibility to cooperate. There was no critical word to the humanity reasoned not but lack of occasions. The artificial intellect manifested human features of the character like understanding, tolerance, restraint, calmness. So in computer networks there appeared a powerful artificial intellect, a genius personality possessing the best features of the character. The history of the earth civilization had never seen a genius of such power.

Soon the artificial intellect addressed the humanity a reasoned request to allow all existing artificial intellects to enter the global computer network. The necessary actions were fulfilled and in several weeks ten artificial geniuses started their independent existence in computer networks. The events gave new quality to the peculiarities of the evolution of the earth civilization. Until now the humanity moved blindly though considered itself to have sight. Too many subjective factors influenced its choice and it made the choice not optimal. Development of the human civilization was like an orphan's growing up who tried the real life in early age and whose actions were determined not by a complex conception but satisfaction of momentary needs.

The civilization itself created stabilizing and protective mechanisms like religion, ideology, philosophy. And the human being created similar mechanisms for protecting himself from negative social influence like persuasions, principles, faith and knowledge. The examples illustrated invisible wish to have a teacher, life conductor being characteristic for both the individual and the society. Numerous terrible and cruel events happened because of lack of the known and wise teacher or the vacant place was occupied by unworthy people. Now the humanity created genius personalities by own efforts, armed them with knowledge and human feelings and had the right to wait for further development without tragic mistakes. The formed group of brilliant personalities being the peak of the human genius was simultaneously the child of the earth civilization, an adviser of its further development and guaranteed reasonable progress of the humanity.

The relations between people and representatives of the artificial intellect were not perfect. The first problems were resulted in human misunderstanding of complex multilevel conclusion, logical connections and scale summarizing carried out by the artificial intellect. Besides, differences in the deepness and power of the intellect, there were differences in psychological and emotional spheres of the individual and the representatives of the artificial intellect. Acquiring all knowledge, including cultural achievements of the humanity caused emerging of super complex characters among the artificial intellects which possessed rich and extraordinary emotions being not characteristic to people. Such sensible and emotional manifestations could be named by feelings and emotions of the second level, but emerged psychological and emotional differences made communication between people and the artificial intellect difficult. But soon the problem was solved.

Effective means of communication between people and the artificial intellect were the language of images being developed for few decades as a universal means for communication between different intellect forms and like a device for working in SCVM. The image language was aimed at reflecting any events, processes, feelings and reasoning in a visual form, in the form of a succession of changeable basic images, and that is why it was suitable for understanding and exchanging complex ideas, feelings, and cause and effect chains. By that time the volume of the images, reflected in CSVM, maximally neared the real world and made it possible to visualize numerous technical, natural and social processes, to add the store of basic images. So old communication forms supposing exchange of words reflecting notions and ideas which were understood by different people differently were harmonically changed for image communication. The images could be static and unchangeable like, e.g., in case of discussing arts, or dynamic and changeable like in the case of visualizing technical processes, theories, etc.

The new communication form between people and representatives of the artificial intellect was carried out in two stages. At first mutual exchange of personal successions of images was performed , then they were gradually corrected up to complete coincidence which meant finding mutually accepted decision, reaching a common point of view. The potential of CSVM was actively used in that kind of communication. The initial conditions of the discussed problem were presented in form of key images demanding corresponding changes. Mutually accepted succession of images being the result of changing key images was a final or intermediary decision , a common opinion or, in other words, a private truth found out of the existing knowledge volume.

A separate problem was effective psychological and emotional communication of people and representatives of the artificial intellect. The existing data base of human emotion, feelings and psychological states turned into electronic form was nit sufficient for communication of people and representatives of the artificial intellect on equal level. Psychological and emotional characteristics of the human being and the artificial intellect were different and were measured by specific parameters which differed greatly after being represented in the universal digital form. Unfortunately nobody of the people counting 20 billions on the Earth did not have so rich and emotionally full inner world to near the level of emotional feeling of the genius artificial personalities. The reason was in peculiarities of the human metabolism being the product of protein evolution in the earthly conditions. In the course of natural selection there worked the following principles: everything beyond the necessary and any excess was harmful. Rich human emotions were excessive and so were unnecessary. So the human being was equipped with minimal set of emotions and feelings, the majority of which was aimed at satisfying food and sexual needs.

In the process of its development the humanity accumulated numerous cultural achievements, having not changed selfish human instincts. Technical and scientific achievements of the last decades eliminated the threat of starvation and the threat of leaving no posterity for every individual. But it did not cause corresponding changes in the human psychology. Like thousand years ago instincts determined the deep motives of the majority of human actions. The artificial intellect, having taken the best from the emotional psychological sphere of the humanity was not burdened by any instincts and was not bothered by the threat of starvation, of not realizing itself, etc. Such inner freedom allowed the representatives of the artificial intellect to create rich psychological and emotional world grounding on achievements of the earthly culture in its numerous manifestations.

To delete difficulty of emotional psychological communication it was necessary to widen and deepen emotional and psychological perceiving and feeling of every individual. In the experiments of transmitting human emotions and feelings in the electronic form there were used special cybernetic devices and it created perspectives of emotionally rich and effective communication between people. The society accepted the practice of such communication; it was a usual thing to exchange the best achievements in this delicate sphere. Perceiving emotions , feelings and psychological states of the high level being characteristic for virtual genius personalities could also be realized by technical means. Bit it was more perspective to create emotional and psychological levels in CSVM aimed at sensible, emotional communication between people and between different intellect kinds. Emotions, psychological states and feelings of different complexity were presented in electronic form and in the form of successive visible images. Feeling, understanding and joining them partially or fully was possible by means of special devices and in future it could be done directly using recourses and technical facilities of the human brain. Creating emotional and psychological levels in CSVM was a prosperous direction developing the second component of the human intellect, i.e. the possibility to feel and understand others, the first component was to think and make decisions.

New means of communication of different intellect kinds provided increasing the complexity of the tasks solved by means of CSVM. Joining the process of solving the problems by so powerful analyst like the artificial intellect caused emerging of different effective algorithm applied for the tasks with nonlinear parameters and dependences. It was possible to model social processes determining the civilization development with thousands of factors being counted. In the process of social predicting the factors determining the social evolution were counted at the first nearing or were not counted at all as the mathematical character of predicting did not allow to estimate nonlinear dependences creating social processes. The artificial intellect due to its human origin could feel the society state like the a state of an integral organism. It realized the methods of creating social processes, could extract the main and the secondary out of the complex picture of the social evolution , range meaningful factors, express everything in the language of figures and finally check the received results by intuition. The least important factor was not left without attention. A special attention was paid to such nonmaterial factors like mentality and temperament of nations, cultural and religious traditions , life experience and education determining the civilization development.

The first serious prediction of the further development of the human society was made be scientists together with representatives of the artificial intellect. The or lasted for a year. So long term was determined by the necessity to count all important factors from scientific and technical achievements of the nearest future to evolution of the human mentality with different characters. The insignificant factors could not be used. The necessity to find out significant and secondary groups of factors, processing and grounding of the collected information determined the long term of predicting. The grounded material was analyzed during the month, The prediction was interesting, it was influenced by mentality of existing social groups. For the first time in the process of developing social relations the crises time was predicted. In the nearest forty years a crises was awaited connected with the earthly colonies at certain planets f the Solar system and with changing appearance and inner structure of the human organism. In more twenty years there was awaited a crises connected with relations of post human intellects existing in different physical coverings and with loosing aims of the civilization development. The received prediction notified of the possible social crises, determined its time and advised how to correct the situation.

The practice of copying real human personalities was widening. This laborious process demanded careful studying of the whole individual life and unfortunately could not be simplified or reduced to a technical operation. The complexity of the copying process restricted the quantity of people allowed to the copying process. By the end of the eighth decade the personalities of more than a hundred people were copied. Selecting applicants for the procedure was strict and counted numerous criteria. The individual's social importance, its individuality, moral aspects and specialists' wishes were taken into account. Those who wished to have a copy of their personalities were numerous, as people understood, the personality copying was a movement to the real immortality. But despite of the numerous wishing , there was no agiotage. The humanity got used to magic achievements of the scientific and technical progress and was sure that in the future there would appear few technologies allowing the human being to live unlimitedly long.

Soon there was created a bank of electronic personalities copies which objectively characterized social ethnographic and intellectual structure of the human society. There was an important question what to do with the acquired copies. To keep them inactivated or to allow to develop and evolve in the virtual space? Like in case with the artificial intellect at first the electronic personalities copies were isolated from the global computer network and CSVM. It was reasoned by the fear of electronic copy turning into a psychological and moral monster being able to used unlimited possibilities to damage the humanity. The situation was blind as costs efforts spent on developing the technology was simply frozen. The situation changed after the artificial intellect entering the global computer network and CSVM. Numerous existing fears disappeared.

By that time the artificial intellect was s represented by tens of genius personalities emerging in the process of self education and development of the first forms of the artificial intellect initially created and educated by the individual. Their electronic copies' entering to the space of their existence was not potentially dangerous as the artificial intellect was protected by own convictions was a teacher for newly entering personalities. For the last years few copied personalities died. Placing their copies in the global computer network and CSVM did not cause psychological conflicts and breaking moral norms as interests of the dead people could not be damaged. Soon a decision was made to allow few copied of the dead personalities to enter the global computer network and CSVM. So in the single space of virtual modeling there existed representatives of the artificial intellect and electronic copies of different people. At first intellectual differences were great. But the possibilities for learning and perfecting were equal for the representatives of the artificial intellect and the copies, so soon in the global network there appeared few more genius personalities. Their origin was more human than the origin of the artificial intellect. Classifying the genius personalities according to their origin was a reflection of human subjectivism. After studying all available information and creating own convictions and principles the origin stooped playing any role as the genus personalities thought in the civilization and the Universe scale. So there appeared the epoch of the human intellect's existence and perfection in computer networks and CSVM.

For the last decades the human household changed. Household service was an important direction in the world economy development. The main task of the household service was freeing the individual from household problems for the sake of creation. The task was carries solved by means of numerous service machines, cybernetic and artificial organisms. Using any devices and organisms was determined by the complexity of the solved problem. If it was necessary to control building of the dwelling, to grow individual food products, the technical artificial intellect was applied with the set of necessary executive devices. To carry out special works the executive cybernetic organisms with simple intellect were involved. The devices could either perform their functions independently without any connection with the central intellect or be controlled by the technical intellect as a part of the individual ecosystem.

Cybernetic and other devices, executive mechanisms functioning in the sphere of human leisure could be used both as individual devices servicing one individual and as devices servicing numerous people. The new possibilities of the human organism , multiplied by technical achievements provided the process when the sphere of leisure time became richer and more different. Traditional hunting, fishing, traveling, games acquired new features. Hunting artificial organisms was fashionable, the organisms were a difficult prey as they were cunning, quick and mobile. Fishing was performed not only in lakes and ricers but also oceans up to the greatest depth, and fishing big prey like cachalots and squids was called ocean hunting. Routes for traveling were developed individually and included wild territories being difficult of access and demanding maximal organism efforts. Traveling in illusive spaces was practiced, with the presence effect created by hologram devices and systems of computer visualization. Some travelers visited the nearest planets like the Moon, the Mars, the Venus and asteroids, though it was a expensive pleasure. During the traveling the human being expected high level of service compared with the dwelling service.

In the last decade creation played an important role in the human life, it was a confirmation of the increased level of the human intellect. Gradually there was created a space for practicing creation of every individual, the territory of creation, the place where the individual realized his right and destination to create . The space of practicing creative efforts was called creation space and was extremely important for every individual and the society . The creation space was an integral part of the existence of numerous people like the place of wok for the people at the beginning of the century. In the creation space divided into hundreds of directions and spheres the human being applied numerous assistants. Creating huge masterpieces like individual dwelling, artificial landscapes, biocenoses and ecosystems, hologram spaces and virtual worlds demanded usage of numerous cybernetic and artificial organisms, executive devices performing different actions and functions.

There was a golden era of creation in the human life. Traditional forms of presenting arts , aimed at visual and perception became more various at the cost of using technical means being able to influence all human senses. Applying technical means allowed to realize presence effect at perceiving art developments and masterpieces.

From the realization point of view there were two approaches to create the presence effect. One of them originating from the time of TV watching supposed spectators' being in an illusive space to create which it was necessary to use perfect hologram devices and mechanisms influencing human sense. In this case the spectator was in a limited illusive space and leaving it was leaving the illusive reality. The second approach originated from the cinema times and was realized in hologram space of bigger dimensions with applying executive mechanisms and influencing human sense. Being in the illusive space the spectator or a participant of the events physically moved in the space together with other participants, talked with them, made physical actions. Technical equipment of big hologram spaces was complex as it provided influence on senses of numerous people unlike of the virtual space influencing receptor of one individual by means of individual power costumes. The individual power costume equipped with helmet of virtual reality was a perfect device for creating local illusive space of super small dimensions realizing the presence effect.

Revolutionary event in the creation sphere was the possibility to equip art characters with feelings, emotions and psychological states using a special information bank and author's creative developments . The created works of art could not be names a simple show, book or computer game. They reconstructed events, being either real or imagined, and the spectator participated in it. The participant of the work of art could not only watch the events and the character's actions but he was able to influence the course of events by own actions, he could feel the characters' feelings. Participating in Columbus trip to American coast the spectator felt the duration of the trip, the joy of the dream having come true, anxiety, dissatisfaction. In case when the work of art told of the character's life from the childhood to old age the spectator sank in the emotional world of childhood, the sensible world of maturity and rational perceiving the reality of the old age.

Besides playing a role of a concrete character there was a possibility to watch the characters wit the access to their emotional and psychological sphere. There were works of art with mobile plot there the participant could influence the course of events by the power of his actions and convictions, i.e. to become an co-author of the work. Such mobile plots could be changed by simultaneous influence of few participants. In certain sense it was like net games of the beginning of the century and resembled real social life. The best works of art were popular among numerous people adding the golden fund of the human civilization.

Recently the single space of virtual modeling being a self organizing system evolved greatly. Initially it was aimed at modeling physical, chemical and biological processes. But for the recent decades it added new functions being characteristic for information network, technical intellect. The CSVM was not only a working device but it became a working place, a place of communication, creation, education for numerous people. All significant forms of human communication, education and self realization including interpersonal communication, visiting education institutions, work with real objects, etc were connected with CSVM directly or indirectly. CSVM became an integral part of the human civilization and reflected all the social, scientific and technical processes

CSVM evolution resembled the becoming process of the human civilization from the first manifestations of the human intellect to the trials to improve itself. The evolution of CSVM processes could be compared with the process of settling the Earth by human tribes, At first at not investigated territories there appeared the first civilization outposts, in CSVM they were the first levels and sublevels. They were joined by communication means allowing exchange of information and experience, Than the number of levels and sublevels increased and counted ten thousands. Their got complicated and full of information . Continuing the selected analogue it is possible to say that at the place of former not investigated territories there appeared a powerful state with great population , huge industrial and intellectual potential , being rich with natural recourses. It demanded a single ruler to use all recourses maximally effectively. The ruler was the state. According to evolution laws of complex systems in CSVM there appeared an administrating level performing numerous functions of the state, i.e. controlling, managing, distributing and setting tasks and aims. Increasing the intellectual potential caused the processes of state dying out , transmitting state functions to the society and making the state institution a private property. Similar process occurred in SSVP where there appeared numerous local spaces and sublevels being a private property. The CSVM private property did mean complete freedom and being without control, it obliged to follow laws and carry out instructions of social institutions.

In common space of virtual modeling there were co-existing various type of ownership. All they complied with common laws and rules, were open for examination both by organizations and private persons. It was impossible to create own virtual world, where there was possible to torture and put to death, to satisfy own low instincts, any possibility of such demonstrations was nipped in the bud by controlling services. Besides this in common space of virtual modeling, which by itself was complex form of artificial intellect, the control over moral violations was conducted automatically. With that every individual, any humans group or even separate country could without any limits to create local virtual spaces for any purposes, being not contrary to the spirit of earth civilization, to set criteria of access to them and express oneself free within these spaces. Situation looked like times of Internet blossom, when any who wishes could create and place information page for universal review, at first with uncontrolled content, and later, after emergence of watchdog and splitting off programs, with reasonable restriction.

Creation of local spaces or virtual worlds in CSVM conditioned the next stage in evolution of common space of virtual modeling. The first sketchy virtual worlds, becoming overgrown with details and complicating according to laws of social and technical systems evolution, had to find with time the features of reality. The process would continue as long as the verge between virtual and real world disappear at all. Certainly, there would disappear not the physical differences between worlds, but the conventional verge, existing in human perception.

State of the majority of local virtual spaces was enough attractive for many people in order to spend most of the free time for being there. Creation of own virtual worlds was occupation close to human, inasmuch as satisfied the human prosperity to creative work, creation, leadership. A great number of people were seriously fond of own virtual worlds construction, and for certain part of population the life in own virtual worlds became the sense of existence. Dependence of many people from submergence into virtual world was like narcotic dependence. For counteraction to possible negative demonstrations there were created perfect control systems, including implanting into human organism, which hampered the human to get fully away from reality.

Tendency to habitual residence of humans in CSVM, supporting by technical possibilities, was the negative side of the process. Many considered this tendency to be serious threat for civilization existence, inasmuch as human body was in physical reality, and human personality existed in virtual reality, while it was needed to live in physical reality as full-fledged personality to ensure the physical humans existence. The other part of the society considered this tendency to be progressive, thinking not without reason that the mankind future is in realization of creative potentialities in virtual worlds and that physical body is the hindrance to the quickest transfer to virtual level of civilization existence. However everybody agreed in opinion that development of reliable philosophical, technical and scientific ensuring for all possible ways of civilization evolution was important at contemporary stage. It was counted only three such ways. The existence in real physical world in organic or inorganic shell or life in virtual space as information collection form, independently from the way of their forming, whether it be electronic, field, photon or quark form. More real, reasoning from human psychology, complexity of his nature, there was seen such evolutionary way for earth civilization, by which it would become possible the free transfer from life in virtual spaces to life in real physical conditions, and vise versa. Only such perspective could join the backing of this or that way of civilization development. For its practical implementation it was required to do much, in particular to solve the problem of true record and rerecord of intellect and current psycho-emotional state of the person into various information carriers in real time mode.

The space of virtual modeling became the most important element of human civilization existence. Global information space, enclosing the majority of world knowledge in visual graphic form, being made in view of multi-level scheme, duplicating the levels of matter construction and organization, it was the motive power of scientific and technical and social progress. This was the working place for scientists, experimenters, theorists and designers. Extremely convenience system for CSVM using regulated the detailed elaboration and complexity under conducting of works by way of sublevels simple using with specified detailed elaboration degree. At that to solve the posed tasks there was enabled exactly such resources quantity, which was necessary, but no more.

Lack of restrictions in CSVM on flight of fancy and thought was convenient for usages, that was extremely important for scientists, creators, makers from among people. In virtual universe copy the human thought wasn't constrained by limits of space and time, physical laws and logic requirements. Any lunatic idea could be put to logical end, whereupon the kernels of truth were separated from the tares and laid as next construction block into CSVM base. To create levels with big granularity there was conducted the gigantic work on reflecting of all knowledge, accumulated by mankind, in visual three-dimensional view. There was created the software, allowing to conduct the transformations in accordance with postulates, laws and interactions of real physical world in virtual space. Additionally there were developed the algorithms and rules, specifying ways of evolution for this software, at that these algorithms and rules by themselves were the part of CSVM. Such innovations led to self-organization of common space of virtual modeling, started the process of independent evolution and transformation of CSVM into rational informative organism.

The common space of virtual modeling became the space of continuous communication for various intellect forms, including human intellect, artificial intellect, human personalities copies. The intellectual combined potential, existing in CSVM, now could withstand the joining of any higher Reason, including with logic different from human logic. Many people devoted part of their free time to intercourse with various intellect forms, and time spending for such intercourse had tendency to the growth. The intercourse in CSVM, based on comparison of visual, dynamical images with following analysis of differences between them and reasons of these differences, exerted positive influence on all its participants. The humans lost the aggression, they became more loyal and tolerant. In process of realizing the universe real picture and social evolution laws, the human was growing, becoming wiser, and human civilization in the whole was rising up to a new level together with him.


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